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Shit i really liked and kinda didn’t like about Ragnarok

I recently saw ragnarok and became so rejuvenated that i brought my marvel blog back but i wanted to seriously talk about like things that i liked and really didn’t just to get shit out there. 

Things i really liked (like so much that i am obsessed)

-Thor’s new hair cut/outfit, i think its actually super suitable. Gives that sort of cool ass warrior refugee look. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is beautiful. 

-The humor, oh god it was hilarious, i’ve never laughed so genuinely and so much in my life and it made the movie so charming and relatable. It was also such a departure from The Dark World and the first Thor, which dealt with so much emotional baggage for not only just Thor, but for Loki, who basically suffered throughout both movies. 

-Hulk being an actual toddler/Bruce Banner being so fucked up and anxious because WHEN DID HE GET ON AN ALIEN PLANET. 

-”You’ve been on other planets before i assume” “Yeah, one!” “well now it’s two” 

-Valkyrie. Her entire everything gave me so much to love and adore. Tessa Thompson has stole my heart yet again. 


-The little tiny glimpses of Loki and Thor’s childhood, aka the snake story, get help. It really showed how much time Loki and Thor had spent together, which i assume is a lot because age in Asgardian years work differently probably? Like imagine that, Loki and Thor spending time together and being inseparable for 100 years. It showed that they were always close despite loki feeling different or alienated, which explains why its so hard for Loki to just leave thor for dead. 

-”You’ll always be the god of mischief, but you can be so much more” See that shit destroyed me. Thor acknowledges that Loki is not like him. He’s a trickster, manipulative, and selfish. But he also acknowledges that Loki is so much more than his tricks and lies, which shows so much character growth in Thor, who sees loki as more than just an asgardian prince that was raised the exact same way opposite of Thor, but as his own fucking person.

-Thor actually not being stupid and falling for Loki’s tricks, aka his magic projections of himself/his petty, stupid betrayals. Tom mentioned that Thor was evolving and that Loki was finally starting to realize that he’s the only one not growing. Scenes like the betrayal scene and the snake scene, although meant to be hilarious, point out that Thor isn’t that idiot that just was too trusting of his brother, he sees through Loki’s tricks, he’s seen them for years, and it really shows that Loki’s getting predictable with his fake deaths and betrayals, which might hint at him changing? 

-IT FIXED THE INCONSISTENCIES. The main reason i didn’t like Dark world, though i did see it as amazing for its ability to mix the emotional darkness between Loki and Thor along with the humor throughout the movie, was because it pointed Loki out to be the type of cold blooded monster that would murder his own father. I mean I’m no Loki apologist, i love the kid but he’s killed, he’s manipulated, he’s hurt everyone around him, but i doubt he could ever kill Odin, no matter how much of a shitty father he is. Also low-key hated the whole “Loki if you betray me, ill kill you” Thor bullshit. We all know thor wouldn’t be able to do that, he still hopes Loki is his brother. 


-”I thought the world of you Loki.” Ouch. 

-Hulk and Val’s bromance. 

-The entire Valkyrie v. Hela scene. It was so beautiful and ethereal i actually nutted. 


-Loki’s face when odin called him his son. 

-Loki’s face when Hela told him to kneel. 

-Loki refusing to let Thor go back to Asgard. “Are you serious? you can’t be thinking of going back there, that’s madness!” is that? Loki cARING? 

-Loki’s character development. 

-thor in a jean jacket and hoodie in new york. 

-Thor spilling beer everywhere. 

-Loki letting Thor take the orgy ship. 

-Jeff Goldblum. Thats it. 


-”Hello father” “OH SHIT” 

-The entire play. Loki’s rule as a benevolent god/king in which, before everyone feared him for a dictatorship militaristic form of ruling he could have, but in reality he just like ate grapes and watched plays. 

-Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie. The crowned prince of asgard, wanting to be an elite team of woman warriors. 


-Val kicking Loki’s ass. 


-Loki in a suit. 


-”I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “heres the thing” 

-”Hello!” “Hi” *blasts everyone in room with giant laser guns* 

-”What are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 


-”i swear i left him right here” “where? on the street? Or in that nursing home thats being torn down?” 

“I’m not a witch” “Why do you dress like one then?” 

-Loki rolling his eyes when thor is approached by fans. 

-Loki calling stephen strange a shitty sorcerer and going at him with stabby hands. 

-Confirmation of loki’s love of stabbing. 

-Confirmation that Loki is a snake, and also Thor’s favorite snake.

-Loki reciting Thor’s prayer to odin with him mY SON. 

-The avengers parallel. “He’s my brother!” “adopted.” 




-”Where? the devil’s anus?” 

-Bruce fighting evil with fireworks. Good job sweetie. 

-Bruce flopping like a fish on the bifrost. 

-Thor and his sparkles. 

-Lightning eyes. 


-*Loki on a death trip* ‘this is a terrible idea” 

-Loki somehow reciting a spell to bring surtur back. what a weirdo. how did he know that. 


-im here. 



-Thor and Bruce’s bromance. 

-Jane not being there. I mean it makes sense she dumped him, he left her for two years chasing down infinity stones and constantly almost dying while she had no way of contacting him because Thor’s ass didn’t know how to use fucking email. Also i just really honestly never liked her character to begin with, i mean sure i love that Jane is a strong, smart woman but tbh i just wanted to Fast forward every time she was on screen. 

-The cute death wolf. 

