and wait for all of this to blow over

Request Note~

So I want to bring up a request I just got from an anon. Now before I start, anon if you’re reading this, I want you to know I have no problem with that request at all! But because it regards sensitive topics that are happening right now with Jimin, I hope you don’t mind if I wait until everything blows over and the safety of the boys is secured. I will still write it up, but I would just like to wait for a more appropriate time. Thank you for understanding ❤

While on this topic, my love really goes to the boys and Jimin. They better keep security tight for them and I really pray this is all just disgusting talk that antis are polluting the internet with. Even if you don’t like a certain idol or group, no one ever deserves to get such hateful things such as death threats thrown at them. They’re human just like me and you, and I really doubt you would like it if someone was threatening your life. So to all my ARMYs, we should do everything we can online to stop this hateful behavior but also keep in mind that fighting fire with fire will not work so please no sending disgusting threats back to the people who are doing it to our mochi!! Thank you and I really hope this all gets resolved quickly ❤❤

Glad to see that the YOI fandom moved on from the burning trainwreck that was the movie that shall not be named.

Lesson for the future? Don’t get involved at all because whatever terrible thing is going on, it probably isn’t what we think it is and we just end up getting swept up in the negative hype. Just stay calm, breathe, wait and think rationally until everything blows over. There’s a 90% chance that whatever drama was going on was no big deal after all, no matter how bad it looked at first.

What’s it like to fall?, Uriel asks, eyes concerned but wary. She’s the first one to ask and the memory hits Lucifer like a brick to the gut. The darkness of the space, the blinding light of flashing stars, the cold wind that whips around his ears-
It’s like being born all over again, Lucifer laughs and locks the rest behind his teeth.

What’s it like to fall?, Azrael asks next and his voice is curious, as if he’s walking over a frozen lake waiting for the ice to break. Lucifer looks at him and wishes some of his naivety back again, the wide eyes, blowing open, the curious hitch of his voice, God on your tongue -
It’s like losing one of your limbs, Lucifer finally whispers but he’s not sure Azrael even heard it.

What’s it like to fall?, Gabriel asks when they meet, eyes determined but calm like deep rivers. His presence is as soothing as it always was and when Lucifer closes his eyes he’s almost sure he can hear the voices of his brother’s and sister’s in heaven.
It’s like a mouthful of apologies, Lucifer murmurs and loses himself to the memory just a tad longer.

What’s it like to fall?, Raphael asks with a sharp grin and his lips twisted in a haunting way. Something ugly coils inside Lucifer and he remembers Michael’s touch on his shoulder, throwing him out, the pain on his chest, the taste of blood on his tongue -
It’s like losing all hope, Lucifer snorts and ignores the sour taste in his mouth.

What’s it like to fall?, Metatron asks, voice full of fear. Lucifer wonders, for a brief second, if God is still with them, peeking over the edged shoulders of his children, waiting for the betrayal to set in again. He feels suddenly incredible tired.
It’s like becoming a monster, Lucifer answers and flinches from the burning phantom pain on his shoulders.

What’s it like to fall?, Michael asks with fire behind his eyes and his lips pressed into a thin line. Lucifer watches his brother, shoulders square and muscles tensed from clenching his hands too tight. He remembers the his wings catching fire and the reek of burned flesh in his nose, his skin in shreds on his back -
It’s like dying, Lucifer chokes and ignores the pain in his brother’s eyes.

- the story of Lucifer | r.m

Dialogue Prompts

I know I haven’t posted much. But my life has nothing but stress the last month or so. I started school again after having to take a break for health reasons. So I’m making sure I don’t need to do that again. In stress of my life I have lost all inspiration to write old requests. So I made new list to get back into writing! So please request away! :)

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1.    “Mom says if you blow up the house she’s gonna put you for adoption.”

2.    “I don’t have a licences to kill. I have a learner’s permit.”

3.    “I didn’t do it…. Oh wait that? … Oh, that I did do.”

4.    “You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”

5.    “Your existence gives me a headache. Go stand over there.”

6.    “Are you always this stupid, or is this a special occasion?”

7.    “You gotta stop doing that.” “Doing what?” “Things that make me wanna kiss you.”

8.    “Excuse me, I have to go make a scene.”

9.    “Why are they all afraid of you.”

10.  “Wow somebody needs a happy meal.”

