and veggies and shit


Even at the age of 16, I still think this rap is on point

people on twitter who do those gross food threads literally include every food imaginable they’ll be like “pickles are gross” “eggs are T E R R I B L E” “fruits and veggies taste nasty 😷💀” “how do y'all drink water?? shits awful” it’s just like… what the fuck do they eat

I’ve had too many evenings lately that I have eaten my emotions in sweets. Whole king sized chocolate bars, an entire bag of licorice, eaten in shame in my room before I go to sleep with a hurt stomach and low self esteem. I’ve gained back 10lbs in the last month this has been going on. I can see it, I can feel it, it’s in my way at yoga class. I’ve been meaning to post about it, but it’s hard sometimes to say it, here I am fucking up again. I eat so healthy all day, veggies, greens, fruits, then I do this stupid shit. Yesterday was the first day in awhile I didn’t indulge in said insanity, I need to make that the start of me doing better again. I need to deal with my feelings in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt my body and ultimately make me feel worse. I can do this, here we go, day 2….

Holocaust: Mass genocide, torture, enslavement, rape, experimentation

Factory farms: Mass genocide, torture, enslavement, rape, experimentation


The Neighbourhood // Jealou$y (feat. Casey Veggies & 100s) // #000000 & #FFFFFF

This is the shit that your baby loves too.
Promise that’ll make a baby with you,
Make a momma of you,
Ain’t no drama with you;
My baby brings heat like a momma does too.

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So anyway I got these a little while ago and I’d been wanting to try them for forever and when I ate them I was like, “huh, these are pretty good.” But I was wrong, they are fucking amazing and I have been craving them for days I had a goddamn dream about these veggie burgers I shit you not and tomorrow I’m gonna buy every last one Whole Foods has I swear to god.