and us realizing that he would never have joined the military police

CS AU Week 2017: Day 4 - Favorite Tropes AU

Emma Swan is a crusty twice divorced bailsbond person who is a lone wolf by nature, excluding the company of her seven-year old son, of course. Her occasional companion of choice is a Seattle detective who is also a divorcee and an ex-military guy who got his hand blown off on some super secret Black Op mission in Afghanistan. Killian Jones is nearly as crusty as Emma and a closet sci-fi nerd who never fails to help Emma with a difficult skip or babysit her son last minute. There’s always been an unspoken attraction between them that’s held back by their memory of their failed marriages.

Tropes Included: partners-in-crime, bedsharing, UST, friends to lovers, living in the same building, wearing each other’s clothes and drunk kissing in the goddamn rain

As a general rule Emma Swan was a lone wolf, but whether she felt the need for assistance or human companionship, she often turned to Killian Jones. As a plain clothes detective in the Seattle Police Department with a military background, Killian made a natural ally considering Emma’s work as a bounty hunter; often contributing to the capture and pick up of the human trash Emma dealt with on a daily basis. It didn’t hurt that he also lived three doors down from her apartment, was a decent drinking buddy and was generally pleasant to look at. (Emma would neither confirm or deny that she made a sport of looking at his ass when he wasn’t looking. If the man didn’t want to be ogled, he shouldn’t wear such tight jeans.)

So, when Emma was handed a file of a skip with a profile that would have reasonably been used to describe the Incredible Hulk and a habit hiding out with his sister in Bandon, she didn’t think twice before asking Killian to participate in a weekend road trip/stakeout.

“If you wanted to go on a date, Swan, there are better ways to go about it,” he teased when she asked, taking a bite out of the double meat Italian sub she had bought him for lunch as a thinly veiled form of bribery.

“Please, that is never going to happen,” Emma scoffed, pushing his paperwork over onto his keyboard so she could sit on top of his desk.

“Famous last words,” he smirked, blue eyes dancing with mischief.

“Nope. Never. I couldn’t date you. You’re a pretty boy and you know it. I couldn’t stand living with that ego. I can barely handle it over three beers,” she replied with a roll of her eyes.

“That’s a lie and you know it,” Killian shot back. “You’ve lasted five beers and a Lord of the Rings marathon. No point in denying it, Swan. There’s still video evidence on my phone.”

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anonymous asked:

Reader and Erwin where she's a cadet in the 104 but she's a couple years older than Erwin and all of them. The had a relationship during the time they met and they get married she pregnant and he gives her and the child a bunch of diaries or journals that tell his life and but during the battle with the beast he dies so the child grows up without a father but wants to be exactly like him

The story ur writing a role to take with the reader x Erwin I made a typo she’s not older than Erwin but she’s older than the cadets she’s 20

“A Role to Take” PART 1

Pairing: Erwin X Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: Violence; mentions of death; long read

Words: 2270

[Part 2 ]  [Part III] [Part IV]

[A/N: So, this was a tough one to write. I didn’t want it to feel rushed so I decided to cut it into two to three parts. Will update the next parts probably this weekend :D - mod max]

[EDIT: Made Reader younger :D]

Originally posted by aurieackerman

           Another wedding, hmm? I sighed as I walked home. Everyone my age is getting married – people I used to play with when we were little. It’s not like we’re beyond marrying age – we’re just in our twenties. In fact, I just turned twenty. Still young, but not quite. The tragedy of two years ago made everyone realize how we could just die anytime. Most decided it was now or never, and eloped with their sweethearts.

           What about me? It isn’t like love never presented itself. It’s just that I have a different priority. That is looking after my ill mother. People ask me if I’m happy like this, and I always answered yes. I do get lonely, sometimes. But I love how rewarding it is to feel useful, and to be able to help my mother.  

           Still, being my mother’s caretaker came to an end. And even though I’ve been expecting this to happen eventually, I was devastated. I have no one. And honestly, my life lost its direction. I don’t know what to do.

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Fic Recs

This list is for you if you’re a brand spankin’ new 00Q shipper. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the brilliant writing out there, it’s just what I have come across in my limited time reading fanfiction. Please check out @00qrec @00q-archive for more recommendations!

You’re all welcome to reblog and add your own recommendations! I will add them to my fic recs here.

All works are finished. Please heed all warnings and tags. I haven’t included any crossovers because I’m a crossover whore and the list would never end if I included them.

