and urgh dr grant needs to get this hands off her

BonesXReader: Three Weeks

You cursed the idiots responsible for your current state. A few weeks previous some Ensigns took a trip planet side to help the native species and the morons never went to the med bay to get vaccinated beforehand. Now because of their stupidity, both you and your boyfriend were pulling a shift and a half at a time. Him to monitor the dumbasses in quarantine and you to make up for their shifts in Engineering. Because of the split shifts and the difference, it meant you and your partner, Dr Leonard McCoy hadn’t seen a lot of each other. In fact, you hadn’t seen each other at all. And that was the problem. Aside from being unbearably horny, you were now starting to feel sick on top of it.

Life was being tough on you right now. You and Leonard used to be intimate almost every day. Now it had been at least three weeks and it wasn’t good. Didn’t these idiots know a girl had needs? Normally you wouldn’t be effected by the length of time so much, so you had no idea why the feeling was so intense. One morning, after throwing up your breakfast you headed to med bay to see your friend, a nurse, Nychelle to ask her to check you over. The last thing you needed right now was to be sick on top of everything else.

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