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Okay, so me and my sister were talking and we got on the subject of pokemon. Unlike me, she’s not really into the games anymore. But, she remembers she played and enjoyed Diamond and Pearl. So, we thought it would be fun if I showed her some of the old characters from the games and she tried to guess who they are. (My sister’s words are in bold.)


Oh, I know that guy. That’s Cyrus.


Oh, that’s a guy?? Is he Jupiter? Galactic Grunt maybe?


Oh, so THAT’S Jupiter. Right?


So that’s not Saturn ok


Who the heck is that? Is he like Professor Oak’s less attractive brother? Oh maybe he’s like one of the grunts’ grandad. Yeah. He doesn’t even work there he just tagged along.


Is that Archie?? Doesn’t he have red hair and glasses too? Did he rob a fire truck or somethin


Peter Pan’s twin sister


Wii fit trainer

Crasher Wake:

Professor Oak in a mask. He gets really excited about Magikarp.


Jupiter again?


Archie’s dad


She looks like Pippi Longstockings




Oh!! I remember her. Cynthia right?

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//whispers have you got any fluffy volkner or roark headcanons (as in how they'd act like with their s/o)?? ;v;


  • Makes a lot of jokes. Is actually a really funny guy.
  • He is a horrible cook. He tries his best. (Just let him live.)
  • One thing he’s really good at making is coffee. He makes a really good cup of coffee.
  • He likes to take his s/o hiking.
  • Doesn’t like his s/o going in the mines. Mines are dangerous. (Gets adamant when his s/o retorts with “How do you think I feel when you go down there?”)

(oh no i made it sad.)


  • Prefers to let his s/o do the talking. He’ll give occasional input, but usually he just grunts or nods to let his s/o he’s listening.
  • Actually a really good cook. Wanted to be a chef when he was little. He makes the best breakfast food and loves making his s/o breakfast in bed spontaneously.
  • Prefers quiet dates at home or in secluded locations where no one can bug him and his s/o. For at home dates a meal and sitting on the couch with his s/o sitting between his legs is his favorite. When the date is outside he likes to go to this secret beach shore that he’s known about since he was a kid. Only he and Flint know about it. Hell take his s/o there and they’ll have a picnic while watching the sunset.

i did a drawing like this back in march and i wanted to redo it


Clemont plushie is happy living amongst many Electric Type Pokemon.

Not to mention, he can visit one of his idols, the Factory Head of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier, anytime he wants. They love to discuss inventing, but… sometimes Clemont gets a little bit carried away!!

(thank you for all of the replies and asks and stuff about Clemont plushie from my previous posts!! my little people plushies were made for me by a very close friend and are not for sale, unfortunately… i am sorry!! i also have Roark, Byron, Riley, Volkner, Palmer, Barry, Jasmine, Flint, Paul, Lt. Surge, Cilan, Emmet, Ingo, Alder, Cheren, Benga (? Banjirou’s english name) and Clemont is the newest addition! if you want to see any more little people plushies… just ask!)

Belated Birthday [Volkner and Roark]

Funny how life works sometimes. After he had smashed the stupid flickering florescent light in the break room he took note of a lone calendar hanging on the wall. It was odd enough that the calendar wasn’t at least surrounded by other little notices or advertisements but what really caught his eye was the fact many of the staff members had their names neatly printed on specific days. It didn’t take rocket science for Volkner to deduce that the dates indeed indicated each and every teachers birthday [considering his was already listed in its proper spot].

What struck him as even more peculiar was a certain someone’s name on the 16th. “Roark”. Roark never told him he had a birthday coming up. Then again he never asked. They had only been ‘friends’ for a few days. Why would Roark think he had any interest in knowing the redheads birthday. The other had mentioned something about not knowing many people around the school. What if no one remembered his birthday, or even cared? The thought struck a nerve somewhere deep in the electricians brain. He’d went past enough birthdays where no one, not even his parents cared enough to do anything. He had to do something now. It wasn’t like it would be socially awkward or anything, right? I mean, they were 'friends’.

He really didn’t care if it was socially acceptable or not, by that time his mind was made up. He was going to get something for his 'friends’ birthday, even if it was a few days late. It was a quick trip to the store. He picked out a vanilla cake and some red frosting, a roll of wrapping paper, a rather obnoxiously sized bow, and a present. Said present coming in the form of some rather comfy looking pikachu print pajama pants. Granted this was Volkner, and Volkner being the weird guy he was he thought; 'if I like it then he’ll probably like it, right?’

Within an hour he was home, he folded the pants nicely and wrapped them up in a shoe box, granted the wrapping job was…a bit lacking, but none the less passable for someone who had never wrapped a present. And then he moved to the cake, and oh boy what a mess that turned out to be. By the time he was done he had red frosting all over himself and the counter. The words “happy late birthday Roark” were crudely written on the top with the K in Roark’s name half falling over the side of the cake due to running out of room. What could he way, he was an electrician not a cake decorator. 

Still, he didn’t think it was half bad. He was quite proud of himself actually. And with that he slipped the cake into the fridge before yanking off his frosting crusted shirt to run off and take a shower. He had to at least be clean before he went to find the “man of honor” himself.