and waiting by the bus for close to 2 hours

Long story. I’ve never been more proud and disgusted with myself…

I’m home on break from school, so I start swiping looking for possibly a few fun hook-ups during my weeks off. Match with a good handful of women right off the bat, but didn’t want to date or anything, besides maybe a night out or a short drink knowing our intentions at the end of the night. I use a line to ask if girls are down, which works well because its direct, but not super creepy. Two girls were free the next day…so I made plans with both of them.

Typically I like girls who are very talkative and witty in their message, as I am. Both of these girls seemed plain and short in their messages, but they were cute so I went with it anyway. Typically, I also like to get coffee or a bite with a girl before hooking-up.

So the day came when I had plans with both these girls it was a blizzard ALL DAY. Snow turned to rain, and the ground was covered in ice, slush, and puddles 10ft wide. As the weather was awful, I also decided to use public transportation as I thought it would be easier to get around than driving in the terrible conditions. Mistake 1. I also wanted to get some school work done so I carry my backpack with me all day. Mistake 2.

I had plans with girl 1 around 2pm, so I decide to do some work at a coffee shop near her place. By the time I get to cafe, shoes and socks are soaked. My hair is a fucking disaster because I used some product in it, and it mixed with all the snow and rain. I’m a mess. I planned to meet-up with this girl at the cafe, but she messaged me saying its so bad out, to come to her place and she’ll make me coffee. I get there and she’s kind enough to get me out of my coat and soaked clothes. I thought looking in shambles might have been a deal breaker, but thankful I’m normal and talkative enough to keep her intrigued. As she’s making me coffee I say we should break any awkwardness right away, so I go in for a long passionate kiss. We talk on her couch for 30-40 minutes which was wonderful, as were in similar fields. I finally tell her I have to have her, and we make to the bed. I messaged her before nothing that drives me more wild than lace lingerie, as she certainly indulged me. Her bed was next to a huge set of windows that exposed her apartment to several neighbors, which we barely closed. We began have incredible sex, where she kept quivering she was cumming over and over, and begging me to hold her down. The windows kept opening up which made me feel like an exhibitionist. It was incredible. I could have stayed there with her all afternoon and night….but had to meet up with girl number two.

Girl 2 lived alllll the way across town, so I had to take two buses just to get there. It was an hour and 15 min trip, and it started with me waiting at the bus stop in freezing cold for 20 min. As I got on the first bus, it began to sink in just how ridiculous this day was getting, my feet soaked again from walking in puddles. As I was sitting on the bus, my stomach was starting to feel upset, like, bad. I knew I needed to get to a bathroom asap. I finally got off at my stop, and again walked around for 10min just to find a public restroom (I wasn’t going to stink up this girls bathroom two seconds after meeting her). I found a grocery store in the area, and used their gross public bathroom for 10 min and began to feel better. Sorry if this is all TMI haha. Anyway, it was at this point I had my second “wtf am I doing” moment after the bus. Anyway, I soldiered on because, well, sex. We were planning on grabbing dinner together, but she told me she’ll order a pizza to her place as it’s so cold outside. Cool.

I get to her place and ring the apartment bell. Nothing. Ring it again. NOTHING! Call. text. nothing as I’m AGAIN in the freezing cold STILL lugging around my damn backpack. I decide to go to this pizza place across the street to wait, where she finally texts me back 10 min later. I walk back to her place and she’s actually even way cuter than her pictures. We kiss within seconds of meeting and I push her against the brick wall to passionately kiss her more. We head inside. So I find out she’s from this REALLY rural part of the north, so keeps saying “jeepers creepers”. It was equally weird and endearing. She’s says all this weird/cute stuff about how I’m way more handsome than she expected, and how most dudes on tinder are creeps. Won’t lie. Nice little ego boost haha. Anyway, we talk a bit, I realize she’s fun but dumb as bricks, but still cute…so I start kissing her and we’re having sex on her couch within 15 minutes of walking in the front door. Her bare chest was absolutely stunning and her breasts swayed and bounced as she rode me. We ate pizza and quickly went back for round two. We talked a lot as we were fucking, and I realized very quickly this girl was a bit of a freak, and probably started liking me way too much after this first encounter. She started saying how she’d love to let me put it in her ass, and fuck other girls with me. Very hot, but very very weird. Ummm, we’ll see.

