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K guys

as much as I don’t understand your fascination with David x Walter I don’t hate your ship. Ship and let ship as the saying goes but I’m gonna need some more Walter x Daniels, be it fan-fiction (I’ve read them all please I’m desperate), art, head canons; you name it, I need it. I also need someone to talk to about David + Shaw + plus what he meant by “exactly what I’m going to do to you” because I’ve confused myself already 

jazzyrosewine  asked:

Tell me more about the fierce& unyielding Walter 'coz I see him as fluffy cinnamon roll, while David is the Sinnameon Roll


Fluffy cinnamon roll? Aww, that’s cute! Walter cannot show a huge range of emotions because his programming restrains him, and he cannot possibly have one single malicious intent. Consequently, his blank and neutral face would understandably make him look pure and innocent most of the time.

Aww, isn’t he adorable! :)

That being said, appearances can be deceiving. Walter seems very sweet and calm, especially around Daniels, but we saw in the movie just how brutal and relentless he can become. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but he was utterly savage when he was fighting David – and it was absolutely AMAZING. Hell, he threw David around as if he were a mere rag doll and fire couldn’t slow him down! ALSO THE RESOUNDING HARD SLAP IN DAVID’S FACE – OH IT WAS SO SATISFYING! Then he slashed him open with his knife and repeatedly punched him in the face! I LOVE FIERCE WALTER ALL RIGHT OH YES! SORRY DAVID BUT YOU LOOKED GOOD ON THE GROUND! I LOVED THEIR FIGHT! 

I need to try to calm down before I – *explodes* 

It has been announced here that Kumail Nanjiani will be the VA of a “space frog” in Mass Effect: Andromeda.  Since Garrett Ross was confirmed as the VA of Kallo Jath here, it must be a new alien.  I suspect it is a drell and, as shown above, I have asked Mac Walters about it.  You can see the shown tweet here.  I will update this if I get a reply.  Fingers crossed for a drell squadmate!


A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)


I can’t believe Ridley Scott gave me a movie in which Michael Fassbender has to say the words “I do the fingering”…….completely straight faced…….to himself………the pinnacle of cinematic achievement tbh