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have you ever written anything about Alec and Magnus getting ready for and going to Pandemonium?

i’ve written about them at pandemonium several times but never getting ready so here we are

there was something hazy about the night, the sunset still green at the horizon outside behind the glittering skyline of new york. it was worse inside and alec hadn’t had anything to drink yet but he found himself feeling a little bit tipsy. maybe it had been the kisses, his body pressed against magnus’s in the doorway, the feeling of magnus’s tongue in his mouth and his hands on his hips still making his head spin. or maybe it was just the way he felt as he stood in front of the full length mirror, slowly buttoning a shirt up over dark swirls of chest hair and the edges of his dark black runes.

there was something warm and slow about this evening and about the night he knew was to come. and it got even more so as he stopped buttoning just short of his throat as magnus emerged from the bathroom. he was wearing a burgundy shirt that was hugging his arms in a way that caught every bit of alec’s attention. it was buttoned all the way up to magnus’s adam’s apple, silver necklaces spilling down over his chest, and that always made it a thousand time worse, didn’t it.

and of course magnus knew, he always knew, their eyes catching in the mirror as he walked up behind alec, pressing close enough that the warmth of his body made alec’s eyelids droop.

“it looks good on you.” magnus murmured, and he was close enough that alec could feel his breath on his neck, a shiver shooting down his spine as warm palms pressed into his arms. alec found himself powerless against the urge to lean back into magnus’s chest. he stared at him in the mirror for a second, half lidded eyes and then he glanced back, their faces almost close enough that he could have kissed him.

“that’s because you picked it out.” alec replied, his voice low and a grin pulling at his lips.

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So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: D/pper and Mabe/
Day 4: Paci/ica Northwest
Day 5: Young Tate McGucket


So one round there was this guy, username TheRealGenji (who’d he have to kill to get that name?). He did fantastic impressions of Genji during the round. Like, really fantastic Genji impressions!

I was playing Mercy, and he says “Hello, Angela!” to me in Genji’s voice. Honest to god I thought “Oh wait, that’s me, isn’t it! I’m Angela!”. I was going to say hello, but I panicked a bit and jumped instead . - .

He was a really funny guy, and his Torbjorn voice was hilarious! Our team lost the round because of the enemy Bastion, but man it was a great game. Somebody said TheRealGenji has a youtube channel, but I haven’t been able to find it…

EDIT: thanks, @northgreendragon @demoncrat & @walking-on-a-scream for telling me the channel! TheRealGenji has videos on the youtube channel Diggums!  :)

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Everybody loves Jealous Viktor, me? I love jealous Yuuri. Prompt in BYSOTI(D) verse, when Yuuri actually told Viktor that he saw a pic of Chris and him kissing.

Yuuri knew that he wasn’t supposed to be on the skating forums.  Yuuko and Alexei and Riku and his sister had all made that very clear to him many times.  Now that he was a certified Junior skater for Japan through the JSF the skating forums should have been a no go.

So he steered away from the part of the site that was dedicated to Japanese skaters and clicked instead on the subgroup for Foreign skaters.

Honestly, the thread on Viktor was where he spent all his time anyway, and it wasn’t like anyone on the site needed to know that he skated.  He lurked for the most part, and only really left comments once in a while.  Posting on forums just left him uncomfortable.  It was almost like skating, but different.

All right, it’s really important that we all band together to support Viktor!  He’s still recovering from his injury and a 4th place finish really isn’t all that bad!  Just because he hasn’t finished off the podium in a while, doesn’t mean that it’s the end!

Pretty sure that no one was insinuating that it was career over.  Just that maybe he was pushing his recovery a bit.  He could have waited until next season to come back.

Don’t worry about it, niki’s_girl always over exaggerates when it comes to Viktor.  Makes ice_castle_madonna seem almost calm and collected when she gets going about Viktor’s programs

You know, I don’t see her much around this board anymore.  Why is that?

She’s spending most of her time over on the Katsuki Yuuri boards.  Apparently, according to those that know, they’re from the same town, so she knows him.

Shame.  I always liked her commentary.  I mean, she was an unabashed fangirl for Viktor, but her analysis was on point.

Just saying that I am still an unabashed fangirl for Viktor.  ≧◠◡◠≦
Also, I’ve been working on my analysis.  I usually write notes when I watch, but I got to watch with an ACTUAL CERTIFIED JSF JUNIOR SKATER and didn’t take them.  So I’ve been pouring over captures I’ve done.

