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Supergirl finale recap

-kara zor el, aka the champion of earth
-lena doesn’t remember mon el’s name
-winn’s gay for superman, very important information
-Iconic™ wonder woman/supergirl ad
-cat is still Thirsty™ for clark
-winn calls j'onn papa bear and hugs him holy shit that was pure
-queen rhea? dead af
-mon el finally fucking leaves holy shit thank rao
-more cat grant inspiring life advice and the QUEEN OF MEDIA HERSELF KNOWS KARA IS SUPERGIRL I’M LIVING
-um???? dark kryptonian baby in pod??? idk

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What methods do you use to make your art look so animated anyway? :0 It seriously looks great!!

Well there’s the obvious, of course. Line of Action, all that

use of weight and gravity to energize a pose, that helps show that it’s mid-motion

utilizing angles for just a lil’ extra spice

but also, there’s a sort of mentality. 

In drawings, you’ll have to get a little creative with animated expression. After all,

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hi, so i've been following overinvested and your recap posts on american gods, and generally really appreciate and like your opinions. howev, i /think/ the rising tension in ep6 with vulcan is probably really different for white pp bc watching it as a black american: the ep didn't work for me bc it was fight-or-flight from when they drove up, no rising tension whatsoever. basically, would you elucidate on your analysis of that part of the ep? I'd like to hear what you think, as a brit

People’s opinions are influenced by their own experiences, and I think American Gods inspires VERY different opinions because it’s an ~edgy show, it has a black protagonist and a diverse cast, and it deals with themes of race and immigration in America. (It’s also mostly written by white men, lol.)

In this ep, I found Shadow’s discomfort and Vulcan’s role to be the most effective/memorable aspects, along with the Jesus intro. The trifecta of Christianity, racism, and guns was a pretty in-your-face depiction of toxic American conservatism. Here’s what I wrote in my recap:

After several episodes of Shadow being freaked out by supernatural weirdness, this feels like a more meaningful threat than, say, getting stabbed by a magic tree.

He’s a black man in a small town in the South, populated by heavily-armed white people with an obvious distaste for outsiders. When Vulcan invites Shadow and Wednesday back to his house, he points out the noose in his garden—an intentionally disturbing gesture toward Shadow, who wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

There’s a realistically unsettling dynamic to their interactions, with Vulcan being subtly aggressive toward Shadow while excluding him from the conversation. Corbin Bernsen is perfectly cast as a bully who enjoys making people uncomfortable, hinting that Vulcan holds all the power in the room. Mr. Wednesday ignores Shadow’s discomfort (and the warning signs) out of a desire to rekindle his friendship with Vulcan.

Re: your question about my view as a white/british person, it’s often hard to gauge one’s own influences from an inside POV, if that makes sense? Hence why people publish so many racist & sexist reviews without realizing it! (I’ve probably done this at some point, although hopefully I’m not fucking up in this actual reply.) With American Gods, Shadow may inspire different responses depending on the viewer’s race/cultural background, not necessarily in a negative sense, but because white viewers might not understand the rarity & impact of seeing a black/biracial protagonist in a fantasy show. Kind of like how men watch Wonder Woman and enjoy it, whereas women watch Wonder Woman and burst into tears of relief. And AG’s creators experience similar biases/influences from the other end of the process. They want to make a show that directly tackles racism, but they may not have realized how the scenes in Vulcan’s town could obliterate the rest of the drama in that episode, because some viewers would find it distractingly tense from Shadow’s perspective.

My reaction to the show will inevitably be different from someone who experiences racism in America, but I also agree with your comment that this episode lacked a sense of rising tension. AG has a kind of meandering, disjointed structure with multiple storylines in each ep. That contributes to people having wildly different reactions to the show, because it’s easier to focus on individual characters and scenes. 

This is now slightly off-topic, but I think that phenomenon played out in an interesting way with Laura. I loved her rewritten role in the show, and found it refreshing to see her be so unpleasant and miserable compared to the “beautiful dead wife” cliche. She isn’t likeable, but she makes sense from an emotional perspective. At the same time, some viewers just hated her and thought she was a bitch for ruining Shadow’s life. And then there’s this more nuanced analysis from a thread with film critic Rebecca Theodore:

My reply got kind of outta hand, but basically: I think American Gods is an interesting but flawed show, and because it tells a wide range of stories, it invites a wide range of perspectives and critiques, including reactions that the showrunners may not have predicted or intended. (Also it would help if they hired a more diverse creative team for season 2, because almost every ep is written and directed by white men.)

For a more in-depth analysis of this ep from a black critic, I recommend Charles Pulliam-Moore’s commentary on Vulcan’s role in ep 6. My own recap is here, and the Overinvested podcast episode about American Gods (covering eps 1-4) is here.

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(1) I definitely think D was meant to be seen as a villain rather than a hero in that burning massacre scene. We got a zoom in on the soldiers burning and suffering, which can also be linked to the scene in previous episode where arya was talking to lannister soldiers and one of the soldier said he'd rather have a daughter than a son because he he had a son his son would have to go out to fight someone else's war. This scene definitely made use see the lannister soldiers as more of a human

[cont.] (2) and make us more likely to empathize with them in the burning scene as we get a glimpse of how they are being forced into this, this isn’t their war and yet they’re being killed mercilessly. I believe that Tyrion rooting for Jaime would also make the audience more compelled to do the same. In that moment, Jaime would most likely be seen as brave and perhaps like the savior in a way.

