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ghosts // old man logan

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Despite the fact you were the last living mutant before it was just him and Charles, Logan carries the guilt of letting his wife die up into his own death. 


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As It Seems: Chapter 3

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Dean is exhausted, but Sam told you to keep him awake, so you find… an interesting way to make sure he doesn’t pass out

Word Count: 2786

Warnings: Dirty talk kinda?


~Dean’s POV~

I thought the explanation would have taken longer than that. But at its most simple, my life wasn’t actually that difficult. When it came to the questions I was sure Y/N would ask, I knew that was when it would start getting complicated.

“So, what? You’re a businessman by day, playboy by night, and on weekends you’re a… what? Vigilante? Superhero?”

“I’m no hero.” Best to get that thought out of her mind right off the bat. “I guess I’m sort of an undercover agent or something.”

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Struck (Part Sixteen)

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EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU

Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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‘Explain to me again who this girl is?’

Baekhyun shot the rest of you a tired look as he strode up the road. You had set out early to meet Baekhyun’s connection to the Outsiders, and you, Jongdae and Minseok and Sehun were following the Light Fairy up a side street. Sehun had forced Mrs Park to stay home, much to her annoyance, but he had insisted she needed to rest and look after the baby. 

You and Jongdae were trailing at the back of the group, hovering in each others heads quietly, still a little fragile after last night’s argument. Jongdae gave your hand a squeeze, smiling softly at you. You smiled back before focusing back on where Minseok was drilling Baekhyun, who looked a little flustered.

‘Seriously, Baek, how do you know an Outsider?’ Minseok pressed.

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gazebros  asked:

could you do an Isaac imagine where the reader is scotts sister and Isaac came over to hang out or somethin and scott let it slip that the reader likes him and then she comes home from lydias and Isaac gets all awkward and leaves and Scott tells her what happened but then Isaac comes back around midnight will all her favorite stuff and some flowers and they kiss? Thanks!!!!

A/N: You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy it.

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~ Part three ~

“What?! No chance!” Aaron refused after Lachlan’s words had sunk in. “I’m not doing that.”

“Fine.” Lachlan shrugged, “I’ll just kill her then.” He said casually pointing the gun towards Liv making her step back behind Aaron.

“No!” Aaron shouted suddenly, “Please, not her.”

On hearing Aaron’s plea Lachlan lowered the gun and chuckled to himself, “Not her.” He mimicked, before looking Aaron in the eyes, “Who’s it gonna be then?”

“Aaron it’s okay.” Robert said softly trying to calm him down again causing Aaron look at him, allowing him to see how scared he really was.

“Kill me.” Aaron said quickly, “Let them all go and kill me.”

“Aaron no!” Chas shouted.

“Please just let them all go,” Aaron pleaded his breathing frantic, “I can’t do it, just let them go and you can do whatever you want.”

“ – Aaron don’t do this.” Robert begged, his voice breaking as he did so, tears forming in his eyes.

“Just do it!” Aaron shouted, ignoring everyone else.

The room fell into the same silence it did when Lachlan first entered the pub however this time it was in a new sense of anticipation.

“No.” Lachlan said simply, causing a relief to wash over Chas and Robert but a frustration to overtake Aaron, “Play the game.”

“I can’t – “ Aaron began to feels tears fill his eyes, terrified at what was happening.

“Why don’t I make it easier for you?” Lachlan suggested, “It’s never gonna be your little sister is it, you’re too protective of her, I can’t imagine you killing any of your own family and Vic’s the only one in this room that isn’t related who hasn’t done anything to hurt you – so it’s simple.”

Aaron’s face was overcome with horror at the realisation Lachlan’s words made him notice and he could feel his breath catch in his chest.

“Make your choice Aaron,” Lachlan continued, “The man who broke your heart by sleeping with someone else, or the woman he cheated on you with – or would you like me to just kill them both.” He smiled teasing Aaron, tormenting him.

Rebecca and Robert’s face were overcome with uncertainty, the reality of the situation hitting them hard as they watched Aaron stand between them unable to look any of them in the eye.

“You put all your trust in him, he said he loved you Aaron, then he just threw it right back in your face, the same way he did with my mum, with everyone he has ever been with.” Lachlan urged as the anger was building inside Aaron.

“He’s right.” Rebecca said from next to Aaron, causing the whole rooms attention to focus on her. “All he ever does is hurt people Aaron, me and you both know that, this is your chance to free yourself from him, take it Aaron.” She said trying to encourage him.