*Not all works are pure 00Q.

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Another (Part I)- Levi x Titanshifter!Reader

Attack On Titan canon verse; multi-chapter Levi x Reader in second-person POV. A huge thank you to my wonderful friend Gianna for help with writing Jean, couldn’t have done it without you!

Warnings: Some swearing.

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of its characters.
I do not own you.
I own this story.


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Eric Borel (11 December 1978 – 24 September 1995) was a French student and spree killer who, at the age of 16, murdered his family in Solliès-Pont in the arrondissement of Toulon on September 23, 1995, and afterwards walked several miles to the village of Cuers where he continued his rampage the next day, shooting dead twelve other people and injuring four more, while pacing through the streets for half an hour. The shooting only ended when police arrived at the scene, where Borel had committed suicide.

Eric Borel was the son of Marie-Jeanne Parenti and Jacques “Jacky” Borel, who were both working in the military at the time of his birth. However, their liaison was rather short, and after their paths departed, Eric was sent to Jacky’s parents in Limoges, where he stayed until he was five. When his mother, who had visited Eric only occasionally up to that time, began to cohabit with Yves Bichet, she again took care of her son, much to his dislike, and took him to their home in Solliès-Pont.

Borel’s mother, an authoritarian and, at least outwardly, religious person and activist in the Secours catholique, mistreated and beat him, who she believed to be a “child of sin”; moreover he never developed a close relation to his mother’s new companion, with whom he was said to have frequent rows and who reportedly also beat him on occasions, though Franck and Jean-Luc Bichet, Yves Bichet’s sons, stated that their father has always been nice to Eric, even building him a shack for his chickens and other animals he took home.

Until his death, Eric Borel attended the lycée professionnel Georges-Cisson in Toulon, where he studied electromechanics and did quite well academically. He was said to be a disciplined and quiet student, but in his last year at school he showed some radical change in behaviour, skipping classes without permission or explanation and became unaffable. He regularly said that he could not bear it anymore at home, having enough of doing housework and being called names, and often stated his wish to join the military, like his father and grandfather. Apparently he also told one of his classmates the week prior to the shooting that he would commit suicide, but not before killing two or three people.

The series of attacks started on September 23, 1995 at about 6:00 p.m. CET, when Borel killed his stepfather, Yves Bichet, in the kitchen by shooting him four times with a .22-caliber rifle, before smashing his head with a hammer. Police assumed that they had a quarrel beforehand, when Borel tried to run away from home. Subsequently to killing Bichet, Borel assaulted his half-brother, 11-year-old Jean-Yves Bichet, who was watching TV, in a similar manner, by first shooting him with the rifle and afterwards bludgeoning his head with the hammer. After wiping up the blood trails, Borel waited for his mother to come home.

As soon as his mother, Marie-Jeanne Parenti, arrived at home from church at about 8:30 p.m., Borel immediately killed her with a single shot to the head. In contrast to her husband and son no blunt force was used on Mrs. Parenti, although some reports have suggested that he beat her as well with either the hammer or a baseball bat.

When his mother lay dead, Borel once again started to clean the house from blood, covered the bodies with sheets and closed all shutters, as well as the steel gate. Carrying a bag packed with food, money, a raincoat, a map of Limoges, and a pistol shooting rubber bullets, which was erroneously identified as a .22-caliber pistol in some reports, and armed with his father’s rifle and his pockets full of ammunition, Borel made his way towards Cuers, at first by car, but eventually he crashed it into a wall, where he continued his path by foot. Presumably he spent the night between vines.

The bodies of the murdered family were found at approximately 1 a.m. by Yves Bichet’s son Jean-Luc, a student living in Antibes who only occasionally visited his father on weekends. After calling police Bichet was first considered a suspect in the murders when giving contradictory information. The absence of Eric Borel remained undetected until about three hours later.

On the following day at 7:15 a.m., Borel arrived at the home of his friend Alan Guillemette and when Alan’s mother opened the door Eric asked her to wake him. The two had a lengthy discussion in the garden, and apparently Eric wanted something from Alan, but when he declined and turned to go back into the house, Eric shot him in the back, mortally wounding him.

From 7:30 a.m. onwards, Borel started shooting people at random. No one grew suspicious of his rifle until it was too late, as it was hunting season and thus the sight of rifles outside not unexpected.

