and wanted to test how giffing it would be

So, I’ve decided to offer some alternative dimensions for GIF/icons that you can use that should still fit your aesthetic while being slightly easier for anyone with less than 20/20 vision to see (without squinting or zooming in). They’re just some ideas, me just cropping a test gif in various shapes, but I really like how a lot of them turned out!! So for reference, this is the gif I started with (made by myself so please don’t use elsewhere).

Yes, by RP standards, that’s pretty large. But I wanted room to work. So the first GIF is 300x100. This means the GIF won’t page-stretch, but the extra width gives eyes a lot of breathing room.

The second gif is 150x100, which is just slightly wider than most 100x00 icons. You wouldn’t think that extra 50 pixels would make a difference, but it’s actually a lot easier for me to see!! (I’m not speaking for everyone here, but it is easier on my eyes personally).

This next GIF is similar to the first (wide and short), but it’s 250x100 (for if your theme doesn’t resize images that are too big and you’re using a small theme). This will be full-width on your blog only, on the dashboard it’s still pretty compact (while, again, not page-stretching).

The fourth gif I have for you is 100x125. Again, you wouldn’t think so few pixels makes any difference, but they really do. This works if you’d rather not have full-width images but don’t mind/like taller images.

For the fifth gif, the dimensions are 150x125.  That’s a total of an extra 75 pixels (much easier on the eyes), but evenly distrubuted so the GIF doesn’t seem too large to you.

This one is a lot like the fourth GIF, but slightly wider (if the previous one is just too oddly proportioned for you). It’s 115x125. It’s a little closer to an icon in orientation. 

If those don’t appeal to you, this next one is super short, but still wide enough to be visible. It’s 250x50. 

And this one is actually inspire by my computer screen (which of course is designed for readability), but (obviously) scaled down pretty reasonably. This last one is 250x156.

And, of course, if none of those inspire you, a slightly bigger GIF icon is a perfectly acceptable solution (and not as bad as people seem to make it out to be?). Here is an example of 150x150. 

And 125x125, if those extra 100 pixels are still too much for you.

Now, obviously, I can’t force you to use these, and I’m not going to. But I do hope this at least sparks an idea! Your GIFs can be visible while still looking nice on your blog, I promise! I’m not trying to be condescending by suggesting these, I’m really not, but it would be really nice to feel like I don’t have to strain my eyes in order to roleplay. I hope this is useful to you, or someone else!

BTS Reacting to Their S/O Being Socially Dom, But Actually a Sub

Prompt: “BTS and GOT7’s reaction to their S O who has dominant social personality but becomes very needy, loud and whiny in bed? Please and thank you!!”

Jin: Whenever things got heated, he would be a little confused and surprised when you became needy and loud. Considering how socially strong you are, he would make the assumption that you’re just as dominant in bed. It would probably be a turn on for him to hear you. He’d find it a little humorous and would actually like it, but probably wouldn’t say anything about it, not wanting to upset you.

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

Yoongi: He would smirk and say something really sarcastic whenever you became whiny. “Use your big girl words, baby.” He would go very slow to draw out the loud whines and moans. Outside of the bedroom, he wouldn’t comment on it. He would love seeing you transition into being a sub and would love that only he gets to see you like that. It would fuel his ego.

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Namjoon: It would be a pleasant surprise for him. When you started whimpering loudly, he’d chuckle and it would only make him tease you more. He’d also be the type to say subtle things about it outside of the bedroom. Nothing too obvious, but just a small, witty comment with a smirk on his lips. He’d live for seeing the submissive side of you

Originally posted by jenorise

Hoseok: Your loud, outgoing personality would probably be what attracted him to you. Whenever he discovered how submissive you were though, Hoseok would tease you about it for d a y s. He wouldn’t bring it up in front of other people, but when you two were alone, he’d use it against you, jokingly. He’d love making you whine loudly, touching you lightly or using small motions just to hear it.

