and watch my followers disappear

I drag my fingers along the gate
between power gaps and leafy branches 
between decayed metal and new bullets
between the dinner bell and the Council
and think of you                                                            5

I stand in the glade where you stood last
under the sun and all the empty clouds
under the gnats and the high cricket song
under the stars that see what I can’t yet
and wish to you                                                             10

I had dinner with your mom, and swear
that it wasn’t my idea to eat
that I didn’t mean to make her cry
that we almost got along for the act
of missing you                                                                15

I’m writing this letter on paper
which is too precious “for personal use”
which tears easier than I thought it would
which I hope you find with the bag and gun
I left for you                                                                    20

I know stars don’t fall and palms don’t kiss
nor words make deeds or hope ask for a crumb
but I said my nevers and slept my dream
till human voices wake us all at once
and you come home                                                      25


“Personal” by Bellamy M. Blake
September 25th, 2163

{ From Senator Blake-Griffin’s A Collection of Poems & Essays, vol. 1, submitted by daughter Tala Griffin to the Historical Library of New Polis, 2239 }

( rashaka )