(3) If someone who never watched the show before were to see that scene, D would definitely be seen as the villain. I don’t really understand why she burnt the food though, D&D definitely wants us to see it judging by how they zoomed into the scene. There will most likely be consequences from D doing that. I also want to say that I’m also 99% sure jonsa is legit. We don’t have a lot of episodes left yet D&D are devoting many scenes to them, they wouldn’t just let all those scenes go to waste.

Hi Nonny. Yes to all of the above!

Sometimes it truly baffles me that people don’t see what GRRM/D&D kicked into gear with the Meereen plot. Episode after episode, she did questionable things -especially when both Jorah and Ser Barristan were gone, and before Tyrion arrived. That was when she took the Masters down into the crypts and burned one of them alive while she looked on in enjoyment at terrifying the others, goading them with her words. When she executed that one slave boy (that sat on her advisors council) for killing that son of the harpy -she chided him that the law was the law and he had no right to execute the harpy without a fair trial -which was why she in turn, executed him. And yet, she did the EXACT same thing with the Master -playing judge, jury and executioner. He had no trial. He could have been completely innocent and yet, Dany didn’t care.

And again, when the Masters waged war on Meereen, she was ready to go burn their cities to the ground (forget the loss of innocent lives in the process) until Tyrion talked her out of it. Before that -when Jorah was still around, she was intent upon sending the sons out to slaughter every master, until Jorah convinced her otherwise. There was another incident when Ser Barristan talked her out of something too, and brought her father up in comparison, but I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head.

The entire point to Meereen was to show the audience how shitty of a ruler Dany is when it comes to serving people that don’t necessarily worship her like a cult (which most of her loyal followers did). It was also to paint her character into a more gray area. Sadly, many people missed this as they were blinded by their own character worship of her.

Look, I don’t hate Dany. Her complexity fascinates me. Jon isn’t lying when he says she has a good heart -I fully believe she does. I fully believe that she wants to be a good queen. The problem with Targs is that they have been historically known to let ultimate power corrupt them. IMO, her drive for power and unquestioning loyalty is what will be her downfall.

Yes, Nonny. It was also very clear to me that the writers wanted the audience to sympathize with Jamie and the Lannister soldiers in the last episode. It wasn’t a battle -it was a legit massacre. At the risk of repeating myself, I’d implore you to hit up the GoT recap tag on my blog and read my thoughts on that episode. Those that didn’t see that the writers were intentionally painting Dany as the villain in that particular scene are willfully blind -even her “inspiring” Khaleesi theme song was given an ominous twist, and that’s no coincidence.

As for Jonsa -Nonny, I’m 100% sure it is endgame. 😘

Promptlyrefined: week 8 (recap)

This week’s prompt was Lust for life. I am very happy to see so many of you have taken the time to contribute to this prompt. After all, I hadn’t done one in a while. It’s great to see you sharing your inspiring words. Now, without further ado, all participants in order of appearance:

@mariposaheart (poem)
@cruxymox ★★ (poem)
@confused-thinker (poem)
@allofthesevoices (poem)
@lzlabs (poem)
@mleighsquickspot (poem)
@reinventing-wednesday (poem) 
@neverthelessalive (poem)
@voidlightmoon (poem)
@bg-grizzo (poem)
@mysublimejourney (prose)
@dolores-hazy (poem)
@wordsdontmeananything (poem)

Of all of these @reinventing-wednesday‘s poem struck me the most, and as her words linger she gets a star for poem of the week. To me, her words show the lights we cannot see unless we’ve lost them to darkness before. A greater appreciation of life. A dormant yet vital lust, rediscovered. 

That being said, I’d say a round of applause for everyone is in order! Thank you all for playing along with this week’s prompt. The next prompt will be up shortly. 

We’ll Be Just Fine

Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: 3.17
Genre: Angst with fluff at the end
Prompt: “First of all, LOVE your fics SO MUCH. So I just finished rewatching 3x17, (where J’s friend from the dispensary gets killed) and I would love to see a linstead recap of the episode. There are so many little subtle moments between the two during the episode, that I just want more! Maybe even a fic where Lindsey finds him breaking down in the locker room at the end and the aftermath of his medical leave/week off. Anyway, not a requirement but just a request if you’re feeling inspired!”

A/N: Thank you and I’m really happy you like my writing! Sorry this took so long. I really hope you like it!

P.s. I have a very smutty continuation of this already written if anyone is interested?

She’s leaning on the door frame, waiting.

Her body is trembling with helplessness. There are red half-circles from where her nails dug in her palms and there is a knot in her throat. Because she knows there is nothing to do but wait. She knows he’s alive, she’s gotten a text, and she’s listened to the scanner. He’s not the one that got hurt. But seeing him walk through the door with Al causes her to let out a breath she didn’t know she’s been holding.