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

Taehyung: He would be another one to find it humorous. He’d let out low chuckles as you became loud. “What do you want, princess?” He would make you tell him what you want him to do, wanting to make the most out of your submissive side as he could. He would never bring it up outside of the bedroom, only wanting to keep that between the two of you. It would be a side of you that boosted his confidence.

Originally posted by vthesecretoilet

Jimin: At first he’d be surprised, considering how brave and outgoing you were socially. Eventually though, he wouldn’t think much of it considering he’d also be loud and whiny. He’d probably giggle and do things to tease you about it, but it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to him. It would only amuse him a little.

Originally posted by bts-ships

Jungkook: Your dominant, social personality might actually intimidate him, but he would also admire it. It would be something that made him attracted to you. When he discovered how whiny and loud you were, it would inflate his ego and his lips would tug upwards to form a smirk. He’d slowly start to tease you about it, testing the waters. He’d want to see how much he would make you whine, loving seeing you needy for his touch.

Originally posted by mayfifolle


a series of unlikely crossovers

Ikon Reaction “Crush is a bit perverted when flirting”


You two were walking around the mall when you see a couple having a very heavy makeout session on one of the benches. “They look so gross, even we’d look better kissing than them.”


He wouldn’t say anything and just smile, the thought making him happy.


He’d get all blushy and would kind of avoid eye contact with you the rest of the time. The fact that you said you wanted to kiss him was the only thing on his mind.


“If you wanted to kiss me so badly why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Would be kind of cocky and make it about him.


*Pulls out chapstick* “Want to test out that theory?” Lowkey dying on the inside.


He’d just burst out laughing and not get awkward at all. He finds your humor hilarious.


(I love this gif so much oml)

He’d get so awkward and his laugh would fill the area, causing people to stare at the two of you. Once he gains his composure, he’d definitely get cocky about it. “Of course we’d look better, I mean look at me.” 


He wouldn’t say anything,just surpress a laugh and keep living. He knows how your humor is and is pretty used to it now.

~not my gifs~

Jooheon - would be all cute and stare back until their s/o finally snaps back into reality. “Oh i’m sorry did you say something?” “No, I was just thinking how pretty you look today…” 

I.M. - would be mumbling to himself, wondering if you heard him the first time or not. “Shall I repeat myself? maybe she’s gone deaf… y/n?” 

Minhyuk - would start making silly faces in front of you to test how deep you were in daydreaming. “Hello earth to y/n? It’s me Minhyuk. I asked if you wanted to eat with me but you’re ignoring me. Helloooo?” 

Kihyun - would wave his hand in front of your face until he gets your attention back. “What did you say?” Then he would pout and say, “you said you missed me and yet you’re taking no notice of me..” 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know of any posts/resources on how to make a gif edit w smooth camera zooms? I want to make edits w character stills that zoom in or out but I have no idea how to make it look good :')

Hello!! I apologize for the delayed response;; Technically there are two ways to do this (one extremely tedious) but I’m going to show you the easiest and fastest way! 


Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Notes: some basic Photoshop knowledge is required (generally you should be comfortable with playing around with frames/layers and using the convert to timeline option)

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Exo Reaction (You cook well)


Would love your food and be super excited that he’s dating a girl with such talent for cooking.

Originally posted by r-velvets


“Jagi, this is amazing! Will you start cooking more often?”

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol


In shock because he is finally dating someone who can cook amazingly without burning the house down.

Originally posted by dayafterdae


Would try to help you while you cook, but as soon as he tasted your food, he would realize why you told him that you had things under control.

Originally posted by visual-jongdae


“Jagi you know what this means! You can bring me your cooking while I’m at the studio!”

Originally posted by fykai


“Woooahh this is the best thing I’ve ever had, babe you’re amazing!”

Originally posted by sehunoh


He would be sassy and tease you saying “I bet it’s bad” before tasting your cooking. He would immediately realize how great the food is and hen apologize for his teasing.

Originally posted by sehunicorne


Would be super duper excited that you knew how to cook so well, and then he’d beg you to bring food to him at the studio as much as often as you could.