At this point Robert lifted his head from where he had been looking towards the floor and looked at Aaron, a million words being said between them in one moment, both of them knowing their words held a truth neither could deny.

“Don’t forget though Aaron,” Lachlan began speaking again as the tears continued to build in Aaron’s eyes, “She pretended to be your friend, all that time just waiting for the right moment, she went behind your back and now she’s won, she took him from you and now she’s carrying his child,” Lachlan whispered just loud enough for Aaron to hear, the sound of it feeling like it was piercing through his mind.

“No!” Rebecca remarked suddenly, “You’re wrong. I’ve been lying.”

Everyone was hit with another wave of confusion at her comment, urging her to explain what she meant by her words.

“It’s not his. This baby isn’t Robert’s.”

Stick with me there is a plot I’m getting to it lmaooo let me know what you think and whether you’re interested in reading more of it thanksss x

Tiny Dancer

AUTHOR: cheers-mrhiddleston
CHARACTERs: Elliot Bishop and Moira Courtney
GENRE: Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Bishop really, really hates having to attend the annual Hiddleston Corporations Gala, until he finds someone to pass the time with.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: You guys wanted it, so here’s something to tide you over till the next ETTR chapter.

Bishop felt entirely out of place in a tuxedo.

Having grown up in hand-me-downs and thrift store pickings, and later rags from his days on the streets, he still wasn’t completely adjusted to the smooth, manicured suits he wore into Browning’s offices on a daily basis. But the silk bowtie around his neck was just too constricting for his taste.

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Cut Up Angels

Requested by anonymous: Bellamy x reader where your longtime relationship with Bellamy begins to suffer under the many stresses of living on the ground. A near death experience changes everything and brings you closer together. (Parts 2 & 3)

You and Bellamy were together long before the dropship’s unexpected launch to the ground. You knew him long enough to watch him grow from a gangly little tyke to a strapping young man. You were together long enough to be his confidant, the holder of his deepest secrets, fears, and passions. And you loved him long enough to realize that he was more than just your boyfriend. He was your soulmate.

The bond you shared with Bellamy was more than physical. More than hugs and kisses, it was late night consolations and deep conversations in the arms of a being you felt bound to by divine force. The connection felt celestial as if it was penned into existence by the heavens above. It was that feeling of security and comfort that said, “This is exactly where I need to be right now.” It was magical, indescribable, and undoubtedly right. 

Even in times of great trauma, your love for each other endured. Following his mother’s execution and Octavia’s capture, you were there to comfort Bellamy every step of the way. Once you were imprisoned, Bellamy never let a visitation day slip by without seeing your face. No amount of cells, locks, or misfortune could stop you two from being together. When life got rough, you could always count on the love you shared for one another to be the light shining in the darkness.

More than lovers, you and Bellamy were partners, two conjoining pieces of the same puzzle that relied on each other to form a support system. You depended on each other, leaned on each other, and worked together. Being with Bellamy never felt like a balancing act because you both held equivalent shares in this partnership. You always acted as equals, but recently you noticed a shift in this dynamic as life on the ground became more stressful.

The crushing responsibility of acting in an authoritative role was going to Bellamy’s head and he was beginning to act more like your boss than your boyfriend. Instead of making decisions together, he was calling the shots and instead of asking you, he was telling you. Bellamy was starting to take control in a relationship that once relied on teamwork which caused a great divide to form where he was standing on one side while you were standing on the other.

The gap grew exponentially as you continually struggled to see eye to eye. Where there was once peace and tranquility, there were disagreements and serrated tongues spewing curses. Day by day the conflict seemed to grow worse and your relationship more inharmonious.

The arguments came more swiftly and in larger numbers. You woke up fighting and then went to bed fighting. Each day brought a new topic for debate and today’s subject was Octavia. You had just woken up and rolled over in bed and he didn’t even greet you with a good morning, but a command.

“We’re on high alert today,” Bellamy warned as he strapped on his boots. “This means no sneaking off with Octavia.”

“She was the one sneaking,” you said with a yawn. You stretched and sat up as you watched Bellamy prepare for the day. “I was just trying to keep her out of trouble.”

“Maybe you should try stopping her next time?”

