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So over the past few days I’ve read everything on @warriorsredux’s blog and it my new favorite thing! I especially love the character design- I’ve always felt like each clan should have some identifying physical characteristic, and their ideas are perfect! Here are some spruced up sketches of what I feel a typical cat might look like in each clan. Credit for design goes to warriorsredux!

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all, knew of her light.

— ​Nikki Rowe (via kvtes)

Introducing The Hero of Ferelden, Warden-Commander Elizavetha Cousland. (and Queen of Ferelden depending on my play, ;} )

She received her scar on her lip as a ‘gift’ from Fergus while they were training. It only made her more determined in her training to better her brother and those of the castle warriors.

Her loyalty is absolute and she do anything and everything to help her friends and family. She romanced Alistair because of the corny love at first sight.

Her dress is inspired for the Halamshiral ball that I imagine she gets invited to. Representing the Wardens and Ferelden all in one go.

I was so so so lucky that @cocotingo added to me to her commission list!! When I wanted things changed to match my vision they were more than accommodating to do it for me! The warden emblem, the lip scar, HER DRESS AND HER HAIR!!! Like everything is 10000000000000% perfect.I sent some dresses and said to pick or design something they liked. I could not be happier.

Thank you once again! :D

Please don’t tag as your own Warden or use for your character! That’s not cool. :<

Yoon Taemin is a freaking warrior


Can I talk about this young man, for a sec?

List of shitty things that happened to Yoon Taemin:
•Best (possibly only) childhood friend disappears on him
•His mom leaves him w/ his alcoholic abusive dad
•His father then leaves him
•He didn’t even get to finish elementary school
•Had to work his ass off to pay his parents debts they left him with
•JUST WHEN he was almost finished finally paying off the debt, and things were looking up-he gets hit by a freaking truck.
•Proceeds to wake up in someone else’s body
•The person his soul went into is bullied horrifically and relentlessly
•Oh, & he meets his childhood friend again, but their persona has done a 180.

& the sad thing is, it took me awhile to even fully register how tragic his life is; because he’s so freaking strong willed & tough, never giving up, I completely overlooked how much pain he must harbor within him.
Taemin has quickly become one of my favorite characters, not only in BL, but just in general.
I love him so much…like, he actually is inspiring to me.


Sanrion children AU

Jon Lannister - Sansa and Tyrion’s firstborn, named after King Jon of Houses Targaryen and Stark. Jon Lannister is a brave young man with his father’s sense of humor (and curly golden hair lol). He’s a skilled warrior like his uncle Jamie was. Sansa raised him to be everything she ever wanted in a man once. And he is everything Tyrion dreamed to be when he was a child. Jon is called a Golden Heir of House Lannister. People from the Westerlands are very proud of him. He is popular in the Riverlands also.

Catelyn and Joanna Lannister - the red-haired twins. While Catelyn is this perfect young lady like her mother is and her grandmother was, Joanna is “little Arya”. The girls are good to each other and they don’t fight that often (though Joanna fights a lot with their little brother Rickon). Cat has a little crush on Targaryen prince (but don’t say anyone).

Rickon Lannister - Youngest child. Rickon is bookish, shy and reserved young man (when he’s not arguing with Joanna). He is very intelligent and has a great political mind. He doesn’t understand, but women find him very attractive. Sounds familiar?

Alec was a warrior who brought Magnus peace.
—  What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (The Bane Chronicles #8), Cassandra Clare.

Depending on where you began the story, it was about the G r a y  M a n.

              It seemed peculiar that he couldn’t quite remember his decision to become a hit man.
              He remembered the academic portions of his life as a historian back in Boston: the lectures, the papers, the parties, the archives. Kings and warriors, honour and wergild. He remembered the Greenmantles, of course. But everything else was difficult to piece together. Hard to discern what was true recollection and what was merely dream. Back then he’d strung one gray day into another, and it seemed likely that he had lost weeks or months or years to this foggy dissociation. Somewhere in there someone had breathed the word mercenary, and somewhere in there someone had given up his identity and become the Gray Man.

Both @starrypawz and @gerdavonrinnlingen requested the prompt, “realize - when one character realizes they love another”. So I am answering you both in one post!

In a different prompt response, I described when Quinn realized he was in love with Mara. It was just before the hearing convened regarding his execution of Moff Broysc, and you can read it here. Mara only took a smidgen longer to realize.

“Malavai?” Mara called as she closed the front door behind her.

“Yes?” He leaned through the doorway leading into the kitchen. “Did Jaesa’s training go well?”

Mara nodded, already removing her utility belt. The pine forests surrounding her estate were ideal for Sith training of various flavots - she herself had received no small amount of training here from her mother and aunts - and she and Jaesa had been making the most of the opportunity.

“She is progressing nicely. In a few months’ time I may have finally broken her of the habit of apologizing every time she hits me.” She laughed ruefully. “Still, she’s sparring with me without flinching, so that’s progress. I’m going to take a shower.”

Half an hour later she returned to the kitchen, drawn in by the smell of spices. She paused in the doorway to observe the tableau in front of her. Malavai was wearing a soft grey sweater and casual trousers, the sleeves of the sweater pushed up to keep them out of the way. A small dish of flimsy-thin slices of meat sat on the counter next to him - he must have ventured out to the local market, or asked someone to go for him - and he was stirring something in a pot while reading a screen in front of him.

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