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✧ Lussuria´s Pink-Interviews (official)✧ Part 3

Disclaimer: I do NOT own KHR! All rights go to Akira Amano-sensei.

Lussuria´s Pink-Interviews

(KHR! Volume 25)

Interview 3: Fran


Oh ho ho ho ho! ♪ How´s it going my dears? Do you usually drink protein shakes? Thereby you can take in lots of proteins in order to build up your muscles! ♡ I, your beloved sis Lussuria, always mix some protein powder into my milk every day! Ho ho, now you know something more about me! ♡ Alright, who is our guest today? Our pretty new member with the huge frog-head: Fran has arrived!


Lussuria: Woah, dear me! There´s another fluffy Pink-interview in this volume once again! Whereas it´s been ten whole years between this and the last interview in volume 24. And do you know why? That´s right, Fran is the newest member amongst us Varia-boys!

Fran: Hmm, your bizarre way of talking is really amazing me.

Lussuria: Wait, Fran, only our voices are recorded during the interview, but you should look into my eyes when talking to me! Or do you actually dislike me?!

Fran: Oh, no, you´re a pretty charming creature, Lussuria, apart from your appearance and your character.

Lussuria: „Creature“? How are you talking about me? And what´s left besides someones appearance and character?

Fran: Hmm, a scent, maybe? I mean, your smell resembles that type of flower I like.

Lussuria: Well, that´s nice and all, that you´re being so honest with your opinion. But whatever, let´s talk about the first question: how did you get around to the Varia? Go for it!

Fran: That was a bit like a casting. At first, commander Squalo approached me, Belphegor joined us and then both of them kidnapped me to Varia headquarters.

Lussuria: Kidnapped? What? We, the Varia, aren´t kidnappers, hey!

Fran: Yes you are. That dumb trash-commander swung his sword and that insane pseudo-prince threw his knives at me. Finally, they tied me up tightly and dragged me away. Pretty criminal, huh?

Lussuria: Well, that violent procedure is actually familiar to me already. I have to say, that´s typically Varia.

Fran: Back then, various things happened, which is why I´ve come to the decision to hunt that Bel down. Honestly, I hate him like the pest! Oops, that remark´s just between the two of us, alright?

Lussuria: Don´t worry, everyone knows already that you and Bel are like cat-and-dog.

Fran: That´s good.

Lussuria: But there´s one thing I´m wondering about: if you can´t stand some of the Varia-guys, why don´t you just run away from here? Perhaps your´re strong enough to escape from an assassin squad like us.

Fran: Hm, good question…why don´t I? Maybe because of my master…? Or wait…because the boss interests me…? Xanxus possesses not only the character of an incredible villain, but also true power, what I find quite fascinating.

Lussuria: You don´t say! So you have a crush on him, am I right?

Fran: Says only you, you perverted peacock-auntie!

Lussuria: Whoops? Peacock…what? But, I kind of like that name! Alright, that´s it for today´s interview! ♡


Hmm, I feel as if that was pretty short. I saw some people being really happy about these - glad you liked it!