First he shot at Ginette Vialette through an open window, mortally wounding her, as well as Denise Otto, whom he killed, while she was bringing the trash out. He also hit Denise’s husband, Jean, in the shoulder. Subsequently Borel injured an elderly woman who was walking in the streets with her husband and shot and wounded two brothers who were crossing his path. The shots he fired at Rodolphe Incorvala, once again through an open window, were eventually lethal. He later died in a hospital. Borel crossed the street to shoot and kill shopkeeper Mario Pagani, who was out buying a newspaper, with shots in the abdomen and head, as well as Moroccan Mohammed Maarad in front of the “Café du Commerce”. Marius Boudon and André Touret were killed while they were drawing money from an ATM and Andrée Coletta while she was taking her poodle for a walk. Finally he shot Pascal Moustaki to death at Place Peyssoneau. 

By 8:00 a.m., police arrived at the scene. Realizing that he was encircled Eric Borel committed suicide under a cypress tree in front of a school by shooting himself in the head. Observers of the rampage stated he had been poised and calm all the while, taking great care at aiming and shooting, hitting most of his victims in the head and returning when he didn’t hit properly the first time. In total, Borel had fired about 40 shots.


  • Yves Bichet, Eric Borel’s stepfather
  • Marie-Jeanne Parenti, Eric Borel’s mother
  • Jean-Yves Bichet, 11, Eric Borel’s half brother
  • Alan Guillemette, 17, a friend of Eric Borel
  • Marius Boudon, 59
  • Andrée Coletta, 65
  • Rodolphe Incorvala, 59
  • Jeanne Laugiero, 68
  • Mohammed Maarad, 41
  • Pierre Marigliano, 68
  • Pascal Mostacchi, 15
  • Denise Otto, 77
  • Mario Pagani, 81
  • André Touret, 62
  • Ginette Vialette, 48

Among the wounded were Jean Otto and Jean Boursereau.

Compression Part 1

Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Word Count: 7282

Author’s Note: Sadly, I won’t have time to join in on all the fun for Rivamika week, but here’s an early contribution and holiday gift to all rivamika fans! I was scrolling through the rivamika tag when I read this prompt by juunku:

rivamika au where mikasa is the commander of the survey corps while levi is still in the underground capital. mikasa goes underground and levi sees her and falls in love at first sight. he joins the survey corps to serve under her

I apologize but there was one detail I had to change and that was making Mikasa Corporal while Erwin remains as Commander. For the sake of the larger story, Mikasa being able to go underground, a more flexible position was required. I imagine being Commander makes it difficult to move about freely.

This is the first part to a two (or three?) part fanfiction that I may or may not have enough time to complete. Mikasa is at least 24 years old in this fanfiction AU.

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Joker Game Novel Translations: Book 1, Chapter 2 [Ghost], Part 6/7


[Word count: 2198]

Ohhhh we’re so close to finishing this chapter :3c

Thank you for your patience and support as always, part 7 should be out soon since it’s such a short part, and then we can all finally get started on “Robinson” ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・!!!

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A Horrifying Thought...

A horrifying thought just popped into my head

Where humanity wins the war against the titans.

All of them are eliminated.

The human population is allowed to leave the wall.

But there’s a problem.

Because there are still titans alive:

Eren, Bertholdt, Reiner, Ymir, and Annie…

This time there’s little the Survey Corps can do to save them and the court rules that they should all be executed.

Thing is that not everybody agrees of course.

The Military Police wants them eliminated.

The Survey Corps argues strongly against it.

The general populace becomes divided by the same argument,

and fights break out between the two sides

Thus beginning the first human war.

Suddenly what was once Humanity’s Greatest Hope is now Humanity’s Greatest Fear,

and the titans are no longer the monsters.

It’s humanity.

Unfortunately, the Military Police’s side is overwhelmingly stronger, because why wouldn’t humanity extinguish all of the titans now that they have no need for them anymore, and they only pose a threat?

What if their children inherit the same abilities?

What if they unintentionally/intentionally decide to destroy what is left of the humans?

What if their mere presence is enough to bring the titans?

The number of “What ifs?” are simply too much for the barely surviving human race.

Eren’s basement gets destroyed, a corporate decision, because why would humans want to know more about titans, and how to make human titans, when they’re gone.

In the end we never figure out what’s inside.

Eren’s dad gets executed, for knowledge of how to create these human titans, (assuming he is the one that “transformed” all of them)

Before they can be imprisoned, Bertholdt and Reiner figure it’s best to kill themselves, than let the Military Police do it: so they stab each other in the stomach and bleed themselves to death.

