and wanted to do this

i think we always knew gabe was extra...

… but this deleted footage just really cements it.

Witchy Rick in a dress for your Halloween needs

it themed asks

bill: do you have any siblings? if yes, are you close with them?

richie: are you an extrovert or an introvert? 

eddie: do you get sick a lot?

stan: have you ever been mocked for something important to you? (i.e: religion) 

mike: are you home schooled?  are you seen as an outcast?

ben: have you ever been mocked for your physical attributes? 

bev: have you had your first kiss yet? if yes, what was it like?

pennywise: what’s your greatest fear?

henry: which parent are you closest to?

patrick: do you have any crazy conspiracies you believe in?

victor: have you ever had a time where you questioned what your friends were doing? what’d you do about it?

belch: have you ever had a job? if so what was your first one like?

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The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change.