11. “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” “Not until four.”

12.  “Oh my god, you’re in love!”

13.  “Can I kill him?” “No…” “Just a little bit?”

14.  “Technically it wasn’t on fire.” “Of course it wasn’t on fire! you completely blew it up!”

15.  “Hand over the girl!” “Not gonna happen.”

16.  “This is why we can’t have nice things!”

17.  “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?”

18.  “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Don’t care, Shut up.”

19. “This weather is almost as cold as my heart.”

20.  “Well ‘scuse me, your Grand High Fluffiness.”

21. “So you’re the guy who saved my life?”

22.  ‘Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that.”

23.  “When is a monster not a monster?” “When you love it.”

24. “You know they’re gonna use the things you love against you.”

25.  “Where is he!” “My lady…” “Answer me!”

26.  “Wanting McDonald’s is not an emergency.”

27.  “Did I say you could make me have feelings for you?”

28.  “I love you.”

29.  “Don’t leave me,”

30.  “Fuck it.”

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Friendly Reminder

Today is the day folks! Today is the day A&E/JMo/Colin have their panel in Atlanta. Further reminder that there will be a screening of 6 x 11 at the event. That means there will be spoilers and flailing all over this website in a few hours. Mine is not a spoiler free blog, and I know I don’t have the willpower to stay away, so consider this your warning. My blog will be blowing up pretty soon with Cs and spoilers and all kinds of goodness. I will do my level best to tag everything, though, so if you actually have willpower and don’t want to be spoiled, Blacklist ouat spoilers, 6 x 11 spoilers, and CS Atlanta panel.

justinbaldoni: Saying I’m proud of @hereisgina would be an understatement. What she has managed to accomplish in just the few years I have known her is nothing short of mind blowing. She is proof that when you lead with your heart and use your power for good - literally anything is possible. @youngwomenshonors is such a massive accomplishment and will empower young women all over the word. I can’t wait to see this her soar in 2017. #icaniwill #proudTVbabydaddy #getitGina

I can't believe you actually did it, Dylan...

San Diego Comic Con Panel

“Next question!” The host of the film’s SDCC panel says into the microphone. A teenage girl stands up.

“My question is for Y/n. Since this is your first movie I was wondering….Do you still get starstruck? Do you have any celebrity crushes?”

“Yes, I do sometimes. Fortunately I haven’t had any personal interaction with any of my crushes….except one of them. He’s one of Dylan’s good friends….and….That’s all I will say about that. Hahaha!”

“Wait! You have a crush on one of my friends? Which one? Y/n, which of my friends do you want to get with girl? Hmmmm????” Dylan O'Brien playfully teased his co-star, wrapping his arm over her shoulder and lightly ruffling her hair.

A strand of her hair falls in front of her eyes and Y/n blows it away. With blushing cheeks she says, “I’m not telling you. Next question?”

In Dylan’s car, hanging out on a day off from set.

“Tell me. Tell me….Tell me, tell me….Tell me, woman!” Dylan insists, turning off the radio every time Y/n tries to ignore him.

“Dylan I said no! It’s not that big of a deal. You have charming friends. Why do you care so much about knowing?” Y/n countered as she turned up a Panic! At the Disco song.

Instead of turning off, Dylan just turns the volume on low. “I care because they are my friends. You are my friend. If you and one of my other friends would be happy together, I would fully support it…..and tease the shit out of you two.

"Dylan, it’s just….I’m embarrassed. What if they don’t like me back? I don’t want things to be awkward.

"Y/n, that’s why you tell me first. I’ll make sure things are good before you tell or don’t tell the guy. You have to take a chance.

"Fine. I’ll tell you if and only if you can get your close friends in a police line, complete with numbers above their heads. You and I would stand on the other side of the one-way glass and I would simply say the number that corresponds with the guy. Figure that one out.”

Dylan smirks at Y/n and says, “Challenge accepted.”

A Surprise

“Dylan, where are you taking me?” Y/n follows closely behind Dylan as he guides her blindfolded self into a police station. He takes off her blindfold. He takes her to a hallway outside a lineup room, where his friends stood, smiling.

Dylan takes off her blindfold. “Now you have to tell me.” He watches as Y/n shakes her head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe you actually did it, Dylan….” Y/n laughs, then him in the eyes. “I am a woman of my word, so I guess I do have to tell you now.” She looks at the guys and takes a deep breath. “Number 4.”