Once captured, Annie tries to escape but it’s really no use because she’s in this low ceiling prison and she’s surrounded by most of the guards, since from previous Female Titan experience, they know how much trouble she is.

She dies trying to escape with a bullet wound through her heart, because what good is brilliant hand to hand combat when your enemy is an entire legion armed with guns.

Ymir, although furious, doesn’t put up much of a fight, and silently accepts the decision the court made for her execution. She only asks that she gets to see Christa again.

At this point the Survey Corps know that Eren’s the last one alive and they help him escape the prison the morning of his supposed execution.

Mikasa, Armin, and Levi help him to escape outside of the walls (because even though humans venture outside, at this point early on the only buildings around are the ones inside, and this includes the prison and central government).

But of course it doesn’t take the Military Police long to realize that their biggest “criminal” is missing.

Armin kills one of the guards by accident, in an attempt to guard Eren, and in the shock of killing another man with his own hands, dies without fighting back when he is approached by another guard: at the hand of one of the main bully from the first episode (let’s say they survived the attack and joined the Military Police).

Turns out Armin never gets to see neither the outside world,

nor the ocean.

Mikasa, despite her talents, gets completely surrounded by 8 different guards, and does her best to ward them away from Eren before she is captured and imprisoned. She is sentenced to death, but she walks to her death with her head up, full of pride, because she knows she upheld Eren’s mother’s wish in keeping the boy alive, and he is, after all, in safe hands, with Levi sworn to look after him.

But you know…

When the whole world is after you

Not even humanity’s greatest soldier can fight them all.

In the end it took a dozen of the Military Police’s best to attack him simultaneously, with Levi trapped, his back against the outside of Wall Maria, to take the Lance Corporal down.

And then Eren is left, by himself, just outside the walls, staring, in anger, at all of those wounds he had gotten in his escape: now healing due to his ability.

And all he can think is that it’s simply not fair.

He’s not any more deserving than the others of his ability to heal himself, nor of his privilege to be alive.

But he picks himself up, and decides to keep on living outside of the walls.

Because despite him being a “suicidal bastard,” the thing he’s been told to do the most is to “live long”

So even though he doesn’t want to, because everyone he loves is gone, he does it anyway, because he knows that’s what they would’ve wanted

All of those who died

And all of those who sacrificed so much for him to live

(i’m sorry it just came to me and I needed to write it down…)

To you who dislike Erwin Smith because he is "creepy", "abusive" or hate him for some other reason

[Don’t read if you’re not following the manga]

Let’s start with Erwin Smith who blames himself for the death of his father, who ”because of a foolish son” got killed by the government. Erwin probably wasn’t even ten years old when this happened, but since then proving right his father’s dangerous theory about the titans has been his mission in life. He most likely sees this as something he must do because of his shame, to give his father’s death something value. One hell of a meaning for a life.

Erwin’s father’s death wasn’t his fault. He was a child. It was his father who should have thought more carefully if it was a good idea to tell his theory to a child at all, or at least he should have explained to Erwin that it was not something that was allowed to discuss openly. Erwin’s father was killed by the government and his own carelessness.

Throughout his childhood Erwin was viewed as ”creepy”. We don’t know what Erwin’s childhood was like aside from his father’s death, but to think that you are a little human being who has lost his father, you blame yourself for your father’s death (he probably did even more as a child, because children tend to do that) and people keep telling you that you are ”creepy”. It’s hard to believe that he even properly understood what had happened at that time. This obviously leaves marks on someone’s personality.

As an adult, Erwin is still considered as creepy and dubious by many people because of his intelligence and secretiveness. Erwin Smith doesn’t trust people, so he doesn’t share his plans or theories. This is obviously an imprint from his childhood, Erwin fears that people will either betray him or get hurt if he opens his mouth. In chapter 55 when he tells about his father to Pixis, he assumably shares the reason he fights for the first time. Levi didn’t know about it, nor did Nile even if he used to be Erwin’s good friend back when they were training. Erwin has carried his purpose with him in silence for 30 years because he doesn’t want to die in vain like his father did, or get anybody else killed for knowing too much. It is so important to him, yet he has been very alone with it.

[Look at his face when he hears about his father’s theory being possibly right and realizes that just maybe his whole miserable life hasn’t been for nothing.]

