and wait for july 15


From The Atlantic’s Spotlight series, “Brasilia’s 1,000,000 Person Orchestra:”

Nearly one million people pass through Rodoviária do Plano Piloto’s corridors daily, connecting the wealthy urban center with the less prosperous regions surrounding it. “It’s a place where two worlds mix—people both from the lower-class satellite towns and from the affluent blocks within Plano Piloto,” photographer Gustavo Minas said.

For more incredible photos from Gustavo Minas of Brasilia’s Rodoviária, view the full story.


Hey Taylor,

My doctors appointment today didn’t go so well… Things are looking bad and it seems as if my tumor might be progressing. Tomorrow I am getting up early and getting blood work and more ultrasounds of my abdomen! I’m scared but I will be thinking of you… I’ll be shaking off all the negative thoughts.

My illness does not define who I am. I am not the “sick girl”! taylorswift

Cannot wait to see you on July 24th! PITL GA1 seats 14&15!!!! taylorswift

Monster Hunter Generations launches July 15!

Oh man, I cannot wait to hunt with everyone! I have tutorials up for all weapons minus IG, CB, SNS, and Bowguns, so i’ll make sure they are ready in time!