-”THATS HOW IT FEELS!” “sorry i just really like the sport” 


-Val being there as a cool as member of the team rather than just the love interest of Thor. Protect her at all cost even though she probs doesn’t even need it. 


-Stan Lee’s cameo as the dude who cut Thor’s hair. Thank you for doing all of us a giant favor. Please do the same to Loki. 

-loki beating someone up with his horn hat. 

-Loki twirling his horn hat. 

-Loki being such a self serving, extra asshole that he came from the fucking fog screaming “YOUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED” 

-Bruce asking where tony was and then complaining about his tight crotch pants. 


-Loki’s costume being mainly blue, black, and gold :-)))))))

-Loki being 100% done with everything that happens. 

-Val knocking Loki out when he makes her relive her trauma why do people ship this you go honey that was a dick move

-Thor throwing various things at Loki to make sure he’s not a mirage. 

-he’s a friend from work, something a kid from make a wish that met chris suggested, being in the film and all of the trailers. I hope that made that kid smile. 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 



-Loki being genuinely worried about and double checking if Thor really wants to bring him back to earth after what he did kill me honestly that would probably hurt less. 

-Loki’s face when thor said that going their separate ways was what Loki always wanted bc in reality that is the opposite go back. 

-Hela not being Loki’s daughter because 1) it proves that ya’ll should stop hoping that a comic soap opera about rich petty alien boys with daddy issues would be anything like classic norse mythology, and 2) when the fuck and how the fuck and why the fuck 

-Loki suggesting that he and Thor both rule over Sakaar together lmao ouch. 

-Loki just being really cute and quirky. 

-Thor being so fucking amazed by Val all the time. 

-”You’re late.” 

-”I saw you coming” “course you did.” 


What i didn’t like much; 

-Hela. I loved her character, but honestly here is where i think there might’ve been some failure despite how much i loved that movie. She seemed so out of place as a villain, and i feel like the whole related shit tried to mimic Guardians vol. 2, but honestly the fact that Thor didn’t care much about her made her feel so out of place. But i did like some parts, like how she was so disappointed about not being remembered or what her existence and disappointment did to how loki was raised. 

-Dr. Strange? Ok that was weird. It makes sense and it was funny to see him but to be honest i wasn’t into it. 


-tbh was not fond of frost master, don’t hate me. 

-Loki possibly taking the tesseract????? And hinting that he might turn evil again??? don’t do this to me marvel. 

-loki possibly being turned into the quirky sidekick of his brother. Loki is Thor’s equal, not his annoying little brother/wacky sidekick. I didn’t get that vibe often, but sometimes i did honestly. 

-RIP thor’s hammer. 


-Hela’s entrance. it was so quick and like out of place i was like what wait, Loki and thor didn’t even have time to prepare or even mourn. 

-the comedy. It was its best and worst part of the movie. Sometimes it was tasteful. Other times it was too much. Thor and Loki didn’t even get to mourn for their dad who tbh was an asshole but still their dad before there was a annoying joke about kneeling. It took away from the story sometimes.

-the lack of hugging between thor and loki.

-The way they glossed over the warriors three’s death like they weren’t Thor’s closest friends and the only ones there for him when Odin tried to banish Thor to earth :-))))) I mean after all that shit he went through I’m pretty fucking sure it probably hasn’t caught up to him but ya bitch still pissed. 

-The way, Thor, who basically admitted that Loki actually meant the world to him and was the only family he had left, didn’t ask where he was after asgard exploded? Like tbh i get it, he trusts Loki, his brothers capable and strong and most of all really fucking smart, but i’d still be like :-) the fuck is Loki. I think this is a directing error though rather than like the characters fucking up but i was freaking out, i mean asgard was literally pebbles and everyone was out BUT my son. 

-No sif, i mean i get it Jaime Alexander was busy but like y'all could’ve explained smh. 

-Loki not getting a hair cut. When will his emo phase end. 

-Not getting that one flashback to 80′s asgard with mullets and emo loki. 

Overall it was pretty fucking cool, one of the best movies of the trilogy. I fell in love with the marvel cinematic universe all over again. But it wasn’t perfect. 

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Proximity (07)-IDFC

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

A/N:        Also I may have promised last night that this would be up then BUT I got really busy and then decided to add a whole lot more to this chapter than originally planned so I am sorry for that :(

Warnings: language 

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(00) Prologue, (01) My Place at Six, (02) Just My Neighbor, (03) Forty Percent, (04) Writing My Goodbyes, (05) If You Want, (06) Oblivion, (08) Last Night, (09) Boo at the Zoo pt. 1,  (10) Boo at the Zoo Pt.2, (11) Girlfriend 

Tom arrived at the college only a few minutes before (Y/N) had finished grading a stack of short essays, a quiz from two weeks ago, and then inputting them into the university’s database. He waited patiently as she worked, making light and slightly awkward conversation with her that she hadn’t had since meeting people she shared classes with.

“So where are you from?” he asked while awkwardly folding his hands in his lap.

“Texas,” she said proudly.

“Really? I haven’t been there; how is it?” he asked while sitting up straight in the chair Isabel had lounged in a matter of hours ago.

“Hot and flat but it’s home and I miss it,” she replied, catching a smile come across her face as she thought of the open plains of home.

“Do you plan on moving back when you finish school?” 

“I hadn’t thought about it, actually,” (Y/N) said with a light laugh. “I guess I’d like to if the opportunity came. What about you? Are you planning to move any closer to LA for work?” Tom shrugged in his jacket as (Y/N) closed the program and turned off her monitor.

