and was just as charmed by the younger actors

Like a Dream(P.1)

Title: Like a Dream(P.1)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: N/A for this chapter.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.
(Omg I’m such trash for constantly making new series when I have so many. Such. Trash.)

“Back to playing a Villain, Robbie?” Josh Dallas grinned, clapping the boy on the back. “Who would have thought this little tv show would be turned into a movie, focusing solely around the infamous Peter Pan.”

“It’s pretty exciting, I’m glad they asked me back.” Robbie replied with his own grin. “It’ll be nice to dive a bit further into his character.” 

Josh chuckled, raising a brow. “Even some romance for the evil boy so I hear. Did they cast your female counterpart yet?”

“Uh–Robbie rubbed the back of his head, smirking–uh yeah, just last week actually.” The younger boy stood up to follow Josh off of the set. 

The older actor gave a light laugh, noticing Robbie’s reaction. “And what is her name?”

“Y/N…Uhm, she’s new, actually. This will be her first film, but she’s good. Really gets into character. It should be fun.” 

“So how pretty is she?” Josh asked, smirking as he kept an eye on the boys facial expressions. 

Clearing his throat, Robbie ran his hands through his hair. “She’s nice. I mean she’s quite charming.”

“So when does she start filming?” The male sat down on one of the chairs, looking up to see a scene between Robert and Lana begin filming. 

“Today. She should be here any moment.” He replied, looking over at Josh. “I’m gonna go grab something to drink before I’m called back to scene.”

Josh smirked. “One more question?”

“Yeah?” Robbie turned back to him and tilted his head.

“When did you develop the crush on her?”

“Crush?” Robbie laughed, his nose wrinkled a bit as he shook his head. “I barely know her, besides…I have a rule. I don’t date coworkers. It’s messy and I like my job.” 

Josh put his hands up, laughing lightly. “Alright, alright. I was just curious.” 

Robbie gave him a fake glare. “Don’t get that look on your face. I don’t want any trouble when she’s here filming.” 

“Not from me, just keep that giddy smile off your face around Lana and Sean or you’ll regret it.”

The boy started walking off, grumbling that he didn’t have a giddy smile on his face. He made his way over to the drink and snack table, grabbing a cup of root beer before he looked up at the actors on scene. His eyes scanned around the room as he made his way back to Josh and sat down. 

“She’s not just charming.” Josh said suddenly when he sat down, startling the boy a bit. He grinned at Robbie’s confused look and then pointed at the girl currently talking to one of the directors. Robbie’s eyes fell on Y/N and he swallowed dryly. “She’s quite beautiful.”

“Well, sure.” He nodded, giving a shrug. “She is, I guess.”

Josh let out a laugh. “I give it until the end of the movie.”

“Till what?”

“Till you fall for her.”

“I’m not gonna–” Robbie rolled his eyes. “Look, I’m gonna go say hi…–He glared at Josh’s pointed look–because it’s polite!” With that the boy grumbled again and stood up to make his way over to Y/N as the director walked away. 

“Robbie, hi!” She beamed, her smile bright and happy as she looked his way. He had to stop himself from tripping over his own feet. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He replied calmly, giving her a small smile as he tried to stay neutral with his expressions. “Was the flight okay?”

“Oh yeah, beautiful actually. I was worried, going over that much water, but I really thought it was soothing.” She answered, turning her attention to the scene. “I’m up in a few minutes. My first scene.”

“Nervous?” Robbie asked, putting on his best Peter Pan voice. 

She giggled, shaking her head to look at him over her shoulder. “Not at all.” 

He let the evil look he played fall from his face, giving her a genuine smile. “Well you’re doing better then me then, cause I’m nervous.”

“You?” She chuckled. “Why would you be nervous?”

“Come on, I have to film scenes with you, you’re gonna steal away all the attention with that evil little smirk of yours.” Dammit. That was flirting. He was flirting. He cleared his throat. “I mean, your acting is great so…It’ll be hard to keep up.”

“So says the expert, I’m pretty sure your acting is better then mine. I’ve never even acted before today.” 

“Your audition was great, never would have noticed you were new.” He smiled. 

Lana and Robert made their way off stage and Robbie cleared his throat, trying to lose the smile on his face. “Robbie, is this the girl playing Akira?” Lana asked with a smile.

“Oh, yeah. Y/N this is Lana.” Robbie stepped out of Y/N’s way and gave a gesture to her. “And that’s Robert.” 

