and walter = me

It has been announced here that Kumail Nanjiani will be the VA of a “space frog” in Mass Effect: Andromeda.  Since Garrett Ross was confirmed as the VA of Kallo Jath here, it must be a new alien.  I suspect it is a drell and, as shown above, I have asked Mac Walters about it.  You can see the shown tweet here.  I will update this if I get a reply.  Fingers crossed for a drell squadmate!


The moment I knew how to talk I was like ‘mom dad get me a puppy please’ and they were like ‘no’. When I was like 12 I had a bookmarks list of a thousand dog breeders and dog related sites and I was like ‘mom dad get me a puppy please’. I read that first part of Where The Red Fern Grows where the kid is like ‘i had Puppy Fever and I was Going To Die’ and I was like BITCH. ME TOO.

i spent my entire youth sobbing and being sad because i was a youth and also because i didn’t have a puppy

a year ago today! i got! a fucking puppy! i drove like 2 hrs to a teeny town that didn’t even have a dairy queen, it had a ‘dairy keen’, and I got a tiny blue teddy bear that was alive and confused and sad and then I took her home and I put her down in my apartment and she was like ‘TIME TO SPRINT AROUND AND DESTROY YOUR ANKLES HAHA I HAVE TRICKED YOU’ and she ruined like half my pants with her teeth and poo’d everywhere and basically she was perfect.

I named her Walter Burrhus Frederic Skinner after the noted behaviorist and the hunky assistant director from the X Files and she has fulfilled her legacy by being a clicker training fiend and by bullying our cat, Krycek.

she’s a monster

i love her very much