and vaguely creepy

They call themselves angels, but you’re not quite sure what they are. They’ve been following your uncle around all afternoon and he doesn’t seem to notice, but you can hear them studying him– Murmuring about bones and clay and organs.

“How many muscles do you think he has?” Says one.

“Enough,” Replies the other, turning to stare directly at you. “Enough.”

There’s a foggy figure in the back of every one of your grandfather’s old school photos.
He doesn’t know where it came from, so it’s really hard to tell, but there’s an old legend focused around a dead kid or something..?

You dunno. You weren’t really paying attention. 

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I had an awfully delightful imagine in my head, but its a bit silly. Knockout and Breakdown being yandere towards Jack darby. But in a sense that they want him as their son. So they kidnap him and forces him into cuddles. They keep this Micro house for him to sleep in, and begins to train him to be their perfect obidient little pet- er son. Jack meanwhile tries to be calm, and only flinches frightend when cuddles and feeding time ensues. June is devestated.

You’ve actually hit upon one of my favorite tropes!  XD  I love it when the creepy, evil villain wants to either adopt or mentor the younger protagonist!

It’d probably start after all three of the kids get kidnapped for leverage.  Miko would be trying to tear out someone’s optics through the glass, Raf would be panicky and quiet, but Jack would be the one trying to somehow reason with the ‘cons, despite how scared he was.  Even though it doesn’t work, Knock Out finds him somewhat amusing and finds he actually enjoys talking to him.  (This is the first time anyone besides Breakdown has actually treated him with respect since he got here.)

He starts jokingly referring to Jack as his “son” which Breakdown soon starts doing as well.  Jack isn’t really put off by this, as he thinks the Decepticons are just making fun of him, but he soon begins to notice that they start acting just a bit nicer to him.  They move him into an actually habitable living space instead of a cage, and fill it with a variety of books, games, and other fun little distractions.  

It’s weird, Jack thinks, but he can handle weird.  What he doesn’t know how to handle, are the random times Knock Out or Breakdown will scoop him up for… cuddles?  Do Decepticons actually do that??  He’s afraid that if he struggles or lashes out at them they’ll squeeze him like a grape, so he just silently whimpers and lets himself be held and petted.  Eventually, they even start bringing him along when they recharge together like one big, creepy, dysfunctional family - trapping him firmly, but gently, between Breakdown’s chest and Knock Out’s talons.  Jack can only hope that Arcee and the others will come to his and the other kids’ rescues, before Knock Out and Breakdown decide that they’re not cut out to be parents…

do moviemakers understand that “everyman” doesn’t have to mean “boring personality with no defining character traits or notable life experiences whatsoever”

Here he isss, the poor guyyyy, he’s kinda like a lost soul. He’s got nowhere to go and no where he belongs.He’s corrupted in a why.

I forgot to put this on there but he's a bit over 8 ft, taLL-

The Tale of the Legendary Spoop

(not the LARP camp I work at, but the one I volunteer at- the high-immersion one for teens up in the mountains)

One time, I really really wanted to scare the shit out of the kids. So, I dressed up as a spooky ghost lady. My friend did skull-like makeup on me, I wore a long white dress, and I took my hair down (brown, and waist-length). I had my hair over my face, and then I put on a veil. 

A bit after one in the morning, I started singing ring around the rosy in a slow, high-pitched voice in the woods outside their camp. The kid on watch woke everyone else up, and they proceeded to half freak out trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t see for shit, since it was dark and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I had to feel out every step I took, which allowed me to do a creepy, jerky, zombie-ish stumble.