“How exciting!” Lana said, putting her hands together. “You’re very pretty.–She pointed a slender finger at Robbie–You be nice to her.”

Robert chuckled, saying a hello to her as well before heading off scene. “Y/N and Colin, we’ll need you for this scene.”

“Looks like that’s your cue. Good luck.” Robbie grinned, setting a hand on her back to assure her forward. 

She gave him a smile before slipping onto the set with Colin in ‘Hook’s’ costume. “Alright, we’ll film Hook’s parts where he’s alone first, you go ahead and go get changed for your part.” The director said, pointing her in the right direction. Robbie watched as she marched off before setting his eyes on Hook’s scene trying to distract himself.

A few moments later a scene started that Y/N would enter. He still hadn’t seen her come out from costume, but he knew they had her behind the stage so she could come up from behind Colin. 

“Out here all alone? Isn’t that a bit dangerous, even for you Pirate?” Her voice, now dark and alluring, made Robbie’s skin get goosebumps, his eyes lifted to see her come out from the fake bushes and trees. He swallowed when he caught sight of her.

Unlike Peter Pan’s outfit, green and forest like, ‘Akira’ wore a dress with a corset top, the bottom flowing out like a ballerina’s tutu, all of it made of leaves that looked like they were from Fall. Her hair was tied up in a messy, yet somehow intricate design with two branches sticking out to make her look like she had horns.

Despite her voice, her makeup and the way she moved towards Hook being dark and evil, Robbie couldn’t believe how beautiful she actually looked. “This isn’t good.” He muttered to himself. 

“What’s not good?” Josh’s voice made him jump slightly as he came up from behind Robbie.

“Sheesh…” Robbie laughed, a bit nervously before shaking his head. “Nothing, I was talking to myself. I just realized that I uh…forgot one of the props we need in my uh…trailer…that’s all.”

“Well, unlike Pan, you’re a horrible liar.” Josh laughed. 

“Shut up.”

Harper’s Bazaar China - Jensen Ackles [Translation I]

Jensen Ackles, a man who has brought his sexy charm off the screen and into reality;

humble, reserved;

capable of handling the toughest situations with his unique composed ease;

just like his role in Supernatural – Dean Winchester.

As an uncommonly long-lasting TV series in Hollywood, Supernatural is about to step into its tenth season this fall. Eleven years, one show and one character – Jensen Ackles has focused all his energy on playing Dean Winchester, the most charming demon hunter in American television history. He has won and been nominated for many awards, so numerous that it is far too easy to forget the tumultuous journey it is to walk a path so long that it’s measured in years. It is akin to being in battle – to face all kinds of temptations, doubts and uncertainty. It is hence essential to overcome not only external temptations, but also the internal struggles. Onscreen and off-screen, Jensen Ackles garners as much respect/reverence as he does, because he has accomplished the extraordinary.

— Perserverance—

Effortless grace and ease in strenuous times

At our first meeting, Jensen Ackles approaches us wearing a simple denim shirt, a pair of casual cream-coloured pants, and a smile on his face, greeting the staff like old friends. Chatting easily about the refreshing jog he had in the morning and the exciting match the night before, there is no mistaking the Californian sunniness in his demeanour. Ten minutes was all it took for him to prepare for the photoshoot – and for the artists to bring out the perfection in this demon hunter. There was no way around it – Jensen Ackles is a born beauty, astounding as it is that such a phrase can fit so perfectly on a man.

Some pursue success with zeal and fervour, even aggression, with unrelenting vigilance and unwavering ambition – like cheetahs stalking prey, holding their breath for that one coveted opportunity. Some achieve success simply because the opportunity was, often quite unexpectedly, offered to them. Jensen Ackles fits in neither category – he certainly doesn’t possess the dogged determination and ambition of the former, but neither is he simply waiting for success to call. To Jensen, his key to success is a self-possessed ease, a wisdom that allows him to tread through the most strenuous times with effortless grace. [Not translated here: brief discography of Jensen Ackles.]

Jensen has lived an extraordinary life, but the remarkable thing about this man is that he wears this glory lightly – it’s a kind of superpower as well, that lies not in beating the crap out of bad guys but living all the ups and downs in his life with such extraordinary ease.