Originally posted by suho-be-mine


Would pester you as you were cooking, wanting to taste test everything. After you caved and let him try the food, he would go into shock.

“Jagi, this is amazing, why didn’t you tell me you were so good at cooking?”

Originally posted by fuckyeahxiumin

requests are open~

i fixed the baekhyun gif kms

anonymous asked:

re: spark stiles- my favorite was the parallel between stiles in 208 breaking the mountain ash line by waving his hands over the line of ash & having it part like the red sea, and allison in 301 or 302 (i can't remember which) when she breaks the ash line at the bank vault & she puts her hands on the ground & physically has to dust the ash away. because its such a direct parallel that theres really no way to say that thats just how mountain ash works, because clearly it DOESNT work for everyone.

This is a good point. When Stiles breaks the mountain ash line later in the episode (so Derek can save Scott from Victoria Argent, which Scott is decidedly not grateful about but *coughs* that’s another issue) he waves his hands over the line to break it.

Now I guess this could just be the air caused by his hands’ movement breaking the line, and not magic (now I want to get a pile of ash and just test how easily it would move; unfortunately no convenient ash is available to me at the moment ;P ) but it’s a decidedly strange choice to do that instead of just batting his hand through it the way Allison does later on. (Unfortunately I’m not finding any gifs of the Allison moment, but I remember it happened, and she definitely used her hand to physically break the circle.) Time is of the essence, Scott is in trouble, and Stiles is… what, afraid of getting his hands dirty so he’s waving them over the ash and hoping it’ll blow away?

Definitely not.

This seems intended as a magical move and is, again, in contrast to how other characters are shown to use the ash. Druids such as Jennifer and Morrell are shown to manipulate the ash without touching it. Regular humans touch it and lay it/break it physically. And Stiles is shown to handle the ash in the decidedly magical way, the druid (and emissary) way.

BTS REACTION - Speaking your language in front of them.

Thank you both so much for these requests!

Kim Namjoon

When you answered the phone and began to speak in your own language to the person who was on the other end of the call, Namjoon would just give you a cheeky smile. 

He had a basic understanding of what you were saying and he was quite proud. Especially when you had called him cute to your friend.

“Cute, huh?” *gif*

Kim Seokjin

Jin, this sweet bun would be trying his hardest to try and learn your language. 

“Jagiya, test me” he said

You’d speak a simple sentence in your own language and Jin would be left dumbfounded, understanding some parts but not all.

“Wait what? You want..No you like?”


Min Yoongi

Yoongi would make no attempt to learn your language, the only things he really knew how to say was some of the basics.

When you started to speak your own language he’d just be sat, looking at you like…*gif*

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would be in your hometown with you, he had never heard you speak your own language fluently before and when you started talking to a friend you bumped into on the street, he’d be kind of amazed and very confused.

Park Jimin

Jimin would just nod giving you a smile acting like he understood every single word you were saying. 

“Jimin, you understood all of that?” you asked a little shocked.

He would just laugh a little.

“Actually..I understood none of that”

Kim Taehyung


I’m sorry there’s no words to describe this.

Jeon Jungkook

As you spoke your own language he would look at you, determined to figure out what you were saying. When you were finished with your phone call you’d turn and face him. 

“Uhh, is something wrong?” you’d ask confused as to why he was looking at you that way.

“I understood every word of that, especially when you said ‘pardon’” he’d say full of confidence.

“Jungkook…I never said pardon” 

How They React To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: Thinking that he was engrossed enough in his work, you thought you would be able to make a mad dash to the kitchen to grab some food as your test processed. With your luck though, of course that’s not what happened. When you came back to the bathroom, you came back to it locked with him inside. He was hurt you didn’t tell him you thought you were pregnant (as he wanted to be with you every step of the way, even finding out if you even were expecting). Eventually he opened the door, only when the test was done processing, holding it out for you to see the pink plus sign. His smile would be very genuine and soft as he whispered, ‘we do this together’ before kissing you. 