About loneliness. So apparently, Erwin was in love with a woman when he was younger. A woman who Nile then married and made a family with, giving up joining the Survey Corps and joining the Military Police instead. No, Erwin most likely doesn’t think about Marie anymore, but think how it must have been for him then, to watch his friend choose the nice life with this woman. Being able to choose, to fall in love, which Erwin couldn’t allow himself because he has this mission. It isn’t a small burden. Who knows how much Erwin would like to have a relationship, to have children, to have a family, but he has abandoned these things to prove his father right. Erwin Smith is single because he doesn’t know when he’ll die, said Isayama. Erwin Smith still could have a family, but he doesn’t want to leave the same pain after him that his father did when he died.

I’ve read that some people dislike Erwin because of how he forced Levi into joining the Survey Corps, and that they view him as ”abusive”. Well. First of all, it was Levi who tried to stab Erwin before they had even said hello because Erwin was trying to catch him. Then Erwin tried to ask Levi some questions and yes, Erwin and Mike did dip his face in the mud, and yes they even threatened to harm his friends. But they most definitely wouldn’t have killed them (some people seem to think that Levi joined to save his friends). Levi joined to save their asses from the Military Police where Erwin said he’d take them if Levi refused his offer. Levi was a criminal you see, he was a thief and apparently also a murderer. Erwin said he wouldn’t ask what he has done, he saw fucking wings on his back, and gave Levi the choice to either 1) do something useful with his skill and potential by joining the Survey Corps or 2) take responsibility for his crimes. Levi held a grudge against Erwin for some time, but then deliberately decided to accompany Erwin because he seemed to have what Levi was missing. Despite his past Levi became a person people know, admire and hail as hero.

I also feel like I want to mention Eren here, because Erwin saved him twice. Many view Levi as some kind of savior to Eren, and Levi does look after him. But it was Erwin who decided that they should trust Eren and try to get him into the Survey Corps when Levi was still doubtful, it was Erwin who decided to go see Eren (who was afraid and alone and had no idea what was happening). Erwin literally fucking stormed to talk to him as soon as he was allowed, and he explained where Eren was and was very kind to him. When Levi was being an asshole, calling Eren ”a piece of crap”, Erwin got mad at Levi, made him shut his mouth and even explained why Levi was behaving like that. My favourite part is the part where people romanticize Levi kicking Eren’s ass in the trial to save it. He kicked it because Erwin saw that it could save Eren, and so it was Erwin who apologized for it. You can see how Erwin actually pampers Eren a bit after the trial, the way he is generally being nice, smiling and crouching to shake his hand like he was a child (you would never shake hands with an adult like that). Because Eren actually was a child who had just had a severe beating. Then there’s also the time when Erwin did everything in his power to get Eren back when he was captured, ending up saving him himself with his other arm bitten off. Erwin was ready to give his life for this.

That’s the funniest thing. Erwin doesn’t see himself as someone important or indispensable. He considers people like Levi or Eren to be those things, and he is willing to die for someone like them in a heartbeat if it is needed. Erwin realizes that freeing humanity is something bigger than him, something he has just dedicated his life to. And with this cause in mind he sees the potential in people, he gets aboard the dangerous thug and the titan shifter people fear and listens to the theories of a fifteen-year-old child when he has something in mind. Erwin’s strength is that he sees what other people are capable of and builds from there.

Many people have died under his command, for his ambitious dream of freedom. He doesn’t show it a lot, but he does feel guilt and holds himself responsible. When he lost his arm he said it was a small price to pay for all the death he has caused and that he still has his debts to pay in hell. He listens to people blame him, mock him, shout and rage at him on the street, and he takes it all in time after time. He sees all the blood on his hands and he feels grief just like anyone else would, and sometimes his regret even shows (like when he decides to torture the Female Titan after Levi has told him about all the people who died protecting the Levi Squad from it). Somehow Erwin still has managed to keep himself together for years (and without anyone to comfort him or to take away some of the pain), unlike for example the previous commander who we see falling on his knees crying and raging and screaming ”it’s my fault”. I think Erwin might be a little dead inside in a way that he has accepted himself as the devil and long before doomed, and now he is just trying to change the world for the better as much as he possibly can before his death.

Erwin Smith is not evil nor is he a saint. He is one lonely and troubled bastard, but I think he needs some love. 

