and wanted to show him this

I know this is hard for some of you die-hard Bernie supporters to accept, Hillary Clinton does have some good stances, views and ideas. Bernie has forced her to the left on many issues. The official platform of the Democratic Party is as progressive as it has ever been. Yes, I know it’s not binding and that they can simply ignore it and do whatever they want, but I believe a real chance exists that Bernie’s influence on the Democratic and the influence of the millions of us who voted for him, may actually cause Hillary Clinton to be more progressive than she ever would’ve been without us. I think that the coming resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the DNC all but shows us that our power and influence is real.

Let’s not blow this. I know voting for Hillary Clinton is going to be tough when you believe in your heart that better options were available, but it’s time for us to rally behind Bernie and stop Trump. I’ve never said this before, but I believe that stopping Trump is a national emergency. He is that big of a threat and he is starting to pull ahead in the polls.

This is not a test. This is not a game. Please, join me, join Bernie, and get behind Clinton so that we can stop Trump together. Hold your nose if you must. Do whatever it takes, but please join us.


KING: To stop Donald Trump, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton - NY Daily News

I’m just gonna quote and repeat:

Let’s not blow this. I know voting for Hillary Clinton is going to be tough when you believe in your heart that better options were available, but it’s time for us to rally behind Bernie and stop Trump. I’ve never said this before, but I believe that stopping Trump is a national emergency. He is that big of a threat and he is starting to pull ahead in the polls.

I, too, hate that it’s come to this, but the reality is that it has come to this. We need to be responsible adults, set our emotions aside, and make sure that Donald Trump and the movement he leads never get close to the White House.

One last project I’d like to discuss is Hannibal, which was so fantastic but got cancelled. Have there been any developments on season four?

It ended where it ended. It’s one of those rare shows where you can pick it up whenever you want, in years from now, because the story itself jumps about. Whether or not it happens, we don’t know. It’s all in the hands of Brian Fuller. We simply cannot do it without him. He’s the mastermind and the genius behind the show. I don’t think anyone could do it without him. If he can persuade a TV channel to do it, I think he can persuade the whole gang to come back.

There’s such a feverish fanbase behind it, I’m guessing people are hoping Netflix or Amazon will pick it up.

Normally, when you’ve worked on something for three years, you don’t want to come back, but I must say, there wasn’t a single boring day on that show. It was going places we could not imagine.

Well, I certainly hope it comes back at some stage.

So do I.


I know this has been talked about, but I need to speak about it again and revel in the beauty of it because it’s given me new shipper life.

Have you guys looked at Sam’s hashtag on Instagram before? Yes, I know that’s a rhetorical question. He is hashtagged in thousands of pictures a day, and there are ALWAYS recent tags of stills from the show or promo shots of Jamie and Claire from the show. ALWAYS.

And yet he was online at 4am and decided to regram a fan edit of him and Caitriona at the Globes where they look absolutely STUNNING together. He could have picked one of just JAMMF or Jamie and Claire if he wanted to talk about his excitement for S3 because it doesn’t match the picture of them from the Globes. But he didn’t.

He just wanted them on his feed because they look so freaking gorgeous together and now love has exploded in the air and if people want to act like what he did wasn’t intentional or solely about him and Cait, then they are choosing to be blind. I literally want to explode with rainbows and hearts because they’re just everything together and I don’t care if that makes me a fool, I will wrap myself in tin foil. 😭


Long time since i don’t upload something Skyline related (actually since July 2 XD)

So here! we have Shard !  ^_° from last time it doesn’t have much changes except for the legs.. i like these more..  he collects red star rings for Chuck

Shade the enchilada echidna! she was one of Knuckles friends before he… went beserk and disappeared, she just want to know why…  °o° hope i can show you  how someday soon X’3

Carrotia and Wendy witchcart!  (i got some inspiration on @thekkmart ‘s and @spiritsonic ‘s wendy  and some other elements ….

Wendy goes to see Tails very often because of his fixing machines capabilities XD  she has a vehicle (wich i must to design AHH XP) and trows too much smoke on the air with it…..and she goes to Tails to repair it but does in in purporse, she knows is annoying him but plays the naive granny so Tails agrees to help her..

she just want him to learn to say no XD

and Carroria i think she looks like those cookie scout girl :D

Fockewulf and Bearenger are still under progress.. ^_^

hope u like them..

Fuck It

Note: Got really carried away with this one because…I mean it’s Daveed. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Request: Could you do a request for Daveed where the reader is part of the ensemble and they’re really close but Daveed likes her? Thanks!

Word Count: 2269+

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: None. Language.

Originally posted by dailydaveeddiggs

The applause roared from around you as you bowed with your cast mates at the end of your first show of the day. You truly loved your job. Being a part of the ensemble in Hamilton was a dream come true.

As you walked off stage, you heard a familiar voice call out from behind you.

“Yo, Y/N, wait up!”

You paused and turned around to see your best friend jogging to catch up to you.

“What do you want?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“What, I can’t talk to my favorite girl after a show?” Daveed asked with a grin.

“Not when she wants to change out of her costume.” You said, turning to walk to your dressing room, knowing that he’d follow.

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160727 Heechul’s FM in Shanghai :

*  Heechul said he’ll wait for Donghae to come back to have haircut together~

( Hee, Hae’s hair is short enoughㅋㅋ )

* Heechul imitated Donghae cry!

Heechul said that they used to live in dorm together, he is the kind who tells everything, Leeteuk is the kind to keep everything to himself, Yesung will stop members fight, and Donghae.. he will cry when members fight, he will say “ Hyun-gs.. “ then cry! XD

* Heechul talking about fangifts:

Heechul: The clothes i wear are very cheap, and my fridge only has water and alcohol. I don’t usually accept fangifts, but if you give clothes i will accept, because i don’t have clothes to wear!

* Heechul wants to have two different kinds of shows:

Heechul said that there are often fans gifting him underwears, but not the right size! and also gifting him T… He also thinks of having an ‘ Adult only show ‘ and ‘ Kids only show ‘~

* Heechul: I’m a little shy saying this, but I really like myself very much! This 希, I created it myself!

cr: 韩希金太太Ashley的, trulyhae, ryeongbb, HEEXmas.

Fucket List

fwb series

Your friends with benefits relationship with Calum had only lasted two days so far but you knew this was the best decision you’ve made in a while. All of your friend group was scheduled to go to this silly concert on the cruise ship you were on. You and Calum both were dreading going because it honestly sounded like the most boring two hours ever. You were currently walking beside Ash and his girlfriend talking about the amazing dinner you just had when Calum comes out of nowhere and whispers in your ear.

“What do you say we make tonight interesting?” His smirk told you that maybe this concert wouldn’t be so boring after all.

Of course Cal somehow got a seat right next to you and when the show began the lights dimmed out and you immediately felt a hand on your thigh. You didn’t want to just give in to his wants so you tried to move your leg further from his hand just to bother him. However he wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, he squeezed your thigh and slipped his hand under your sundress. Another one of your great decisions was bringing tons of sundresses on this cruise, it allowed for easy access and that was all you wanted.

He kept teasing you by drawing shapes with his pointer finger all around your upper thigh for a good ten minutes. Then when he made sure the music got really loud, he snapped the band of your panties against your body. Right after he slipped a finger underneath and began rubbing your clit.

You were so shocked he actually was touching you in public in front of everyone, when he mentioned making it interesting you thought you’d just go to the bathroom or something. It felt so dirty knowing that you were getting off while all of these people were sitting around you, anyone could be watching. After a few minutes of him rubbing you, you’d had enough teasing.

You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’ll be in the ladies room if you need me.” Quickly, you stood up and got out of everyone’s way as you made your way to the bathrooms. You expected to have a few moments to yourself before Cal came in so it wasn’t so obvious but as soon as you shut the door it was burst wide open.

He immediately pushed your back towards the wall and put his lips to yours, he was harsh and fast. He was exactly what you needed. His hands soon came up to the straps of your sundress and slid them off your shoulders. He tilted his lips back to catch his breath and let your foreheads rest against each other. For a few seconds he just watched his hands move across your skin, shoulders, arms, hips, until finally he focused back on your face and cupped it to pull your lips back to his. After a quick kiss he then slid your dress down all the way and stepped back to look at you.

“Baby girl you’re just so pretty I can’t help myself.”

“Then why don’t you do something about it?”

This was his cue to jump on you again, he continued at his fast pace and continued undressing you until you were completely naked. He started rubbing your clit again and could feel how wet you were. His smirk sent sparks up your spine and you started to pull at his tshirt.

“It’s not fun being naked alone, join me.”

That was all he needed to rip his shirt off and begin unbuckling his pants. When he was finally naked you both reached for each other and started making out again. Both of your pairs of hands were wandering all over each other’s bodies. Yours landed at their end location first. When you first grabbed Calum’s dick he let out a very frustrated groan. You started rubbing him down and he lost all control. His head leaned back and he had his arms wrapped around you, clinging to you. It wasn’t long before he started whispering dirty things into your ear.

“Wait baby, wanna cum inside that pretty pussy.”

You slowed down and he grabbed your hips to sit you up on the bathroom counter. He lined himself up with you and kissed you while he rubbed up and down your slit with his head. You couldn’t help but whine, you were so tired of the teasing.

“Cal please I need you I wanna feel you inside of me I just need you so bad please.”

That was enough for him, he slipped himself inside of you and you both immediately moaned out. He quickly picked up the pace, you had to grab onto the counters to keep from slamming into the mirror behind you. Cal was fucking you so good you couldn’t help but be so loud. You bit down on his shoulder to keep from having security come knock on the door. Both of your moans and groans were becoming louder as you got closer to your climaxes.

“Fuck baby you’re so tight around me feels so good. You like when I fuck you like this yea? I’m so close, gonna cum all inside of you.”

Calum’s dirty talk was quite possibly the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. Just by those words you were set off and started clenching around his cock. You let out an even louder moan as you gripped onto his shoulders to keep him close to you. He kept rocking into you during your orgasm and you saw stars. He came soon after you and then he pulled out and you guys caught your breath while pulling back on your clothes.

“During a concert, that’s a new one for the list.”

“Oh so there’s a list now?”

“Of course it’s titled “Y/N and Calum’s fucket list.”

You just rolled your eyes and sighed at him before exiting the bathroom to see the concert was actually over. Whoops.

Yesterday, I sat and watched most of the Democratic National Convention. Wait, let me clarify. I sat and watched most of it in tears. I cried when Bernie’s brother nominated him. I cried as I saw people from all walks of life speak proudly about their states. I cried when the moms of black victims showed grace, class, and strength. I cried when I realized that a woman might be President of the United States. 

I felt a sense of unity that didn’t seem to be there early in the day yesterday. I get that people are upset. I understand the disappointment. And voting third party is a right. I wouldn’t want to tell anyone who to vote for, but all angles should be considered before casting such a vote.

Those angles have all been said before. We have a two-party system right now and the reality is that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be President. A third party vote is a vote for Trump. Think about SCOTUS. She may not be ideal, but she’s not as horrible as he is. Even if the DNC pushed Clinton ahead, she still won by nearly 4 million votes and it’s hard to believe they suppressed 4 million Bernie voters. It’s democracy and you don’t always get what you want. Bernie himself understands the stakes. A lot of us could keep going with these points.

But you know why I would prefer people didn’t vote third party?

Because I want Donald Trump to get trounced

I don’t just want Hillary to win. I want to send a message to the country, to Trump supporters, to the GOP, and to the world that this country will not sit quietly while a narcissistic demagogue spews xenophobic bullshit to applause. I want the margins to be so large that there’s no question we took a stand against his hatred. 

Droves of third party votes are not going to help send that message. Win or lose, Trump would look at the numbers and say they jumped ship from Hillary. Never mind the fact that many Republicans might vote for Gary Johnson. He’s going to blame her. Win or lose, he’s going to pin everything on everyone else. I want it to be clear-cut as possible. America hates you, Trump. You are nothing.

I hear of lots of people saying that it doesn’t matter because they don’t live in a swing state. That’s where they are wrong. The popular vote tally will be available. Let’s make him unpopular. 

Your vote is your voice. Say what you want with it, but think of the message it could send.


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How about the guys from KBTBB and fem!MC watching a move together, and a sex scene comes on and the guys get turned on by it? Maybe leads to some NSFW? 😁 whatever you'd like!

You said that you wanted to watch this new Romance movie, Eisuke end up set up a room with best screening effect and buy the right to play it at home. Both of you cuddled together on the sofa and enjoyed the show. Half way through, it gets so erotic that you turned your face side way to avoid it.

“You are the one who said that you want to see this.” Eisuke chuckled.

“I never know it so sexual.” You protested.

“It is not we never done this before.” Eisuke smirked and turned you to face him. He kissed you passionately and slowly pushed you down on the sofa.

“Wait.. The movie is not ending yet.” You tried to push him away but he is still kissing you.

“You are not watching anyway.” Eisuke replied and pulled down your panties. The next things you remember is that you feel him penetrated inside you and he continued make love to you.

Soryu never like going to the cinema as it is too dark inside to feel safe for him. Thus, you rented a movie and watch it together with him in the bedroom. Both of you cuddled together, enjoying the show. Half way through, it gets so erotic that you turned your face side way to avoid it. Suddenly, you feel your pyjamas skirt being lifted up and Soryu pushed your panties to aside.

“Soryu, what are you doing?” You tried to move away from him.

“I just can’t control myself any longer. You have been pressing your butt against my crotch.” Soryu smirked.

He then penetrated you from behind and you feel him moving in and out of you nonstop, causing you to moan loudly. You totally miss the ending of the movie.

Ota suddenly suggest a movie date and surprisingly, he even buy a couple seat. Both of you seated comfortably and he wrapped his arms around you, enjoying the show. Half way through, it gets so erotic that you turned your face side way to avoid it but seeing the couple beside you kissing each other. You then feel Ota’s moving underneath your skirt, moving upward to your sensitive part.

“Ota, what are you doing?” You hissed at him.

“Just be quiet.” Ota whispered back.

He slipped his finger inside your panties and rubbing your clitoris. You covered your mouth, trying not to moan. He slowly inserts his fingers inside you and you find it harder to contain yourself.

“You need to be quiet if you do not want to be caught.” Ota whispered into your ear and start kissing your earlobe.

Luke hardly can keep his eyes open unless he is reading his medical materials or attending to his patients. Thus, you rented a movie to watch with him at home. Luke at least tried his best to keep himself awake. Half way through the show, it get so erotic and Luke’s eyes widen in surprised.

“So you like this kind of show?” Luke whispered into your ear.

“It supposed to be an art.” You blushed.

“Oh, so you won’t mind if I want you now?” Luke smirked, and kissed your earlobe. His lips slowly moved down to your neck, eventually on your collarbone, placing red mark on your skin as if it an art. His hands moved underneath your skirt, caressing your sensitive area.

“Wait, the movie…mnm…” You gasped, as he sucked hard at your collarbone again. Luke totally ignored you and you soon feel him deep inside you.

It became clear what Dylan was really like, when nobody else was around: pathetic, down, interested in nothing but his misery and his reunion in death with an imaginary soulmate — not even the shooting mattered to him. It is this side that he kept hidden from Eric. His monstrosity was an act — it was showing off, begging for acceptance, the price he had to pay for his ticket to the halcyon. He misled Eric. 
Eric and Dylan seem to have trusted one another until the very end. Nowhere in their journals do they have doubts about whether the other person will want to go through with it, or do they say something unfavourable about the other. But they were deceiving each other.
—  Tim Krabbe We Are But We Are Not Psycho

We met in 2008. I was 16, a junior in high school, insecure, super shy, and swore up and down that a guy like him wouldn’t even think twice about paying me any type of attention. However I was wrong. We stayed in contact before he went to basic training for the Army and lost contact after a few letters were sent back and forth between us. 8 years later, after finding each other and reconnecting, we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on the 30th of August. Before him my heart was crushed, stomped on, ripped in half, and trampled on. This man took my heart and showed it a type of love that it has never seen before. Even when he went to Korea for an entire year the love, care, and effort never stopped flowing. He has been patient and supportive of my school journey; saving me from giving up on a degree all together. Just being around him makes me want to better myself in every way. I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.
#08/30/2014 💏

His IG: mac_roni_toni
My IG: lucre_ative

His tumblr: kilik_black
My tumblr: kinksofalltraits
I promise the K’s are coincidental lol

I saw some tags of ppl saying that YG in that bed gifset was him rlly forcing fan service but like….. YG is not the type of person to do that. ESP when it’s on his own time. I can understand for a show/interview but not then? like that live was one of the most genuine, sincere and personal times for him ever imo. Nothing about it seemed forced at all. Like he was just so sweet and genuine while giggling and talking with fans. If he did any kind of fan service it definitely wasn’t forced or bc he felt like he had to. If he did it, it’s because he wanted to.

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my younger brother (who has asked me to still use he/him as of the mo) has expressed to me that he feels as if he should've been born a girl and various other things that a person of trans identity would experience. his favorite show is Star vs the Forces of Evil, and I just want the Marco is Tran theory to turn out true sooo badly. It would be great for my brother to have a character to relate to as he sorts out his feelings.

oh that’s awesome! I mean I’ve gotten messages from people saying the possibility alone has really helped them out, so it’s obviously be absolutely incredible if this all played out.

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Love your blog ♥ Can you write jaehyun as a best friend?

Thank you anon! I’m not really sure how you wanted me to write this but since there wasn’t much detail I assumed it was a masterpost or an imagine. If I’m missing something or this is not what you wanted, let me know :3 In the meantime, enjoy! (Bonus : mood board because why not?)

Jaehyun as your best friend…

  • Making fun of each other
  • Fake flirting
  • Showing up at your door at random times
  • Actually, he basically lives with you
  • Brings you food the minute you need it
  • But when you have food, he steals it
  • “I won’t do it unless you do it with me”
  • Trying to teach you how to cook
  • Showing off his muscles to you because none of the members want to know
  • Always knows when you’re feeling sad
  • And when you are, he does aegyo to make you feel better
  • Begs you to play basketball with him
  • But laughs if you fail
  • Going to get coffee together
  • Jogging together
  • Random adventures together
  • Even late at night
  • He’s scared when you’re mad
  • So he lets you rant to him as much as you want
  • And even adds his view on it too, if it makes you feel better
  • Would probably beat up your significant other if they hurt you
  • Definitely gets very jealous if you’re hanging out with your other friends
  • But you know no one could ever top him as a best friend

- xxx, Bambi

Saying my piece on Paulie

He’s playing the smartest game in the house and juggling feelings for Z. That much is obvious, idk why so many are blind to it. He’s trying to show the house he’s not close with her to lessen the damn target! I even think that’s fake at times cuz they’ve talked about doing just that to throw people off! Does he go a little far? Yes but only when they bicker and fight like an old married couple. Don’t discount the many things he does that shows he cares deeply. It has to be hard to want to be with someone, see them every day but wanna keep your game face on til after the show is over. I wish people cut him some slack! He wouldn’t have kissed her off camera if he was just playing with her. His brother wouldn’t be saying he thinks it’s genuine. And they’re BOTH shutting down to the rest of the house now (Aka Nicole) cuz they want them out of their business after figuring out that they talk a lot of shit. So seriously, don’t go throwing the word abusive or horrible person out about a person you don’t even know, who is playing a badass role in a house in order to win half a grand. Thanks.

Suho Daddy

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Warnings: daddy kink/vocal smut

“Spread your legs wider” he whispered. 

He sat on a chair across the room while I was on a couch. He bit his lips and look intently at me. He was staring into my soul. He knows exactly what he wants to do with my body but he will only act on it when he wants to.

 "Like this, daddy?“ I said in the most innocent voice I could let out.

 "That’s perfect baby” he said and I could see desire in his eyes. 

 He wants me, as much as I want him. He stares at my unclothed center and runs the tip of his tongue on the bottom of his upper lip. Yes, do that, show me something. I love it when does that, I love it when I have an effect on him even though I am in a vulnerable state right now.

 "Touch yourself, I know you want to" he says. 

 I put my hand on my pubic bone but he stops me. 

 "No, slow down!“ He said quickly.

 I put my hand on my knee and I slowly run my finger tips down my thigh on my way to my center. The soft touches of my fingers makes my skin ask for more. It feels as if he is using a feather on me, lingering on my skin. I think about his hands on my center and I open my labia. I am wet, hot and extremely turned on. I collect my wetness on my middle finger and gave my clit the attention that it wanted. Rubbing my clit, with my wetness, just as he likes it. 

 "I can see how wet you are, put your finger in your mouth” he says.

 I put my finger in my mouth and licked the tip, just like I do with his cock. 

 "Taste yourself baby. You like it?“ He asks. 

 "Yes daddy, I want more” I said and my voice sounded higher. 

“Well then, put it back, rub your clit for daddy” he demands. 

 As soon as he said that, my fingers started to work at my clit. The feeling is good, but it’s not how I like it. I like it when he does it. I close my eyes and I think about his cock, with his glistening tip, all aroused for me. I imagine him rubbing it against my clit, while looking at me. He’s so warm against me, it gives me the sensation I want. I feel it, building inside of me. I am nearing my orgasm but yet it’s far. 

 "You’re thinking about daddy’s cock?“ He asks. 

 I answered with a soft mewl and continued rubbing my clit. 

 "You want daddy to help you pound that orgasm out of you baby?” He asks. 

Yes, daddy please. Help me! I think about him, thrusting deeply inside of me. That’s where I feel it, the feeling I’ve been craving. I rub faster and my toes curl. 

“Daddy, please” I beg. 

 "No baby, I’m not going to help you. I know you can do it, think about me. Think about how I fuck you, so deep that you beg me to stop,“ he says. 

 "Keep rubbing baby, I know you’re close, I can see your pussy throb from here. Do it!” He demands in a louder tone. 

 The feeling takes over me and I can’t fight it. I want it, I need it. My eyes are closed tightly and my body goes rigid. The only thing moving is my fingers and my hips grinding against it, getting all of my juices out. I let out a loud moan and I feel my fingers getting wetter than they already are. I feel all the energy drain out of me so I let out a huge sigh. 

 "You did so well baby, I’m proud of you" I heard him say.

 I was so far gone, trying to catch my breath I almost forgot about him.
 I look at him, so well dressed in his suit. I smiled at him and I closed my eyes. I am way too tired, I want to sleep. I heard a squeak from the chair and I hear footsteps getting closer to me.
“Rest now. I want to love you later” he says and kisses my forehead. 

 Oh no, you don’t get to do that later. It’s my turn.