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How BTS Reacts To You Being Diagnosed With A Potentially Fatal Disease

This wasn’t requested but I felt I should post something and writing things like this is supposed to be therapeutic for me. Sorry it’s sort of sad. Hope you enjoy anyways!

PS I don’t know how to feel about the Jungkook gif so sorry if it doesn’t match the reaction too well.

Warnings: Possibility of death/possibly fatal illness

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would likely know that this was coming, being perceptive and smart; especially if you showed symptoms or had been going to the hospital lately for tests. That still wouldn’t make it a lot easier for him, despite him preparing himself for this situation mentally in case it happened. When you pull him aside to tell him what’s going on he would already have a speech planned and would know how to move forward but he would find the pain in his heart difficult to deal with and probably feel like crying; though he’d do his best to stay strong for you (see gif). He’d want to be a rock for you and try to take care of everything so you wouldn’t have to; finding out treatment options and presenting them to you, organizing the necessary course of action to take if the disease really did prove to be fatal and making sure to use all his free time on you.

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Seokjin would sort of be the opposite of Namjoon in the sense that even if there were previous signs of the disease or he knew something was wrong, he wouldn’t have been ready for the fact that you’d possibly die due to it. He would be too positive to think that way, sure that whatever was going on was something you could recover from. You telling him your diagnosis would make him freeze. He’d simply stare at you for a while, taking a moment to process the fact that you could be stolen from him just because of a stupid illness. He’d ask you a few questions so he could understand everything, staying more or less calm since it wouldn’t have fully sunken in yet. Eventually it would hit him though and his heart would feel like it was being squeezed to the point of near stopping. He would cry, a few tears rolling down his cheek silently but he probably wouldn’t let you see by hugging you and reassuring you that everything would be fine- you would be fine. If you saw his tears, he’d just smile at you, trying to tell you not to worry about him; that it was about you right now.

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Yoongi would also be a member who would be more likely to see it coming but he’d distract himself each time the thought came to mind. When you finally tell him, he’d probably not say much; he’d simply nod and tell you almost emotionlessly to let him know if you needed anything. There would be a lot going on inside but he’d keep still outwardly, looking generally thoughtful about the whole thing. He’d, like Namjoon, want to be a rock and wouldn’t allow himself any tears around you. He’d want to stay strong so you’d feel like you could always count on him. He’d also know that if he let himself break, it will be so much harder to put himself back together and he couldn’t do that to you right now, not when you needed him.

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Hoseok would be the first to flat out cry. He wouldn’t want to believe it but he’d know that you didn’t need him to be in denial. When you’d first tell him, he would stare at you for a moment before his eyes welled up, shedding some tears for the both of you- for him who might lose you and for you who might die. It would take him a little while until he could speak again, forming words you could properly understand. When he finally does, it would probably be words of grief. “I’m sorry,” he would tell you, not knowing what else to really say. Of course, he would be there for you but that wouldn’t feel like enough to him and that would make him cry even more. It would hurt him a lot to know that he couldn’t save you and that you might not be able to save yourself.

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Jimin would know what was coming and would try to stop you from saying it; as if you would be healthy if the words weren’t spoken aloud. He’d shake his head at you, face serious (see gif) and voice steady, though it’d be on the edge of breaking. “Don’t-” he’d say, begging you not to tell him what he already knew, “You can’t-”. He’d almost short circuit, his usual cheery attitude going out the window in his desperation to not hear the bad news. He wouldn’t want to listen, wouldn’t want to think about losing you. He wouldn’t shout, he’d be scarily quiet instead. Later, of course, he’d hear what you had to say but right away he wouldn’t let you tell him that you might be dying, for fear of shattering right then and there.

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Taehyung would try not to cry when you tell him, eyes tearing up as he looks at you sadly; immediately accepting it but not liking it. He probably wouldn’t say much, knowing that his usual jokes or speeches that he uses when someone is down won’t work in this situation. He’d probably comfort you physically instead, pulling you into a tight hug and rubbing your back. Afterwards he’d stay with you until you fell asleep, no matter what time of day you had told him, but wouldn’t sleep himself. His mind would be too full on how to help you and how to make your last days your best days, if they were indeed your last. He’d have a quiet sadness about him, like someone who’s old and has lost too many people. I feel like he’d understand your pain better than any of the others and he’d use that to help him take away as much of it as he could.