Title: Weak Knees
Writer: noero (@rosesintea)
Recipient: @sciencefictioness
Canon Universe, Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Content, Manga Spoilers, (dominant) BottomLevi
Summary: Levi still suffers chronic pain from the injury he sustained on the Fifty-Seventh Expedition even though he hides it well.  He’s left both humiliated and frightened when the pain causes him to slip up during a training exercise.  Rattled by the incident, he asks Eren to keep it between them and the shared secrecy reveals an unexpected intimacy in their relationship.

Pain is no obstacle.

Being rendered helpless only reminds Levi of dirty, sticky floors beneath his bare feet and the stench of death wrapped around him. He’s no longer a penniless orphan digging meals out of trashcans, but joining the Legion didn’t exactly stifle his need to survive.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you like bertholdt soo much ?

oh goodness okay son sit the fuck down

so i watch the aot anime right and im like oh ye reiner and bertholdt no big deal right cool dudes. and then i read the manga and im just like. oh. oh my god. and like honestly the first thought i had about them being the traitors was ‘poor children’. bc they were children sent to murder hundreds of thousands of people. and i know people say ‘they made their own choice’ but no they didn’t. they were kids. their brains were developing at a rapid pace. they had no experience that would tell them ‘i shouldn’t do this’. they were told what they were told and that was all they knew.

after the fall of wall maria there’s a scene where they are shown as children looking at the damage they caused. that is shock on their faces. it’s horror. that’s not the face of a pair of boys who wanted to destroy humanity out of malice or enjoyed doing it. it’s absolute and utter devastation.

‘so why didn’t they abandon their mission and hide/come clean?’ as far as we know, their drive is to return to their hometown. they can only do that by fulfilling their mission. living in a world where everyone is your enemy and you know you’re the bad guy. living in a world where if your deeds are revealed the people you consider your friends will try to murder you. as much as they may have enjoyed their lives as cadets, there is still that awareness in their minds. it’s still fear. it’s still wanting to get away and go back to the one place where you know you’re safe, where you can try to forget completely, where you can try to lie to yourself that what you did was good after all - their hometown. and if they confessed to their sins and explained they were just kids? chances are, they know the government is heavily involved. even if no one told them specifically, they probably know it already - they survived alone for two years in an unknown place, faked documents, etc for two years before joining the military. they come clean, they die. 

so they do the best they can. and then they realize that the main target is one of their classmates and close friends, who’s mother also died as a direct result of the colossal titan breaking the wall. as if they didn’t already know they ruined the kid’s life enough, now they have to kidnap him, seperate him from his only family left, use him for their own purpose, so that they can return home. but they’re scared, and they can see an opening. break down wall rose and kill thousands of people or kidnap one person? if you think about it it’s an easy choice to make.

but they don’t want to do it. never, at any point, are they fulfilling their mission because they want to fulfill it. they’re fulfilling it because they want the reward, they want to go home. 

now what about bertholdt? why do i love bertholdt so much? i’ve been talking about both bertholdt and reiner until now. so before i start i just wanted to say that i do love reiner a lot and i do feel sorry for him and think he’s a tragic character. 

as far as i can tell from their interactions and especially during the trost battle and the aftermath, reiner was always the ‘leader’ or the ‘protector’. bertholdt relies on him and trusts him. now imagine the one person you can fully count on and turn to, the one person who understands what you’re going through and can comfort you, begins to forget all about it and starts to lose himself. imagine having to see it and knowing that you should remind him who he is, but he looks so happy and carefree talking about joining the military police and serving the king and you want him to enjoy that freedom as much as he can. maybe you even try to forget yourself, but you can’t. would you be able to still feel hope? would you be able to feel anything but loneliness and fucking petrifying fear? your protector is no longer there. you are the face of humanity’s greatest enemy. day after day you hear people swear they’ll kill the colossal titan, kill you, and your one safe place is crumbling apart. even if you did try to piece it back together, who knows if you’d manage. 

but then it gets worse. because what if when the time comes your protector isn’t there to help you finish your mission? what if you break down the outer wall but he isn’t there to do the rest? what if he can’t remember himself when you need it most and you never get to go home? you should bring him back, you need to, but when you do all it does it leave him feeling confused and guilty. and you know you’re drifting away, you’re childhood friends but you don’t talk anymore as much as you did, he doesn’t ask you how you’re getting along, fuck he doesn’t even ask something as simple as ‘hey is there anyone you like?’. but as long as he’s happy it’s ok right? because you’re humanity’s greatest enemy anyway right? if he can forget and become the good guy then he’s not really an enemy. he’s still pure. but what about you? you never forget. you can’t ever let go of who you are. there is nothing that can save you now, this is who you are, this is all that you are. maybe you deserve to die. but you know if you get caught, they’ll pick up on reiner’s involvement. 