Bellamy’s suggestion sounded nice on paper, but in actuality no force on earth or in heaven could stop Octavia from leaving camp if that’s what she intended to do. The old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” seemed to be a more fitting approach in your opinion. Since Octavia was going to sneak out no matter what, it was better for you to just tag along. At least, with you around she didn’t have to venture out into the unknown alone and you would be right by her side if anything ever happened.

“Yeah, because that works really well when you do it.” You didn’t realize how condescending your statement sounded until Bellamy stopped his morning routine to turn and scowl at you with crossed arms. “That didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.”

Bellamy already had so much on his plate and you just wanted to help him out by keeping an eye on his sister. You knew how important Octavia was to him and that made her just as important to you too. If her safety was his top priority then it was yours as well. You only wanted him to understand that your actions weren’t to spite him, but to support him and share the load he was bearing.

“I don’t need you undermining me. I need your support,” Bellamy said, his lips curled into a tight frown. You could hear the exasperation growing in his voice.

You weren’t trying to be argumentative, but you were trying to express your feelings candidly, which was something that used to be easy. “It’s hard to be supportive when you keep treating me like a kid.”

“Then try growing up for a change,” he shot back, considerably raising his voice. “If I wanted another little sister to look after then I would’ve never asked you to be my girlfriend.”

“If I’m just one big burden to you then why are we even together?” The words flew out of your mouth without any forethought.

“I don’t know.” Bellamy’s response was a little too calm for someone that was supposed to be in love with you and his answer hit you like a cold splash of water. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“What?” you asked stunned. “You don’t mean that.”  

“I can’t keep going back and forth with you.” His tone was firm and resolute, but at the same time, he couldn’t even look you in the eye. “I’m done,” he sniffed as he shrugged on his jacket and hung his rifle over his shoulder.

This wasn’t the Bellamy that you came to know and love. This was someone who was cold and uncaring. This was a side of Bellamy that the ground created.  

“Bellamy, don’t you still love me?” you pleaded, hoping to find the remains of the young man that had run away with your heart so many years ago.

“Don’t make this harder on me,” he said turning his back to you and heading out of the tent. He took one final glance at you from over his shoulder. “Try to be gone by the time I get back from patrol.”

You sat there in shock, unbelieving that the man you had practically given your life to would dump you now. Your first instinct was to not let go, not now, not after you had come so far together. Then the anger and sadness set in, telling you that no one who truly loved you would ever treat you the way that Bellamy did. Your broken heart was doing the thinking for your brain and you decided that if he wanted you gone then you were going to get as far away from him as humanly possible.

Tears gushed from your eyes as you gathered all of your belongings and stuffed them into your pack. You made your way to the front gate, prepared to never look back when you felt that invisible cord that tethered you to Bellamy tugging on you. It was urging you to go back to him and sort things out, but the hurt wouldn’t let you. You choked back your tears and slipped through the fence, leaving behind a huge piece of you heart in the process.

You’d only been walking for a half hour when Octavia caught up with you.

“Hey, Y/N! Where are you going?” she called out.

“I’m leaving,” you replied, not stopping your fast paced trek to meet Octavia’s gaze. Looking at Octavia was heart wrenching because you only saw Bellamy when you looked at her.  

“What? Why?”

“He broke up with me, Octavia,” you said halting in place for a moment. A few more tears managed to creep back into your eyes and drip down your cheeks. You took a deep breath to compose yourself as you wiped away your unwanted friends. “He wants me out of his life. That’s why I’m leaving.”

“You can’t leave,” Octavia said, grabbing hold of your hand. “This is your home.”

“Not anymore.” Bellamy was your home and without him, you felt like a vagrant orphan. “Go back to camp, Octavia.” You walked away from Octavia, letting her hand fall from yours.

You had only gone about ten paces when you heard her unleash a blood-curdling scream. You promptly turned around to find her scrambling backwards on all fours in the dirt, a grounder standing over her with his weapon at the ready.

Before you had time to think you were already springing into action. You jumped onto the large man’s back, clawing at his face and eyes as he flailed around trying to shake you from your mounted position. He reached onto his back and, bending forward, tossed you to the ground below. You felt the wind being knocked from your lungs as you hit the dirt with immense impact. Octavia was back up and trying her best to fight off your attacker, but her small stature was no match for the grounder. He grabbed Octavia by the throat and lifted her high into the air. From your view on the ground, you could see her feet kicking as she grappled to free herself from the choke. You could hear her gasping for air and you had to do something fast to save her.

