and venus loves plants


🍀 Oxalis in Magic! 🍀

🌱 Oxalis is a very common plant, and a great natural resource for beginning witches because of that!

🌱 Oxalis is bound to Venus and Earth, love and home respectively. This makes the plant perfect for home protection and similar spells home oriented.

🌱 They are also commonly mistaken for clovers! Which makes them great for glamours, they are able to masquerade as something other than themself without trying. The glamour can be made for love especially, because of the ties to Venus mentioned earlier.

🌱 They can be used for luck, not only because of their looks relating to clovers, but because of their own lucky and abundant properties. Use in money and wealth spells for abundance and prosperity, as well as luck spells! 

🌱 These plants spread deep roots, which means they can help you with grounding. They are good to eat so consider eating some and grounding yourself before big magical endeavors!

🍀Overall we can see that Oxalis is a very versatile plant, used for love, luck, home, abundance, grounding, glamours. So go out and collect some!🍀

Happy Witching!✨

Danny Phantom Pokemon Teams

-Danny Fenton/Phantom-

Starter: Decidueye
Haha, a halfa for a halfa, right? A Pokemon that apparently half dies when it reaches its final evolution.

- Lunatone - in reference to Danny’s love of space

- Staraptor/Swellow - dark in coloration, but not a dark type. A tie because they both have the contrasting colors and are both flying types.

- Arcanine/Houndoom - Danny loves dogs- another tie because either could fit.

- Starmie line - another space reference…it is believed that this line of Pokemon can communicate with..something up there. No one knows.

- Marowak - I can see Danny relating to this Pokemon for some reason…though they’re circumstances are similar, both know what it feels like to be left alone.

Sam Manson

Starter: Greninja
Remember who tried to save the frogs haha. Joking aside though, Greninja’s aesthetic fits Sam quite well. Especially the shiny-

- Honchkrow - A dark flying type…need I say more?

- Galvantula - A giant spider- bug/electric. Some of these are pretty obvious as you can see. Ariados would make a good candidate as well if you’re willing to trade electric for poison.

- Carnivine - A venus flytrap pokemon. Sam loves plants and…nature in general.

- Gothitelle - It’s in the name though… surprisingly, this Pokemon is not a dark type.

- Mismagius - You know I had to throw a ghost in here. A mismagius matches Sam’s aesthetic perfectly.

Tucker Foley

Starter: Salamence
Tucker was a hard one to decide for. Though, I figured he’d go for the sleek looking Pokemon. It was this guy or Emboar honestly… aesthetically, none of them match Tucker tbh.

- Magnezone - Prepare to see a few steel or electric types here. Or in this case, a mix of both. The Magnemite line as a whole would be a good Tucker fit.

- Porygon - A Pokemon that was born from a computer. Need I say more.

- Cofagrigus - Egypt anyone? It’s pretty obvious haha

- Heliolisk - Another electric type. Electric-Normal actually. An interesting combo to say the least.

- Vikavolt - A highly geometrically shaped bug type. This guy’s extra sleek and kinda fancy looking. And it’s typing fits Tucker. Plus, its preevolutions - Grubbin and Charjabug are modeled after batteries.

Just something to satiate boredom and maybe…give me ideas of my own for teams. Keep in mind, I am not a competitive Pokemon player.

Venus Jar Spell

Hey guys, this spell has been sitting in my google drive for a while. Its supposed to be potent as crap, if you follow these steps closely this will be pretty powerful. I made this originally for dealing with very negative entities and approaching it with love and care. 

WARNING!! I would not recommend replacing this jar with any medications or using it to permanently deal with negative problematic entities. Use at your own discretion 



Comfrey leaf





Venus Water (Put water out to charge anytime Venus is in the sky)

White coloring

Glitter (white, or bright colors)


Pink ribbon or thread


White, pink, and yellow candle


Very small mirror or other reflective object

Prepare everything, bless four tea candles, two with love, and two with happiness. Prepare a circle. Make sure all the ingredients are organized and neat, be in a space that is relatively clean. After completing the circle, meditate in silence or to calming music for 5 minutes to clear of all negative energies. Make sure not to completely wipe away all of your energy, you need the positive ones. Light the tea candles and white candle (center) the pink candle (right) and the yellow candle (left) and recite these words with the empty bottle in your hand.

