and waste and tears

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Last thoughts of the Inquisition companions when taking a fatal blow meant for the Inquisitor? (For romance options, include a romanced and non-romanced version please).

Romanced: “My love, please… don’t leave me here… I don’t want to die alone…”
Non-romanced: “I regret everything… I couldn’t save them… I’m sorry….”

Romance: “Kadan.., wherever I go, you’ll always have my heart. Even now, as I fade away, I will always be with you…”
Non-romanced: “My men… I need… to tell my men… I won’t be coming back…”

Romanced: “Don’t waste your tears on this sinner, Amatus. Remember me, and hold onto that memory until we meet again…”
Non-Romanced: “I never got to tell him I was sorry…. I couldn’t be what he wanted of me…”

Romanced: “My love, I fear this old body of mine is done for. Please, remember the good times… the things I did right… remember how much I love you…”
Non-romanced: “This is the least I could do. I stole a life, and now I’ll return it…”

Romanced: “Inkey… Please… help…”
Non:romanced: “Shite shite shite!!! It hurts!!! Make it stop!!”

Romanced: “Arise, Aegis of the Faith. You are not forgotten. Neither man nor Maker shall forget your bravery so long as I remember.”
Non-romanced: “Heart that is broken, beats still unceasing, An ocean of sorrow does nobody drown. You have forgotten, spear-maid of Alamarr. Within My creation, none are alone…”

Varric: “Dammit… this isn’t how I wanted to go… this isn’t how it was supposed to end… shit, shit, shit… who would tell Hawke…?”

Vivienne: “Not like this… it’s too soon! Not yet… not yet, Bastion…”

Cole: “Everyone must forget… nobody hurts because of me… please, forget…”

Steve Extra™ Rogers 

  • runs through walls and tears down whole buildings instead of wasting time to open a door
  • punches computers when they say things he doesn’t like 
  • jumps out of airplanes without parachutes to be a show off
  • is always Down to Die™
  • squeezes himself and his two best friends into a fucking vw bug
  • had peggy carter, one of the loves of his life, one of the founders of SHIELD, a gift to the world, on her death bed say “you’re always so dramatic”
  • back flips off of insanely high heights and hopes for the best
  • removes avengers label from uniform to be petty

nobody is gonna give you a medal or free HRT for acting like a fucking gender cop. the system is not your friend. we’re out here lying to doctors for survival and demanding respect from an antagonistic system and you’re arguing about who is or isnt transgender like some sort of fan club for oppressive medical gatekeeping. 

how the fuck do you profit from this. you’re wasting your time and your energy tearing other trans people down when you should have solidarity with them. you should be supporting all trans people, not just the ones whose gender you understand, not just the ones whose gender is respectable and palatable to YOU.

Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening
Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams
Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Triumph - RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Back to the fairytale
Back to the show
Back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go

Hopeless and desperate
All paths adverse
Things lookin’ bleak yeah
And they’re bound to get worse

Helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win
Goals unachievable, faith running thin
Lost and forlorn, impossible odds
That’s when you learn you’ve been messin’ with Gods

Send in your Grimm
Tear off a limb
Strike me with bolts of lightnin’
I won’t die

The battle seems unwinnable
But all we need’s a miracle
We’re goin’ up
We’ll never be denied

Can’t wish away the dismal days
Can’t bring back what is gone
We’ll waste no tears
On yesteryears
Instead we’ll carry on (carry on)

We’ll live for sure
We will endure
And though our goal is far

We’ll be the ones
To touch the sun
And triumph will be ours!

The Signs as Songs They Need to Listen To
  • Aries: Gasoline by Halsey; White Teeth Teens by Lorde; Cold Heart Killer by Lia Marie Johnson
  • Taurus: DNA by Lia Marie Johnson; Touch It by Ariana Grande; Play Date by Melanie Martinez
  • Gemini: Guillotine by Jon Bellion; Sorry by Beyoncé; Holiday by Green Day
  • Cancer: Don't Let Me Go by G-Eazy; Not In That Way by Sam Smith; Wasted Youth by Sody
  • Leo: Be Alright by Ariana Grande; River of Tears by Alessia Cara; Atic by Astrid S
  • Virgo: Lostmyhead by The 1975; Suburbia by Troye Sivan; Ruin by Shawn Mendes
  • Libra: How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina; Pity Party by Melanie Martinez; Ride by Twenty One Pilots
  • Scorpio: Show Me Love (Acoustic) by Robin Schulz; Pillowtalk by Zayn; Crazy In Love (50 Shades of Gray version) by Beyoncé
  • Sagittarius: Idfc by Blackbear; Piano Man by Billy Joel; Yours by Ella Henderson
  • Capricorn: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran; Space by Ally Hills; Heartless by Kanye
  • Aquarius: You & Me by Marc E. Bassy; Break My Heart by Hey Violet; Invisible by 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Pisces: In My Veins by Andrew Belle; Start a Riot by Banners; hate u love u by Olivia O'Brien
🌊 Water Magick🌊