everything you think of doing. every single option you come up with. every single path you can take ends in pain and misery and death. every single one. except finishing what you were sent to do, and not even that is certain! so what do you do? what can you possibly do?

and then the moment comes when your friends find out you’re a traitor. they find out you’re everything they hated all these years. and they tell you exactly what you think anyway but you’re so so desperate and the one way you thought you could take that wouldn’t hurt so much turns out to hurt like a bitch. the faces of the 104th, angry, sad, disbelieving. their eyes boring into you and theyre screaming that they’ll kill you, that you’re worthless, that you’re a traitor. why can’t they see? why can’t they understand that there was no other way? what would they have done? and it hurts so much because they really are your friends and despite everything you need them but you know you don’t have time to explain and fuck, they probably wouldn’t care if you did. so you do the last thing you can think to do. you beg them to find you. you beg them to understand and forgive you even though you know if you were them you wouldn’t. you’re so fucking lost and reiner is so fucking lost and they’re the only people who can heal you.

so what happens then? you hear that annie is being tortured day and night. maybe you’d be okay with it if it were you. maybe all you’d suffer from is wondering why it was you, why it wasn’t someone else. why not another 3 kids sent out to kill. but you get the image of two of your closest friends being tortured, those poor little children who are as lost as you, reiner flashing from knowing what he’d done wrong to having no idea, to screaming that he didn’t do anything and honestly believing it. and you feel fear rise up inside you, and anger, but you don’t even know whether you’re angry at them, at yourself or at the people who sent you, but who cares? what does any of it matter? you feel yourself slip away but why would you care anymore? you swear to kill them all. you’re right at the edge and you don’t care about anything. you just need something to hurt you need someone to pay. you can’t tell who’s you and who’s them but you hate everything all the same. you want everything to suffer all the same.

you fail. eren is rescued. it’s over. you’ll never feel happiness again. reiner will never feel happiness again. as far as you know, annie is being tortured still and all the rage you had had been spent and ineffective. you were useless as the good guy and apparently you’re useless as the bad guy, too. you have nothing. maybe you never did or maybe you just lost it all.

the reason why i love bertholdt so much is because he is the strongest character in any series i have ever seen. i cannot imagine being in his position and making it that far. i cannot fathom how he found the strength to keep going. i cannot imagine how angry he must have been the entire time and how much hatred he must feel for himself. it breaks my heart to even think about what his mental and emotional state must be right now and sometimes i think i’d prefer it if he died in canon just so he’d be at peace. i love him so much because he is so strong and so kind in the face of such injustice and such fear and he’s so brave and so caring. he deserves all the best in the world.

[again, i am not dismissing reiner’s suffering. reiner’s situation is quite a different one with different motivations for guilt and fear. also, i just wanted to point out that there are some points here that are minor assumptions and come from my own interpretation of the character and my own ablity to empathize with him. and i’m sorry for the long response but how could you ask me for something like that and expect me not to spend an hour writing?] -agata

Day 6: Another Time Period - London, 1912, the turning point for the British Suffragettes and their movement to extend the right to vote to women. Inspired by the film Suffragette.


Emma Swan, doting mother, wife, has been working as a laundress since the age of fourteen. While her work, alongside her husband, Neal, has put food on their table and clothes on the back of their son, Henry, it has been a struggle since the start. Having faced sexual violence, long work hours and unsafe working conditions, she doesn’t realize just how close she is to the end of her rope until she finds herself dangling. It only takes stumbling upon a riotous act by two suffragettes for her fingers to finally slip. 

Knowing she is putting her family and her job at risk, she joins the movement, testifying before Parliament and attending rallies and demonstrations. A speech given by Mary Margaret Nolan, the most notorious Suffragette in all of Britain, is broken up by the police and Emma is hauled away to prison. While inside, she endures hardships she’d never imagined, but forms bonds with the other women stronger than anything she’s ever felt before. She’s a fighter now and emerges with fire in her eyes and a determination to never back down, ever again.

Upon her release, she arrives home to an irate husband who promptly kicks her out of her home, accusing her of shaming him to the core and of being the worst possible mother for their son. She finds herself destitute, surviving only through the kindness of her fellow warriors, sleeping in an abandoned train station far from her son. 

Killian Jones notices the first day Emma does not arrive to work.

