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Was causually browsing my twitter timeline a few days ago when I came across this article. I’ll tell you the headline…”Staffordshire school bans short skirts because they’re ‘distracting’ to male teachers and pupils”.

We’re all very familiar to girls being told to cover up, to not wear brightly coloured bras etc all because these things (and in my high school during a rather worrying period, necks were considered distracting and we had to have our hair down..) are distracting to the boys who attend the school. 

Clearly the idea that a boy will be unable to study after seeing my bra-strap is just stupid. I attended college, lots of boys in my classes and lots of bra-straps shown, even skirts and shorts and the flesh of girls being shown and believe it or not, the boys manage to focus and even pass their classes.

So, despite that argument being bullshit, it’s not the thing I have the greatest problem with. My problems is that short skirts were deemed distracting to male teachers. Teachers. People employed to encourage young minds to think, to explore and to grow. People who have worked towards this position, who have knowledge they should be passing on their students but oh no, a short skirt has appeared and now they are unable to teach.

Bullshit. It’s disgusting. If a grown man, in a position of power, is sexualising a school girl because she is wearing a skirt, be in short or long, or even if she’s wearing trousers, then that man should not be teaching. Instead of banning clothing, how about we ban the people who sexualise children?

How about the woman teaches who are sexually attracted to members of the same sex? Are they finding these short skirts distracting or are has it been decided that woman can control themselves and that “men will be men” and are unable to control themselves/view children and teenagers in an appropriate way? 

The problem isn’t the clothing, the problem is the men who are using the clothing as an excuse to see a child in a sexual way.

I was just sorting out my chest of drawers and found this buried at the bottom of my knicker drawer. This is the collar given to me by my ex Dominant, a person that i was deeply and completely in love with. A person who accepted my submissiveness, something that i had kept a secret for many years. Or at least, i thought they accepted it, and me, for who i am. I was so very wrong. Turns out they were in love with someone else the entire time and had absolutely no idea what a true D/s relationship actually is and what it entails. I should have seen the signs for what they were: making it up as they went along, and run in the opposite direction immediately. But, i accepted the collar because i was starry eyed and in love. Now children, let me tell you about collaring someone. Giving a submissive a collar (and i’m taking about outside of a scene), it is the equivalent of giving them an engagement ring, if not more symbolic. Do NOT give a sub a collar in this way if you don’t truly mean the feeling and significence behind it. That is just cruel. I don’t even know why i kept hold of this after the utter clusterfuck of a fall out. Perhaps i still needed it there for comfort or some shit, i dunno. I can’t even stand to look at it, it digusts me. It digusts me that i was used and for all intents and purposes, emotionally abused and i did nothing to stop it. I will wear a collar again, i have no doubt about that. But it will be a collar from someone who truly loves and adores me and knows what having a submissive means and what it involves. Someone who is a Dominant, not just a pretender. Someone who knows how to treat a submissive and knows how to care for me properly. Until then, i’m going to take this collar and all it signified down to the bottom of the garden and watch it burn to nothing after i set light to it. I am worth so much more than this collar and the person that gave it to me. One day, i will find a Dominant that sees that. Until then, i’m keeping my standards much higher than they used to be. NO-ONE gets to treat this submissive like a piece of shit EVER again.


i call this the “look produced after doing make up and hair stuff when i’m done helping out at a wedding as part of the deco team”

OKAY BUT URGH; bonkai storytime no.??

I was walking down Chinatown in San Francisco and noticed a stand selling little number plates with names on them. I saw one with Bonnie and then automatically looking for Kai/ Malachai and did I find it? NnopECITY FUCKIN NOT. I JUST GOT SO ANGRY AND MY FRIEND GAVE ME A DIRTY LOOK WHILE I SCREAMED: “IT’S NOT FVCKING FAIR I DON’T DESERVE THIS SHIT" ALL I WANTED WAS A COOL PIC OF MY OTP’S NAMES TOGETHER BUT EVEN SAN FRANCISCO KNOWS KAI IS GONE…I almost cried then and there

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And I think you're right with the statement that the Naruto fandom doesnt know what canon means. So, it looks like everything that Kishi approves of official even if it isn't wrote or draw by him is canon now? Urgh, the amount of shit I saw today!!

Exactly, people don’t seem to know what advertising and promotion is, this happens with everything, yet I never see people eat it up as much as the Naruto fandom does lol.

Urgh, do I have to say this…?
I do draw all NSFW for fun. Yes, I am happy with it. Please, don’t judge me as a bitch or dickthirst or even as the shame of religion because of them. I am not happy to you who has been sending me “things” accordingly. Do you have too much time to spend and try to harras me? Or do I look like need these photos of random dicks and butt plug in my inbox? I really can’t understand why.