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A friend of mine did a little recap and got really sad about some things that happened in the last years to Misha which where not only nice. I know it isn´t always everything good but a lot of stuff is very wonderful. All the love and appreciation we all have for Misha is wonderful, the guy himself is wonderful. Sometimes we need to leave things out that make us unhappy and focus on the good stuff. I have so much love for Misha who is a wonderful human being, somebody who truly cares! He inspires many people to go through their world with open eyes - for the little chance of spreading some love and kindness, sometimes to strangers, sometimes to people they love, and this all makes the world a better place! And leaves no space for hate that is not neccessary and a waste of time and energy. We can´t change things that we have no influence on but we can influence things that we have a hand on, already little things count, stuff everyone can do in their everyday life. I learned that from him, he made me go for stuff I would probably not have gone for without him, it makes us grow over ourselves. He is somebody special, one of the really good ones and honestly I am totaly loosing my first intention to write this post while I am chaotic thinking about everything I want to say (lol) but this is a Misha Collins Appreciation Post from somebody who is still totaly unused to tumblr and it´s peculiarities and next to that tries to use some english as a no native speaker (another lol) but it comes from my heart :-)    <3  <– my heart :-) Ok that´s it… at least I think that… you never know…sometimes Reas come back…uhhh…ok I should stop here…now…now…ok NOW! Have a great day everyone! 

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Re : /post/128153908578/hannibal-recap-s3e13 ; first off, *swoon*, secondly, aoihozdgiyg, but thirdly ! peeps on this website have been saying Will's line is "Decisions are made of kneaded feelings. They’re more often a lump, than a sum." i personally think this makes more sense, so i'll put it to your expertise.

My anon pal, you are giving me a chance to talk a LOT more about Will Graham’s weirdbutt way of making decisions (“making decisions”) and I am going to take it.

Starting with who Will is contrasted against, let’s take a mo to talk about Bedelia du Maurier. Bedelia is a Planner, who is incredibly good at both thinking ahead and reacting smartly in the moment. This is not to say that she is without emotions — in fact, it’s due to her sensitivity combined with her intelligence that she has such a sophisticated understanding of both her own behavior, and the behavior of others. Bedelia gathers up all the evidence, comes to an intellectual awareness about it, and then that makes her feel a bunch of stuff. Her feelings are in service to her thoughts.

In a perfect inverse, Will Graham’s thoughts are in service to his feelings. Where Bedelia will be horrified by a realization, Will is horrified and then has a realization. I understand this… dismayingly well, as oh boy: it’s the saaaame way with me. Here’s a fun fact: I have no recollection of the moment when I made any of the large scale decisions in my life. Because yeah Bedelia, there wasn’t one. How it goes for me, and how I SUPER suspect it goes for Will too, is that basically I just operate in the world as a pure Feeling Being running on instinct & intuition (aka, moar feelingz), but for some reason I then rationalize all the shit I’ve done, as well as all the shit I’ve felt, as if it’s based in logic. As if it was supported by reasoned, decisioned thought, and not the other way around. Ha ha ha ha, oh what fuckery this is.

Will’s extra heightened version of this actually came up two times in my recap. Once, as you mentioned, was in this exchange:

Bedelia: “We assign a moment to a decision. What you propose is so thoughtless, I find it difficult to imagine that moment exists.”
Will: “Decisions are made of kneaded/needed feelings. They’re more often a lump, than a sum.”

And I was just like, oh very totes, i.e. “Will doesn’t so much make decisions as he does feel his way forward, to perhaps everyone’s detriment including his own.” lol #SAME, I didn’t add.

The other time was when Will was talking about his rejection of Hannibal:

“Like, did Will Graham honestly plan out that he could reject Hannibal in order to get him to turn himself in? Idk, like so many of the things he does, it only resembles calculation after the fact — which is actually PERFECT for him. As my therapist-in-training friend Jen put it, Will is so unmoored all the time that he could really go any which way at any given moment, but he’s really good at explaining what has happened afterward. That’s his gift. So I totally believe that Will looked back at when he broke up with Hannibal and realized what he had done, and it’s true that he did that, but in the moment, boy was just running on pure emotions.”

Combined, these two parts really get at what’s so dangerous about Will types, because it’s the explaining it afterward part that tricks everyone into thinking you’re making decisions, when really you’ve just been slipping along like an emotion leaf on the emotion wind this whole time. And the thing is, you also convince yourself of this. You provide often very good explanations of your behavior, but they are as many and as fluid as your feelings that inspired them. Hannibal may follow several trains of thought at once, but Will follows several trains of explanations at once.

And this is why, to finally get to your ORIGINAL QUESTION, wooww I do like “kneaded” better than “needed,” because it gets at the formation part of all this. To knead your lump of feelings together into an ad hoc “decision” — that’s the most Will Graham thing I think I’ve ever heard.

We're in the Middle of an Energy Gateway

I’ve been having a bunch of revelations this weekend and it’s been very inspiring to me so i’d thought i’d share. I think part of this is due to the Cardinal grand cross and these two eclipses smack dab between them. I don’t know about you guys i’m seriously loving this energy, it’s the energy for miracles. 

If i were to write a recap, My understanding is that Winter was all about confronting our shadow self/antithesis, confronting our past dead on and dealing with those deep old memories we had buried within our souls. One thing we deeply learned from Winter’s energy was that we all need eachother, it was about connection. Seeing ourselves in eachother as we are a collective mind. We also saw how we kept reliving past memories like a recycling of previous experience.  Winter was all about introspection, reflection and dealing with deep internal issues of ourselves and our darkness. i felt like Winter’s energy gave us this snowball effect that led up until the Spring Equinox which was a pure initiation point. The light started returning, we felt less foggy spiritually.

After the equinox, we started feeling a bit more in control and revelations started returning, spiritual mojo started coming back and it was as if everything was starting to turn…a big turning point for the collective. Then we felt like there was an anxious energy for April, a lot of people felt that, the closer we got the more we felt it. These eclipses are all about yin/yang energy masculine and feminine. If we were to translate that into consciousness, the Lunar eclipse was all about feminine energy and the solar eclipse is all about masculine energy, which is a HUGE unification and union of the god/goddess archetype of kundalini flow(ida and pingala). Smack dab between a beautiful and transformation alignment(13 13 13 13 GATEWAY/STARGATE ) with mars retrograde and oppositions. We have the perfect formula for ridiculously deep change, transformation and the ability to start breaking down paradigms. 
I posted all i possibly could on this cardinal grand cross because it felt vastly important and if you go back into the archive you can see a lot more details on what the cardinal grand cross holds…

So around the Lunar Eclipse energy, i kept having these very lucid dreams that i was writing about on here, where i would be in a dream scenario and then something would happen either a fear or i would just flat out say ‘i don’t want to be here anymore or i don’t want to be in this situation anymore’ then i would literally teleport out and land into this void space of total darkness where i would be flying/swimming in a pool of darkness. this dream haunted me because i kept experiencing the same dream about 6 times within the past week or so. As you guys know i am all about dream symbols and paying attention to symbols/patterns/deja vu within dream world and waking reality. Then i started having this song also haunt me called Original Sinsuality by Tori amos, particularly this part about gnostism: 
I’m calling you
You are not alone
I say
You are not alone
In your Darkness
You are not alone

Which also reflected back to the dream i was having…Well Adam and I had a relaxing day to ourselves since baby is sleeping all night now and decided to take 4-ho-mipt which is a beautiful tryptamine, very light, angelic, gentle and it just had this miraculous mental clarity. It was like encountering an old friend. The beauty of tryptamines is they are so NORMAL and real. The previous day before the trip i was so nostalgic recalling deep old wounds, old aspects or myself and just being really reflection, a friend of mine i was talking to that day said “it’s good to be nostalgic but don’t get trapped in your old memories instead think of them through the heart” Which really stood out to me. 

Then that night on the miprocin i had this beautiful vision of a door, that would bend and contract and i saw it opening, thinking it as a gateway that we were stepping through like a portal Into another world. This other world was here, in the now, inner stillness deep stillness, pure present vision. I realized i was the door and the gateway all along. we’re creating the new paradigm right now and we all have the choice to open that door ourselves. There are some more aware than others but if you’ve been paying attention things are truly changing and shaping our new paradigm. We are building the foundation right now as we learn to step into ourselves and reclaim our minds. 

Now the dream i was still questioning even in this state and it just came to me….Remember winter and how we felt we were stuck in old memories? That’s because many are still stuck in their old memories and are choosing to pick a direction to take! Some of the collective is still stuck in 3rd dimensional thinking and they are stuck within their old memories not realizing that when they are present and embrace inner stillness they are already free. We are creating the new paradigm with our ACTIONS in the now! This is also why manifestation is getting much easier because when we operate from the NOW, we can manifest with the law of attraction. That dream i had about teleporting into a black void space/darkness was because that world isn’t created yet! We’re stepping out of the 3rd paradigm to awaken the new, We’re READY to start creating our new reality but we can’t do this alone we have to do this together.

We have to think about this from both standpoints. We are a collective mind and if people who are still trapped in 3d fears start thinking in fear in the higher paradigm those fears would manifest into reality. All is projection all is mind. Your soul is a co-creator of the multiverse and what you think and desire is what you project into your world, your reality. What we think we become, Life is very magical ;)

You cannot let fear rule your reality any longer, the past is over, don’t let old memories haunt you and rule your life. Stop being on recycle! Our karmic bonds are released if you let them.  It is time to start creating our dreams, our wishes, our desires, our peace of mind into this reality. Don’t let fear define you anymore, you are free. 

The future isnt written and it is yours for the taking, how do you wish to see it, how do you want to create the new world, how do you want to see the new paradigm? this is what you want to ask yourself and tell yourself, write a list of things that are holding you back and then write a list of positive affirmations of what you want to create, who do you want to be, what do you want to do, where do you want to live,etc. We need to impact ourselves with NEW IDEAS and NEW EXPERIENCES to clear the old memories and wipe out the karmic ones. If we were Neo in the Matrix we would be getting the “reboot” program which is why we keep seeing repeats and deja vu. Do you feel stuck in a rut or stagnant? This is because you are still deciding on a direction to take. It’s like after the procession, we entered a point of blank slate and many didn’t see that ascension definitely DID happen. Well what would happen if we were to align with a new Paradigm? Our old memories would surface for clearing because we would see we don’t need our karmic bonds anymore! 

This is high tide those that are awakened and see the truth to step into their grace and truth. Reclaim yourselves and your multifaceted soul. Realize the multidimensional being that you are and are becoming if not already. the barriers are lifted and your chains are released, the alignment is in place, the gateway is open, and it is time you realize you are the Door all along. 

Ascension is here, Ascension is you. The ticket to ascension is seeing that you have already ascended into the NOW. the present moment, see that you are the vehicle connecting the bridge between the spiritual world and material world to operate your consciousness at a higher oscillate. You are the one you’ve been looking for, the answers are inside of you as the universe is inside of you. We are creating a new universe and a new paradigm that is awakening the new evolution of this planet’s crystalline core structure. The veil is breaking and our old memories are returning to be cleared, our energy is changing as our nervous system is also changing. The new structures are in place and now we are learning to walk now that we have learned who we are as  infinite co-creators of reality. 