“(chose one of Dylan’s friends - ex. TPose, Hoechlin, Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, etc.). Y/n, you like him?!” Dylan reacts with excitement.

“Yes. But not a word. To anyone.” Y/n opens the door. “You guys can come out here now.” When Dylan’s friends are standing with Y/n and Dylan she says, “I don’t know how this goofball convinced you all to do this, but thank you. You are all really good friends. Now if all you gentlemen, even you O'Brien, will excuse me….I have to visit the ladies’ room. I drank too much water.”

“I guess you could say your thirst is real?” Dylan O'Brien called out after her. As he is laughing she nails him on the back of his head with her water bottle.

When Y/n comes back all of the guys have left. Even Dylan….all except (the guy you chose). “He told you, didn’t he?” Y/n blushes and walks over to him.

“Yes. Don’t worry. He is still a very trustworthy friend. He just knew that telling this secret would be better for you than keeping it,” (that guy) replies. He stands almost nose to nose with Y/n.

“Why is that?” Y/n asked, her breath hitching a little due his close proximity.

(That guy) touches his forehead to Y/n’s. “Because I had told him before that I really like you.” With that last sentence, (that guy) leans in and kisses Y/n softly, placing his strong arms around her, holding her close.

“Yeahhh, buddy!” Dylan peeks his head inside the door. Y/n breaks the kiss to turn her head and playfully glare at him. “Okay, okay. I’m going. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

The End.

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The merch does not lie

@monsterscavenger posted this great cover art of a child’s primer, and it inspired me to pull up a couple visual comparisons:

Hello, dark knight, lost prince of Alderaan. You Ben Solo is showing.

The artists have rendered our boy in full Disney Prince mode. He fits right in with this lineup:

And visually, he does not fit here:

After all the months of fandom sturm and drang, the angst, the dark nights of the soul full of doubt about where the story is going to go (aided and abetted by the rumor mill, our own headcanons, and coy communications from Mr. Hidalgo); at the end of the day: Trust the merch. The merch does not lie.

Over the coming months, as we begin to get more of these indications about the way the wind is blowing in the new trilogy, I realize I am going to enjoy this phase of the Long Wait. This week already graced us with “Reylo in a Box,”* and now this delightful book cover. What will they offer us next? It’ll be fun to see!

* (coming soon to a Target near you)

Edited to add: Clearly the antis who were happily reblogging this post would benefit from reading the excellent commentary by @daughter-of-water, who provided the details about the copy on the packaging that explain why this bit of merch supports Reylo:

“Why is no one talking about the blurb on the back of the box?

In the snowy forests of the First Order stronghold and super weapon, Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren and Rey engage in a lightsaber duel in which Kylo promises to help train Rey in the ways of the Force. Rey refuses and finds a way to connect to the Force using it to continue the fight and put Kylo Ren on the defensive. The fight ends with the planet crumbling beneath their feet due to the Resistance’s successful attack on the Base, leaving both to their respective quests for answers.

Note the total absence of negative adjectives usually applied towards Kylo Ren in the advertising. His training offer is described as “a promise to help” as opposed to an attempt to seduce her to the Dark Side. Then there is this phrase “leaving both to their respective quests for answers” in the last line. If you didn’t know better you’d think you were reading about two good guys who happen to be on opposing sides of a war trying to figure it all out rather than a dastardly patricidal villain versing a hero. I see what you are doing there, Star wars marketing team. I see the shift that’s being made.”

the times when i look at my dad’s hands

when i see the dirt beneath his fingernails

or feel the calluses on his skin 

when i see my mom fast asleep on the couch

or when i hear her say her feet hurt

when i see the wrinkles that have formed on both of their faces

i realize over and over again just how important it is for me to become someone

to succeed in what i do 

and become someone they can depend on…

as the wind continues to blow and your hair color fades with the changing of seasons

the day where i am able to take all of your pain away will eventually come

please have patience, and wait just a little bit longer

I am on my way

Christmas Reunion

A/N: This is something I have wanted to write a year ago when the omake came out but gave up trying, but decided that I still wanted to put it down in words a few weeks ago knowing the OVA version will be released soon. I don’t think I have done any justice to the Jerza moments in the omake with this one but I’m glad that I can finally get the ideas out of my mind.