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Steggy fic (Cougar!Peggy): The Story of How Peggy Hurt Her Foot

The continuing adventures of Cougar!Peggy and Defrosted!Steve.  Chronologically set between The Story of Peggy’s Jewelry  and Mind the Gap

June 1974

“Director, Captain Rogers is here.”

Peggy frowns at the intercom, but pushes the button.  “Send him in.”

Steve walks in, wearing a standard issue SHIELD uniform.  She thought he was supposed to be in the field today, but clearly he’s not.  It seems to be a theme with him.  He’s never where he’s supposed to be, according to Fury’s reports.  She crosses her arms over her chest, looking at him.  “Yes?”

He frowns, shaking his head.  “I’m not a spy, Peggy.”

“No one is asking you to spy, Steve.”

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A Thing for the future

I believe the remaining episodes of adventure time are going to deal with Lemongrabs unresolved arc. Based on the fact that JM stated he wished he could air them all on the same day.

The first couple might not deal with him outwardly, but could instead deal with lemonhope as build-up for LG’s next appearance.

Currently, there are two arc’s that are unresolved at this time.

-Lemongrab Tyrannical arc.


-Zombie James arc

Now this is a bit of a stretch. But I believe that both will play a part in the seasons fanalie.

Here’s what I think.

    Currently, the shows creators have been fleshing out PB’s character, by giving us some insight on on PB’s more sinister behaviours. They’ve also been showing us other characters opinions on her. Why? Well I believe it’s to build up for Lemongrabs next appearance. I mean think about it; Lemongrab’s method of punishment appears suspiciously like a twisted reflection of princess bubblegums (as of recent episodes). 

Because in order to be able to understand his character, we must first learn of the circumstances that has lead him to this point. If they just revealed it all on the last episode, no one would think of it as believable.


     Since “You made me” the creators defined a specific problem in Lemongrab’s overall character- He is in the middle of a mental breakdown.

You see, Lemongrab is a stickler for law and order. Not to mention he doesn’t express his emotions properly, and little to never shows them. Realize that for him to rip off his clothes like that is something he would never ordinarily do. It was a blightant explosion of his inner emotions, and for this to occur, he had to be VERY. VERY. Genuinely upset.

“No way! He is evil, and a monster!” Some of you scream.

No, Lemongrab didn’t become a dictator for no reason. To believe that means that you think he is written poorly. And when watching his episodes, you instead thought “Wtf just happened”. But this in a way, proves that Lemongrab is actually very masterfully written. Because hes not a predictable character, and is complex in such a way that the audience have the same point of view of him as the shows characters.

 In my last analysis back when “Too Old” aired. I went over why I didn’t think Lemongrab was a one-dimensional evil. To save on time and words, I’ll link you to it here:

However, since then It has more recently been stated by a comedic professional that Lemongrab “Is the most complex comedic character in television history since "Basil Fawlty”. This comment was liked by much of the shows staff, including Pen Ward himself.

If you read up on Basil Fawlty, the circumstances of his character are almost on the dot with what I’ve been saying about Lemongrab all a long. I stand by it 100%. Give it a read;


Now, I believe the coming episodes will be connected to Lemongrab and Lemonhope. Before LG appears, we HAVE to know about Lemonhope more- and what his significance to the story really is. Right now, we have little to go on; other than he is supposed to be the “Hope” of his people, which is not enough to justify much.

After that, there will probably be a clash between the Candy kingdom and Castle Lemongrab. And if I am correct, they may end up resolving this somehow and the real fun begins.

Why do I think this? Because the episodes up until now have been foreshadowing a war. Think about it. We have been meeting and coming to know characters both new and old with Military level strength. Rattleballs was discovered, Flame princess has liberated her kingdom, CB has become a powerful knight, Finn has gained a new powerful(and cursed) weapon, RootBeer Guy became a police officer in the candy kingdom, ect.

People still often forget that James is still on his way with a growing army. And that very well may be our fanalie.

Based on what JM said on the ending to lemongrab’s arc being “Heart warming but creepy”- It is likely that with the coming of a formidable common enemy, he and PB will resolve their differences, and will likely have to join forces to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse.

Despite his flaws, Lemongrab is a great source of Military strength. Having defended his kingdom solely by himself.

If this zombie apocalypse is indeed coming, the candy kingdom is going to need him to help fight it off.

Of course there are many other scenarios that could happen. But that is my grain of salt! Hope you enjoyed reading it.