This message will either bring harmony or cognitive dissonance, but either way it’s bound to shake a few of you and see that it is time we stop living in our past and stop hitting replay, it’s time to hit play and let our present actions by choice create our reality. We are all made for this potential within ourselves, we need to communicate, we need to open ourselves up, we need to listen to others frequencies and see the mirror of ourselves within them. We are all ONE collective mind, each versica piscis linking to the next to create The Tree of Life within the multiverse. It is time to believe in not only ourselves but the faith of the universe for we are one <3

Don’t get stuck in your own blackhole ;)

Instead learn to stay conscious in the 


Imagine. believe. create.

love <3


Harurin Honeymoon 2k15: Iwami – Tokyo – Sydney

And then it ends.

Today we’ll embark on a journey back home, spending some 20 hrs in total on a plane to Finland via Singapore. It’s been almost three weeks since we left, and so much has happened in that time; so many things I both had and had not planned for, both in good as in bad. Luckily, the good scale by far outweighs the bad, making this one of the most memorable trips I have had in my life.

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Destination Australia #10

Destination Australia- Part Ten

Past parts and other fics

It’s me!

Firstly, I am so, so so sorry for my absence, writing front. As some of you already know, Im not very good at the moment, mental health wise, and I haven’t wanted that to reflect in anything I’m writing.
However I’ve also been quite lonely, and you guys are the best source of company so I wanted to keep going with this! Reading some of your amazing fics has kept me inspired and involved in Finn and Rae’s lives <3
I thought I’d bring us all back into the story with a cameo from my favourite character ;)

Finn Nelson is a guitar playing beauty living in London with his father. He spends his time busking on the streets to raise enough money to fly out to Australia, planning on travelling and playing his music there. Giving into his father’s requests to find a more reliable source of income while saving up, Finn begins work at Armando’s. Here he meets sassy but awestriking Rae Earl, who immediately captures Finn’s attention, though he doesn’t realise just how much… Rae is being quite ‘hot and cold’ with Finn and he has no idea why, and when his brother James arrives ‘coincidentally’ to visit from uni, he makes Rae seem even more unattainable…

Finn enters his pin into the hole in the wall, actually excited for the first time in ages to see what his balance was. He’s also very anxious- so anxious he was sure his finger shook a little as he pressed the ‘check balance’ button. 
Today his very first paycheck from Armando’s had been paid into his account,  and it would show him just how much longer he would have to wait before being able to purchase his ticket to Australia. He was hoping to be able to earn enough by March, to be flying out early April. With it being October 1st already, he feared it would take longer but as long as he’d earned at least one hundred in the month he’d been at the cafe, he was sure his father would aid him toward the £500 total as a Christmas present.
When the little screen finally loaded, Finn had to look it over several times to ensure he had read it correctly. When he was sure what he was seeing was correct,  a large smile grew on his face.
That was of course a total consisting of his shifts and the meagre amount he’d earned busking, but he hadn’t even deposited the money Elaine had given him out of the open mic yet- at this rate he’d be able to afford a ticket and buy his friends and family good presents for Christmas.

Finn walked to work that Tuesday morning with a spring in his step, confident for the first time that year that Australia was really going to happen. The weekend had dragged, mainly 
because Elaine had closed the shop for three days after the open mic to spend time with family she had in town. Finn had spent most of his weekend avoiding James- in fear of punching him in the face and upsetting his dad.
After Finn had played at the open mic things had been different. Rae had spoken to Finn with a small smile on her face (and flushed cheeks from the bottle of wine she had consumed), participating in conversations about music for most of the night, and when James had asked her if she’d wanted to go out for coffee the next day, she had smiled but declined politely. 
So, by the time Finn was due back at work, he was still extremely confused though quite relived, happy, hopeful for the next week with Rae, and already in need of a night out…
And it was only Tuesday. 

He walked to work as fast as possible, getting there earlier than he probably should’ve, but he was so tired of being in the house with his dad and the dick that he needed a new environment.
To be honest, he’d missed the cafe and Elaine… Though maybe a major factor was him wanting to see how Rae would talk to him.


“Hello Mr.guitar, you’re here very early.” Elaine sang cheerily as Finn entered, her eyes crinkling fondly as she took in his reddened cheeks from the cold and wind swept fringe. “looks cold out there today. Coffee?”
Finn chuckled and accepted her offer gladly, feeling slightly miserable at having to take off his coat in exchange for an apron but glad it was fairly warm in the cafe. He sat at the bar, thanking her as she handed his a mug over which warmed his chilly hands. They were just exchanging pleasantries when another cold gust of wind flew in as the door opened.
Rae entered, seeming to search the shop with her eyes. Finn’s chest tightened when he noticed the smile that appeared on her face as her eyes landed on him. They held each other’s gazes for a second or two; a secret exchange of their new friendship, and Finn instantly felt they were back to how they were the morning of Ben’s party- before Chloe, before James, before he was beginning to think he were never going to get any closer to her.
As she came closer her attention switched to Elaine.
‘Hey’ She smiled at the woman, unwinding the black and grey scarf she was wearing from around her neck. Finn noticed a glow in her cheeks, partly from the cold but it seemed from something else, and the dark circles that were usually under her eyes had gone.
‘Hello my dear, how are you today?’ Elaine asked with raised eyebrows, surprised that Rae was actually stopping to speak instead of going straight through to the back.
This must have been obvious to Rae for she chuckled before replying ‘Yes, I’m good thank you’. She gave Finn another small smile before leaving. Finn however was left gobsmacked, his eyes wide as he turned back to Elaine. She was smirking back at him, and eyebrow raised questioningly. He knew what she was thinking- How’d he manage to break the glorious ice queen?- because he was thinking it himself. All he’d done was sing a song about how she pissed him off but simultaneously turned him on; realistically it should have scared her off forever. Therefore all he had to offer was a helpless shrug in response.