DAESUNG: He would never had seen it coming when you asked him to sit down so you could talk to him. His everyday smile would be frozen in place when you told him that you were pregnant. He would be so shocked; he wouldn’t even know what to say. He would finally respond (after you smacked on the back of his head) and would kiss you gently, laughing gleefully, excited and ready to be the father of your child. 

TAEYANG: It was no accident that you were now pregnant. It was a mutual decision you and Youngbae made, since the both of you agreed it was time to start a family. So when the day came that you found out that all of your effort finally produced a result, there was no way to contain your excitement. You found an empty box lying about and wrapped it with some wrapping paper, before placing the test inside it. When the time came for you to give it to him, you never seen him more surprised and happy than he was then. Before he kissed you, you swore there were tears of joy in his eyes. 

G.D.: You always knew that, as a horny drunk yourself, being in a relationship with a horny drunk like Jiyong was a disaster waiting to happen. So when you saw the pink plus sign appear on the test, you didn’t know what to think. Truthfully, you were scared since you didn’t know how he would react. But when you finally called him over, his response made you shake your head and laugh as he pinned you against the bathroom wall. “Now we are stuck together forever.” He would say huskily right before kissing you lustfully. 

SEUNGRI: You knew for a few days before you finally told Seungri the news. You tried to leave little hints lying around and you also hinted to him with carefully picked words. Eventually you gave up and told him bluntly that you were expecting. You almost freaked out for a second as he didn’t really show any signs of a response. After a moment he would ask you if you were playing with him, but once you told him again that you really were pregnant and that you weren’t lying, he would have wrapped his arms around you tightly, telling you exactly how surprised and proud he was before kissing you.   

pyromantic-technin  asked:

Do you have someone on the design team that is testing for accessibility? What I mean is things like, how does the site look to someone who is colorblind? Can it function for a blind person that has speech programs enabled? Will it work for people that have special machines due to limited mobility? How about epilepsy, as it can be image triggered? I am just curious as it is something I learned in my UI/UX classes and how often little things like that are missed.

We have some accessibility implemented, but not 100%!

All GIFs require interaction to play, same with video (no autoplaying on the site). We’re unsure if our site will have any difficult components for users with limited mobility (but would welcome giving some beta keys to any users with mobility machines to let them test the site out). We’re currently working on a text-to-speech service (it kills two birds with one stone, as we wanted something similar for users uploading ebooks!), but aren’t certain if it’ll be ready for beta.

As for colorblind users, we’ve developed multiple color themes that come packaged with the site by default, but also allow users to customize their own! Here’s what we have so far:


Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Thunder Liger - WCW Superbrawl ‘92

4.75/5 (**** ¾) - Two of the best high flyers in the world in 1992 competiting for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship. While the things these two were doing are standard place now, and can be seen on just about any high level indy show, the X-Division of Impact Wrestling, or 205 Live, it doesn’t diminish the appeal of a fantastic match that helped shape the style that’s wrestled today. This was well before Pillmans ankle injury, or Liger slowing down and changing for a more technical style, so both men were in their primes and at full speed, but also showing great ring psychology, with Liger working over Pillmans leg throughout and them countering each others moves. Just a perfectly paced 17 minute match with just about everything you could want from a wrestling match. If this exact match happened today, it would still be considered great, which is a testament to how well it aged considering it happened 25 years ago. I just wish this match could have happened in New Japan instead of WCW so there wouldn’t have been 'USA’ chants from the crowd.

MONSTA X REACTION: When they found a positive pregnancy test in your bag

Shownu: “jesus how will I feed six kids?”

Wonho: he’d be really happy, because he wants a kid.

“jagi, omg we going to be parents… *crying*

“oppa… this is my friend’s test”

Minhyuk: you’d ask him to get something in your bag and he’d saw the test.

Kihyun: “hyung… it was a pregnancy test”

Hyungwon: “I’ll close my eyes and everything would be a dream”

Jooheon: “shit no, no, nooo”

I.M.: “jagi… is that what I’m thinking?”