Anyway, we kissed and talked a bit more, but it was getting late. I decide to call an uber as it would have been another 2 hours to get home on the bus/train. Got home. Went to bed. That was a weird day


So I met Frank Iero for the 4th time this past Valentine’s day and I still can’t believe how comforting it was. Frank is one of those kind of people that even though he had a really shitty day he’s gonna be there for you at the end.

The thing was that that day it wasn’t the best for him I guess. Just to mention the night before the show something went wrong with the heating of their tour bus and it was like 0 degrees in Scotland those days. When they arrived at the venue it felt like something went wrong too, there were already commercial vans in their parking lot and they had to double park in a narrow street and unload everything as fast as they could and you could see in everybody’s faces how pissed they were, specially Frank lmao and they had to do the same thing when they left.

We were not sure if Frank was coming out and it was totally understandable, it was raining and cold as fuck and he was so busy helping everybody and carrying their stuff to their bus on time, it seemed like it hadn’t been his best day of the month or even the year and someone close to him already told us that he wasn’t feeling that well but we waited for him anyways and like 2 hours after, he came out and met a few of us under the rain while they were literally telling him that their bus was leaving in 2 minutes lmao despite of that he made us feel calm and like he was not on a rush, he was listening quietly at everything people were telling him and though I couln’t say anything to him but thank you, he grabbed my arm and squeezed it saying the deepest “thank you” I’ve ever heard and it felt amazing. He’s definetly one of my favorite people in the whole world and I’m so happy and proud of having him as that and everything he creates.


The city of Krakow is only able to transport about 30,000 pilgrims per hour from Brzegi back to the city center. There were between 2 and 3 million people at the closing Mass this morning.

Many pilgrims (myself included) have to walk more than 4 hours to the nearest major tram/bus stop in order to get home. It is very hot and thunderstorming. There are people with young children, people with disabilities, ect. who were expecting only to walk about an hour and a half and are now basically stranded waiting for a tram/bus/taxi to take them home.

Please pray for our safety and patience, that our journey be blessed by God and strengthen our faith.

My coworker, D

I have this coworker that we will call D. Now D is our boss’ rat, D loves snitching on us and loves getting us in trouble.

In our workplace most of us are young adults, so 17 to 22. A group of us hung out on our days off. If it was someone’s birthday in our “Crew”, one of us would buy them a cake and someone else would buy a balloon. This includes our 2 managers.

For D’s birthday she brought in her own cupcakes. She was so mad no one brought her anything she told our boss to give our managers a write up for “playing favorites”. But to be fair, she never told us her birthday was coming up so we didn’t know until that day… Plus our boss plays favorites with D and R anyways.
She was also mad I wouldn’t eat one but I explained to her I can’t eat Red Velvet because it’s chocolate and I’m allergic to chocolate.

A few weeks later D tells our boss she doesn’t want to work morning shift with L anymore and wants more hours so D says she wants my schedule instead. Our boss agrees and switches us, but I rely on the bus and I tell our boss I can not come to work until 10 am and I can not work weekend mornings because I clean my grandpa’s house. So our boss gives us alternating Thursdays, so we both get the same hours. D is mad at this and our manager A, says she wants me to stay on her weekend afternoon/evening shift. They work out a new schedule and it upsets D because I keep 2 of my original nights. What does make D happy is the fact she was getting scheduled 25 to 28 hours and I got cut down to 12 to 15 the most. (Our boss gave D my two 8 hour shifts and gave me D’s 4 hour shift and her 3 hour shift)

Within that month another coworker throws a tantrum and starts not showing up for her shifts so our boss calls D asking if she can fill in only for D to say “If I’m not scheduled, I no need to show.” Our boss knows I’m desperate for hours since I’ve been asking for my hours back (I was used to getting 22 to 24) so she started asking me and I’d rush over there to go work. A few times I was at the store when she called and I hurried to finish up and go in.
That coworker finally got fired so I got her shift as well, so I got my 24 hours back plus I would still be the first to get asked to fill in. D didn’t like this and complained to our boss why wasn’t she asked to cover for people. Our boss told her she had asked her, but D would always say “No,” while I would always say “Yes!”.

So now D starts telling our managers that “Oh, our boss said I have to start a hour early, but it’s not on the schedule” and also she tells them “She also said I need to stay a hour late too” which messes up the breaks because now D needs a lunch but the schedule was only set up to give her a 10. D also tries coming in on her days off and tries to work shifts that I’m covering, but since I get there 2 hours early due to the bus our managers send D home. Also since I get there early if it gets busy our managers will tell me to clock in early or they ask if I can stay an hour over to help out and I do because I need to wait for the bus anyways.