I entered their camp, and they were all huddled in the center, pointing swords at me and trying to decide if I was friendly or not. I approached them until I was maybe 5 feet away from the group. One of the girls steps out in front, holding out her hand to me and saying “it’s ok, we don’t want to hurt you-” as soon as she got close enough to almost touch me, I RIPPED OF MY VEIL AND SCREAMED AS LOUD AS I COULD RIGHT IN HER FACE


like 8 or 9 kids just tumbling to the ground it was hilarious

a fellow volunteer later told me it looked like a fus ro dah

anyway I kept haunting their camp for a while, basically stumbling vaguely towards them while they scrambled away, and I was singing whatever bits of songs I could remember that sounded vaguely creepy, such as

-ring around the rosy

-johnny cash (hurt, ain’t no grave)

-green fields of france

-the Halo 3 theme

-bookends (simon and garfunkel)

-spooky scary skeletons

i’d sing really high-pitched and slow, and on the long notes i’d slide out of tune 

and they kept mishearing what I was singing as SO MUCH CREEPIER THAN IT ACTUALLY WAS

one time I dropped down and did a rapid spidery crawl (like the girl from the Ring) at them and they FREAKED

I couldn’t do it for too long because i kept stepping on my hair.

There were multiple teenagers crying. One actually went and took himself out-of-game because he was so freaked. It was beautiful.

(don’t worry, they had fun).

at one point, the only other adult in camp (the plot lead, who was with the teens at the time, playing as himself, but he totally knew the spoopy ghost thing was coming) decided to try and take me down, and ran up to me and grabbed me, literally lifting me from the ground

i was like ????? because we hadn’t had enough time to discuss the spoopy ghost lady’s abilities- i.e. if I could take more than the normal amount of sword blows before dropping, if I could deal any damage (I couldn’t, I was literally unarmed) so I was like well, idk wtf to do here, so i just turned around and screamed in his face until he put me down, and he told me later that him releasing me wasn’t acting, he was literally too paralyzed to do anything

it was hella fun, so about a year later I decided to bring back the spoopy ghost lady (the kids had decided to call her Ashes). I approached the camp again and started singing and i hear “GODDAMN IT! FUCK! FUCKING SHIT!” etc. and I walked in and started my spoopy routine again (afterwords, someone told me that they were literally just talking about me and that one of them had looked at her watch and said “Ashes showed up at about 1:30 last time” and literally right then I started singing).

Highlights from the second time include:

-one of them gave me a fucking sword for no goddamn reason, and then proceeded to attack me. So I knocked him out and threw the sword at him.

- “She’s not that scary, she’s not that scary, she’s not- *I turn and look at him* FUCK”

- *standing over body of unconscious kid* “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM”

- *I stumble towards him* “FUCK NEVERMIND YOU CAN HAVE HIM” *runs away*

-quiet sobs

-louder sobs

- “she’s gonna do the thing she’s gonna do the thing she’s-” *I drop down and spider crawl at them* “FUCK SHIT I TOLD YOU SHE’S DOING IT”

- kid: “Tell me what you want, what you really want!” me: *internally suppresses urge to go so tell me what you want, what you really really want*

- fellow volunteer (who had decided to join the kid’s camp as himself, literally so he could be there to watch me spoop) tries to sneak up behind me, I wrap my veil around his neck and “choke” him (not really, but it looked real)

-next day at checkout, when I walk up to the group (not in costume, duh) to see them off: “fuck you Katt”

whoa so i forgot to mention this but uh??? since the night vale fandom has really died down lately and there really isn’t much content going around, i’ll start reblogging “night vale aesthetic” (think weird/vaguely creepy/paranormal/existential stuff) posts more here to keep this blog more active and to also keep the night vale spirit going 

I was watching episode 200 of DM and there’s this scene where Bakura kidnaps Mokuba and tells Kaiba to duel him and Kaiba is pretty annoyed

Then Bakura hangs up or whatever and Kaiba does this:

He takes off his tie and just tosses it aside. I mean, it’s his tie he can do whatever he wants with it, yeah? Then he goes to the elevator and the next scene

his face aside, he’s suddenly dressed in his regular clothes. And it’s hilarous to me because it implies that:

1) Kaiba keeps a spare set of his Edgy Cool ClothesTM in his fucking office. How- how often does he change at work to even think keeping spare clothes in his office was a necessary thing? Is it a normal sight for Kaiba Corp. workers to see their boss jumping around while he puts on his other trousers? Is there an employee whose job is specifically to tie Kaiba’s arm belts for him how is he even supposed to adjust them without dislocating his arm? I need to know