“I had planned to but I ended up moving a few miles down the street from my parents’ house,” he said with a chuckle.

“You have a lot of family right?” (Y/N) tried to asked without sounding weird. “I mean you involve them a lot in your fame journey.”

“Yeah, we’re all real close. There’s me, the twins, Harry and Sam, and then the youngest, Paddy.” As if changing the conversation, he rose from the chair and held open the door to (Y/N)’s office as she exited. She hurried to lock the door and then the pair made their way toward the elevator and then through the streets of New York City.

(Y/N) was surprised at how her day and gone from going to breakfast with Sebastian, to going clubbing with Tom. As soon as she gave the thought any attention, her heart twisted in her chest. Did Tom think this was a date? WAS this a date? Before (Y/N) could give more thought to the situation, Tom had gotten them into the club much more quickly than she would usually have been allowed in alone.

Through the thumping of the music and the roar of voices, (Y/N) could hardly hear Tom as he yelled over the commotion. Spotting his friends in the corner, he grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and escorted her through the sea of people crowding the bar. (Y/N) immediately recognized the people gathered around a table with a pitcher of alcohol centered in the middle. Obviously Harrison would be there but there was also Zendaya, Jacob, and Tom’s younger brother Harry. Once in sight of his friends, Tom let go of (Y/N)’s hand, certain she wouldn’t be able to get lost in a crowd given her proximity to the rest of the group.

“And who is this?” Zendaya teased Tom as he eased himself between Harrison and Harry.

“This is (Y/N),” Tom announced. “I met her at breakfast this morning.”

“We had breakfast with you this morning,” Harry interrupted while motioning to himself and Harrison.

“Where was she then?” Harrison continued to pester Tom.

“I ate before you two touched down from London and then ate Second Breakfast with you guys at the airport,” Tom said.

“What about second breakfasts,” (Y/N) teased under her breath, earning a hearty laugh from Harry and Jacob.

“Well it’s nice to meet you,” Zendaya said while moving over to make room for her.

“What’s your poison?” Jacob asked as he rose to get another round for the group.

“Surprise me,” (Y/N) laughed, trying to settle herself into her new company. Tom poured himself a glass of the pitcher of beer sitting in front of him then did the same for (Y/N). She accepted, still unsure of her status when it came to him, and didn’t waste time with pretending to be ladylike. She drank the beer with three or four long swigs and then placed her empty glass on the table just as Jacob returned not more than five minutes after leaving.

From casually observing Harrison, Tom, and Jacob’s Instagram stories for the past two years, (Y/N) knew that their music preferences were fairly different from hers, but there was one thing that she knew was universally popular across the world at the moment which just happened to come on: ‘Despacito.’ Immediately, Jacob hurried to put the drinks on the table, grab his, and then rush to the closest conglomerate of people dancing. Not shortly after the song began, Harrison, Harry and Zendaya had all joined him followed by Tom who stretched his arm out to (Y/N), kindly inviting her to come along for the fun. She grabbed the bottle Jacob had brought for her and followed Tom toward the group, enjoying the small spin he lead her into as they started moving with the flow of the crowd. It wasn’t a fair match up between Tom and (Y/N). She was horrible at dancing and he had a background in ballet, but despite occasionally stepping on his feet, Tom continually assured her that she wasn’t doing as badly as she felt she was trying to learn bachata from him. Slowly, the music faded into ‘No Diggity’ and the rhythm and motion of the people around her changed from latin movements to slowly throwing hips and asses in circles. From enjoyment and under the minimal effects of her second drink, (Y/N) joined in on the fun and felt her hips begin to sway in sultry circles as Jacob jokingly came up beside her and started dancing against her left thigh. She couldn’t help but laugh as Harrison began to do the same to Zendaya and the girls continued their laughter as Harry and Tom jumped in on the friendly action. With as much fun as (Y/N) was having being out of the apartment for once and being able to joke around and have a few friends to joke around with, there was still a sensation of guilt that flowed through her heart, especially when it came to any contact she had with Tom. 

For the rest of the night, other than the one instance of him and Jacob grinding on her legs, he didn’t push anything or try to pursue her in any way until another latin based song called ‘Loca’ played. He rose from the table they were all sitting around, sipping on their drinks and munching on the food they had snuck in, and then offered (Y/N) his hand again. “I need to finish the bachata lesson,” he said with a smile. After her eighth drink of who knows what that night, (Y/N) rose without any hint of hesitation or reluctance and followed Tom to the dance floor. She didn’t flinch under his touch this time and even laid her hands on his shoulder and in his hand without feeling awkward.

“I’m glad you could come out tonight,” he smiled as he lead their feet in rhythm with the music.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she said over the pounding music directly into his ear.

“Any time!” he shouted back. “If you ever need anything, I’m just a text away.” (Y/N) smiled softly at his offer but her guilt had finally broken the stone barrier and cracked across her face. “What’s wrong?” Tom asked, bending closer to her ear and lowering his voice.

“It’s nothing,” she sighed. “I just–”

“If this is about Sebastian, I didn’t invite you out as my date,” Tom quickly assured.

“You didn’t?” she asked while pulling further from his ear and shooting him a look of confusion.

“No!” he yelled over the increased volume in music. “I mean, you’re gorgeous, but I just figured you’d want to get out with some people your age occasionally when the old grouches start picking at you too much,” he joked.