The rest of the day went by similarly, with Finn and Rae not really speaking to each other often- they were far too busy to start with- but they still shared looks and smiles across the room. Finn still had no idea what spurred the change within Rae, but he certainly wasn’t going to question it.
At lunch, she had sat shoulder to shoulder with him at the bar, laughing at his noises her was making over his cheese and pickle sandwich and pretending to protest when he stole grapes from her fruit salad. He pretended not to notice the tingles that spread throughout the entire of his arm pressed against hers, and ignored Elaine who was very clearly watching them in amusement from the kitchen door. Even more so he tried to ignore the niggling feeling that this was too good to be true, that any second Rae was going to snap out of it and walk away.
‘Are you really trying to tell me you’ve never played Wonderwall to impress a girl?’ Rae asked, pulling him back into the now.
‘I honestly haven’t. I’ve thought about it, but I think it’s so overplayed these days any girl I sang it to would just laugh in my face.’
‘Haha true…’
‘So, do you have any hobbies? What do you get up to when you’re not here?’ Finn asked, desperate to know more about the raven haired beauty before she disappeared on him.
‘Not really, apart from music’ She grinned, for he already knew about that.
‘I’ve seen you writing here sometimes, is it poetry? or your own music?’
At this Rae tensed a little, taking in a harsh breath and looking away. Though before Finn had time to worry whether he had overstepped the mark she reached timidly for his hand resting on the bar, and stroked his little finger with hers. His heart felt like it had enlarged three times its usual size and he was thankful for the customer that came in and broke the moment, for it was beating so hard he could feel it in his ears and forehead.  
Finn took a few deep breaths the shake himself up, and then looked over to see if it was a regular that had come in. To his surprise he found Rae had frozen only a few steps away from where they were sat, and was glaring at the tall bald-headed man that had entered. I waited a few seconds for Rae to say something, before deciding to assist the amused looking man myself.
‘Hello there sir, can I help you at all?’ I smiled, noticing Rae glare at me before narrowing her eyes back at the gentlemen. Perhaps she knew him?
‘Hello, I was hoping for a coffee? And maybe a bite to eat?’ He asked, and Finn noticed a slight welsh accent lingering in his voice.
‘No!’ Rae cried at the same time Finn had cheerily begun with ‘Of course sir…’ Instinctively Finn reached for Rae, wanting to stop whatever had caused her panic.
‘What’s up Rae?’
She looked at him then, seeming to calm herself down. She glanced at his hand, watching his thumb make small circles he wasn’t even aware he was tracing on her arm. ‘…Er, no, I mean, no I can serve this…gentleman’ she seemed to struggle with that word as she gave another glare to the man who was now grinning at us both ‘you can go finish your lunch Finn’
He took her word for it, giving her arm one last reassuring squeeze before nodding at the man and returning to the bar. However on his leaving he didn’t miss Rae’s hushed whispers to the gentleman.
‘What the bloody eff are you doing here? This is so overstepping boundaries!’
‘I don’t know what you’re taking about’ The man said, ruining Rae’s effect of whispering ‘I’m just here for a drink Rae…’
Finn was now too far away to hear, but he watched, puzzled, as Rae dragged the poor man to a table, still whispering harshly at him. The man himself still looked very amused, and kept looking up over at Finn from time to time. Eventually, with a look of despair from Rae, the gentleman sat down, and she came back over to Finn.
‘Is he a family member or something?’ Finn asked, wondering why the man was so amused when Rae was clearly not happy at him being there. Rae looked at him startled, then smiled wearily.
‘Oh, uh yeah…it’s my uncle…uncle Kester… he wanted to come in and embarrass me, you know what families are like’
That he did…
Throughout the hour that this Kester man was here, Rae was very clearly on edge, and he hardly took his eyes off of Finn (and how Rae interacted with Finn)- though he was trying to hide it by getting out a newspaper. For some reason Finn didn’t 100% believe Rae about him being her uncle, and so when curiosity had finally got the better of him (and Rae had gone into the kitchen) he decided to go over.
‘Hello sir, is there anything else I can get for you?’ Finn asked as he approached. Rae’s ‘uncle’ looked surprised to see Finn standing there, and glanced at the doors Rae had disappeared into before answering with a wry smile.
‘No thank you… Finn, isn’t it? Rae’s told me so much about you’ he said, then looked very guilty all of a sudden.
‘Good things I hope’ Finn joked, though he secretly just felt very smug at the idea of Rae talking about him when he wasn’t around ‘Are you on Rae’s mother’s side or father?’
Kester narrowed his eyes at Finn slightly, giving him another mysterious smile ‘Her Mothers… Finn, could I give you some advice?’
This puzzled Finn even more, but he consented anyway.
‘Be patient with her’ Kester warned, glancing once more at the kitchen doors ‘She’s a tough cookie, and it’ll take time for her to let her guard come down… Once it does, make sure you don’t do anything that might bring it back up. Once it is, you’ll almost never get it back down.’
Kester stood up at that moment, handing Finn a twenty and telling him to keep the change before leaving.


