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yoongi and jin hugged each other after their daesang win gosh did you see that my heart went down the drain

a contronym is a word which is the opposite of itself, having two meanings which defy each other, two reverse Janus faces. for example, when you look at her she is both your whole world and why you are massively and horrifically empty. for example, kissing her on a sunday both feels like prayer and hellfire. 

for example, you are your own contronym. someone who is solely intent on self-destructing while somehow also the only one working to save you. it is the mornings you can’t get up contrasted with the nights you can’t fall asleep. it is the way you feel everything at once like a meteor is reflecting off the solar panels of your bones while also feeling nothing at all. it’s that you want to be in love and you’re also not good enough. it’s that you’re terrified that tomorrow won’t come and you’re also terrified of what happens if it does. 

for example. one shaking hand dusts to remove dirt, white gloves around a white throat, or one can dust dirt over a grave to replace it. a contronym. you are alive and yet completely unsure if this is living.


House Science Committee cites Breitbart in climate change tweet

Those concerned about President-elect Donald Trump’s position on climate change will probably be distressed by a recent tweet from the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology. The Committee, which is part of the United States House of Representatives, cited a story from right-wing site Breitbart News on Thursday, whose headline read: “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists.” Read more

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Must be frustrating being a scientist. There you are, incrementally discovering how the universe works via a series of complex tests and experiments, for the benefit of all mankind - and what thanks do you get? People call you “egghead” or “boffin” or “heretic”, and they cave your face in with a rock and bury you out in the wilderness.
Not literally - not in this day and age - but you get the idea. Scientists are mistrusted by huge swathes of the general public, who see them as emotionless lab-coated meddlers-with-nature rather than, say, fellow human beings who’ve actually bothered getting off their arses to work this shit out.
—  Charlie Brooker

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Cuddling (Newt Scamander x Reader Imagine)

You and Newt sat on the small sofa in your apartment in New York. Your head was resting on his shoulder and his was leaning on yours slightly. Your hands were intertwined and there was a big thick blanket covering you. The fire in the fireplace was cracking softly while the cold wind was howling outside and the snow almost seemed as if it were dancing on it. You could feel Newt’s warmth and cuddled closer to him as he put his arm around your shoulder. You felt that you could stay like this forever. After some time you started to drift away and closed your eyes. When he saw that you were sleeping Newt kissed your head and whispered: ‘I love you.’

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Sooo I was wondering whats your favorite vmin moment? Like the greatest of vmin in your opinion?

I tried to choose one moment, and I failed miserably. I think because, to me, vmin is just a culmination of so much, so many moments. Even the time between moments, just their everyday interactions, you know? But here’s a timeline of a few favorite moments, very incomplete, very basic, missing SO many juicy moments and amazing context, but hey there’s no way that’s all fitting into one post. 

January 2014: (Jimin to Tae) “You’re more than a close friend. You’re my savior! So you’re very precious (to me) and I want to be with you even when we become grandfathers.” He also reveals that when he met Tae for the first time, Tae was wearing bright red underwear and Jimin was like WTF did I get myself into. 

July 2014: This. Tension. A sign of things to come.

October 8, 2014: 95z use the medium of twitter to confess their very awkwardly sincere feelings to one another in a way that they clearly could not do face to face. 

January 2015: Legendary Twitter Battle. I still think Tae has a nipple-d Jimin Hiphop Monster that he cuddles to sleep every night. 

May 2015: Jimin comforts Tae after Music Bank when Tae got all that heat.

June 2015: Jimin writes Taehyung’s profile. Refers to himself as Tae’s hyung, says a bunch of cute mushy shit, and lists the song he associates with Tae as Standing Egg’s “Little Star.”

July 2015: The Balloon Pop. Please note how Jimin collapses into Taehyung’s chest so comfortably and fucking stays there. Also July 2015: Their Don’t Judge Me challenge. I include this because this was the day I physically touched them in Dallas and I was greatly affected by this video. 

November 2015: That fake-ass “reluctant” kiss. 

December 2015: Leash. 

2016: The Whole Goddamn Year. From revealing their love to the world via Puma ad, to extravagant gifts, to comparing hands, to backhugs, to on-stage kisses, this whole damn year has been a blessing. They think about each other when they’re apart, they support each other unconditionally, and they’re not afraid to remind each other how treasured and adored they truly are. 2016 has been a general shitstain, but, at least…. at least there is vmin.