“So we’re platonically cool?” she asked with a smile

“Of course!” Tom called to her while laughing. “I mean, I have no idea how it happened but it’s obvious Sebastian’s in love with you! I can see why he’d fall for you, but how he got you to fall for him is blowing my mind,” Tom laughed. Suddenly, (Y/N) remembered she had turned her phone on Airplane Mode to save her battery.

“Shit!” she muttered and slid her phone from her back pocket and turned back on its regular settings to reveal six missed calls from Sebastian and eight missed texts. “I’ve gotta go,” she hurried while trying to slip away from Tom.

“What’s wrong?” he quickly asked while following her through the club.

“I completely forgot Sebastian was coming over tonight and my phone was off and I missed all of his messages and he thinks something happened–”

“Calm down,” he said hurriedly while following her outside and getting her a cab. “It will be okay,” he reassured her. Taking it upon himself to ensure a slightly drunken (Y/N)’s safety at three in the morning in NYC, Tom slipped into the cab, rode with her to her apartment building, and made sure she made it inside safely before heading back to the club. (Y/N) hurried into the elevator and rode it all the way up, passing her floor, and rushing straight to Sebastian’s door. It didn’t take but one knock before he threw himself off the couch and pulled the door open.

“I’m so sorry!” she hurried. “My I turned my phone on battery saver and forgot to turn it back and I didn’t get any of your messages and I’m so sorry!” The more she slurred her words together and the more red her face became from embarrassment, she became even more self-conscious of the way she looked. Here she was, half drunk, stumbling over the words in her mouth, panicking about the panicked tone she read in his messages and in his voice with each voicemail he left. “I’m sorry, Sebastian, I didn’t mean to make you worry. Tom invited me to hang out with some of the Spider-Man cast and I completely forgot about tonight and–”

“You’ve been out all night and I didn’t know where you were, but right now, I don’t fucking care!” he stated before pulling her into his apartment, closing the door, and wrapping his arms around her. “I’m just glad you’re okay,” he stated. “There was a hit and run right outside the campus coffee shop you like to go to and then I couldn’t get ahold of you. I tried calling your office,” he sighed into her hair and tightened his grasp on her body, causing her to feel small and safe. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” His hand grasped at the base of her neck and he felt her hair twist in his fingers.

“Are you mad at me?” (Y/N) asked as she breathed in the mix of his shampoo and laundry detergent on his shirt.

“Of course not, (Y/N)” he said while pulling away his head from hers to look into her eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Too much had happened in the last eighteen hours for her to know what the hell she was feeling and what the hell she was supposed to be feeling. “Look at me,” he said softly while grazing his thumb across her cheek and propping up her face with his pinky finger. “I can tell you’re a little drunk and I’m sorry if this isn’t the right time, but I can’t do this anymore. I don’t fucking care what anyone thinks about this, about us. I have feelings for you, (Y/N) and I’m pretty sure you feel them too, but we both keep acting like they’re not there.”

“Sebastian,” she said while trying to push herself away from him, afraid of what bringing their emotions into the light would mean for them.

“Maybe you’re too good for me, but I can’t do this. I can’t allow you to be such a huge part of my life without you knowing how much you mean to me.” Confidence and fear swirled through his eyes as (Y/N) looked up to him for support.

“Seb, you know this isn’t the best decision,” she tried to say in a clam tone but come out shaky. 

“I. Don’t. Fucking. Care.” His words were definite as hope entered the mixture of emotions controlling his body. His heart seemed as though it was filled with helium and lead, simultaneously floating and sinking within his body as he tried to read (Y/N)’s body language. “To me, you are worth every excuse there is not to do this.”

“Am I honestly good for your image?”

“You’re one of the smartest, most creative, and kindest people I know, and if the world saw that, they’d see you bring out the best in me, but if you don’t want the world to know, we can keep it quiet.”

“I’m way too young for you,” she tried to stammer. “You don’t need a bunch of hateful articles about being a cradle robber.”

“I don’t care about the age gap. There are much more important things to be concerned about in a relationship than an age difference. The people who matter will understand that.”

“Everyone will chalk this up to being nothing more than convenience and a matter of proximity.”

“Let them! Proximity is what lead you to entering my life and if they want to say that’s the reason we’re together then, well, they’re not wrong, but you and I both know that’s not the whole of what we are to one another.” (Y/N) anxiously ran her fingers through her hair and started to twirl thin strands between her index and middle fingers. “If you don’t feel the same way about me, it’s okay. Don’t think I’m trying to pressure you into something, I just really want you to know this, but if you have no interest–”

“I don’t have no interest,” she tried to say. “Damn double-negatives,” she muttered. Sebastian couldn’t help but crack a coy grin as she cursed under her breath. “What I mean is that I feel the same way,” she said in one long deep breath. “But there’s still a lot of things you don’t know about me and it’s not fair for me to get into a relationship before you know the full amount of baggage on my shoulders.”

“When you’re around, (Y/N), you make me feel normal, like I’m just a regular guy, and that makes me so incredibly happy. I would gladly accept your baggage because you’ve already accepted mine without even thinking.” His hand gently stroked her hair and she smiled up at him, still wondering if what was happening was a hundred percent real. “What do you say?” (Y/N) bit her lip to keep the small joyous tears threatening to fall from escaping her eyes. Her head began to nod up and down before her vocal chords could loosen enough for words to be formed.

