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Hi! Could you do a SPN-fic where the reader burns herself accidentally in some way, maybe by cooking or spilling hot water on herself and Lucifer makes it better by blowing his cool breath over the wound or placing his cold hands on it and then heals her

Yes! Of course.

Name: Unexpected Guest

You are standing in your kitchen, making something for dinner. Exhausted after a long day, you hold the kettle with both hands, honestly afraid that you may let it go and burn yourself, when you hear the voice from behind.

“You know, it is very funny…”

“Damn it!” startled, you let go of the kettle, it hits the table, and the hot water spills all over your hands. “Lucifer!”

“Oh?” you roll your eyes and put the hurt hands under the cold water, trying not to whimper. But you do, as the skin starts hurting even more, and the blisters start to form.

“Lucifer, you are…” you really want to curse him (and possible kill), when the angel walks up to you and looks at the hands.

“Does that hurt?” before you manage to answer something sarcastic and extremely not nice, he takes your hands and gently blows at the skin, covering it with a thin layer of ice. You sigh and almost fall on the floor, overwhelmed with the relief, but Lucifer catches you with his free hand and helps you stand. He slowly puts a palm on the hurt skin. “Look me in the eye, won’t you?”

“Why?” you ask, looking at the eyes, as his hand starts emitting the light, slowly healing your hand.

“Because this light may make you blind, you little human,” a second later, Lucifer lets go of your hand and steps back, letting you see the clean, soft skin, as he starts grinning, biting the tip of his finger.

“Uhm… Thanks,” you slowly stroke the skin, not believing that the hand is already well. “Thank you.”

“It was my fault, wasn’t it?” you nod slowly, and Lucifer laughs. “Is it that surprising?”

“But it is gone!” he grabs your hand, so you almost jump, not expecting him to do it. Lucifer gently tickles the skin, running his fingers up to the elbow.

“Of course it is gone. Any other questions?”

“How did you do it?” he smiles, pushing you towards the oven. “C’mon!”

“Angelic powers, Y/N. Go get your dinner, won’t you?” you murmur something about the cryptic angels, when Lucifer helps you get the food out, his hands next to yours, almost touching you. You leave the plates on the table, still followed by Lucifer, feeling his breath with the back of your neck.

“Are you trying to embarrass me?” you ask finally. He giggles - you feel how his breath tickles your skin, as Lucifer leaves his hands on your shoulders, hardly touching you.

“No. I am trying to annoy you.”

“Not successfully, huh?” you rapidly turn around to face him and momentarily regret it, realizing that the distance between your nose and the face of the very annoying angel is too little. He takes a step back.

“I believe…” you nod, turning back to your food, when you hear a quiet clap and realize that he has left.

“How did I even get stuck with this idiot?” you ask the wall. The wall doesn’t answer.

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Hello! What species of tarantula is Spidey, and, because I have never even been near a tarantula, what does it feel like when you hold one, and if they walk on you? (I don't really like arachnids crawling on me in general, so that's why I ask). Sorry if this is anything you've answered before, you don't seem to have an FAQ and it says are still working on your informational links on the side. BTW, Spidey's pretty cute :)

Aww thank you, I will tell Spidey that you said she’s cute (she loves compliments, especially on Sundays :3). And you’re right, I should totally have a FAQ about her lol. 

Spidey is a chilean rose hair (g. rosea). She’s a very common species, but very special. As for having a tarantula walking on you, I would describe it as MAGICAL!!! Honestly, tarantulas are more like little kittens than anything else. I was scared of spiders, too…and was even more scared of letting Spidey crawl on me. I barely breathed the first time I held her and let her crawl on me but they are so gentle and furry it’s hard not to enjoy it and be totally fascinated. I kind of forget she’s a spider sometimes bc she is so big and hairy lol. 

Tarantulas are THE SOFTEST and a lot of them are shy (like Spidey). As long as you don’t scare them, they are pretty calm and like to slowly walk on your arms and hands (some species are very fast though). Their little spider feet feel funny and kind of tickle :) They’re very light, too. It’s like having a little fur angel tap dancing on you lol. 

Hope that answered it!

My Darling Mama,

The baby clothes have all arrived, and they really are quite exquisite. I do not feel that I can ever thank you enough for giving me such a lovely present, but at any rate, it is very much appreciated. The day frocks are too angelic, and the little sheets I examine all day! I do thank you so much very much; you are far too kind and give me such divine things.

I am just sitting here waiting now, though I don’t think it will make an appearance for another two or three weeks. It is very dull, but I haven’t got very long to wait now, and Bertie is being angelic, and so understanding.

I expect Windsor must be looking delicious, and I hope you are having a rest after your more than strenuous winter, and all its anxiety.

With much love darling Mama, and again a thousand thanks from your loving daughter in law


—  Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (then Duchess of York) in a letter to Queen Mary, April 12, 1926. The letter was sent while Elizabeth was pregnant with her first child, Princess Elizabeth, later Elizabeth II; nine days later, the Queen would be born!
I am not an angel and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself. You must neither expect nor exact anything celestial of me – for you will not get it.
—  Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre