and wanted to try a new psd


This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things. Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.

I got so hyped watching the trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ that it gave me the urge to draw Android No.18.

After all, she was my childhood crush!

Also wanted to try and test new techniques during my free time. This initially was supposed to be a quick doodle study, but it took me longer than expected to complete.

・ ・ ・

Her high-res version of this illust will be included in all patron rewards for the month of September, and her process steps together with the PSD will be included in levels 3 & 4 rewards.

I hope you like my take on her!

tinyturtletimtim  asked:

so i know its probably been a while since youve even thought about lyricstucks but i just wanted to know how big your canvases were/how many panels you tried to stick to using? im working on something similar right now and im not sure what i should do so im trying to get a place to start. hope youre doing well!

well hello there!!  for the record I think about lyricstucks about once a month but that’s beside the point; let me dig into my handy-dandy MASSIVE HOMESTUCK ARCHIVES.

here’s a screenshot from the folder I stored Light Em Up in.  the “untitled” ones are the .psds with all the layers.

there were 72 panels in all (I didn’t try to limit it at all, I just drew however many I felt the song required), and it looks like I put 10-13 panels in each .psd:

of course, the method I was using wasn’t incredibly layer-heavy, so depending on how much junk is in the file you might want to do less.  or I guess you could make a new .psd for every single panel, but that certainly wasn’t my way. @v@

anyway, the size!  looks like these were 2250/1500 px.  I find anything less than 2000 px in width leaves things looking too pixelly for me?  but again, grain of salt.  also, the long panels had to have their own .psd files, and they were 3200 px in height.

hope this helps! ^u^

 — oi! oi! i haven’t been around in months because focusing on school and shit but i’m back now!! i know i already have a selena gif hunt going around but i’m trying new psds and i was making icons for personal use so i ended up doing this??? well, anyway! under the cut are 98 recent gif icons of selena gomez, well known actress and singer. all of the gifs below were sized down to 100x100 by me. none of these gifs were made by me so full credit goes to the creators. having said that, if the owners would like credit for their gifs or want any of these taken down, feel free to message me. likes or reblogs would be much appreciated if you found this useful.

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anonymous asked:

do you have some tips for making gif icons of scratch?

sorry for the delay w this , baby ! i’ve been sick the last couple of days , so i haven’t rlly been around. here’s some of my tips tho !! let me know if you’d like me to go into more detail abt any !

  • pick a cute psd that works well on different skin tones , lightings , etc. the best way to test them is to have a few different gifs ready (w different skin tones & lightings ) w no psd & put them to the test. sometimes u may just need to adjust a layer or two to make it work , or u might find that u need to change too much of the psd to make it work & sometimes it’s easier just to find a new psd ! but it’s better to work this out before you start giffing so u don’t get mid-way through a hunt or a couple fc’s in & realise that the psd may not be the best universally. i try to pick a psd that i know i’ll like in the long run, esp when it came to this blog. i didn’t want to use a psd that i would get sick of in a couple of months time.
  • you can also test textures & the place of them once u find a psd. sometimes i put the texture below the psd , others i prefer the texture above the psd. it’s all about preference !! 
  • i don’t use actions on all of my gifs as i find it can look a little bit harsh on some, especially snapchat vids. but for me, it comes down to trial & error on each new vid to whether i like it w or w/o an action.
  • make sure that the gif isn’t too short ! u don’t want the gif to look too choppy bc the gif ends mid way through a movement or smth. i tend to do between 50-60 frames per gif ! 
  • another important thing is to make sure that the gif isn’t too quick or too slow. i tend to use 0.06 sec when my gif is 60 frames, 0.07 sec when my gif is 50-59 frames, 0.08 sec when the gif is around 40ish frames & 0.05 if i ever use a gif over 65+ frames. this isn’t always definite tho !! it can change gif to gif. sometimes the time may be too slow or too fast for the number of frames compared to others. 
  • decide on a size that works best for you & your preference !! i prefer 100px gifs & that’s the size of the gifs i release on this blog. sometimes i like 80px gifs for a change, like the cartia gif below, but i always end up going back to 100px. personally, i wouldn’t go any smaller than 75px because it can be hard on the eye. if you do any smaller than 100px, make sure that u crop it so u can still see the expression on the fc’s face clearly & so it isn’t in the background on the gif.
  • i find it more enjoyable making gifs of fc’s that i’m familiar with & like. that’s why i personally take suggestions over requests, that way i have a little more freedom & can go w my muse. a way to get muse for a fc u might not be familiar w is to actually watch some of their videos before you gif them. for some reason, this has worked for me !!
  • i try to use videos that are 720p !! i’m v hesitant about using videos that are any less than 480/360p because the quality can be hard to work with even at that level. 

ultimately, gif making is all about trial & error and working out what works best for you. so just play around and have fun w it !!! you’ll find your technique pretty quickly once u get the hang of it !! 

guitar-cant-keep-from-crying  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that ever since you made me that moodboard with Cloud Nine I've been getting into this whole editing thing and it's so fun! It great to learn how you and other people do their edits, because now I can apply these things to my own edits. I did a moodboard today on my other blog because of you! I've never done anything like this before and I'm really proud of myself; so thank you for inspiring me! :D While we're at it: what kind of psds do you use? I wanna try new ones!

hello, i’m so happy you were inspired to discover graphic arts, i’m looking forward to seeing your future works!

i’d be glad to share my most used/favorite psds on here, and if you ever need further help i’ll be more than glad to give a hand!!



(*) important: some of these psds may be too intense for the image/gif/graphic you’re editing, and ruin the coloring in some cases! if this happens, simply lower the opacity of the psd or delete some of the adjustment layers, till your product looks fine

other: my main sources of psds and new colorings are peachresourcesitsphotoshop, yeahps &. completeresources