A small, constricted ‘yes’ piped from her mouth as Sebastian swept her up in his arms, gently lifting her from the ground and holding her tightly against his chest.  

Teen Wolf:

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My heart still can’t wrap around the fact that teen wolf is finally over. This cast has given me so much during the past year, happiness, sadness and to some people, it’s just some ‘stupid’ teenage girl show but that’s not the case for a girl like myself and many others out there in the world. 

This show has made me feel all kinds of good emotions during the year that I had finally discovered the show. This show made me laugh when I was sad or angry or annoyed, this show made me smile through all of the good moments that was shown to me and cry through all of the sad moments. 

This show saved so many people and to so people it may not be as much to them but it certainly is to the people that made them feel happy with their lives or content to themselves.

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This show showed me that it’s okay to be yourself, take Lydia, for example, the popular girl, the ‘dumb’ one in the group. She has developed into a strong, smart and beautiful woman throughout the seasons and I am so proud of her. She is one of many characters that has become their own individual.

This show was the main reason I started this very blog because I was reading through some imagines that I had come across. I had eventually started watching the show and instantly fell in love. I had started reblogging gifs and creating my own post using a gif on the internet or on here, then I wrote my very first imagine which is forgotten.

I just want to say a huge thank you to the cast of teen wolf for getting me to where I am today. If it wasn’t for this fun, amazing and talented cast then I don’t if I would have even started an imagine blog. 


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Never Have I Ever (Victuuri)

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) -  1. “I want to hate you. I should hate you.” - Oops I kind of got too creative with this one, and it’s so looong and fluffy and teaaasy. Big special thanks to @ticklygiggles for helping but that’s nothing new on this blog! Lots of love! ♡  

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out drinking with friends, and eventually get dragged into a game of Never Have I Ever with Phichit (and Chris). During the game Yuuri is caught off guard and oops, did he just admit openly he likes to be tickled? 

I used to play this with my friends and I would like to say it wasn’t always sex-related but too bad we were naughty little shits.

Word Count: 3065

Kampaaai!” Victor chirped the Japanese word in his funny accent, and he took a few sips before sighing in relief.

“That is nice. I needed that,” he said, sounding very refreshed and relieved. Yuuri chuckled at his tipsy older boyfriend and shook his head.

“It’s already your 5th, Vitya. Are you sure you needed that?” Victor was close to passing the line from overly tipsy to drunk, while he was taking it easy with just his cheeks getting a rosy color.

“Yes, Yuuri! I needed that!” Victor poked him and Yuuri giggled playfully, but then looked at the skaters who sat across from them, snickering at their behavior.

Vitya hm?” Phichit said, sharp as always, and Yuuri blushed. He had to judge the younger male as probably the only one who was still sober. Next to him sat Chris - what was he even doing here - and he was probably the most drunk of all, well, all who remained. 

The others had gone home already, leaving Yuuri alone with his tipsy self, drunk Victor, super drunk Chris and sober Phichit.

“I know, I know! Let’s play a game of never have I ever!” Phichit suggested, and Yuuri blushed. Not that

“Hehe it’s alright, Phichit-kun. These guys are too drunk to play,” he tried, but it was already too late. Victor raised his glass and blurted out:

“Nonono I can play! Never have I ever wanted Yuuri to call me Victor-kun!” He downed the glass by himself, and Yuuri watched him with a blush.

“T-that’s not how it works, V-Victor..kun?” Hearing this, Victor made a squeaky hiccup sound, and Yuuri blushed when he got pulled into a tight alcohol smelling- hug. 

“I love you Yuuuri-kuuun!” he whined. Chris was up next, with his eyes closed, a goofy smile on his face and a burp to introduce his line:

“Never have I ever jacked off on the ice ri-” Phichit slapped him playfully, causing him to spill his beer.

“Yep Chris, that’s yours only, drink. Let’s play this without Chris,” the Thai figure skater suggested happily, and Yuuri giggled. They played a couple of rounds, doing their very best to ignore Chris’ drunk and horny remarks in between, but they had fun and laughed a lot.

At one point Victor even yelled: “What have you done Phichittit?” because no matter what silly things they tried, they only got him to drink rarely, and they all laughed because of drunk Victor’s inability to pronounce his name right.

Eventually both Phichit and Victor ended up teasing Yuuri by saying things only he had done in his life, just to let him drink more. Even saying things such as:

“Never have I ever been coached by Victor Nikiforov. Never have I ever had a family that owns an onsen! Never have I ever been born a Japanese!” So unfaaair. Yuuri felt his cheeks burn a little as he took another sip. He shouldn’t drink too much, at least one of them should be healthy to get both of them back to their hotel room safely.

“Never have I ever enjoyed being tickled!” Ah, that was him too, and Yuuri drank again. He drank… He draaank! He choked on his beer and coughed, turning to watch Phichit’s mischievous smirk and Victor’s amazed sparkly eyes.

“P-Phichit-kun!” Yuuri cried out. He was so offended. He had been very wrong and stupid to trust his good old friend to keep that stupid little fact a secret. That was some veeery confidential information and oh nooo Victor wasn’t supposed to know?!

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My only request is that y'all don’t bombard me about what’s going on with the blog right now or how my backlog queue looks as far as commissions go cause I’m still working through some things and I can’t afford to throw myself into a panic; I’ve been doing so good, I want to keep up this pace and productivity. Please be patient with me for just a little longer. I missed y'all.

Hello everyone!