See, that sort of emphasis used to be reserved for just Viktor. 。:゚゚(´∀`)・。


I’ll get things back on track.  Things that happen in hotel lobbies aren’t off limits, right?

Yes, it’s not against the site rules even if it skating related.  Are you going to try and make niki’s_girl upset?

She’s the only fun one to tease since vicchan_skates never shows up anymore.  His debates with ice_castle_madonna were always hilarious.  I swear they had to know each other.

Just came through on TMZ.  Apparently, Viktor has found some comfort from his off podium finish with a Swiss skater.
[image Chris and Viktor in hotel lobby kissing]
And some R Kelly lyrics for those who will appreciate it:

Then after the show, it’s the after party
And after the party, it’s the hotel lobby
Yeah, around about four you gotta clear the lobby
Then take it to ya room and freak somebody

(ノ`⌒´)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・


(ノ`⌒´)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・

Yuuri closed the tab on his laptop.  The picture had been posted maybe twenty to thirty minutes ago… which meant that Viktor was probably still with Christophe.

He bit his lip and shook his head.  He needed to pack an overnight bag.  He was going to watch his friend swim in a meet.  He didn’t need to be thinking about Viktor and Christophe doing whatever.

Honestly, Viktor would probably try and tell him about it again.  Yuuri pinched the bridge of his nose.  He could actually imagine the DM:  Yuuuuuuuuri! I got caught!  Did you see the picture?  It was a good thing they couldn’t see into the room. (-o⌒)

Then: Yuuuuuuuuri!  Why aren’t you responding!  Aren’t you curious?  Just a little?

And what would be the last straw:  If you don’t say anything, I’ll tell you anyway!

At which point, Yuuri usually started to respond that he didn’t want to know details.  Because he didn’t.  He never had.  He didn’t want to know who Viktor was kissing.  Or why Viktor was kissing them.  Or anything else for that matter.

He’d rather his life be free from mentions of Viktor doing anything with anyone.  (Romantically anyway.  Yuuri always enjoyed Katya’s stories of Viktor being antagonized by Mila.)

It was easier that way.  He could appreciate the friendship he had with Viktor even more without the reminders that Viktor was not completely straight.  Really, Yuuri doubted that he was even half straight.  His relationship with Elodie notwithstanding.  He’d actually watched Viktor on that phone call when he discovered that he had a girlfriend.  (They’d been playing a video game.)  Couldn’t understand it since it was in French, but Yuuri was entirely sure that he wasn’t as nearly serious about Elodie as she was about him.  

Which he had proven spectacularly.

And that was the thing.  Viktor was not serious.  It was all fun and games.  And maybe that was the way it should be.  Viktor was young.  Christophe was young.  And well, Yuuri was probably just a little kid to them.  He was only sixteen.

Yuuri clenched his jaw.  Fun and games.  He picked up his phone and sent a message.  He’d reply when Viktor actually got around to reading it.  And with the way Christophe looked to be dominating Viktor in that picture, it could be a while.

He was surprised when his notification went off just a minute later.

Sassy has a car today, so Sassy is taking the demon goat out shopping.  :D  Have fun. ;)

spiderman homecoming: *shows possible character development of tony stark*

tony stark, to peter: i want you to be better (than me)

haters: but many people have died because of you, tony. you shouldn’t say something like that when you’re the worst person ever


man, i’m really happy here. which is a nice feeling, considering how uncomfortable i’ve been on past blogs. but i’m content and i’m glad i decided to join the ff rpc. especially as gladio. because i connect with him on various levels and it just… means a lot to me that his character has agreed with me so well. i’m proud of the way i write him and it feels good to be so confident in myself. 

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing/have been okay. *hugs*
So I’m making this post just to apologize to my babies who requested me some edits! I’m sorry for not having them done yet… ‘cause I have been with a depression and with no motivation to do edits… And even when I do them I take too much time now (I wonder where are my inspirations and ideas went orz). I’m not how I used to be when I edited on the past few years (you can noticed on how my edits have been looking now, so simple and plain lol…) just have been feeling really down everyday and with no patience for anything. I’m getting worried by my depression and I’m afraid it gets any worse… So just wanted to let you know that I will still make the requests and bday gift edits for my cute friends :) *hugs* They just will be so damn late and I’m so sorry for that! Wish you all the best (specially luck for your exams at school) and thank you for being with me and for being such a sweethearts!! ily all!
PS: please dear anons, don’t come to my ask box and send me shitty messages ok? I feel really bad and sad already and don’t make me feel more stressed with stupid and mean asks… I won’t answer them! Respect it please!