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Technology for Littles

Technology can be a great tool when used wisely. I’ve compiled some tech activities for Littles, feel free to add!

- Coloring apps

- Puzzle Apps

- Learn a language online or with an app

- Dance to your favorite music

- Watch videos that make you smile and laugh

- Play online kids games such as Club Penguin, Webkinz, or Sqwishland. (I recently started sqwishland. It’s still being developed, but it’s fun so far.)

- Play learning games online

- Make a playlist

- Watch cartoons

- Read children’s stories online

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I'm in a chemistry AP class and I'm not doing as great as I'd like to be but I don't know if it's bc of the way the class is taught or bc I just don't understand the concepts. It's probably one of the hardest classes I've taken, we don't take notes, we only ever watch videos on whatever we're learning and all the homework we have is like online. Basically what I'm asking is should I just give up on trying on becoming a chemist bc it's too hard? Or is the class just not taught like it should be?

that does not sound like a well taught class

even if you don’t do well in AP chem, don’t be too discouraged. AP chem is notoriously difficult even when well taught, and if you decide on a science track in college you’ll have to take general chemistry, which is basically the same as AP chemistry in terms of content. So you’ll relearn a lot of it, and my guess is that having it once already, even if you didn’t learn it super well the first time, will help.

Basically, don’t be too discouraged. Gen chem kind of universally sucks, like all intro classes ever, and honestly has very little to do with the actual interesting classes you take after your first year of college.


Okay so I came up with the idea of starting an online club type of thing (or group chat? idk) So HERE I AM

Msg me if you’re interested in joining NERD CLUB


-must be aged 16-19

-must have skype (since that’s where the group chat will be)

-and must NOT be a close-minded person! (aka no racists, homophobes, etc. also no trump supporters please ;/)

By the way, I envision Nerd Club to have members who all share the same interests (just to make it less awkward)


If you like anime, youtube, pokemon, acnl, homestuck, Twenty One Pilots, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Supernatural, or minecraft then Nerd Club is perfect for you :3 (that isn’t a complete list btw)

I also plan on hosting little events like watch movies together, host online sleepovers, or play some random video games together!

I want Nerd Club to be a small, and close-knit group of friends. Basically an online family where we all have each other’s back and feel comfortable enough to one day meet up! 

So of this sounds appealing to you then you can contact me @drjoeybell in Tumblr. 

Does anyone want to stop in for a short stream tonight or a game of cards against humanity online? I am utterly bored and can only watch so many youtube videos. 

I promise, I’m resting my hands and being cautious! Thanks everyone who replied to my hiatus post, your support means the world to me.

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do you have any tips for getting started learning japanese? It's a bit intimadating and I don't know where to start..

Honestly my basis was the amount of time I spent watching anime and listening to Japanese music as a kid so I had a weird start.

I would say to learn the hiragana and kana (it seems super daunting at first and it felt that way for me but it’s really easy for me now!) and try to pick up basic vocabulary to start. From there learn the grammatical rules and structure. There’s a lot of contextual, cultural aspects to learn (as with most languages). But there are some things that make it easier than English in some ways–no plurals, no future tense.

There are plenty of free online resources to learn Japanese with (memrise, YouTube videos, japnesepod, etc). I recommend looking into them! And watch shows, read books and listen to songs bc they show you the language in a natural, everyday context.

Imagine viktor and yuri back at hasetsu after episode 9, cuddling and watching their favourite skating videos all night :’)


🎬 || Eliza’s short film, “Planes” (2013), is available to watch online (x)

Writing on the Run

Many wannabe writers are pretty sedentary. We tend to watch too much television, read too much, play video games too much, and chat online too much. When we do work, we sit too much.

But over the years I’ve noticed that the most productive writers tend to have one thing in common—they exercise.

One of my students recently took up running, preparing for a marathon, and his productivity rose. Another friend practices martial arts, and he writes novel after novel of New York Times bestsellers. A third climbs mountains, and so on.

I’ve always been “sort of active,” in that I lift weights and take long walks. But over the past few months as my schedule got busy, I haven’t been hitting the gym like I normally do.

So a few weeks ago, I not only began hitting the gym for the new year, I set a goal to increase my walking speed, time, and endurance so that I got in some better cardio. My goal was quite simple: to increase my endurance so that I would feel good about writing longer.

You see, exercising has so many benefits, it’s pretty astounding. A grueling session in the gym will typically raise your heart rate and work out your muscles, but a long session also helps your brain reach the alpha state, where you easily do your most creative work. Hence, I’ve known some writers who go on long runs, for example, simply to help them brainstorm a novel.

But I found after boosting my exercise regimen that something else happened: I found that I was able to write longer, to focus on my work better. In fact, it felt that for every hour spent in the gym, I was getting an extra three or four hours of work done in the following few days.

So, my tip for today is this: if you want to write, run for it. Or take a long walk uphill, or lift some weights, or play a game of basketball. If you just work at it for 35 minutes per day, you can boost your metabolism significantly over a week. It doesn’t have to be hard work, just consistent. You only need to push yourself at a level that feels safe to you.

But the results will surprise you!


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[VIRALHOG] Two Complete Strangers Perform Improvised Piano Duet At A Paris Train Station.  (Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this!!!!!!)


I made a stupid SFM video because I was bored. All sounds are from an old video I used to watch years back. 

Anyway, Tracer is running out of money and she wants to start an online art show to get money. But she sucks at it so she brings Genji over to help play with play-doh. 

Awkward stuff happens.