I am more than gladly if someone can explain this in logical way…


What is beautiful to you? I think beauty is really, as cliché as it is, I feel like beauty is definitely the warmth that somebody puts out—what’s internal as opposed to what’s external. And it’s really for women—I guess it’s the same for women and men these days now—that everyone is crossing over or being able to be themselves, whatever that may be. I think beauty is being around someone or seeing someone who is confident in themselves and has that confidence to lift other people up with them. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman stop another woman in the street to tell them they are beautiful. They are not going to get anything out of that. If anything, it takes a lot of guts, because that person might be like, “Great. Thanks. Why are you talking to me?” And it’s just so nice when people have that comfort and piece of mind in themselves that they are actually noticing beauty around them.

Things you should do if somebody is a:
  • Xiumin stan: Squish their cheeks; they’re really precious and cute and harmless and if they start thirsting just get them a pacifier and they’re good
  • Luhan stan: Just keep pictures of Luhan away from them; they’re pretty normal except in the presence of him. Then it gets very bad. Very bad.
  • Kris stan: Just compliment Kris one time and they’ll love you forever. They’ll treat you like family, seriously. It’s okay to make jokes about Kris leaving and how Suho hates him, but if you start throwing actual shade at Kris, they would destroy you. Kris stans are pretty nice and usually easy to talk to.
  • Suho stan: Make jokes about how much shade Suho would throw at Kris right now and talk about how cute and small and tiny and precious Suho is. And talk about how he should be protected and how Chanyeol should treat him better. Play sad R&B songs in the background as you talk about KrisHo. Also, laugh at their jokes if they take on Suho’s role in the comedy department. They’re cute and they’re just trying to have a good time.
  • Lay stan: Just speak to them normally and talk to them about how adorable Lay is, but don’t put on a dancing video of Lay because they will go to Hoe Level 100 so quick. They’re sweetie-pies, honestly. they really truly honestly love Lay dearly.
  • Baekhyun stan: Don’t talk bad about Baekhyun no matter how much you hate him because they literally have the worst attitude and could really be the meanest people sometimes. My old roommate was a Baekhyun stan; I had to change roommates.
  • Chen stan: Literally… RUN AWAY!!! Oh my gosh, Chen stans are the Top 2 freakiest; you should probably stay away from them. However, if you meet a Chen stan and you’re in a situation that it’d be rude to suddenly escape, just agree with then that Chen is the most precious thing in the world. Warning:They will probably brainwash you that Chen is better than your bias, so beware!! Also, Chen stans are not suitable around small children so all children must be required to wear earmuffs around all Chen stans. But Chen stans aren’t that bad; they’re all hilarious so just laugh at their jokes but start getting concerned when they start making you accept Chen as your savior.
  • Chanyeol stan: just… do everything as you would normally. They’re pretty good people but if you don’t ship Baekyeol, it’d be hard to bond with them. Tbh, I don’t know many but they’re good people and most wouldn’t excuse the stuff he’s done. They just wanna move on and promote his good sides.
  • Kyungsoo stan: you should just be a little bit concerned for yours and their own safety. They’re like right under Jongdae and Sehun stans. And yeah, I’ve never heard of an anti-Kyungsoo stan who’s alive today to tell their story so yeah ^^ ^^ ^^. Also, only talk about Kaisoo if you ship it as hard as they do because all of them actually have files of evidence of their love. I thought this one girl was a lawyer, but no, she was a Kaisoo shipper.
  • Tao stan: Hug them and snuggle them and give them lots of love. They’re so cute and all they want is for Tao to be happy for than anybody else, I think. However, a lot of them tend to come off as serious, but they’ll all melt when they talk about Tao. Also, a lot of them have developed diva-like tendencies, but you shouldn’t be shocked.
  • Kai stans: Just watch Kai dance videos and talk about how much of an amazing dancer he is. Okay, Kai stans are literally the chillest. They’re sweet and don’t hurt anybody and just love to promote the goodness of Jongin. However, they make very…. inappropriate vines so don’t tell their mothers. Everybody’s friends with the Kai stans. Just be nice to them and if you talk trash about Kai, they’ll never talk to you again ^^ Also, they’re Kaisoo lawyers and judges so only talk about Kaisoo if you’re ready to go down that path. Also, Kai stans absolutely ADORE Kai and it’s just beautiful.
  • Sehun stans: ABORT MISSON; LIKE, LITERALLY, PACK EVERYTHING, AND LEAVE. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!! DON’T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF, AND YOUR DIGNITY!! RUN AWAY TO A … DESERTED FOREST ISLAND AND WAIT THERE UNTIL THEY’RE GONE!!! They have calmed down so much in the past, but they’re just… the scariest people I’ve ever met in my life. They have the most… insane URLS and you know how you see something funny on Tumblr  and you wanna share it to your friends on Facebook but you can’t because the url in it says the-furry-inside-of-sehuns-rectum-outlined-with-gold or something?? Yeah; that’s a sehun stans doing. They’re actually really nice and sweet but they’re the top 2 thirstiest and it’s a little bit of a lot bit of scary.