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Jungkook is another one that would cry. He would try so hard not to when he heard the news but eventually he wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore and the tears would start. Despite this, he’d probably be one of the most mature members in how he reacted, his tears simply falling for you and all you must be going through. It would hurt him so much to know that you had to deal with this, with the pain and the uncertainty of knowing if you would make it. He would not think of himself once when you first let him know what’s going on, too worried about you and how you’re feeling. He would even feel bad about crying later, internally hitting himself because he would think it wasn’t helpful or he was making things harder for you somehow. From then on he’d make sure that it was about you, that all his efforts were focused on making you feel better.

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How They React To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant (BIG BANG)

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: Thinking that he was engrossed enough in his work, you thought you would be able to make a mad dash to the kitchen to grab some food as your test processed. With your luck though, of course that’s not what happened. When you came back to the bathroom, you came back to it locked with him inside. He was hurt you didn’t tell him you thought you were pregnant (as he wanted to be with you every step of the way, even finding out if you even were expecting). Eventually he opened the door, only when the test was done processing, holding it out for you to see the pink plus sign. His smile would be very genuine and soft as he whispered, ‘we do this together’ before kissing you. 

DAESUNG: He would never had seen it coming when you asked him to sit down so you could talk to him. His everyday smile would be frozen in place when you told him that you were pregnant. He would be so shocked; he wouldn’t even know what to say. He would finally respond (after you smacked on the back of his head) and would kiss you gently, laughing gleefully, excited and ready to be the father of your child. 

TAEYANG: It was no accident that you were now pregnant. It was a mutual decision you and Youngbae made, since the both of you agreed it was time to start a family. So when the day came that you found out that all of your effort finally produced a result, there was no way to contain your excitement. You found an empty box lying about and wrapped it with some wrapping paper, before placing the test inside it. When the time came for you to give it to him, you never seen him more surprised and happy than he was then. Before he kissed you, you swore there were tears of joy in his eyes. 

G.D.: You always knew that, as a horny drunk yourself, being in a relationship with a horny drunk like Jiyong was a disaster waiting to happen. So when you saw the pink plus sign appear on the test, you didn’t know what to think. Truthfully, you were scared since you didn’t know how he would react. But when you finally called him over, his response made you shake your head and laugh as he pinned you against the bathroom wall. “Now we are stuck together forever.” He would say huskily right before kissing you lustfully. 

SEUNGRI: You knew for a few days before you finally told Seungri the news. You tried to leave little hints lying around and you also hinted to him with carefully picked words. Eventually you gave up and told him bluntly that you were expecting. You almost freaked out for a second as he didn’t really show any signs of a response. After a moment he would ask you if you were playing with him, but once you told him again that you really were pregnant and that you weren’t lying, he would have wrapped his arms around you tightly, telling you exactly how surprised and proud he was before kissing you.   

MONSTA X REACTION: When they found a positive pregnancy test in your bag

Shownu: “jesus how will I feed six kids?”

Wonho: he’d be really happy, because he wants a kid.

“jagi, omg we going to be parents… *crying*

“oppa… this is my friend’s test”

Minhyuk: you’d ask him to get something in your bag and he’d saw the test.

Kihyun: “hyung… it was a pregnancy test”

Hyungwon: “I’ll close my eyes and everything would be a dream”

Jooheon: “shit no, no, nooo”

I.M.: “jagi… is that what I’m thinking?”

~ADM Cherry~

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Scenario: I wish you would write a fic where Zico comforts and cuddles you after you failed an important test.

A/N: Ask and you shall receive, nonnie!!! I’m not sure if this is how you imagined this little scenario going, but this is what I came up with so I hope it is bearable!!!
Genre: Zico x Reader
Words: 2026
Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner!

The last thing you wanted to be doing was listening to your middle-aged neighbor talk to you about her small outside garden. How her gardenias were finally blossoming and filled her backyard with the sweetest scent. Your mind awash with grumbling remarks that reminded you of your pouty eight-year-old self when your mother said you couldn’t have any cookies.

Your most recent exam was folded up and held tight in your hand. A smile forced on your face while you nodded absentmindedly to her joyous remarks about roses or lilacs: you weren’t sure. All you could count on was that maybe her need for sharing would be over and that, very soon, you could be hiding under a mountain of pillows.

“Your boyfriend is such a sweet boy.”

At her cooing and mention of Jiho your attention sprung to life anew. Your eyes narrowing in on her weathered face.

“I’m sorry?”

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Our Little Angel (2) - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Could you do kinda like a part 2 to the “Our little angel” but this was before where the reader just found out they were pregnant and they had to find a way to tell Alec Fluff please

Previous part(s): Part 1

A/N: I hope you like it, darling<3 ENJOY!

Reminder! Shadowhunters requests closed until further notice. 

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The test had showed positive. Positive. As did the next one, and the next one, just in case the other two were wrong, but no, they were all positive. Three positive pregnancy tests. 

