and was up until 7 am sobbing over it

Woah. This is making me sob uncontrollably, and I want to contribute as well. I am not a rich person, but I will match a commission over 30$ and so far we have one, then a $15 drabble, which we have one too… Then a $7 one aswell. $52 from me to the pool! This will be distributed to the people I have snapped up and everything will be published if asked.

My commission slots are closed for now until I finish the ones I have, starting now. I can put you on a waiting list, or you can follow the new tag below and find another writer! This fandom, this little nestle of beautiful humanity; you swoon my socks off. I love you all so much.

IF ANY OTHER WRITER FEEL LIKE TAKING THIS UP PLEASE DO, post your pricelist and tag it -

If you want to be on the donation list (I am compiling a list and I will post it when I can, but for now you can message me and ask who your money will go to)

For any writer joining, tag your commission post: