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Take Me Away Part 2: Always Yours

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NSFW: swearing

Possible trigger warning? No rape but manipulation and all that

By the time you reached Negan’s compound, it was morning and you hadn’t stopped staring out the window. Negan glanced at you out of the corner of his eye every few minutes but you only knew that because he would snicker every time he did. You couldn’t even imagine what Negan had planned for you but every thought that passed through your mind nauseated you. You could easily jump out of Negan’s car, allow yourself to get run over by the cars following him and be done with it.

But you couldn’t bear to break Rick’s heart.

And so there you sat in the passenger’s seat while Negan dragged you farther and farther away from your home in Alexandria and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.

“You’re gonna like it here, Y/N,” Negan remarked.

“Doubt it,” you scoffed.

“Ooh, icy,” Negan said with a chuckle, “But I think you will, Y/N. I could show you what a real man is.”

“I had a real man,” you retorted, crossing your arms, “You took me away from him. How the fuck are you a real man?”

“Because most men wouldn’t give ya a choice,” Negan explained, “I ain’t gonna force ya.”

“Well, you’re a real stand-up guy, aren’t you?” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes, “If only you felt the same way about murdering people. Then we’d be all set.”

“Don’t forget your ex-boyfriend started all of this,” Negan said.

“He’s not my ex.”

“He is now.”

“Whatever,” you grumbled, still refusing to back down, “We were defending ourselves. Sit there and say it’s all our fault all you want but you know you would’ve done it anyway. So don’t use my people to justify what you do.”

“You’ll change your mind eventually,” he said, “I can wait patiently, Y/N. I know one day you’ll see my way.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” you replied. Negan’s only response was a fit of laughter and then there was more silence for the rest of the trip which oddly enough wasn’t that far. You’d expected Negan’s men to take you and lock you up somewhere but Negan took you himself once you all arrived back at the compound.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked.

“Gotta clean you up,” Negan explained. He turned to look at you over his shoulder, his eyes moving up and down your body, “Lookin’ a little wrecked.”

“Quite a compliment,” you grumbled, folding your arms a little tighter across your chest.

“It could be a lot worse,” Negan said, “You could be like our friend, Daryl right now.”

“Huh?” you hadn’t seen what Negan’s men had done after you were thrown into his car so you had no idea that others from your group were taken along with you, “You took Daryl too?”

Negan pointed to Dwight standing by an open door with a pile of clothes in his arms and you caught a glimpse of Daryl curled up in the corner of a dark, creepy room completely nude. Your heart broke for Daryl but before you could attempt to stop what was happening, Negan wrapped his long, slender fingers around your arm and pulled you closer to him.

“He’ll be fine,” Negan said, “Let’s worry about you.”

Even with all the hell Negan was putting you through, you were grateful that he left you alone to bathe. The hot water felt nice against your skin, the sweat and grime practically melting off of you. If only you could sit here forever and not have an evil man waiting outside the door for you. But you knew he would get impatient soon and come into the room whether you were finished or not so you bathed quickly and got out to dry yourself off. He had left a loose fitting green wrap dress hanging on the door for you to put on once you were clean and you slipped it on, slipping your feet back into the boots you had arrived in as he hadn’t left you with shoes.

You threw open the door where Negan was waiting, leaning against the wall and tapping the wall with his bat. He smirked when he laid eyes on you, pushing himself off the wall and placing his bat over his shoulder.

“Goddamn!” he exclaimed, throwing his head back, “You are a real beauty, aren’t you? I can see why Rick had a damn panic attack losin’ you.”

“Yeah, great,” you said with a scoff, forcing yourself to resist the urge to roll your eyes, “So…where are you taking me now?”

“Your room,” he said, “Let you get yourself settled for the next few days.”

Negan led you through the halls until you reached a slightly nicer side of the compound. He chuckled as he stopped at the last door to the right, gesturing to the door behind him at the very end of the hall, “Got ya right next to me. Till you’re ready to join me.”

“Never gonna happen,” you said.

“Suit yourself,” Negan replied, shrugging his shoulders, “Like I said, I can wait patiently.”

Negan pretty much left you alone for the rest of the day. Someone dropped in later in the evening to give you some food and give you some more clothes but when you asked for your own clothes, the clothes you’d worn when Negan took you, they seemed to be at a loss for words.

Everything up to the next morning was uneventful but you were exhausted, unable to find sleep last night. You tossed and turned all night, plagued by thoughts of Rick’s well-being. Did he make it back alright? Is Carl okay? Is Judith okay? The lack of answers was driving you mad.

You stayed in bed for a good hour after you woke up, hoping Negan and the others would just ignore you for the day. You didn’t even care if you ate. But you just couldn’t get one wish.

Negan came into the room, tapping on the door with his bat, “Morning sunshine. How long’ve you been up?”

“Not too long,” you said, “Do…do you carry that thing around with you wherever you go?”

“What, Lucille?” Negan grinned as he held the bat up to the light, almost as if he was admiring a cherished pet or child, “Of course I take her with me everywhere.”

“I see,” you said. You cleared your throat as you got out of bed, though you didn’t move very far from it, keeping your hands folded in front of you, “I…I had something to ask.”

“Oh?” Negan said, “And what’s that?”

“When…when you go back to Alexandria, I…I was…I was um…wondering if I could go,” you murmured.

Negan’s response was delayed by a fit of laughter. He walked towards you, slowly, pointing his bat at you, “You gave me all this attitude yesterday and now you want favors?”

“Just this one thing,” you said, “Just this one time I want to go. I just wanna make sure everyone’s okay.”

“And what do I get out of this?” Negan inquired, taking another step forward.

“What do you want?” you asked uncertainly, “You-you said you wouldn’t force me to do anything!”

“I can ask for something can’t I?” Negan said, “I’ve gotta get mine, right?”

“Depends on what it is.”

“You can spare a little kiss can’t ya?” Negan said, “Considering I don’t have to let you see your friends again, it’s the least you can offer.”

“The very thought of wasting a kiss on you makes me physically sick,” you said, “But that’s all you want just to let me go with you to Alexandria?”

“That’s it,” Negan said, “Your choice.”

You sighed and brushed your fingers through your hair, “You’re disgusting.”

That remark didn’t wipe the stupid grin on Negan’s face as he seemed to know what your decision was. If one silly little kiss was going to convince him to let you see Rick, then sacrifices had to be made. Rick wouldn’t be upset over one kiss, would he?

You came towards him, trying to stay out of your head as much as you could. Closing your eyes, you leaned in and pressed your lips to Negan’s, your body stiff and your arms at your sides. You were quick to pull way but Negan grabbed you by the back of the head with one hand while the other hand pressed your body against his as he kissed you harder. You squeaked under his lips and pushed him away, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“You fucker!” you shouted, “Don’t ever do that again!”

“Now for my end of the bargain,” he said, completely ignoring what had just happened, “We’ll probably be heading over there early, just to keep your little friends on their toes.”

“Great,” you muttered, “Can this conversation be over now?”

“Sure, sure,” Negan said, chuckling as he headed for the door, “And by the way, this little exchange will be our secret.”

Negan waited three days instead of the full week to make his return to Alexandria. He dragged Daryl along as well with dried blood from his nose running down to his upper lip, a fresh black eye and a broken spirit. But at least he’d been given some sweats no matter how filthy they were.

You were getting jumpy as you approached the front gate with Negan, waiting for Spencer to open up and let you all in. Spencer glared at you as if you had betrayed the group. Had Spencer expected you to look as broken as Daryl? Did Rick not explain to the group what had happened to you? Or maybe Rick hadn’t expected this either.

Your heart sunk to your stomach when Rick appeared and your eyes met. Negan wrapped his arm around your waist, his hand rested on your hip as he yanked you closer to him. You hoped that Rick could see how unwanted the contact was.

“Y/N,” Rick spoke up as Negan passed him. You turned to look at him over your shoulder, desperate to be in his arms again but Negan whipped the two of you around, nearly shoving you away from him.

“Nope, you don’t talk to her,” Negan said, waving his finger in Rick’s face, “She’s not yours anymore.”

“I don’t belong to anyone,” you remarked.

Negan turned to you, all humor lost, “I let you come along today. I never said you could talk to them. Now let’s go look around, shall we? Maybe your ex-boyfriend here would like to show us around.”

“Ex?” Rick said.

“I already said she’s not yours anymore,” Negan said, “That makes her an ex. Now come on, show us around.”

Negan’s men spent the rest of the afternoon tearing houses apart, taking nearly everything from the infirmary and took every single weapon from the armory. Chairs and beds were thrown out onto the street. The only thing Negan didn’t seem interested in taking was the food. And the entire day, he made it a point to have his hands somewhere on your body. Your shoulder, your arms, your hips, anywhere that Rick could see. And it was unsettling watching Rick slowly losing his patience. You were almost tempted to make Negan stop taunting Rick but you stopped yourself. Negan had no sense of humor when it came to you and Rick.

As you and Negan were walking back to the truck, you pulled on his leather jacket, “Wait.”

“More favors?” Negan snapped.

“Just let me talk to Rick just for a second,” you said, “Please. I’m begging you. I don’t care what it costs me.”

Negan looked back at Rick standing at the gate and sighed heavily, nodding to him, “Alright, go on.”

You ran towards Rick as fast as you could and threw your arms around him. That might’ve cost the both of you later but at the moment you didn’t care and it didn’t feel like Rick did either. He whimpered against your shoulder.

“I miss you,” he whispered.

“I know,” you said, “Look, I need you to know something, Rick. Okay? I need you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what Negan says, I’m still yours. I’m always yours.”

“And I’m always yours, Y/N,” Rick replied, “You should go. Negan doesn’t look too happy. Stay safe, Y/N. Do what you have to do to survive, alright?”

“I’ll try,” you said. You reluctantly pulled away from Rick and hurried back to Negan, wincing as he smacked your backside, “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah,” he said as he followed you into the truck. They started it up and sped off down the road. Negan was fuming so you refrained from looking back at Rick, “Last time I bring you with me.”

“Fair enough,” you said, “So what did that hug cost me?”

“I think the question is what’s stopping me from going back and beating the shit out of Rick right now?” Negan retorted, “If he can’t keep his goddamn hands to himself and you can’t seem to control yourself, what other choice is there?”

“Wait, wait, Rick doesn’t have to die,” you said, “You need him. You said you did. You need him!”

“You don’t have to pay for that little hug back there,” Negan said, “Now you’re paying for Rick’s life. And what do you think Rick’s life costs, Y/N?”

Negan’s implications gave you a terrible stomach ache and you could’ve broken down in tears right there. Despite what Rick had asked of you, you didn’t care for your own survival. But Rick’s? You cared more about Rick’s safety than yours. But how far could you go to save Rick’s life?

Sorry for the long wait you guys! I hope you like this and if you want a part 3, let me know! :) love you guys!

The Pros and Cons of SM Crystal: My Opioion

I did this last night on an ask but I realized I forgot a couple things and made some grammar errors. 


Closer to the manga- It’s the closest you ever going to get to the original source material . Yes they left some stuff out but when you are adapting a 40 to 60 page arc in 20 to 24 mins things will even if it smaller moments that everyone wants to see. 

Usagi character development. I wanted to hug her most of the time not slap her. Yeah She had her moments that she needed to get it together but she realized it and did. It just took her time to but when she did she was on it. She had the strength to get back on her feet when she was knocked down by using the love this is in her heart and the strength she gets from her love ones.. She’s a true example of true brave and strength. 


Mako ( act 5) , Mina (act 8 Sailor V days)  and Ami ( act 16) backstories-  Very  much needed since we really didn’t get to much development with them. Episode 5 with Mako’s backstory arguably one of the best episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. 

The Friendships - The friendship between the Senshi was very strong. That’s a sisterhood that had each other backs through it all. Yes, She did give a shit about her friends because she save them a lot during both arcs.

Miracle Romance - Praise Dance YES MY BABIES!! Their relationship was handled really well. I felt those two fall in lover with each before the truth come out and only that being a bonus.I know some people felt that since the focus  was them ,the girls character development suffered a lot which  would be true but they didn’t received that much in the manga either. If we only had a little filler..

Chibiusa- This pink adorable sweet cinnamon roll is to pure for yall asses.I was always loved her but in this version she was amazing. You actually felt for her and you was rooting for her. When she finally turned into ChibiMoon and her Mom gave her the Cutie Moon Rod, I was so proud of her.Her journey was long to get that point and she grew every step of the way. 

The villains- Beryl and the Shitennou being badasses. Evil Endy being evil but sexy as hell. (unf Dark Seduction)  The A sisters not giving a shit.  Diamond being a creepy asshole not getting his ass redeemed. His brother being semi- cool to going crazy. Wiseman still being the most underrated villain in the SM universe. Black Lady being the flawless badass that don’t give a shit about her kissing her future daddy but trying to get back at her future mom.

NQS, KE, and Pluto being flawless badasses to the max - They got shafted in the 90′s anime which I do know why since it was being written while the same time.. It was good to see them having their rightful importance.That’s how you help your past self in protecting the love of your life by helping him untapping his power. That’s how you help your past self transform and save her friends. That’s how you help the only person you consider your friend finally come back to her senses and awaken her true power. 

The transformations- I loved them. They had this out of world feeling to them which to me is perfect for SM. Mars is still the best transformation hands down because the music( her theme tho)  and the camera angles is the reason why.

The music- I can’t believe I forgot about this last night.  The music for Crystal was absolutely amazing.  When you have pieces like” The Legend of the Moon”, “Quite Sorrow” ( angst!!) “A Determine Heart” “ Black Lady Theme” “Final Battle” “Sailor Mars theme” and others playing during the course of the series, you can’t forget about the music. 

The backgrounds, details and colors- I  can make wallpapers for days out of the beautiful backgrounds .The colors of Crystal are so full of life.  I want NQS stationary because of the details.I love the fact that you can actually read ( well If I knew Japanese) the words on things rather it’s her letter or if Ami was writing math problems on the broad. Everything was so detailed to the smallest thing. 


1:1 ratio - This is the biggest flaw for Crystal to me. You had 26 episodes to work with which could have been all Dark Kingdom.It was an episode order you could have had filler without being barged down with it.  

Rei. Ami ,Mako, and Mina’s character development- They didn’t get as much which in the manga they didn’t either. If we had a little filler( not as much as the 90′s anime but almost like PGSM) they could have gotten a lot more character development. Which is still the reason why the 1:1 rato to me is the major weakness for Crystal. ( not the animation)

Episode 12 - I don’t know what the hell they was thinking. Venus not killing Beryl, Beryl necklace getting stabbed which she died like she was Voldemort in Deathly Hallows part 2, Shitennou getting redeemed only to have a anvil dropped on them by Metailla, the girls not grieving in character ( I wrote a post that). Honestly Usagi suicide was the best part of that episode. It was the only part that made sense. That’s honestly the worse episode of Crystal to me..

How the whole Senshi/ Shitennou was handled- See if you had all 26 episodes dealing with DK, you could have a 4 part episode dealing with SliMil. It could have included S/S, Endy/Sere, Beryl’s backstory, the beginning of the unrest of the Earth Kingdom to the fall of both Earth and Moon kingdoms.As being a person who only ships half S/S ( M/K and R/J) I need some convincing to ship A/Z and M/ N. With them not having the time to develop a backstory with S/S I really don’t ship A/Z and M/N at all.

Diamond not getting killed by Miracle Romance-Guys yall don’t know how long I wanted for that and  for it not happen.… I’m still crushed. Damn it. Yeah I understand the change but I wanted that so badly!

The scheduling- If we do get the rest of the arcs , I really hope it be once a week instead of bi monthly. I think that’s one thing that killed it was waiting two to three weeks for the next episode instead of a week. That’s why the flow the series felt disjointed because it wasn’t shown every week. Also the fact the fandom had two weeks to pick everything part like it was a chicken bone before the next episode dropped.  It also maybe the reason the viewing dropped because you can easy forget about a show if it’s not coming on every week. 

The animation-To me it wasn’t at bad as people claim to be. When they was on it, everything look amazing. When  they was off, you can tell it big time. The main problem was the consistency because the animation wasn’t  consistent from episode to episode.  If you had two episodes that looked good or two episodes that look bad it wouldn’t be a problem. With crystal you had one episode that looked good and then the next two weeks it looked bad. I fault toei on this to fullest because they need to up the budget and get more people working on it..

Part of the fandom- I’m putting this last for a reason. I think part of the fandom was to relentless with the criticism of Crystal. I understand that for some Crystal was not what they wanted and want more for SM but for some they are happy with crystal. They don’t care about the animation faults but that don’t mean they’re not aware of it.  The constant going for the jugular without letting up for nothing got so tiresome that it wasn’t exciting anymore. The fun of Crystal was being sucked out slowly but surely. It seem like everything was done with malicious intent instead of having fun with an animation error like PMMM fandom does.  Instead of being “ Whats going to happen next in Crystal?” it become” What the fandom is going to pick to pieces next?”  It got to the point that I prayed that for one episode they everyone would chill. That was for one episode the fandom would be a peace. We didn’t even get that for episode 25 which everyone consider the best of the series beside episode 5. You had people complain about having nothing to complain about. We most def didn’t get that for episode 26 which you think we would since it’s the last episode of Crystal for right now. Crystal future in the air as of right now. Instead of being sad about the idea of not coming back I was relieved and glad that it was over. Lord the rants I wrote during the course of this year. My goodness. I think I can do a tell all book with just my rants alone.  I have drunk so much damn tea that I should be tried of tea for real.

One last thing

Would I recommend Crystal to someone who want to get into Sailor Moon?

Thee answer is yes. I would recommend Crystal along with the Manga for some one who want to get into Sailor Moon. The simple reason is time and you would get the main premise of Sailor Moon. If you don’t like it you wouldn’t lose that much time over it because it would not take you that long to knock out 26 episodes in this day and age of binge watching. I’m not saying not watch the 90′s anime but it can become daunting  to watch 200 episodes with somethings become very repetitive.. I started my rewatching of the 90′s anime probably in 2012 and still not finish with the series yet. To me the 90′s anime now is something that if you liked Crystal, you thirst for more Sailor Moon, and want to see what people grew up on it something that you should most def watch. 

So that’s really all!