 That had been two days ago, and you were finally ready to tell him about the news. You had no idea how Alec would take the news, or if he at all would understand your hints. 

 «Do you want some cereal?» You asked Alec as he sat down with his morning latte in front of him. 

 «No thank you, babe. I’m eating with Jace when I meet up with him.» He replied back as you poured some cereal for yourself into the brand new bowl. 

You poured until there was barely any room left for the milk, making a huge portion. You sat down opposite of Alec at the table, picking up the spoon as if you always ate that much food. 

Alec had been reading the newspaper as you sat down, but he must have seen something unusual in the corner of his eyes, as he looked over at you from behind the newspaper. 

 Finally his eyes came to the bowl, and you saw his eyebrows furrow, as he read the words on the bowl over and over again, until his confused eyes met yours. 

 «Eating for two?» He questioned, repeating the words on your bowl. You tried to suppress the smile on your lips, as you nodded, seeing Alec face grow from confused, surprise and lastly happiness.

 A huge smile appearing on his lips as he quickly stood up. 

 «You’re pregnant?!» He all but yelled, quickly coming around to your side of the table, as you nodded again, now a full blown smile on your lips. Alec picked you up and spun you in a circle, his happy laughter echoing through the apartment. 

«We’re going to be parents.» He breathed out as he placed you down on the ground again. 

 «Yes, we are.» You grinned up at him, as he leaned down, capturing your lips with his in a gentle kiss. 

 You were going to be parents.

BTS REACTION - Speaking your language in front of them.

Thank you both so much for these requests!

Kim Namjoon

When you answered the phone and began to speak in your own language to the person who was on the other end of the call, Namjoon would just give you a cheeky smile. 

He had a basic understanding of what you were saying and he was quite proud. Especially when you had called him cute to your friend.

“Cute, huh?” *gif*

Kim Seokjin

Jin, this sweet bun would be trying his hardest to try and learn your language. 

“Jagiya, test me” he said

You’d speak a simple sentence in your own language and Jin would be left dumbfounded, understanding some parts but not all.

“Wait what? You want..No you like?”


Min Yoongi

Yoongi would make no attempt to learn your language, the only things he really knew how to say was some of the basics.

When you started to speak your own language he’d just be sat, looking at you like…*gif*

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be in your hometown with you, he had never heard you speak your own language fluently before and when you started talking to a friend you bumped into on the street, he’d be kind of amazed and very confused.

Park Jimin

Jimin would just nod giving you a smile acting like he understood every single word you were saying. 

“Jimin, you understood all of that?” you asked a little shocked.

He would just laugh a little.

“Actually..I understood none of that”

Kim Taehyung


I’m sorry there’s no words to describe this.

Jeon Jungkook

As you spoke your own language he would look at you, determined to figure out what you were saying. When you were finished with your phone call you’d turn and face him. 

“Uhh, is something wrong?” you’d ask confused as to why he was looking at you that way.

“I understood every word of that, especially when you said ‘pardon’” he’d say full of confidence.

“Jungkook…I never said pardon” 

BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement

Ah, I think this is so cute. I could just imagine how great these boys would be as expecting fathers. Anyways, I hope you like this reaction <3

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Jin: He stared at the pregnancy test in your hand with shock clear on his face. “Wait, so… I’m going to have a kid? I hope it’s a girl! I want to make her my second princess. Only after you.” He said as he blew kisses at you excitingly.

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Suga: “Yoongi, I know that you have been pretty busy lately. I just wanted to let you know… I’m pregnant.” You said, not wanting to bear around the bush. He paused for a moment before breaking out into a giant smile. He didn’t say anything though, just smiled up at you.

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J-Hope: The moment the words came out of your mouth, he went through three different emotions within a mere minute. He freaked out, screaming in shock. Then he started crying. And lastly, he started attacking you with aegyo. “Our child is going to be the cutest little baby in the whole world!”

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Rapmon: He was standing in the music room when he got your text message. You had wanted to tell him in person, but he was always so busy. The second he read the message, his face broke into smiles and he automatically called you. “Really? I’m really going to be a dad? I am going to buy them so many things.” He said as he started looking online for baby clothes.

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Jimin: He was in the middle of goofing around with V when you found out about your pregnancy. You stuck your head out the bathroom and called out to him. “Jimin, you are going to be a dad!” You didn’t want to make too much of a big deal about it, but instantly Jimin and V started freaking out. “Ah! Tae, you are going to be a God Father!” He exclaimed before even saying anything to you.