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I unfollowed a lot of blogs because it’s either they’re dead on Tumblr or I’m just not into that fandom anymore. 

so please reblog this if your blog is about these following: 

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I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, but since a lot of people followed me for my art I want to come back here to share this new painting.

After I went to my first IAMX show last October all I could think was “I have to paint him.” So I did. (”him” being Chris Corner, my new favorite musician, please check out his incredible music.)

This painting was a huge challenge for me. For the first time I decided to create my own depiction of the person instead of recreating a photo. So I did a lot of research, and ended up using +200 photos. Every single bone, muscle, vein, etc. is referenced from a photo of him, to make sure it is a depiction of him alone. This painting stretched me to my limits in terms of anatomy, lighting, and realism, and I grew SO MUCH as an artist.

I had to make this my best work because otherwise it would have failed in its purpose, which is to convey my respect and love for this genius who inspired me so much with his art. I plan to print this on a canvas to gift it to him in a meet and greet whenever IAMX tours again.

It was painted in Photoshop with a Wacom pen tablet, and as usual is entirely done by hand, not traced, no photographs exist anywhere in the file. Please zoom in, there’s lots of pretty details!

Making a new tag list,

So I always pretty much wing it when it comes to tagging people for my fics, going by comments and who previously liked my stuff or asked to be tagged.
But I’ve noticed a lot of blogs I tag are either inactive or no longer interested in my writing (which I completely understand since I’ve been switching fandoms the past year)

I think it’s time for me to make a new, official tag list, and I’m gonna start from scratch. Meaning as of now my tag list is completely empty and I need to hear from every single one of you who wants to be on it. 

I will only have one tag list for all my writing: Sebastian, Bucky, Chris, Steve and Tayte. I write too many characters and actors to keep separate lists for all of them, sorry.

You can reblog, reply or just send me a quick message if you want to be on my tag list. I’ll be reblogging this post several times over the coming weeks and tagging different people every time to make sure you all get this.

One more thing, my fics are for 18+ readers, I trust you all not to ask me to tag you if you are under 18. 

Proximity (06)-Oblivion

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Warnings: mild language, you may be a little angry with me after this chapter

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(00) Prologue, (01) My Place at Six, (02) Just My Neighbor, (03) Forty Percent, (04) Writing My Goodbyes, (05) If You Want, (07) IDFC, (08) Last Night, (09) Boo at the Zoo pt.1, (10) Boo at the Zoo Pt.2, (11) Girlfriend  

(Y/N) paced anxiously outside the elevator doors as she waited for them to open so she could find a way to the seventh floor. Usually the stairs weren’t a burden on her, however the events that had transpired twenty minutes ago had her heart racing and she refused to allow the possibility of passing out in the stairwell to arise. Once inside the elevator, (Y/N) jammed her thumb into the ‘7′ button and then turned her phone’s  Airplane Mode feature on. She didn’t need to be any more distracted than she was and the lingering spark of Sebastian’s lips against her cheek only caused her mind to go further and further into the oblivion she desperately wanted to get lost in.

Upon reaching the seventh floor Isabel impatiently pulled (Y/N) from the elevator and hurriedly dragged her toward the English department offices. (Y/N) was given a small corner room she was convinced had once been a rather large closet that someone put a window in and was since the designated student-teacher office. She tried decorating but the extent of the room’s decor consisted of posters she had collected from Comic Cons or her artistic friends had drawn. The array of posters crossed through various universes including MCU, Harry Potter, Supernatural, with a splatter of Sherlock and a dash of Doctor Who. The poorly decorated office space often decreased the anxieties of the students who were having to meet with her privately, but she could never keep from laughing at the fact that these people were only four or so years younger than her and panicking about having to talk to her about their lessons.

“What have you not been telling me?” Isabel asked as soon as the two women entered the room.

“It’s nothing,” (Y/N) tried to say without blushing. She turned her face and locked the door, giving herself enough time to allow the blood rush to drain from her cheeks. “That picture doesn’t have me in it at all, does it?” she quickly asked with a rather panicked tone.

“No, there weren’t any pictures I could find of the two of you together,” Isabel said while dropping herself in the rather uncomfortable, overly cushioned chair opposite of (Y/N)’s desk.

“Good,” she muttered and quickly turned on her desktop computer and dropped her phone and house keys on the desk.

“What do you mean ‘good?’” Izzy gasped while trying to gain her friend’s full attention. 

“I mean nothing is going on between me and Sebastian and if the news tries to blow that out of proportion, whatever we do have will be compromised,” (Y/N) tried to convince herself rather than her friend. 

“I know what you’re trying to say, but your home screen says otherwise,” she teased while holding (Y/N)’s unlocked phone up mockingly, revealing the rather rustic/hipster photo of a barefoot Sebastian sitting on the porch of a lake house he rented for Labor Day weekend a few months earlier. 

“Give that back!” (Y/N) demanded while lunging toward the device, the memory of Sebastian inviting her to his weekend party lingering in her head as well as the moment she snapped the photo that was now her screen saver.

“Only if you start talking,” she protested. (Y/N) pursed her lips and turned back to face the computer as it loaded the university’s grading database. “Fine, I guess I’m forced to scroll through your phone and make you uncomfortable until you cave,” she teased. Upon realizing (Y/N) wasn’t paying any attention to Isabel’s blackmail, she began to open various apps. “Nothing on Snapchat,” she announced. “Facebook is a dead end too,” she continued.

“Izzy, stop,” (Y/N) grumbled.