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement

Ah, I think this is so cute. I could just imagine how great these boys would be as expecting fathers. Anyways, I hope you like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He stared at the pregnancy test in your hand with shock clear on his face. “Wait, so… I’m going to have a kid? I hope it’s a girl! I want to make her my second princess. Only after you.” He said as he blew kisses at you excitingly.

Originally posted by mintokkies

Suga: “Yoongi, I know that you have been pretty busy lately. I just wanted to let you know… I’m pregnant.” You said, not wanting to bear around the bush. He paused for a moment before breaking out into a giant smile. He didn’t say anything though, just smiled up at you.

Originally posted by sugaglos

J-Hope: The moment the words came out of your mouth, he went through three different emotions within a mere minute. He freaked out, screaming in shock. Then he started crying. And lastly, he started attacking you with aegyo. “Our child is going to be the cutest little baby in the whole world!”

Originally posted by triptychz

Originally posted by jimiin

Originally posted by iyeols

Rapmon: He was standing in the music room when he got your text message. You had wanted to tell him in person, but he was always so busy. The second he read the message, his face broke into smiles and he automatically called you. “Really? I’m really going to be a dad? I am going to buy them so many things.” He said as he started looking online for baby clothes.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin: He was in the middle of goofing around with V when you found out about your pregnancy. You stuck your head out the bathroom and called out to him. “Jimin, you are going to be a dad!” You didn’t want to make too much of a big deal about it, but instantly Jimin and V started freaking out. “Ah! Tae, you are going to be a God Father!” He exclaimed before even saying anything to you.

Originally posted by jinsthighs

V: You were lying in bed with him when he placed his hand on your stomach. You were sure that he knew, but he wasn’t letting on to it. You had found out only a few says ago, so it was unlikely that he had realized. “Taetae, I’m… I’m pregnant.” You told him in a shy voice. He looked at you in surprise and held up his teddy bear. “I hope our baby loves this as much as I did.”

Originally posted by btaes

Jungkook: He woke up to the sound of you vomiting in the bathroom. This was the second morning in a row that you had done this. He slowly sat up as you came out of the bathroom. “Jungkookie, I think we should get me a pregnancy test…” You felt a little scared to say it, but felt relief when you saw the happiness on his face. He buried himself in the blanket and tried to contain his own excitement.

Originally posted by kookiepill

Our Little Angel (2) - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Could you do kinda like a part 2 to the “Our little angel” but this was before where the reader just found out they were pregnant and they had to find a way to tell Alec Fluff please

Previous part(s): Part 1

A/N: I hope you like it, darling<3 ENJOY!

Reminder! Shadowhunters requests closed until further notice. 

Originally posted by marylandbiscuits

*gif not mine* 

The test had showed positive. Positive. As did the next one, and the next one, just in case the other two were wrong, but no, they were all positive. Three positive pregnancy tests. 

 That had been two days ago, and you were finally ready to tell him about the news. You had no idea how Alec would take the news, or if he at all would understand your hints. 

 «Do you want some cereal?» You asked Alec as he sat down with his morning latte in front of him. 

 «No thank you, babe. I’m eating with Jace when I meet up with him.» He replied back as you poured some cereal for yourself into the brand new bowl. 

You poured until there was barely any room left for the milk, making a huge portion. You sat down opposite of Alec at the table, picking up the spoon as if you always ate that much food. 

Alec had been reading the newspaper as you sat down, but he must have seen something unusual in the corner of his eyes, as he looked over at you from behind the newspaper. 

 Finally his eyes came to the bowl, and you saw his eyebrows furrow, as he read the words on the bowl over and over again, until his confused eyes met yours. 

 «Eating for two?» He questioned, repeating the words on your bowl. You tried to suppress the smile on your lips, as you nodded, seeing Alec face grow from confused, surprise and lastly happiness.

 A huge smile appearing on his lips as he quickly stood up. 

 «You’re pregnant?!» He all but yelled, quickly coming around to your side of the table, as you nodded again, now a full blown smile on your lips. Alec picked you up and spun you in a circle, his happy laughter echoing through the apartment. 

«We’re going to be parents.» He breathed out as he placed you down on the ground again. 

 «Yes, we are.» You grinned up at him, as he leaned down, capturing your lips with his in a gentle kiss. 

 You were going to be parents.

How the guys/girls would kiss (+gifs- Teen Wolf Preferences)

I actually don’t know what happened to me but I felt like shit, come home, cry about having a huge test tomorrow and my head hurting, and I made those..I felt like wanting to have someone cuddle, kiss my head, and tell me everything will be alright…I just need that..ALSO! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Want me to write something for you? Smut, lime, angst, fluff, anything your mind can come up with, then hit me a message and I’ll do them! THE GIFS AREN’T MINE AND SOME ARE +18! I warned you and boy this is soooo long! That’s what she said…*snickers* IF I FORGOT ANYONE, I’M SORRY.IT WAS RUSHED 

T ^ T Also, end me!


Scott McCall - Romantic

Scott’s kiss will be romantic. He would take you to a picnic or somewhere near the sea and place a blanket down, letting you sit atop him and give him light kisses.Kissing him will turn more forceful and loving while you guys proceed with it.

His favorite kissing period would be during July-August! Summer time is his favorite season to show you how truly he really cares by making you his next to the beach.

Stiles Stilinski - Nerdy

Stiles kiss will be slightly nerdy. While you would read or write some of your friends messages on your phone, he would appear out of nowhere and steal kisses from you making you lose your focus on whatever you were doing and pay attention to him.

His most kissing period would be around May-June when you need to focus on your grades. His favorite season is also during Spring!

Derek Hale - Rain 

Derek actually doesn’t show so much love towards you, mostly when others are around, but once in a while he would kiss you and make you feel like you belong net to him.

His favorite kissing weather is during rain. He would pull you outside, and kiss you deeply, and needy while water will drench you both.

Derek’s favorite season would be Autumn! There’s a bigger chance it would rain around that period!

Isaac Lahey - Teasing

Isaac perfect kissing place would be anywhere! Thought, he would mostly love it when you guys are all alone.

His kissing type is teasing, he also loves to do it whenever he can.His favorite season would be Spring or Summer.

Liam Dunbar - Shy

With Liam, you would have to do the first step. it’s not because he wouldn’t want to do it on his own, he’s actually shy and afraid he’ll get all clumsy and not know what to do.

His favorite season would be Winter where he can cuddle and hog you all up all day.

Theo Raeken - Wet

Theo has a sick obsession of always preparing you before a kiss. He would bit, suck and lick all over your neck and playfully chew at the skin there while his hands will feel up and down your curves.

He doesn’t have a favorite season but he would probably chose Summer! During that time he can see you wear little clothes, and have his way with you faster.

Aiden - Deep

His kisses will be deep, sometimes leaving you breathless and needy for more. For an ex alpha, he just knows how to make you feel like a queen with just simple gestures and kisses.

His favorite season is Winter because during that time you guys will be locked into the house and having fun exploring each others fantesies!

Peter Hale - Sensual

Peter wouldn’t back away from showing you the privileges you have for being his mate.He could do you anywhere and anytime, as long as you wouldn’t mind.

His kisses will be sensual, most of the times during sex, except from having only kisses, he would coo in your ear, growl, and mumble he was your master, owner and that you are only his.

His favorite season will be Autumn.He just finds it the perfect season for mating.

Jackson Whittemore - Biting

Jackson adores whenever you guys kiss to pull on his lower lip rather harshly. He would growl, grip your hips and push you harder against the wall or mattress.

His favorite season is during Spring and Summer. He likes the warm weather more then cold ones and mostly cause you’ll come to watch his lacrosse practice and get turned on from seeing him take his short off and show his muscles.

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anonymous asked:


I would too… let’s be real ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So I think this really needs more than just a gif and a caption… therefore, I wrote more o: Also by “teasing,” I’m assuming you mean a combo of various types of teasing, e.g. strip tease, lap dance, touching, dirty talking, etc. 

Kookie: He’d tilt his head up to look at you, keeping his lips parted slightly. He’d stare right into your eyes trying to not let his expression waver, to not bend to your will even if he’s so close to. 

He’d want to seem cool about it. He’d want to test his own patience, see how long it’d take him to break, and once he did… let’s just say things would escalate very quickly. He wouldn’t even remember the music started all this at that point.

Tae: He’d be taken by surprise, and this would be a bit odd for him because usually he’s the one shocking people. He’d stare at you with wide eyes, paying attention to everything you do, but then he’d create a plan. He’d immerse himself in your actions, biting back moans, throwing his head back… 

for half the song. Toward the end, he’d switch things. He’d be the one to tease you, catching you off guard.

Jimin: He’d completely melt, his breath growing heavy, his skin heating up, but he’d use that to his advantage. He’d moan and smirk at you endlessly. “I think someone wants to go on a sex trip” 

He’d allow his body to react to yours, knowing the kind of effect it’d have on you. If he was going down, you’d be going down with him. You can’t expect the ultimate tease to not taunt you back. 

Hobi: There’s no way he’d be able to handle you at all. 

“Hey w-w-what are you d-doing, you-” he’d stutter, cutting himself off with his own hissing. Each touch, each motion, each word paired with the sensual music would driver him over the edge even more, and he’d have no choice but to succumb to his own feelings… not that he’d have a problem with that. 

Rapmon: He’d be feeling three things the moment you started: awkward, flustered, and aroused.”Is this what happens when you listen to this kind of music?” he’d say it so shyly too… but come on, we know what goes on in Nams’ mind (I mean he has rapped about it enough). He’d wait for the song to end, though, before he’d let the sauce show. Before that, his face would be very ‘Where do I look? What do I say? Should I do anything??’ mixed with frustration.

Suga: First he’d be amused, “Well I do know full well what sensual music does to you,” and by that he’d mean, ‘I know you get turned on when you hear a sexy voice… like mine, so I’m not surprised.’ He’d just sit back and let you do your thing. He’s too smug to not act like he’s not the one in control even if you’re the one taking action. Finding himself in this situation, he’d just lay back and enjoy whatever you have in store for him.

“Fuck, just like that,” he’d hiss in his deep voice. He’d understand the little things were what would get you. Patience is key. He wouldn’t rush anything. He’d be calculated but also natural… so basically there’d be some form of revenge in your future, and even if you knew it, you would never be able to predict the details. 

Jin: He’d have the most apparent shock. He’s usually fluffy, but, you see, his other side (which doesn’t make enough appearances, if you ask me; I bet that boy really knows how to lay it down) would take over. “Oh you had this side to you? You never told me… or showed me… not like this.” 

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“You should do this more often.” He’d put his hands on you like he was trying to guide you. “Do you need some help?” You probably wouldn’t be expecting his behavior, but that wouldn’t be your only surprise… yeah, he’d definitely be a Jin you’d never forget. 

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EXO Reaction To Their Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Being A False Alarm

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Anonymous said:

Hey I really like your reactions, can I request a EXO reaction in which they find out that their girlfriend’s pregnancy was a false alarm? :) 

Xiumin: *I think Xiumin would react initially with confusion because he wouldn’t know how he should react, how’d you’d want him to react. He’d probably ask if you were sure and if you wanted to take another test to be sure.* 

Luhan: *I can see Luhan being surprised. Since you two had thought you’d been pregnant, he’d already started planning for it. I think he’d be both relieved and disappointed. He wants to be a father, just maybe not right now*

Kris: *Kris would have probably been looking forward to being a dad, especially having a good time and learning a lot while playing one in somewhere only we know. Still, I think he’d be relieved - he still sees himself as a little too immature to be a father just yet, even if he would have undoubtedly put his all into it.*

Suho: *Ok basically all of them are disappointed and relieved. They’re all quite young but I imagine they all want to be fathers. But at least at that point Suho would still only have eight kids to worry about rather than nine. Suho I can picture showing more disappointment than relief, unlike some of the others*

Lay: *Lay would probably just be supportive of however you felt about it. If you were upset about not being a mom, he’d comfort you. If you were relieved, he’d be relieved. Point being, Lay wants to support you.* 

Baekhyun: *I think, still, that Baekhyun reacts to heavy situations by trying to make them lighter, so I can see him making a joke without trying to offend you. I can see him saying ‘so if you’re not pregnant, do you want to go try and make a baby?*  

Chen: *He’d be similar to Baekhyun, probably tugging you into his arms laughing and joking about going to go make a real baby. Again, he’s young, so he’d probably be relieved*

Chanyeol: *Chanyeol, unlike the rest of the beagle line, would be more serious. He’d probably explain that while he hopes to be a father one day, he doesn’t think the two of you were truly prepared to be parents so he’s relieved but hopes that you will be, someday.* 

DO: *I picture DO being uncomfortable, very unsure of how he should react. He wants to be supportive of you, and he’s both relieved and disappointed. He’d probably stammer and fidget, figuring out how he would respond.*

Tao: *this little baby would probably be confused, like he thought he hadn’t heard you properly. But once he realizes he had, he’d probably just be relieved, not happy per say, but relieved.*

Kai: *This is where Kai will be mature for his age. He’d express that he’s disappointed but it was probably just not the right time. Then he would probably hug you.*

Sehun: *I can picture Sehun being the closest to happy in terms of his reaction. He’s used to being the baby, not being the one in charge of kids. It’s not that he can’t do it, he’s just still young and I don’t feel like he’s in a rush to be mature, like a father* 

BTS react to you being pregnant

Jin: excitement, happiness but also would want you to pretty much do nothing as he would worry for the babies and your own health.
*you are out shopping*
you: aww jin look at these baby shoes aren’t they the cutest??
jin: omg these ones are pink! jagi we should have a baby soon so they can wear these
you: we might be having one sooner than you think

RapMonster: he would be worried about his destructive powers being brought down through his DNA to the baby but lets face it he would be smiling 24/7
you: *skipping down the hallway* NAMJOON!~ I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU~
rapmon: whats got you so happy this early? 
you: THIS~! *shows the pregnancy test which shows positive*

Suga: he would seem to be upset about it but his voice would be full of sarcasm showing that he was only joking then (if you didn’t realize) he would show how happy he truly is.
you: umm yoongi i have some pretty big news
suga: whats up?
you: we may be expecting a new member of the family
suga: *is trying so hard to hide his excitement* and i thought the maknaes were a difficult lot.
you:*about to cry*
suga:…i’m joking jagi i’m sorry i truly want this baby 

(had no clue which gif to use for suga)

J-hope: i feel as though i should just put a warning sign next to j-hope’s because he is just going to explode with happiness.
j-hope:*finds the pregnancy test while you are out shopping* O.O YASSSSSSSS!
You:*enter door way* hobi?

Jimin: oma oma oma this is going to be so cute (i say oma when i get excited about cute stuff)
you: jimin lookie lookie lookie!~ *pretty much shoving the pregnancy test in his face*
*calms you down so he can see what your showing him*….OMG I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY!….omg i’m going to be a daddy….oh mah god

Taehyung: he is just …i don’t know
Taehyung: Y/N! where are you!?
You: *are currently in the midst of morning sickness* 
Y/N you okay?
you: well considering that i just gave my breakfast up to the toilet i don’t think so

Jungkook:(peanut can’t, she just can’t)
jungkook: *is planning a really special date for you*
you: ummm kookie come look at this.
jungkook: whats up jagi? *Looks at pregnancy test* o.O are you?
you: yep!
Jungkook: *hugs you so tight but then realize how tight he his hugging and softens up a bit*

Peanut: omg why ahh i died a lot while writing this haha but anyways i hope you all enjoyed reading this (peanut has been sick for a while). anyway the request box for reactions is still open so if you have anything you want please send them in >.< okay bye-bye