When asked about the reason why he was selected in Supernatural eleven years ago, Jensen gave us the simplest answer instead of a story full of twists and turns we had expected to be thrown at. “I worked with the director before, he knew what kind of character and performance he wanted, and found me suitable. And I trusted him enough to know that I’d have a pleasant journey if we work together again, so I just went for the audition – twice – then I was chosen.” What he didn’t tell us there was that the role he first auditioned for was the younger brother Sam, but later he was asked to do another audition for the older brother Dean as well. “This character has something that just made me want to give it a try. Then they told me: this role is yours.”

Jensen Ackles has been playing the charming hunter for almost 11 years. With his subtle and convincing acting, the audience sometimes couldn’t tell the character from the actor himself. He admitted to us that in the early shooting of the show, he did think himself holds a resemblance with Dean. “I didn’t know who he was at that time, so he’s the screen version of me.” Now that 11 years has passed, looking back, Jensen said that he now can feel a lot more differences between Dean and him. “It often surprises me that how much Dean has changed – the way he talks or the way his mind works – compared to both Dean back in the first season and me at this present moment. The relationship between us also shifted so much and it amazes me. I guess that’s why I love acting.”

“You’ve been at the same show for more than a decade now, haven’t you ever want to leave to go for some opportunities that were, say, particularly tempting?” I asked him closely, “Don’t you ever feel even the slightest struggle about whether take these chances or not?” “I don’t know if there are any ‘tempting opportunities’; what I do know is I have had a great deal of fun making this show and I enjoy my current job. So I never bother to learn if there’s any better chances out there. I’ve told my manager that, there’s no need to inform me of job opportunities I miss due to scheduling conflicts. All I need to know is what I’m supposed to do at this very moment, and be happy with it. That’s enough for me.”

If he had to give up one of his roles among father, husband and actor, Jensen Ackles would choose to keep up with the former two. Needless to say, he always aspires to be a good actor and certainly is indeed a good actor, but according to his philosophy regarding success, the highest praise to a man is being a good father and husband.

Jensen has a good father himself, who is also an actor. In fact, it was his father who led him on the road of acting. “Like father, like son. I acted in high school; a scout convinced me to go to L.A and I got a part in a show almost immediately; that’s when I fell in love with acting, you know, gradually. I’ve never consider it as some destiny. I just stumbled into a series of opportunities.”

Jensen’s father – the idol of his lifetime, has been there through Jensen’s life with his simplest philosophy of happiness. “Sometime I really stepped into the wrong path, but he’d never tell me to just quit it. He’d tell me it’s OK, tell me to go for it all the same.” This stress-free environment Jensen grew up with has infused in his blood the life philosophy of taking all the greatness with peacefulness.

Jensen also applies this philosophy into his job: “It’s a lot of work. I don’t think there’s any show out there just has two leading characters to support the whole series like ours do. Heroes has 20 leading characters so they only have to work 2 days a week, and spend the rest of the week on vacation. Jared and I work 16 hours a day in Vancouver. The house is just a sleeping box. We lie down on our beds for a couple of hours and we go back to work again. I spent most of my time on set and in my trailer. ”

When faced a topic as weighty as “success”, Jensen can give us his answer with an air of ease. It almost makes you wonder if it’s us take things too seriously, worrying about sophistication. We insist that happiness is all that matters, but few people actually live up to it. Perhaps, that’s why Jensen is successful.

Speaking of the near future, there’s one thing can bring the Supernatural fandom some relief: the tenth season has already started filming. In other words, the brothers will take on one more journey with us for another while. As for the real ending of the story, even our lead actor doesn’t have a clue. How far the show and the brothers will take on remains unknown. “I don’t want the show to reduce itself into a meaningless cliché; but it’s also hard to abandon a steady job and substantial pay-checks, especially in such a quicksilver business like entertainment industry.”


[Part II] (by Yvonne [allforsammy])


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Sorry for any weirdness and unsmoothness. All errors are mine. 

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you know today my history teacher recommended the hollow crown and she was like 'well the king didn't look like this but they got a younger and hotter actor ~continues~' and I was like YAAAS they did

Haha, who cares about historical accuracy when you can have this gorgeous man playing the role instead, right?
I mean..

Just look

at this stunning human being:

the gorgeous curls, and ginger beard..

.. the heavenly blue eyes (and this wasn’t just  because of my colouring, they really looked this blue)

This man is as close to an actual Prince Charming as they come..

..(well kind of at least)

(credit to whomever made the last reaction gif, the rest of the gifs are made by me)