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Whom The Gods Favor (1/?)

I am in under the wire but proud to add this little offering for the Monster Hunter + Soulmate day of Fantasy Pretzel Week. I haven’t a clue if I will ever get more than this little bit down but @barpurplewrites encouraged me to go ahead and just write up what I could and I am glad she did because this was really fun and I really hope I get the chance to share the rest of the story with you guys. 

1.2k |  Rated: T | I’ll link archives if I ever finish it. 

Despite the wind and rain lashing the Irish countryside the small pub was warm, awash with light, laughter, and the smell of hearty food, it was quaint, too quaint, and as Emma Swan stood on the threshold she felt a warning run up her spine–not everyone here was human. She evaluated the room with the practiced ease of years dealing with the preternatural but there were no obvious signs of what she was up against, no dark spots, no color shifts, no shimmers indicating magic, no malicious, hungry eyes, staring back. A few patrons gave her a passing glance or a nod but none seemed to be overly interested in the soaking blonde in a red leather jacket and jeans. If she had been younger she might have ignored the warning but she had learned to trust her favor, had scars both physical and emotional to remind her that while the Gods were fickle their favors could always be relied upon, and so she kept her guard up–an easy task since she rarely let it down.

She strode to the bar and slid onto the stool. A short, bearded man approached her with a dour expression. Emma ordered a hot chocolate which earned her a huff. So much for the friendliness of the Irish. Not that Emma wanted to make friends, she was here on a job and once it was finished she would move on to the next one and the next. It was a good life, rewarding in its way as she used the favors the Gods had bestowed to help humans with their problems or with the more vile preternatural elements in the worlds. She wasn’t strictly a Hunter but had been known to kill or trap a monster when needed. She hoped, for Belle French’s sake, that there would be no creatures this time around.

When Belle had contacted her about her missing child Emma had wanted to refuse. When babies were taken they were rarely recoverable–eaten, used in spells, transformed, taken to another world, whatever it was the kid wasn’t coming back– and she told Belle to just accept her son was gone. But the woman was stubborn, full of a fire that Emma couldn’t help but admire, and not afraid to play dirty.  

“Don’t you wish your parents had tried to find you?” Belle had asked.

“How did you–?”

“I do my research. You were weeks old when they found you on the steps of the temple. You grew up in and out of foster homes, never knowing who your parents were or why you were left.”

“My parents abandoned me because I was Blessed,” Emma said darkly.

“Or you were stolen by a god and then blessed and your parents are still looking for you.” Belle shot back.

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Some Cool Stuff Happened!!

(I know it’s late and a lot of the people usually in the tag aren’t active rn but I wanted to post this anyways)

Two cool things happened for me today!

1) I found an old (well 2016) interview of Jack!!

It’s before he did the SXSW gaming award thing! I really liked this format of interview-the questions shown on the screen and Jack answering. One of my favorite parts was when Jack was asked what was the last book he read and Jack answered and asked the interviewer the same question back. It’s cool to see him still do that type of thing outside of interacting with viewers in videos or conventions.

2) My mom actually wanted me to message her a video of Jack being Irish because she wanted to show her Irish friend who Jack is lol! I ended up choosing “Irish Time With Jack” cause it felt like a better video for people not used to him, plus it’s one of my favorites lol!!

I can’t wait to know my mom’s friend’s reaction lol!!!!!

its weird that like half a year? a year? ago? legit just fuckin guesses i have no concept of time

i forgot gwynneths fucking name and now hes like one of the main imaginary friends again? its always either o’sullivans or his which is amazing. lov gwynneth. how did this happen. not complaining. 

Dear media,

I’m a One Direction fan.  And I’m very proud of that.  Of course there is no denying that these boys are attractive.  It’s the entertainment industry, it’s pretty hard to be successful (let alone a part of the world’s biggest band) if you aren’t attractive.  But the 4 boys of One Direction are so much more than that.  They are human beings and deserve to be treated, and seen, as such.

Let’s start with Harry, who you constantly refer to as the “frontman” although this fandom would pretty much say that this band has no frontman.  Harry is an incredibly kind-hearted person.  He’s not the womanizer you make him out to be and he is so much more than the guy with beautiful long hair.  He bought pizzas for the homeless, calms down fans when they are having actual panic attacks, and has spoken out regarding equality, animal rights, and feminism.  He is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter with stage presence that many entertainers would kill to have.

Then there’s Liam.  Liam who is so much more than the “loved-up puppy” who is always the one being interviewed.  Not only does he have an absolutely amazing voice and writes wonderful songs, he is a genuine sweetheart.  He’s involved in multiple charity organizations such as Trekstock and Unicef.  He is always there to help this fandom feel better when times get tough.  He never lets us forget how special each of us are.  He has a fantastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be himself and be honest with his fans.

Next we have Louis, who you really seem to care about a lot recently.  Despite whatever personal drama there is that you choose to focus on, there is SO much more to this guy.  He is involved with more charities than I can name off the top of my head.  He stands up for himself and those he cares about.  He writes so many incredible songs and has such a unique and fantastic voice.  He makes every show so much fun for the audience and is so proud to be a part of this band.  He is always telling the fandom how grateful he is.  He is a businessman who wants to give aspiring musicians a chance.

Lastly we have Niall, one of the most genuine celebrities you will ever see.  He’s remained so humble despite all of his success and constantly seems amazed that this is his job, even after 5 years.  He is an amazing singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  He loves golf, he loves his friends, he loves his fans, and he loves being a part of this band.  He has participated in multiple charity events for causes relating to Autism.  He’s more than just the cute, blonde, Irish one.  He’s the guy who you really want to be friends with because of how absolutely lovely he is.

These guys started off as boys but now they are men.  They are adult males in the entertainment world and they deserve to be treated with respect.  Don’t touch them because you think it’s funny or cute.  Stop constantly asking them “what they look for in a girl” because you aren’t going to get some groundbreaking answer.  Start treating them like musicians.  Start treating them like artists.  They work so hard and have been through so much, and have provided many, many stories for you to cover.  Treat them with the respect that they deserve.


A fan who respects, appreciates, and supports this band and it’s members after their music helped them through a very rough time.

Sunday Gravy

I am determined to make some authentic Italian-American Sunday Gravy. I really love making sauce and I want to make a big batch to have some in the freezer and give to friends. I’ve studied a lot of different recipes and talked with my husband (who used to manage an Italian restaurant) and I think I can do it.

Buuuut. I’m not Italian. I didn’t grow up with an Italian grandma. I didn’t go to but Sunday dinners. So my question is: are any of you guys Italian Americans? Did your family teach you some secrets and tips for making this kind of sauce? Do you care to share them with your Scotch Irish Tumblr friend who just wants to cook amazing Sunday Gravy? Let me know!

i wanna make some new irish dance friends on tumblr. reblog if you want me to message you and start a convo and then be like best friends ;)

Thanksgiving with my family is nuts. But also, my grandmother is asking if I have any other friends that want to join. There will be crazy irish men (all of my uncles) and really yummy food and a lot of people. I’m warning you now but if anyone wants to join, let me know. 

I want an overseas irish dancer best friend that I can see at majors and we would spend the whole weekend together and practice together before the feis and it would be magical ok