Originally posted by jinsthighs

V: You were lying in bed with him when he placed his hand on your stomach. You were sure that he knew, but he wasn’t letting on to it. You had found out only a few says ago, so it was unlikely that he had realized. “Taetae, I’m… I’m pregnant.” You told him in a shy voice. He looked at you in surprise and held up his teddy bear. “I hope our baby loves this as much as I did.”

Originally posted by btaes

Jungkook: He woke up to the sound of you vomiting in the bathroom. This was the second morning in a row that you had done this. He slowly sat up as you came out of the bathroom. “Jungkookie, I think we should get me a pregnancy test…” You felt a little scared to say it, but felt relief when you saw the happiness on his face. He buried himself in the blanket and tried to contain his own excitement.

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EXO Reaction To Their Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Being A False Alarm

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hey I really like your reactions, can I request a EXO reaction in which they find out that their girlfriend’s pregnancy was a false alarm? :) 

Xiumin: *I think Xiumin would react initially with confusion because he wouldn’t know how he should react, how’d you’d want him to react. He’d probably ask if you were sure and if you wanted to take another test to be sure.* 

Luhan: *I can see Luhan being surprised. Since you two had thought you’d been pregnant, he’d already started planning for it. I think he’d be both relieved and disappointed. He wants to be a father, just maybe not right now*

Kris: *I can see Luhan being surprised. Since you two had thought you’d been pregnant, he’d already started planning for it. I think he’d be both relieved and disappointed. He wants to be a father, just maybe not right now*

Suho: *Ok basically all of them are disappointed and relieved. They’re all quite young but I imagine they all want to be fathers. But at least at that point Suho would still only have eight kids to worry about rather than nine. Suho I can picture showing more disappointment than relief, unlike some of the others*

Lay: *Lay would probably just be supportive of however you felt about it. If you were upset about not being a mom, he’d comfort you. If you were relieved, he’d be relieved. Point being, Lay wants to support you.* 

Baekhyun: *I think, still, that Baekhyun reacts to heavy situations by trying to make them lighter, so I can see him making a joke without trying to offend you. I can see him saying ‘so if you’re not pregnant, do you want to go try and make a baby?*  

Chen: *He’d be similar to Baekhyun, probably tugging you into his arms laughing and joking about going to go make a real baby. Again, he’s young, so he’d probably be relieved*

Chanyeol: *Chanyeol, unlike the rest of the beagle line, would be more serious. He’d probably explain that while he hopes to be a father one day, he doesn’t think the two of you were truly prepared to be parents so he’s relieved but hopes that you will be, someday.* 

DO: *I picture DO being uncomfortable, very unsure of how he should react. He wants to be supportive of you, and he’s both relieved and disappointed. He’d probably stammer and fidget, figuring out how he would respond.*

Tao: *this little baby would probably be confused, like he thought he hadn’t heard you properly. But once he realizes he had, he’d probably just be relieved, not happy per say, but relieved.*

Kai: *This is where Kai will be mature for his age. He’d express that he’s disappointed but it was probably just not the right time. Then he would probably hug you.*

Sehun: *I can picture Sehun being the closest to happy in terms of his reaction. He’s used to being the baby, not being the one in charge of kids. It’s not that he can’t do it, he’s just still young and I don’t feel like he’s in a rush to be mature, like a father* 

DevLog #2: NPCs and Scripted Events

Expect this to be the quality of gif/screenshot text from here on out

This one’s a pretty short update. I was debating on the matter of how I wanted to tackle dialogue boxes in game. I figure a lot of RPGs tackle conversations by having a character complete what they are saying, and then have the next character deliver their line, but I wanted the ability to allow for multiple boxes of dialogue at once.

Testing out some basic features of the game’s event system. Moving characters to points, creating text boxes, showing emotes, etc

One big inspiration for this was Final Fantasy 9. I felt it helped with executing delivery and humor really well (seeing how there was a lack of voice acting), especially for when characters were thinking to themselves, or when they have side comments and thoughts when listening to others.

You’ll find that there will be a lot of (comical and endearing) characters, so I would like have many options available for showing their personalities. (Animations, emotes, etc)

Hoping to keep your mental edge as you get older? Look after your heart, a recent analysis suggests, and your brain will benefit, too.

A research team led by Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist at the University of Miami, analyzed a subset of data from the Northern Manhattan Study, a large, ongoing study of risk factors for stroke among whites, blacks and Hispanics living in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

The scientists wanted to see how people in their 60s and 70s would do on repeated tests of memory and mental acuity six years later — and, specifically, what sort of subtle differences a heart-healthy lifestyle might make to the brain, beyond the prevention of strokes. Their findings appear in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Heart Association.

What’s Good For The Heart Is Good For The Brain

GIF: Katherine Streeter for NPR