Also, I hope @12daysofjerza don’t mind accepting this as my contribution to the event.

Rated: T

Words: 4K+


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It was sort of her own fault, getting stuck in this blizzard. It wasn’t even in its full force yet but her toes were already numb in her boots barely able to curl them closer to her foot, but thankfully they were dry. Obi had a firm grip on her wrist as he pulled her behind him, their feet crunching down the snow beneath them making them sink in with every step, while rock-hard snowflakes slapped against her cheeks almost wounding them by sheer force.

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Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act II)

What’d I Miss

  • Thomas fucking Jefferson, what a stud
  • the same moving staircase that moved Washington at the end of Act I is now used to move Jefferson
  • the company is standing on the floor and waiting for him
  • while walking down the stairs, he shakes hands with one of the ensemble members, and then he wipes his hand on his coat 
  • when he sings his first “what’d I miss?” he starts bouncing and strutting all over the place
  • during “virginia my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss,” he blows a kiss at one of the audience members
  • Madison has a cold or something, but Jefferson shakes Madison’s hand w/o wiping it anywhere after (because they’re bffs)
  • he’s such a bouncy little bean I can’t
  • Jefferson goes to shake Washington’s hand but Hamilton jumps in the way during “Mr. Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton” and grabs Jefferson’s hand instead
  • Jefferson looks at Hamilton like “who tf is this”

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Hey there. I’m here to talk about why Asuka’s latest development hit way too close to home.

I grew up with a… let’s say volatile mother, who wasn’t good with her temper and blamed a lot of her problems on me. And Asuka’s reaction to her mother’s outburst reminds me a lot of how I used to cope with my mother’s outbursts.

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But in the performance of the two on the day itself was no stage fright, no horror at the things they got to see, no shame, no awe that they were somewhere nobody had been before – it was as if they were visiting a brand new amusement park that was better than expected. They walked around elatedly and their fun, witnesses agree, seemed genuine.

Maybe that fun was a way of not having to see the evil in what they were doing. Or it was a case of the giggles over the incomprehensible madness of it all. Or it was something that helped them maintain their attitude toward their victims and toward each other.

Maybe it was disappointment-fun. “This is great”; “this is what we’ve been waiting for all our lives”; “this is the best thing we’ve ever done”, they yelled, but it wasn’t at all what they had always wanted to do – they had wanted to blow up at least half the school, create hundreds of casualties, hugely outdo Oklahoma, become the greatest mass murderers in the history of the United States. But their bombs hadn’t worked, and now they had to convince themselves that this poor and pathetic heap of killing that remained with the shooting was exactly the thing they had so looked forward to.

Maybe that disappointment was one of the reasons as to why they had such few victims; this too is one of the riddles of Columbine. They had wanted to break all records, right? Then why stop at thirteen? After that final murder, about a quarter of an hour after the first, they roamed the school for another half hour without trying to enter any of the classrooms where, as they could see through the windows in the doors, dozens of people were still trapped. They didn’t hit anyone anymore. And even when they were still killing, in the library – if they had gone to work systematically, they could’ve killed thirty to forty people.. or everyone. They had plenty of ammo. But they wasted their time playing God, toppling a bookcase over, bullying, exchanging gunfire with the cops. They must have thought they had killed more than thirteen people – but if it was originally intended to be a couple of hundred, then thirty was just as bad a failure as thirteen!

Maybe, when they had to improvise because the bombs hadn’t detonated, the true nature of NBK came forward: vandalism. For Dylan, who’d already killed more than he could count, there was something he’d “always wanted to do” upon leaving the library – smash a chair onto the computer on the library counter.

They probably stopped shooting people because the bombs in the cafeteria remained the main target. Like Eric said, when Dylan kept pushing him to kill Bree Pasquale: “nah, we’re going to blow the school up anyway”. He was the leader, and it was a military operation to him. Maybe he didn’t want to detonate those bombs in order to get even more victims or collapse the school, but because a real Marine never loses sight of his operation target.

When they caused that fireball in the commons, there may have been a thought that he would succeed after all. But a quarter of an hour later, upon their arrival back in the cafeteria, the fire had already been mostly put out by the sprinklers, the pillars were still standing, the library hadn’t crashed. The bombs had failed for sure – time for suicide. Maybe Eric wanted to go to the library because that was his chance to die in a firefight. But that, too, didn’t happen. He must have killed himself with the thought that everything had failed.

