and vaguely creepy

*kinda wishes Joker’s club looked more like this*


oh hey, there’s clear high quality global link artwork of all the gen 7 Pokemon now (except Marshadow) :D not the sugimori art but still official art that’s a lot more detailed than the tiny in game sprites!

I LOVE the sea stars’ gnarly little fangs and Shiinotic’s vaguely creepy blank Toad face.

I am now going to be forever and ever a hundred times more the advocate of “have you seen a doctor / professional first?” when people ask about any sort of medical issues in conjunction with witchcraft.

Violet didn’t want to open her eyes but she was already awake. The light was too bright and everything was so cold. What had happened to her? She couldn’t move and Violet found that she was strapped down to a cold steel table. What on earth?

The room was empty, sterile and far too bright. There was a light shining on her, in her eyes, blinding her. All the surfaces were what appeared to be stainless steel, and clinical. Where was she? Was this an operating room? An observation room?

The last thing she remembered was being at the club. She’d performed well and wowed the crowd. She was still in her burlesque gown and from what she could tell, her face was still painted. Or was that all a dream?

A quiet mechanical whirring could be heard and Violet noticed a tiny camera, staring at her from across the room. Who was watching her? She had so many questions. How did she get here? Who was watching her and what did they want?

Violet didn’t have long to ponder before a door opened and her eyes darted over to see who entered the room.

Can the fandom stop pretending Zeref is a good guy? He doesn’t care about anything other than having Natsu kill him and he’ll do anything to have that happen.
He was literally going to murder Makarov just to get a rise out of him.
Can the fandom also stop pretending that Natsu and Zeref have a loving relationship?
Because, while Zeref might care about Natsu on some level, he doesn’t care about the people that Natsu loves. He wants to kill the people that Natsu loves, and you know what? Natsu hates him for it.
Even if Natsu finds out that Zeref is his brother, Natsu still won’t have any change of heart. Zeref has been out of his life for years, has been vaguely creepy every time they’ve meet, and he wants to annihilate the human race.