Here’s a list I’ve compiled for different types, places, and times to collect water and charged waters. I use these primarily for different energies to paint with but the information can be used in a variety of ways to fit your practice.

💧 Rain: cleansing, protection, energy (if collected during a sun shower it is also associated with balance and the first rain in the month of May (Aqua de Mayo is considered to bring good health, luck, and eliminate dark entities )
💧 Creek/Stream: purification, harmony
💧Dew: Health, eyesight, beauty
💧 Fog/Mist: Creativity, balance, partnerships
💧 Ice: Transformation, balance, creativity💧 Pond/Lake: peace, contentment, relaxation, self reflection
💧 River: moving forward, protection
💧Sea/Ocean: health, power, goal manifestation
💧 Snow: Transformation, balance
💧 Spring Water: growth, cleansing, protection, prosperity
💧 Swamp/Waste: Banishing, binding
💧 Waterfalls: power, energy, success
💧Well: healing, wishes, intuition

💧 Tears: healing, compassion, emotional upheaval, blessings, binding, fertility/pregnancy, self reflection

☔ Seasonal Rains☔
These are specific associations for rains collected on the day or night of a solstice or equinox which make them more rare.
💧 Spring: New Ventures
💧 Summer: Growth
💧 Autumn: Gratitude
💧 Winter: Blessing

🌙 Moon Water🌙
In general water charged under the moon is considered sacred to the goddess and is associated with feminine energies and intuition. Here are some associations with the specific phases:
🌑New/Dark: curses, banishing, divination🌘Waxing Crescent: attraction, wealth, success
🌗 First Quarter: creativity, motivation
🌖 Waxing Gibbous: good health, attraction
🌕 Full Moon: Healing, cleansing, clarity
🌔 Waning Gibbous: undoing, cleansing
🌓 Last Quarter: breaking bad habits, banishing
🌒 Waning Crescent: wisdom, illness, balance

📝 Note: you can also charge your water under full moons that correspond to your intentions. Examples- full flower moon for fertility, beauty, and feminine energy or full moon in Aquarius for the added associations.

🔆 Sun Water: (Water charged from dawn til dusk) positivity, energy, power, strength, masculine energy.
🌹 Rose Water: (Either rain, dew, or snow collected from roses or condensation collected from boiling roses) love, protection, commitment, beauty, compassion
💀 Gravestones: (water collected from grave sites) ease of loss, restfulness, burying or releasing feelings.
🏛 Monuments: (water collected at monument sites) remembrance, nostalgia, patriotism, loss
🌈 Rainbow: (Water collected during a sun shower while a rainbow is present) luck, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, positivity.

I hope this helps you guys! As always, listen to your intuition about the energy of a particular water you have collected and remember to charge it with your specific intent.

Light and Love friends!

Sleepy, Needy, Greedy (M)

⤞ When a simple case of morning wood proves to be much more difficult to get rid of than anticipated!


Pairing: Jackson x reader

Genre: just plain smut, you have been warned!

Word count: 4.7k

Warnings: rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: okay wow this took me FOREVER to finish but here it is, at last! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it ;)

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[TRANS] BTS - Come Back Home (lyrics)

Original: Seo Taiji & Kids - Come Back Home
Remake: BTS (Seo Taiji 25 Project, BTS X Seo Taiji)
Lyrics: Seo Taiji, Rap Monster, J-hope, Supreme Boi
Composer: Seo Taiji
Arranged by Supreme Boi, Pdogg

KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


What am I trying hard to search for
Where am I restlessly flowing to

I once saw the end of my life
My heart grew suffocating
Blocking my life
Is the fear of my future

Angry? Hungry? Yes I’m hangry
Everyday is a reiteration, the future is bullshit
There wasn’t me
And there wasn’t even tomorrow

We are still young
We still have a fine future
So let’s wipe that cold tears now and COME BACK HOME

Why wasting time
My blood and sweat speak the truth
Let’s embed my name on that trophy and COME BACK HOME

YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME In this harsh life
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME I have to complete myself

COME BACK TO MY HOME COME BACK HOME (I have to complete myself)

To give the honor of the family to my mother
And my family’s stomachs, to make them burst
Keep working hard, working hard, working hard
My friends, chain up your worries
The path ahead us is bright
I want more

We are still young
We still have a fine future
So let’s wipe that cold tears now and COME BACK HOME

Why wasting time
My blood and sweat speak the truth
Let’s embed my name on that trophy and COME BACK HOME

YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME In this harsh life
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME I have to complete myself

(Come back home) X2


YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME In this harsh life
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME Warmer than a runaway spirit
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME I have to complete myself

COME BACK TO MY HOME COME BACK HOME (I have to complete myself)

the signs as lines from “the room”
  • aries: leave your stupid comments in your pocket
  • taurus: oh hai mark
  • gemini: i already ordered a pizza
  • cancer: i got the results of the test back. i definitely have breast cancer.
  • leo: anyway, how is your sex life?
  • virgo: ha ha ha what a story, mark
  • libra: hai doggie
  • scorpio: you, you’re just a chicken. cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep!
  • sagittarius: oh hai, johnny. i didn’t know it was you. 
  • capricorn: everybody betrayed me! i’m fed up with this world!
  • aquarius: i’m tired, i’m wasted…i love you, darling!
my flock: treats
  • me: *throws whole piece of bread onto the ground*
  • chickens: jesus CHRIST we gotta consume this as quickly as possible and shove the LARGEST pieces down our throats lmao what is pacing??? what is choking??? what is tearing off a small piece supposed to do??? waste of time
  • me: *throws down whole strawberries, blueberries, chunks of broccoli*
  • chickens: exCusE mE???? the fuck is this??? did your dumb ass forget how to cut food down to size??? why have these not been carefully sliced to accommodate our delicate throats and beaks??? you forget your purpose here, human

I was 17 when I joined the KGB. Never had a boyfriend. They put me with you. We didn’t know each other. When we got here, I was 22 years old. I was living in a strange house, in a strange country with a strange man. And I met Gregory, and he was… passionate about the cause. He was passionate about everything. He was passionate about me. I recruited him, and he didn’t even want anything. He just believed, like I did. He was the first person I felt I could really talk to… and I needed that. And… it just– it just happened.

“you have your mother’s eyes” 

Lily stood there with her back straight, tears streaming down her face. Her arms spread wide out, as if that will protect the infant that was behind her in the crib. She looked up, into the face of the intruder. Searching, hoping, for a flicker of hesitation. Instead, all she saw was a smile. Perhaps even a laugh, she did not know. She could only hear her own cries. “Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”. She was begging, hoping, he would comply. In that moment, her vision was blurry. She wanted to turn around and kiss Harry one more time, wanted to tell him how much she loved him….”Please … have mercy … have mercy…”.  One more kiss, one more look, one more moment. “Please”. The last thing she saw was a green light coming towards her. 

“you have your mother’s eyes”

Harry looked into the face of his opponent. His back straight, but his body aching. His clothes having stains of dried blood. He must die. It must end. He did not say a word. He couldn’t. Instead, he pictured Ron and Hermione. His best friends. The ones he dreamed of having during his childhood, when Dudley and his friends laughed at him. His two best friends who stuck by him, who protected him. He pictured his parents, whom he saw moments ago. He knew they were beside him. His mother was likely standing in front of him, like she had done years ago. But this time, it was Harry’s turn to protect those he loved. Ginny’s face popped up into his vision. When he had seen her in the castle, he wanted to hug her. Have one last moment with her. One last kiss. He straightened his back again, and looked into his opponent’s red eyes. He saw the mouth move and a flash of green light, and everything was gone.

I like to pretend that I would slam the door in your face if I found you on my doorstep five years from now. I like to think that, given what happened, I’d tell you to get lost and never call me again. If you’d ask why, I’d list all the things you’d ever done to me, all the times you’d broken my heart and made me feel like being myself wasn’t enough. I like to pretend I’d recognise you for the waste of time and tears you were. That you still are.

But there is that small part of me that is afraid. That small part of me that would hold open the door for you and invite you in, the part that would offer you a cup of coffee and remember that you like it with too much sugar. The part of me that still craves your presence on some days and misses the way you brushed my hair from my forehead or
how you laughed too loud or swore too much or let me call you in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

There is one thing I’m sure of, though. I hope you never show up on my doorstep again because God, I have no idea what I would do.

—  5 years from now