Then an incident happened recently where our kitchen lady left for vacation and I was asked to take over her schedule because I’m the only other Closer. I was originally given Christmas Eve off to see my family, but D got involved and convinced our boss that “R shouldn’t be forced to close, she has a REAL family and REAL kids! Birda already worked every holiday for 2 years, she’s used to not seeing her family, she can close!” so our boss asks D to close Christmas Eve so I can see my family for 1 day, but was told “When I was hired I was not hired for closing, so no!” so now I’m closing Christmas Eve too.

Our kitchen lady left on Sunday, and Monday the pre-closer called out and D was called up to see if she can cover, she said no. So R had no pre-closer with her, but Monday are slow so her and the manager were fine. I’ve done Monday closing shifts with no pre-closer at least 7 times because D will call off because she hates working with me.
So today D was my pre-closer and our boss asked D if she could come on Wednesday to pre-close and was once again told “No,” so they asked me to do it and I said yes, but I can only come for 4 hours because that’s my full 40 hours. So our manager reminds me I’m working tomorrow and D runs off to cry because I got 40 hours instead of her…

First off, she was asked first but said no.
She was asked if she’d like to Close, but said no.
I was asked in front of D, who was once again asked but said no, which is why I said yes.

Now D is mad at me and told my boss I clean things early and I’m unsafe, and I shouldn’t get so many hours and she should get them instead because I told our manager I needed a drink after a stressful day… Uhh.. I know she loves getting people in trouble, but why does she specifically target me? Hnnggggg!

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I know this isn’t the best picture. This is me trying to talk to Max Green from Falling In Reverse. I couldn’t get a picture of me and Max together because sadly they wouldn’t let you take pictures. On July 9th, 2014 at Vans Warped Tour; in Scranton, PA. It was my very first Warped Tour and I was super excited. I got to Warped Tour super late, I missed Attila, The Summer Set, and For Today, those are a couple of bands I wanted to see. My dad had brought me to Warped Tour but the actual lot was closed so we had to park 5 miles away. The shuttle bus was a 2 hour wait, and I was so excited I decided to walk with my dad 5 miles just to get to Warped Tour. On the way up there I met one of the press guys (I don’t know who it was) and I asked what bands I missed I started crying. I thought my day was going to be ruined. When I finally got there I saw a line in front of the Falling In Reverse tent. I walked up and asked a girl in line what the line was for, and she told me a FIR signing. I decided to wait there. The guys from FIR came out to sit at their tent and I saw them and I cried. I thought my day was ruined after I missed one of my many favorite bands. When it was my turn to go up and meet Falling In Reverse I just kept crying. I got to Derek first, I said hi and he asked me if I was okay. I shook my head no and went on to Jacky, he didn’t say much other then hi. I got to Ronnie and he held my hand and said hi to me. When I got to Max I full out lost it, I cried so hard and I couldn’t stop. I could barely get a Hi out to him, He is my biggest inspiration. Honestly I don’t like admitting stuff like this but my life got very hard for a while and I started self-harming and I stopped eating, it all became an addiction to me. When I found Max went to rehab, I figured if he could get better so could I no matter how hard to situation got. I started eating again and I am fully recovered from self-harm and anorexia. He is my savior I love to call him. And then came Ryan at the signing, I guess he saw me crying or something but he stood up and started dancing while signing my notebook. All the Falling In Reverse guys are so nice, amazing, and awesome dudes. This took a lot out of me to write because I have never opened up like this. And that night at Warped Tour when I saw FIR perform Ronnie pointed at the light up bow I was wearing later in the night. That was the best day of my life, I met my life inspiration, and favorite band. I still cry every time I tell this story. That was the best set I saw all night, other then Ghost Town or Breathe Carolina. But all around Max Green saved me from myself<3 I’m crying now


so okay last night I had the most amazing night at SLFLSheffield. me and my best friend waited outside in the freezing cold for 3 nearly 4 hours just to see if we could meet them. turns out we met Ashton! he’s the most sweetest little bean, so kind and very humble. he thanked me & lauren for traveling 10 hours on a bus just to see them last night and also thanked us again for going to another 2. just getting to speak to him for a split second just completed me🙈 so sad the other 3 didn’t come out but they did wave to us so that was like incredible! I was so close to giving up but I’m so glad I didn’t! so thankful and very grateful he took time out of him own to see us.☺️ I love him so so much🙈🙈🙈