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What is the difference between the INTJ and the INTP? I've taken several of the personality tests, and have always gotten INTJ, but then I took a test on whether I was an INTJ or INTP, and got INTP.


Some Key Differences:

  • INTJs may not be neat freaks, but they have a system for finding/sorting everything. INTPs just…don’t.
  • INTJs are more conventional and “purposeful” than INTPs–INTPs do things to just do them, INTJs generally have distinct reasons
  • INTJs tend to be less creative than INTPs
  • INTJs tend to be more satisfied with work than INTPs
  • INTJs are found in far more leadership roles than INTPs
  • Twice as many INTJs are atheistic than INTPs. INTPs are more likely to be agnostic rather than atheistic (Myers, McCaulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998)
  • INTJs sound more confident in their tone of voice than INTPs. INTJs’ statements are also straightforward and certain, whereas INTPs usually sound speculative and questioning/doubtful in their sentences
  • INTJs are less playful than INTPs 
  • INTJs are “on-time” people, while INTPs are not
  • INTJs are more arrogant and confrontational, INTPs are more laidback and open minded
  • INTJs appreciate clear structure, INTPs are the least loving of structure of all the types 
  • INTJs do not typically find writing to be a fun pastime, INTPs do 
  • INTJs tend to enjoy specific types of exercise, INTPs are ambivalent towards nearly all exercise
  • INTJs like achievement a lot, INTPs like autonomy a lot 
  • Both aren’t typically dressed very fashionably, but INTJs do tend to be more neat with their dress than INTPs
    • Example: INTP I know wears the same shirt several times a week (Mario shirt), often with a clashing jacket. INTJ I know wears a conventional sweatshirt and jeans every day. Every. Single. Day. 
  • INTJs are usually better debaters–they’re very confident and passionate about their arguments, while INTPs are better at brainstorming and theorizing about arguments 
  • INTJs are more likely to be called uptight and mean, INTPs are more likely to be called lazy and sarcastic 
  • INTJs are more likely to be called “put-together” and driven, INTPs are more likely to be called “oblivious but somehow super smart” (I’ve heard that several times lol) and fun to be around
  • INTJs aren’t as interested in relationships as INTPs most times–INTPs idealize romance like a child would. INTJs try to not be involved with too many people, but when they do, they’re incredibly serious about it

Remember, these are generalizations based on my own experience! (and the book The Secret Life of INTJs by Anna Moss ;))