“Instagram, here we go!”

“Iz!” (Y/N) demanded.

“Someone recently became friends with a certain Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Holland,” she teased. “Oh, and you have a DM from mister Holland: hi, (Y/N)! Nice meeting you today. Would love to grab a drink or lunch sometime,” Isabel read. “Damn, girl, you’re making all these Marvel men swoon!”

“He did not send that,” (Y/N) laughed as she read over the red ink on the stack of essays sitting beside her only to have Isabel turn the phone around and show (Y/N) the message.

“And Sebastian doesn’t think you’re more than a friend,” she replied cockily. “Spill! Tell me about this whole roommate thing you have going on with him, how the hell do you know Tom, and why do you have a new contact saved as Lizzie O. in your phone?” (Y/N) bit her lip as she contemplated telling Isabel anything but she knew she needed another opinion. Lizzie’s advice was great and made (Y/N) feel hopeful that she had a chance with Sebastian, but Izzy was different. She was blunt and straightforward and would spare her friends no shit. 

(Y/N) caved. She told Isabel the full story of how they met rather than the abridged version she opted for when she first decided to tell her friend about her misadventure. She tried not to go into too much detail about how sweet Sebastian had been and how concerned he was about potentially losing a genuine friendship on the account of her not being willing to deal with his stardom or her only wanting to be in the friendship because of his stardom. (Y/N) continued to divulge into the time she spent with Sebastian and the domesticity of their friendship: the morning coffee trips, daily messages telling the other to turn down their volume or to get their toilet to stop running because the pipes were louder in the other’s apartment, and she talked about the occasional movie nights at the other’s place.

Izzy smiled at her best friend’s glee as she spoke of the man living above her. She had lived with (Y/N) for the past three years and hated to lose her as a roommate, but she couldn’t stay in NYC and (Y/N) couldn’t go to Jersey. She’d missed their boy conversations but listening to what (Y/N) had to say about Sebastian, she feared for her friend’s emotional wellbeing. (Y/N) was two years younger than Izzy and she never wanted to see her hurt. Thankfully, (Y/N)’s dedication to graduate early kept her from divulging in the college-slut phase, but now Izzy worried she had pushed (Y/N) toward something she wasn’t quite ready for.

“It sounds like Tom likes you,” Izzy tried to distract her friend as the phone buzzed in her hand again.

“Tom only met me a few hours ago,” (Y/N) protested.

“Still,” Izzy said with a shrug of her shoulders. “You seem so happy talking about Sebastian,” she continued, “but I don’t know if you two are on the same page, you know?” (Y/N’s eyes furrowed at Isabel’s statement but she tried to play it off as a confusion with the grade displayed on the screen. “You’re only twenty-one,” Isabel sighed. “You have plenty of time to figure the whole dating thing out. Just go out and have fun. Try not to get tied down into anything,” Isabel said lightly while sliding (Y/N)’s phone back to her across the desk. She glanced down at the bright screen to see Tom’s messages shining up at her. Her heart started pounding with excitement and guilt as she read the words written and took them into consideration.

Hi, (Y/N)! Nice meeting you today. Would love to grab a drink or lunch sometime

A couple of friends invited me out to a club tonight. You’re welcome to come if you don’t have any plans!

(Y/N) looked back at Isabel who smiled lightly at her. “I’m not telling you Sebastian is bad news or anything like that–I’m sure he’d be great for you–I just don’t want you getting involved in something you’re not ready for yet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” (Y/N) asked with a lump in her throat.

“Well,” Isabel said softly and readjusted her position in the chair, “he’s much older than you, meaning he’s at a different stage in life than you, he’s had more experience in the life that he lives than you have, he has more experience in the world than you have. He may be ready for settling down when, realistically, you’re just getting into the game.”

“So, what are you saying? Are you saying to go on a stupid meaningless dating spree to have a few more guys under my belt before getting involved with someone I care about?” (Y/N) couldn’t help the sense of betrayal in her voice, but she knew that she was expecting something from Izzy that Lizzie wouldn’t have given–stark honesty in presenting (Y/N) with her fear in relationships. 

“I’m not saying that, I’m just saying that whatever you do, make sure you’re careful. Keep in mind that he may be wanting more than just a dating relationship, but also you need to figure out what it is that you want out of a relationship right now.”

“I don’t know what I want in a relationship, but I know that I’m happy when Sebastian is around and you know that ‘happy’ doesn’t come easily for me.” Her heart was swirling with the realization that Sebastian could be more than she was looking for and that their age difference would be more of an issue than she had previously expected.

“Hang out with Tom and his friends and just get your mind off of everything for a night,” Isabel said with a smile and lightly put her hand on (Y/N)’s shoulder.

“Can I not hang out with you?” (Y/N) asked with a slight chuckle.

“You know you’ll just be talking about Sebastian the whole time which is the opposite of getting him off your mind,” Isabel laughed.

“Fine, you’re right,” (Y/N) sighed and opened her phone to reply to Tom’s messages.

Sounds like a good time. Mind picking me up from Baruch College? 7th floor. Let me know when you’re coming.

Fall 2017 Update!

Hey, this blog still exists! It’s been about half a year since I’ve written anything up, and it’s been a bussyyyyy time in my life. Got married, started a new position and found out I’m going to be a father next spring! Amidst all of those changes, I’ve still somehow managed to see a bunch of movies over the last 6/7ish months. I wanted to do a kind of catch-up on here to make up for lost time, a kind of ‘speed round’ for the blog. I’ll still do my end of year top 8 early January I’m sure, but I wanted to get something up before then (and I’ll be honest, we ran out of work at my job today and they’re making us watch Hocus Pocus on a super small TV in the auditorium so I’m boooorrrred). So anyway, here’s some thoughts on a selection of movies I’ve caught over the last few months!