“By the blessings of the Moon you will feel

By the blessings of Ceres you will feel nurturing

By the blessings of Venus you will feel nurturing love

With this bottle in hand

One will be in the caring embrace of these positive energies.

Any negative energies will be absorbed by this motherly blackhole

And instead of disappearing,

These energies will be transformed into positive energy,

and turned back to its sender.”

Now set the bottle down and take your charged Venus Water, start carefully and with a loving energy, pour the water into the bottle. Visualize all the things that make you happy, all the people you love, and take that energy transferring it from your core, through your hands, and into the water that is now going into the bottle. Try to be as gentle as possible in this part.

Afterwards, add your Iris into the bottle whilst saying : “Moon give us energy through this flower and this stone, make us feel.” Visualize what feeling literally feels like. As if you are touching it if you will. Then imagine the moon, how when you look at it you can feel its emotions. You are then going to take your moonstone and attach it to the side of the bottle left of the side facing you. Look at the stone and see its details, really inspect it, then imagine the moon itself transferring its energy into the bottle. Afterwards place a soft kiss on the stone and set the bottle down.

Next is Ceres, add the Comfrey leaf and say: “Ceres give us energy through this leaf and this quartz, make us nurture.” Now imagine anytime you have felt comforted, mothered, anything that helps you imagine nurturing. Take the jasper and attach it to the opposite side of the moonstone and imagine Ceres transferring its energy into the bottle while looking at the details of the stone. Then place a soft kiss and set the bottle down.

Lastly is Venus. Take the honeysuckle and say : “Venus give energy through this plant and this gem, make us love.” This part you should take the longest visualizing. Imagine anytime you felt love, now instead of only imagining love, remember the heartbreak, the sadness from love, or the lack of love etc. Remember all of those memories and thank them for teaching you a valuable lesson about love, you are the one who controls it. You can give love, it is an endless supply of energy. Now take all the love you can possibly manifest and softly blow into the bottle, releasing all the energy through your breath and into the bottle. Take the emerald and attach it on the side in between the jasper and moonstone. Look at the emerald and imagine Venus transferring its energy into the bottle. Softly kiss it then set the bottle down.

Next take your mirror and place it into the bottle, say: “Any and all energy’s this bottle receives, whether it from being near by or given to directly, will be transformed into nurturing love and sent back to its source through this mirror.”

Now it’s time for the fun part, making it look nice. Make sure it is light colors with a white base. Add the white coloring in, make it look milky, then add the glitter. Enough to see it swirl when you shake it. Now once it looks pretty, place the cork inside the bottle and seal it with the white, yellow, and pink candle wax (I would glue the cork in before putting wax over it to ensure no leakage will occur) now take the ribbon or string and tie two knots on both ends, attach the bells then tie the string/ribbon around the neck of the bottle. The bells ensure a quicker dispersion of the energies inside the bottle to come out when one shakes it.

After the ribbon is tied set the bottle down gently and draw the sigil of Venus on paper. Then take the flame from the white candle and burn the paper below the bottle, be sure to turn the bottle around every direction so the heat touches the whole bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands and recite these words again

“By the blessings of the Moon you will feel

By the blessings of Ceres you will feel nurturing

By the blessings of Venus you will feel nurturing love

With this bottle in hand

One will be in the caring embrace of these positive energies.

Any negative energies will be absorbed by this motherly blackhole

And instead of disappearing,

These energies will be transformed into positive energy,

and turned back to its sender.”

Set the bottle down and say

“I thank all the energies, entities, and spirits that came to help me in making this ritual happen

You have my gratitude

You are free to go and happy blessings be upon you”

Then blow out the candles, starting with the main three, then the small 4.

Clean up as necessary

How to use:

Anytime you feel sad, or just need to a pick me up, take the bottle and before shaking it dump all of your negative energy into it. Then shake it (not too hard). To charge it set it under the moon for a night or you can run a damp white rag over the bottle (the rag is soaked in Venus water). Do not get bottle soaked in water or submerged, if you cleanse it with the rag immediately dry it off.