‘So, your uncle seemed nice’ Finn started, as him and Rae retrieved their coats. Rae scoffed, then looked a little worried.
‘Uh yeah he’s okay… we’re not really close’
‘Really? He seemed to know you well…’
Rae’s eyes narrowed ‘Did you speak to him about me?’
‘Uh, not really’ Finn said, panicked. It was true, he himself hadn’t said anything about her ‘He seems to really care about you though.’
‘Yeah… I guess he does’ Rae smiled to herself, picking up her scarf.  The two of them left the café together, and Finn found a little piece of bravery from somewhere.
‘Uh, Rae… Do you fancy… doing something? Like if you’re not busy?’

A moment passed as Rae bit her lip (something that made Finn a little dizzy) until she finally smiled a little.
‘Yeah, why not?’

There were probably millions of mistakes in this, but yay, im back!!!

This probably sucked and I can understand if any of you don’t want to be tagged anymore, just give me a shout :) xx

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Meryl and Maks Daily Recap September 20, 2014

Hey fam! Karla ( ksiouxw ) asked me to write the recap for her today so she could spend a little time off Tumblr today for her birthday, which hopefully was amazing! It was definitely a great day aboard the ship, so let’s get right to the recap!

After the excitement of Jenna’s beach picture last night, Maks posted a beach video where he filmed mostly sand and waves, panning to his face at the end (which, let’s admit, is the most beautiful scenery in that video). Meryl liked it only a minute later, implying that she was, shall we say, notified of its posting very quickly :)

Meryl also retweeted the beach picture as well as posting a quote: “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive-to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”~Aurelius. Again with the inspiration (and the love quotes. Thinking of someone in particular, Meryl?)

We also had some interesting things from Serge today. First of all, congratulations to our very own trocoloca for completing a dance lesson with Serge today. I’m looking forward to reading the recap of this one. Also, Serge posted a picture of himself with Alla, who I believe is his girlfriend. He added the caption, “how @maksimc likes to put it, ‘the best thing that has ever happened to me.’” Later, as if that caption itself wasn’t enough to kill us all, he favorited a comment on Twitter saying that the best thing that ever happened to Maks was Meryl. Confirmation, anyone? :)

Jenna then posted a picture of herself and Meryl on the steps at the beach, giving photo creds to Maks. We can only pray that more pictures of this type surface over the next few days.

We also had an interaction on Twitter between Maks, Meryl, and Jenna. Maks commented on Jenna’s original beach picture, saying, “Oh, it’s on now! Good luck, J!” Then, five minutes later, Meryl commented, “Um, you know I’ve got you both in this game, right?” Not only could this turn into a fun little photo war (grab the popcorn) but it also seems that given the short time frame between Maks and Meryl’s tweets that they were indeed together again. Given that a fan spotted Meryl at the airport today, I’d imagine they were laughing over this on the way to the airport. And for the record, I’m betting on Meryl winning this one.

We also had a picture tonight from the window of Meryl’s plane with a quote from Virgil, “All our sweetest hours fly fastest.” I’m trying not to read into it, but let’s face it, we’re all reading into it.

All in all, today was a fantastic ending to a beautiful week. In sum, we are all banana dead and trying to fight our way out of giant landfills of Puffs Softpacks. I look forward to what more goodness they can give us!

Well, it seems that’s all for today. It’s been a pleasure being your substitute recapper once again, I love you all. Maksyl on and enjoy your night!

-Kendall :)

The Siren Call of Setlock- Retrospective #2: “What Happened, John?”

Part III of the SML’s Setlock Retrospective

Is Ella Back?

6th April 2016

One single tweet set off more of the fandom’s speculations, as you’ll find often happens. ;) Tanya Moodie, the actor who plays Ella (John’s therapist, appearing in A Study in Pink and The Reichenbach Fall) tweeted that she was off to film Sherlock in Cardiff here.

This prompted @theymakemagic to wonder if we could be seeing flashbacks to John’s time in therapy (x). This idea was then expanded on by @to-johnlock-hell-in-a-handbasket here  with her suggesting that we could see a series of scenes showing John’s therapy appointments after Sherlock’s ‘death.’ The timing of these possible unseen appointments was explained by her saying:

“ella is important. because you know how john talked to sholto about going to therapy and how it helped him? he certainly wasn’t talking about therapy before sherlock. and not about that one miserable session we saw.”

Elementary, then. Presumably the therapy appointments John found helpful have already taken place in between The Reichenbach Fall and The Empty Hearse. Will we be a future fly on the wall for those sessions? Only time will tell.

Furthermore, @propergenius speculated here about what revealing conversation John and Ella may have had. @billylock also deduced here that the return of Ella might mean a point of view switch for Series 4. There is a general fandom consensus that Series 3 is mostly told from Sherlock’s perspective (and The Abominable Bride of course, is almost entirely in Sherlock’s own mind). So, the re-appearance of Ella could signify the audience going back to seeing John’s side of the story.

And, we’re not done with Tanya Moodie’s tweets yet. Allow me to briefly jump ahead to the 16th of April, where @victorianlovers spotted some curious tweets made by Tanya Moodie. She analyses them here, suggesting that this could be a hint for Ella comparing John’s relationship with Mary alongside his relationship with Sherlock.