- excerpt from We Are But We Aren’t Psycho (Wij Zijn Maar Wij Zijn Niet Geschift), by Tim Krabbé.

Something Cool - Hwiyoung

You wake up to the faint sound of tapping on the window.  You open your eyes slowly and listen, making sure the tapping sound wasn’t part of your dream.  Who could it be? And why didn’t they just go to the door?  

You walk over to the window and open the curtains, slowly at first, then all the way once you recognize the person standing there.  Hwiyoung is waiting for you, dressed and ready to go somewhere.  He is blowing into his hands to try to warm them up.  

“Hwiyoung? What are you doing here?” He turns at the sound of your voice and smiles at you.

Your heart flutters at the sight of his smile, even after being friends with him for years.  He has always been a special person to you.  Not dating, but not just friends either.  Something special.

You slide open the window and put a finger to your lips so Hwiyoung knows your parents are still in the house. He nods and slips in silently.

“Seriously Hwiyoung, what’s going on?” Hwiyoung says nothing and walks past you, to your closet.  He opens the door and grabs a sweatshirt, throwing it at you.

“We’re going somewhere cool.” You sigh in exasperation and pull on the jacket.

“Somewhere cool? Come on, be more specific.” Hwiyoung grabs your hand and pulls you to the window.

“Somewhere secret. And cool.”

You follow Hwiyoung out of the window, trying not to make any noise.  For the first time in your basically rule-following life (most of the exceptions occurring because of Hwiyoung) you are sneaking out of your house.  But at least it’s with Hwiyoung.

You slide into the passenger side of Hwiyoung’s car, cold but excited with anticipation.  Hwiyoung pulls out of your driveway quickly, turning onto the highway.  You turn on the radio as he continues driving into the night.

“We’re not going to see that horror movie, right? Because I don’t think I can handle that, let alone in the dark…”

“[y/n], who do you take me for?” He looks over at you, smiling. “This is going to be something you will like.  Something—”

“If you say something cool one more time I’m going to jump out of this car.” Hwiyoung snorted.

“Something awesome was what I was going to say.  We’re here now anyways.”

Hwiyoung pulls onto a gravel road out in the middle of nowhere, and you sit up in your seat, looking for something awesome.  All you see is grass.

“Ok…?” Hwiyoung laughs at you and steps out of the car.  You do the same, and Hwiyoung grabs your hand again.  

“Just wait.  You’ll see.” Hwiyoung starts to jog forward and you follow obediently. 

“You’re not going to kill me or anything, right?” Hwiyoung squeezes your hand.

“Probably not.” He winks at you. 

You can now see the final destination, an abandoned concrete building with stairs on the outside.  It is all very picturesque, but not the place it seemed like people should hang out after dark. Hwioyoung lets go of your hand and prompts you to the stairs.

“After you.” You climb the stairs, trying not to look down.  Closer to the top, you can tell that this building isn’t abandoned at all, but a sort of supply building for art and props.  Very picturesque indeed.

But the view at the top is even better, breathtaking even.  From here, you can see all of the city, you didn’t realize how high up you were until now.  Hwiyoung takes your hand again and leads you to the railing.  

You stare at the city, all lit up in the nighttime.  But that’s not all. Hwiyoung flips a switch and the whole place lights up.  There are small string lights on all the railings and walls, and lanterns on the floor.  Some small light bulbs twinkle from an overhang behind you.

Everything is beautiful and breathtaking and spontaneous, just like the boy who brought you here. You turn to Hwiyoung, who is smiling at you.

“It’s so beautiful,” you say. 

“Don’t you mean cool?” Hwiyoung leans back on the railing with you, nudging you with his shoulder playfully. You turn to him and hug him, surprising you both. He wraps his arms around you, resting his chin on your head.

“Thank you.”

“Anytime,” he replies. 

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Guess who doesn’t have to handle the fallout of civil war? STEVE ROGERS

Guess who doesn’t have to deal with the governments and media and people asking for answers? STEVE ROGERS

Guess who gets to hide away and wait til all this blows over? STEVE ROGERS

Guess who doesn’t have to do any work to fix the broken trust between Avengers and the people? STEVE ROGERS

So really, Steve’s letter that when Tony needs help, he’ll be there? BS

You created this problem too Steven Grant Rogers, so you show your face back into the world and you do your part to fix what you broke. You are not gonna leave Tony himself to hold the blame, not when you’re giving him a half assed apology letter claiming you will watch his back.