Send me pics if you use this spell! I’d love to see how it turns out!

not tagged by anyone but i tag myself 

name: Jack

nickname: Jack
birth month: March

height: 6′2″
ethnicity: Cuban/Argentinian 

orientation: Gayish

favorite fruit: GRAPEFRUIT! GOJI berries! fuji apples. mango with chili powder. banana! COCONUT water! 
favorite season: Springtime is my favorite time of the year. i love all the blooming flowers and the fresh air. people are happier.
favorite book: LOVE BOOKS! anything by lionel shriver, mary roach…joan didion. i love all of john waters’ books. valley of the dolls. the vegetarian. helter skelter. i love dick! the cat in the hat! bear by marian engel! anything by nora nephron…and so on
favorite flower: cherry blossoms! red roses! aloe plants! venus fly traps!
favorite animal: love all animals but i love my doggies so much. and i think all reptiles are beautiful.
favorite beverage: COFFEE
hours of sleep: try to sleep a lot. if I can i can get a good 5-7 hrs. but i can honestly run on less than 3 hours. saved up energy from years of caffeine and drug use
favorite fictional characters: valerie cherish is my favorite fictional character of all time.
number of blankets i sleep with: 1. and by the morning it will be between my legs. i hate feel confined by it in bed. 

dream trip: i love a good week long trip to a theme park, with a stack of cash to spend freely. i really wanna go to tokyo, though. or austin, texas.
blog created: just in general i’ve been on tumblr since 2009. its been a while, kids
follower count: a very shockingly low amount for how iconic i am. i prefer it. i would hate to have a huge amount of people on my ass at all times. i like my close knit group of friends here

Friday the 13th (May, 2016)


  • Friday (Venus) - love, compassion, healing, friendships, creativity, peace, unity, romance
    • Herbs, flowers, & plants: rose, yarrow, saffron, vanilla, thyme, cardamom, strawberry, sandalwood, lilac, lavender 
    • Crystals: jade, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, coral, emerald, malachite, copper, turquoise, peridot 
    • Colors: pink, peach, aqua, green
  • 13 - renewal, transformation, change, letting go
    • also relates to the Death card in Tarot 
  • First Quarter Moon - balance, decision-making, attraction, luck, prosperity, motivation, success

Magickal ideas for the day:

  1. General manifestation spells for power, luck, success, motivation, and prosperity (in the form of spell jars, sachets, enchanted items, etc.).
  2. Spell jars, sachets, or enchanted items for banishing personal bad habits and negativity towards self 
  3. Cleansing + self-love bath or shower using a blend of corresponding herbs and bath salts if you wish
  4. Crystal elixir for self-love or transformation 
  5. House cleaning using an herbal or floral water mixture 
  6. Knot spells to strengthen bonds using corresponding colors 
  7. Divination and scrying to aid in decision-making 
  8. A strawberry & vanilla self-love potion (a smoothie would be good in this weather)
  9. Reflective meditation with the scent of vanilla, lavender, or sandalwood incense 

I’m getting the impression that a lot of people in the tag want Robecca and Elle to duke it out or someth but instead imagine if they clicked instead and just instantly became BFF like

think about it, they meet and swap specs, and Robecca’s fascinated with Elle’s modern build and Elle loves Ro’s intricate antique design and they become sisters and come up with a secret language that no one else knows (except Ghoulia because the language is really just binary code) 

And if something breaks they just go to the other for help instead of having to truck all the way down to a electronic repair shop like they used to and sometimes they swap parts for fun, like some days Elle will borrow Ro’s rocket feet and Ro borrows whatever Elle’s got.  Her graphics card maybe.  To play video games, idk

Robecca learns how to program apps and C++ from Elle and Elle learns how to use a typewriter and how to set the time on her VHS player from Ro

I wouldn’t want them to fight I want them to hold each other’s pinkies, you’re supposed to teach robots to love not hate, hate is how The Matrix starts


Some photos I took of pretty plants at the Farmer’s Market recently. I love succulent plants. <3

We bought a Venus Flytrap (which is native to our state, North Carolina! Did you know that? I didn’t!) in the hopes they’d help eat some beetles that escape from Ash’s frog tanks onto her desk.  (Sadly, they don’t respond nearly fast enough to be effective… we tried.)