and walter = me


If I don’t think a line is written how people might really say it, I’ll ask to change it. 

So often you read a script where someone hangs up the phone with ‘I’m coming now’ or something really abrupt and I think, ‘Who actually says that?’ […] 
People bloody say ‘Bye.’

the people who saw Now You See Me 2, does anyone know the song in the rain scene ?

“Audrey was the most beautiful girl. She was a dear friend and gave me my first pair of fishnets. Audrey’s mother was a Baroness. When they escaped from Holland during the war they were given an apartment by the government. They lived in South Audley Street which was very, very expensive and I used to go up to her flat. Although it wasn’t grand it was posh in comparison to the Tottenham council flat where I came from! But none of that – none of that – made any difference whatsoever, because when you’re all together in a show none of your backgrounds matter. The only thing that matters is your talent – your singing – whether you can do the job. We’d do a show called Christmas Party in the morning, then follow that with two shows of Sauce Tartare and then we went on to sing at Ciro’s nightclub after that. I danced with the Hollywood movie star Walter Pidgeon there. He asked Audrey and me to join his table, which we did, and I remember singing the ‘Tritsch Tratsch Polka’. It was an amazing cabaret – whereas today it’s all disco! We had pink table cloths, candlelight, romance, a beautiful little band – and a wonderful, wonderful cabaret (…) Audrey designed me an evening dress – my first ever – and it was made of green satin. I had this long red hair and we were going to the Albert Hall for some function, it must have been at New Year. We all got a £20 salary and she bought two coats with her £20 – two coats for £10 each from Austin Reed. She bought a black and she bought a grey. And I bought a little plastic handbag. She did not approve and tried to teach me to have a little more taste. I’m afraid my money had to go a little further than coats! Audrey and I shared a dressing room. My wonderful sister Florence came up to see us one day and said afterwards ‘Mummy! They were all in their bras and knickers!’ She was quite shocked! Marcel Le Bon, the male star of the show, was a young Maurice Chevalier. He was in love with Audrey. I adored him but he only ever said to me ‘Jean, I love you as a sister. But Aud-e-rey I love as a woman!”

- Interview with Jean Bayless, Audrey Hepburn’s friend and co-star in Cecil Landau’s ‘Sauce Tartare’ and ‘Sauce Piquante’.

(Photo: Jean Bayless (left) photographed with Audrey Hepburn (right) in Ciro’s club, 1950.)

man i really just…… want an au where everyone is monsters?? like honestly give me will graham w/ four eyes and sharp teeth and he gets real embarrassed about the plants growing out of his stomach wound and he’s gotta trim them as often as he has to shave and his pretty monster wife molly has six arms and big fluffy bird wings and their monster child is literally decaying and keeps losing his body parts all over the house