@miadifferent was also on the case with some spectacular sleuthing about Ella’s office. See here to spot the differences between the office in A Study in Pink and The Reichenbach Fall, and a possible new location for any scenes with Ella in Series 4.

But, it wasn’t all just about Ella. A day earlier on the 5th April, we got a Cardiff sighting of a masked character being filmed (x), dressed in a costume very similar that of Mary’s black assassin attire in His Last Vow. I combined both @miadifferent’s above musings and the possibility of this character being Mary in a speculative ficlet here, implying that Mary has been spying on John during his therapy appointments.

@cupidford also speculated about the masked character being Mary here. So, we now have the possibility of part of Series 4 Episode 1 bridging the gap between The Reichenbach Fall and The Empty Hearse for both John and Mary…

Harry Gostelow’s casting is announced

Now, don’t worry, there’s more to come in the very near future about our reaction to who Harry Gostelow will play in Sherlock. For now, let me just say that even before we had concrete facts, the brilliantly rapid pace speculation begins as to who he could be playing. @johnnlocked remarked on how Harry looked visually similar to Mark Gatiss especially, and so speculated that he could be playing the role of ‘The Other One’ here. ‘The Other One’ of course refers to the as of yet unidentified character Mycroft mentions in His Last Vow, and who has been widely assumed in fandom to be another Holmes sibling.

@miadifferent also threw in the suggestion of Harry playing Mycroft and Sherlock’s Uncle Rudy, a character also mentioned by Mycroft in His Last Vow. @isitandwonder brought some fun to the proceedings by bouncing off @miadifferent‘s thought, and telling us to listen to a particularly apt song for Uncle Rudy. ;) Please feel free to enjoy The Pretenders’ ‘A Message to you Rudy’ here, before we delve into even more intriguing speculation… 

A First Date at the Mint and Mustard?

7th April 2016

Arwel was back at it again with mysterious tweets! Luckily, this prompted some fantastic collaborative detective work here between @miadifferent, @cupidford and @thesetison to work out the location of Arwel’s tweet: John and Mary’s flat, with Arwel possibly hinting at a nursery for Baby Watson being created.

Fandom was also set ablaze with one of the first pictures of proper filming being posted online. Here are the first pictures of John and Mary presumably out for a meal at the Mint and Mustard restaurant.

Thoughts turned to this being a flashback scene, with @hudders-and-hiddles posting the idea here that this may very well be showing John and Mary’s first date. I was inspired by this thought, and also wrote an idea centred on what that first date may have signified here.

Finally, we end with a mind-blowing connection made by @deducingbbcsherlock, related to the Mint and Mustard restaurant and the woman known as Mary Morstan. Yes, that’s all I’m going to tell you: just click here and be enlightened and amazed!

Phew- a lot of stuff for us to think about there! And it’s only going to get even more mind-boggling as setlock goes on… Once again, thank you to @thesetison‘s fantastic daily setlock recaps, which you can find posted by filming date here.

Until the next time- happy setlocking!

~Jenna xxx | @Jenna_221b


Fashion Week is here again! And because it snuck up so quickly since this past September, February Fashion Week always feels more brutal. It is freezing outside, shows are now all over Manhattan, and we all have a lot of other projects on our very full plates to focus on as it is still the beginning of the year. So, I pulled together my personal 10 tips for surviving Fashion Week in the PR world:

  1. Divide and conquer the shows amongst your team. You can’t do it all. Everyone should split up shows and own those particular PR/designer contacts, press lists, call sheets, recaps, etc.
  2. Be proactive and pull together show inspiration or any info your press will need backstage prior to the show so you aren’t doing it after the show when what you should be doing is going home to rest or getting other work done.
  3. Be organized. Know which press are coming to which show, etc, so there are fewer surprises. If you have all of your info ahead of time, you’ll be prepared for what takes place at the show.
  4. Know which reviews matter most to your client(s) and designate someone to media monitor for them. If that person is you, set Google alerts around your show(s) so you can keep up with real time reviews, and make sure you pick up WWD, NYT, etc every morning to stay on top of the reviews for your show and others before your client asks.
  5. Dress properly. You are schlepping from one show to another, hailing taxis in the bitter cold, and standing on your feet for hours at a time. Fashion and function can coexist, so dress warm and WEAR FLAT SHOES. I promise, your feet will thank you at the end of a very long, grueling day. You can also chase streakers off the runway!
  6. Eat. It’s that simple. When we get so busy, we forget the most important thing we can do for ourselves, which is nourish our bodies. Eat and drink plenty of water at the very least. A dehydrated publicist backstage cannot function at the top of her game. And if you don’t want to get sick, you need to make sure you are fed and have the energy you need to get through the shows.
  7. Take vitamins and drink green juice instead of coffee. Unless you want to get sick…
  8. SLEEP. You may have to skip an afterparty or two. I promise you, they are all the same. Go home and sleep, especially if your body is telling you it is exhausted. You won’t make it through the week if you don’t get enough rest, or you will, but you’ll suck at your job and be kind of useless to your team.
  9. One word: Uber.
  10. Finally, just enjoy it. There are plenty of things to enjoy about Fashion Week, as rough as it can be. The excitement, energy, creativity, and brilliance that takes place can be really inspiring, so take it all in, breathe, and keep in mind it that it is only a few weeks, twice a year. If you set your sights on the finish line, you’ll power through in no time.


What’s your Fashion Week survival tip? Tweet me at theprcloset and share your #1 tip…