I wanted to write about this one from earlier in the year because I wrote about Director Nacho Vigalondo’s other film ‘Timecrimes’ way back in the day for the blog (check it out with the archives link above if you feel like it). This movie was a ride. From moment to moment, I had no idea where this movie was going next. Vigalondo makes movies that nobody else could, straight from his wild imagination. Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudekis are both great in their roles, especially the latter in a shockingly dynamic role that I won’t spoil here. There are a lot of gender politics at play in this one that I wasn’t expecting, but it makes for a poignant finished product that I’m super glad I caught in theaters. Check this one out at Redbox if you want a dark, funny and totally original, unpredictable experience.

What else could I say about this one that hasn’t been said by most critics and obviously the worlds box office. This movie clicked with seemingly everyone, taking the #1 spot at the box office for 2016 so far, surprising everyone. I had a blast with this movie, with it’s creative and beautifully shot action scenes and measured pace. Wonder Woman isn’t afraid to slow down and let its characters breathe a bit, creating one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie between Steve and Diana. Gal Gadot is revelatory as Diana and Chris Pine is as good as ever. I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan, but I’m truly happy that the DCU finally got a win, and I hope they have plenty more to come.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the latest from Edgar Wright and as expected, it did not disappoint. The guy is one of the most exciting new directors working right now, possibly the MOST exciting, and his latest is a pure blast of energy like only he can deliver. More akin to a musical than his usual dark action/comedies, he’s doing something different and more challenging with Baby Driver. He’s getting even better as an action director, and the editing especially in this movie deserves an Oscar. This is one of the most fun movies you’ll see all year, and I’ll recommend it to everybody I meet.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that director Bong Joon-ho is one of my favorite directors working today. I wrote about The Host and Snowpiercer on here, and his latest might be my favorite work of his yet. His usual balancing act of tones is on display in Okja, a movie that is equal parts a Spielberg Amblin-era film with some Miyazaki, and a good amount of dark satire to top it off. It’ll make you second guess eating meat for a while after watching it. Okja also has one of the most bonkers, out-there performances of the year with Jake Gyllenhall’s psychotic TV nature-show host. This one is a Netflix exclusive, so definitely carve out some time for Okja.

The third attempt at Spider-Man finally nails the character like only Marvel studios could. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Raimi’s Spidey 1 and 2, but Tom Holland is the PERFECT Peter Parker AND Spider-Man. The movie is more of a coming of age story than a typical superhero movie, and it benefits from having a much smaller scale than a lot of the typical Marvel/superhero movies. It also benefits greatly from taking place in this universe Marvel has been crafting for almost 10 years now. It also has probably the best Marvel villain yet in Michael Keaton’s ‘Vulture’, a character as grounded and human as our heroes. It’s another great addition to the MCU, and I can’t wait to check this one out again.

The second to last one I wanted to write about is ‘It’, the surprisingly huge box office sensation. I didn’t expect much out of this movie for one reason or another. The trailers were effective, but I just expected a run of the mill jump-scare fest. I had also watched the original movie/miniseries awhile back and thought I knew what to expect. The movie definitely has plenty of jump scares, but I was surprised at how much heart the movie had. The cast of child actors were great across the board, and I was surprised at how emotionally engaged I was with their journeys through the movie. On top of that, all of the creepy clown stuff really worked for me, and Skarsgard killed in the role of Pennywise (no pun intended). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed It, and I’m stoked to see where the story goes next in part 2

I really can’t believe this movie exists in its current form. The fact that Marvel locked down Taika Waititi for a ‘Thor’ movie is ridiculous, and that he didn’t quit mid-production is even more shocking in this Hollywood climate. Thor Ragnarok is a breath of fresh air for not only the Thor series (yes it’s obviously the best of the three) but really, for Marvel as well. In my opinion, it one-ups Guardians vol. 2 (which isn’t on here but I really enjoyed) by being a straight-up delivery machine of fun and hilarious moments. Jeff Goldblum at his Goldblumiest, Waititi as the scene stealing ‘Korg’, and Thor actually being an awesome, badass character?! Yes!

That’s going to do it for this speed round on the blog! I just wanted to do a bit of a catch up on some of what I’ve been watching lately. I’ve seen a lot more than these, and will definitely write up more near the end of the year. Some of these might be on my faves list but most won’t be. If there’s something surprisingly absent from here, chances are it’ll pop up later this year. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and as always hit me up to talk about any of the above movies! I’ve been busy with my movie podcast ‘Director Showdown’ that I make with Adam Daufen, so go check that out on iTunes if you haven’t and thanks for reading!


~ What if I told you that I planned this?
What if I want to lose control?
What if I take the blame, become the drug, dissolve as you swallow? ~

Imagine This [Rated R Version]- (Chris Evans x Reader)

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Word Count: 2.1k (I got carried away) 

A/N: Guess who wrote smut for the first time in 2 years? I’m a little rusty, so be nice. I hope this gets your knickers in a twist. Literally. If this man in a tux hasn’t already done it (hello sailor!). Keep those prompts coming in, darlings. If you want to read the PG version of this story, check it out on my blog

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