He doesn’t need you to watch his back, he needs you to stand with him, beside him. Your claim of being there for him means shit when you’re hiding out on another country while he has to deal with the entire fallout and face the berating crowds.

Own up to your mistakes Steve, it takes two people to start a “war”

anonymous asked:

For a freaky prompt. Brian and Arin sharing a finger sucking fetish. Dan has trouble keeping his fingers away from them. Though it does turn him on.

(Didnt know how to add Arin in, its just brian and dan)

It all started as a joke.  Brian was being a little too loud, basicly shouting one night how Dan should let him blow him, so Dan played a finger over his lips to shut him up.  To freak Dan out, Brian licked his finger and put it in his mouth.  It was all a joke but turned into a big kink for him.

For the past month, all Dan thought it was was a joke.  Every now and then Brian would get into one of his moods and grab his hands, sucking on his fingers.  At first, Dan would snatch his hand away grossed but he just started letting it happen.  It was just to wait and see how long Brian would keep going but some times he wouldn’t stop.  They’d spend a ling day recording , Brian just staring at his hands the whole time, before he’d just take his hand and start sucking.

“Is this like some weird fetish for you?”

Through half lidded eyes, Brian looked up at Dan, licking his middle finger painfully slowly.  Once he reached the tip, he nodded his head slowly.

“Don’t ask me how, it just is.  Are you gonna stop me now?”


With a little smirk, Brian went back to work on sucking and licking every inch of Dan’s fingers.  Now that it was out in the air how sexual it was for him, he reached down and started rubbing his bulge through his pants.  For months, Brian had dreamed of a day like this.  No shame in any of it.  Countless nights of just thinking of Dan topping him, making Brian suck his fingers as he fucked his ass into the bed.  He wished that hopefully he could get a taste of that fantasy today.

Harry shifted in his position on the bed as he tried yet again to escape, tugging on the handcuffs and making them rattle. He looked around the dim-lit room, waiting and waiting for you to come back. Fuck, how did he even get in this position? It all started when you suggested a little game - but Harry didn’t think it would end up like this. In fact, he much rather preferred having you cuffed up to the bed instead of him! 

A pathetic whimper left his mouth when you walked into the room dressed in nothing but a particularly revealing set of lingerie, Harry’s eyes blowing wide as he allowed himself to scan his eyes over your figure. God, you looked amazing. All he wanted was to be able to run his hands along your body, maybe give your bum a little squeeze if he really wanted to. 

“Y/N, please..” He croaked, practically lurching forward when you had crawled onto the bed to give him a chaste kiss. “Yeh win, yeah? I don’ wanna play this game anymore..” Harry trailed off, his tongue running over the side of his mouth as you reached behind to unclasp your bra. He remained speechless when you went over to straddle him, the bra straps already sliding down your shoulders. 

“I need you to do something for me, Harry..” You exhaled, your hand sliding down his bare chest. So close, so close until he could feel your hand around him. 

“Anythin’ for yeh..” He murmured, gasping lightly when you leaned in and began nipping at the skin of his neck.

“Wake up.” What? He stared at you in confusion as you gave him a glare with your hands on your hips.


“Harry, wake up!” All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of light, Harry opening his eyes to see you straddling him while holding a pillow up above your head - clearly you were about to smack him awake. 

“What the-” No, no! He was in the middle of the greatest dream and he was so terribly close - this wasn’t happening!

“There we go! It’s nearly 12 in the afternoon, you lazy bug.” You smiled, tilting your head as you tossed the pillow to the side. 

“No.. no, no, no!” Harry whined, his eyebrows furrowing together as he thought about what could have happened in the dream. Maybe if he fell asleep again it would come back! 

“Oh, don’t be like that. And don’t go back to sleep! I’ve already prepared lunch for us and the tea’s getting cold.” You tapped the tip of his nose, leaning down to give him a kiss before getting off of him and making your way towards the door. 

“Y/N?” Harry called out, making you turn around to look at him. 


“Would yeh ever be interested in usin’ handcuffs on me?” 


gif isn’t mine!