2) Apparently, changing clothes was a fundamental thing to do before running to save his brother. Like as far as I know if Mokuba was even remotely in danger Kaiba would run across all Domino City in underwear and fluffy Kuriboh slippers to ensure his brother’s safety, but now he completely changed out of his Blue Tie White Suit before going to save Mokuba from the creepy, vaguely murderous kid who somehow managed to get on the roof of a fucking skyscraper. Unless of course he changed clothes at record speed in the elevator. That’s a possibility too.

3) We don’t see what happened after Bakura ran away, but it’s very probable that Kaiba took Mokuba to do a medical check-up, a psychological check-up, and then took him home, tucked him in bed and had someone make warm soup. So I’m saying the next day someone went to work at Kaiba Corp and saw his boss’ clothes all thrown around the place. A tie in a corner of his office. A shirt that’s worth more monery than what they make in a year in the corridor. Trousers in the elevator.

4) Of course, Kaiba could have just wore his Edgy Cool ClothesTM under his suit and just took off the outer layer and put on his coat. Explains why it looked like he was sweating in the first scene


Aesthetic trade with @theghostlymuse ~! Sorry this took so long I struggled a little bit with pulling this off pffbt but I think it came out ok!

I know how you like your skellies and seeing the skull in that aesthetic board I knew what I had to do. I’ve had this idea for a while now and thought you may like it~

She’s a vaguely creepy looking crystal pony usually, but when it rains her colors invert and glowing skeleton markings appear. In flashes of lightning, you can see her purely as a skeleton with glowing purple eyes. She’s mysterious and aloof, and no one’s really sure about her motives, or where she was during Sombra’s reign. 

Hope you like her~!

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An ex-friend of mine who's an aphobe is starting to lie about me. They keep vaguing about how creepy I am for having adult friends as an adult. Adults... having adult friends is... creepy now. They say all the people I hang out with are 'significantly younger' than me but... I mean, the youngest person in the group I hang with is literally my cousin. The next youngest is 3 months younger than I am and the rest are older??? Anyways, they run a blog with a 15 year old so... hypocrite much?

So you’re a creep if you have adult friends but you’re also a creep if you have younger friends? Yep that’s some Aphobe Logic™ right there. 

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nighttimepixels here, ya gorgeous tipsy cuties! <3 i'm out running errands right now so i can't join in on answering fun atm, but in the meantime... either of you or the skelebros interested in body shots? any of you handsome skelebros down? i'll bring the /body/, you call the /shots/... <3 well, and the liquor. we can double up on these sweet priorities. ;D

Rus wraps an arm around her waist, leaning in with a bottle of tequila.  “well they do say this’ll make your clothes fall off…. and that’s exactly what i intend to do.”  

Ty also jumps into the fray, grabbing her snow bunny’s arm.  “I’ll do body shots off you all day, every day~.  Rus and I will do a double.”  ;)

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what is 17776?

Anonymous said:what? what is this 17776? what age group would you recommend it for?

here :

jumpscare warning for when you first open the site and warning for the story givin off vague creepy feelings and causes some unreality

i prolly wouldnt recommend it to anyone under like, 14 or so, idk they swear sometimes but i dont actually know how to rate things

Alison is A: Top 5 Season 3 Clues

1. A somehow knowing exactly which item each of the Liars put in Ali’s casket. The Ouija board piece makes sense because Mona was with Hanna at the time, but how would A possibly know that the earring belonged to Aria?

2. This strange appearance of Alison in this flashback…why would she appear like this if not to totally freak out Hanna?

3. A drugging Aria in the exact same way that Alison snuck a sleeping pill into her friends’ drinks the night she disappeared.

4. This vague and kind of creepy comment. No, we don’t know why Alison picked Aria (or the others), but this makes it seem like just friendship wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

5. Red Coat arriving at Thornhill Lodge in a plane, when the only other person we know who has experience flying is Alison.