You noticed that the grounder dropped his knife when he threw you from his back. You grabbed it and with your last bit of strength you lunged at him with the knife. He saw your attack coming and dropped Octavia before easily catching your strike. He quickly overpowered you, twisting your arm so that the blade was turned inward towards you, and drove the knife deep into your abdomen. Everything happened so fast and the blade was so sharp that you almost didn’t feel it slide into your skin like butter.

In your state of shock, you hear a foghorn blow in the distance. The grounder notices the far off sound too and he makes a hasty get away from the area.

You clutched your stomach with shaky hands as you watched the blood begin to puddle on your shirt. You felt your throat tighten as you struggled to swallow. Your vision was going blurry, fading in and out to black. The last thing you saw before completely passing out was the look of sheer terror on Octavia’s face as she ran to you.

“When I told her to leave this isn’t what I meant,” Bellamy thought as he sprinted through the forest. His heart pounded in his chest as quick breaths escaped his mouth.

He spent the last half hour turning camp upside down, in search of you and Octavia, only to come up empty-handed. He took to the vast canopy of trees just hoping to find a trace of the two women that held sovereignty over his heart.

Bellamy was losing daylight with each labored step, the orange glow of the sun’s rays began to set on the horizon and darkness took its reign in the sky. His anxiety spiked, knowing it was twice as dangerous to be out during twilight because of low visibility. He had to find you and soon.

“I shouldn’t have been so hard on her.”

His mind was conflicted with feelings of fear, anger, and guilt. He was worried sick knowing that you may have fallen prey to the many dangers that waited outside of the camp walls, but he was also livid. He was so pissed with himself for letting the ground turn him into someone that would hurt the person he loved most. He would never be able to forgive himself if you had gotten hurt.

Suddenly the sound of quiet whimpers broke through his disheartening thoughts. His feet moved faster, barreling across the forest floor and cutting through the dense woodland as he cried out your name. He hears a familiar female voice wail his name in utter despair and he bounds towards the direction that the voice is resonating from. Finally, his mad dash brings him to his sister who is sitting slumped over on the ground.

“Octavia, what’s wron-” he stopped short, standing motionless in his place as he sees Octavia cradling your limp body in her arms. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she clutched you close to her.

Bellamy’s heart sunk into his stomach as he saw the knife protruding from your belly and he realized that his worst nightmare had come to pass.

“She saved me,” Octavia said through sobs.

“No. No. God no…” he panted as he fell to his knees next to you. Tears welled up in his eyes as he took his lifeless angel into his arms. He nuzzled against you, pressing his cheek to yours. Over and over he would mutter, “Please don’t leave me. I need you.”

Guilt was engulfing him now as he stared into your paling face. It was his words that drove you away and now he may never get to speak to you again.

He carried you back to camp, not knowing if you were dead or alive, and immediately brought you to Clarke. She informed him that you still had a pulse, but it was very weak and she would need to perform emergency surgery on you right away.

Bellamy paced back and forth nervously during the entire procedure, replaying the last words he spoke to you over and over in his mind. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if those were the final words you heard from him. You couldn’t leave this world without knowing how much he loved you and how much he regretted the harsh things that he said.

“Bellamy,” Clarke said, poking her head out of the drop ship. “She’s okay.”

As soon as Clarke informed him of your status, he ran into the dropship to be by your side.

He was relieved to hear your positive prognosis, but he knew you weren’t out of the woods just yet. Clarke was able to successfully remove the knife and stitch you up, but you hadn’t woken up yet. Your breathing was stable, but she was concerned because you had also lost a lot of blood.

“You’re strong. You can beat this,” Bellamy said, rubbing your cold hand against his cheek.

Suddenly, your body convulsed as white foam erupted from your mouth.

“What’s happening?” Bellamy yelped, jumping backwards. “Clarke, do something!” He watched helplessly, wishing that he could take your place.

“The blade must have been poisoned,” Clarke said rushing to gather up a few materials.

She was able to mix up a solution of some herbs that had purifying properties, but she wasn’t sure if it would be enough to counteract the poison. Only time would tell and if you could survive the night then your outlook was good.

Bellamy stayed with you the entire time, personally volunteering to monitor your condition through the wee hours of the night while not sleeping a wink. He crouched by your side, stroking your hair and whispering words of encouragement and supplication into your ear as you slept.

“You can’t leave me here,” he pleaded, “How am I supposed to live without you?”

Hours passed and you were still unresponsive. Bellamy was losing faith fast and in his last act of hope he begged for forgiveness.  

“I take it back,” he said, his eyes glossed over with saline. “I take back everything I said before. Please just…please don’t leave me, Y/N.” He kissed your hand as he felt your life slip away from him. Unable to stop the tears from falling from his eyes, he cursed under his breath, knowing that he would give up everything just to have his one true love back.

Your eyes opened as you felt Bellamy’s cool tears sliding down the back of your hand. “I’m not going anywhere,” you said hoarsely.

An expression of awe and gratitude spread across his face as he saw you come back to life. “I’m so sorry,” Bellamy said, taking your face in both hands. The tears were streaming even more profusely now as he nestled his forehead against yours. “I was wrong. I was so wrong.”

“Shhh…It’s okay,” you said, gently caressing his thick waves.

“I will never leave your side again. You are my life.”

“And you are mine.”

You and Bellamy were fated lovers written in the stars and nothing was going to bar you from being together. It was reassuring to know that no matter how far you strayed from one another love would always bring you back together, even from the brink of death.

SSMonth 2014, Day 31: Keep Breathing

summary: Hopeful wishes of the moment.
disclaimer: i don’t own naruto.
prompt: Three Wishes
rating: t

comment: I do hope you’ve enjoyed my prompts thus far. I am eternally grateful for the lot of you that have followed me as a result of my work in the past month. Thank you all so much, but the work doesn’t end here, just as our love for SS doesn’t. Keep reading, and keep shipping. <3


(Art is not mine. Stumbled across it, in search of source.)

“Covered with flowers,

Instantly, I’d like to die,

In this dream of ours.”



He trailed soft kisses up the length of her chest and to her jawline. Her breathing was soft against his hair, coming to even out with his own. Placing a palm over her heart, he felt the ticklish pitter-patter of her uncontainable joy. Inaudible longings came tumbling from her careful tongue, from her prudent subconscious. Onyx trailed over the perfect angles and contours of her being. Hungrily, he stole soft kisses from her lips, feeling her tug lovingly at his own. He hummed his content into her, hardly able to contain himself. It had been so long since he had felt such overwhelming warmth, such a kindness in a human being.

He had missed her.

She had missed him, always.

“I wish I had never gone away,” he said for the first time, finally encompassing every unspoken word that had ever passed through their exchanged gazes.

And though she agreed with him, she only took him into her warmth, stroking her solemn I-knows.

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anonymous asked:

can you do a Justin imagine where you like Justin and he's doing a movie night at his house and you go and you're all chilling and he's cuddling and flirting with hailey and you get really jealous so you get up and leave. Justin try's to catch up but you get out in time. you've been ditching his calls/ text then he decides to go to y/n house and they end up dating? thanks!!

“Okay so what movie are we watching?” 

“uhm i dont know how about Fifty Shades of Grey ??” kendall shrugged 

all boys groaned `’uhm no thank you” Khalil rolled his eyes.

“but nobody asked YOU fool” you smirked 

kendall laughed and put in the DVD as the movie started the trailer played first.

Mr.Grey’s fine perky ass was on the screen as you heard Kendall whisper “Damn” next to you.

“Hey Hailey that could be us but you playin’” Justin smirked at Hailey 

you felt the urge to roll your eyes but you didn’t.

“Oh really cause last i checked you’re playing games that could’ve been us a long time ago” she smirked back

“Well damn i guess i should start placing orders for ceiling mirrors every room in this house” he chuckled 

you rolled your eyes. 

it came to the part where Christian pushed her against the elevator wall

justin walked over and sat down next to Hailey and started singing

From the door to the wall
Coffee table, girl get ready
I'mma put you down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
All the way down (PYD PYD PYD)
From the stove to the counter top
Dining room table, are you ready?
I'mma put you down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
Up the stairs to my bedroom
Light a few candles brace yourself” 

you couldn’t help but feel the jealousy bubbling inside of you.

“you know what i forgot i needed to do something so i kinda have to go” you sighed 

all heads snapped towards you.

“But i thought you were spending the night?” justin asked confused 

“yeah well not anymore like i said i have things to do” you snapped 

a flood of realisation washed over his face but before any thing else was said you stormed out of the house wearing  your unicorn bed shoes and your bags hands.

you speed walk to your parked Audi R8. 

“y/n wait hold up !!” you ignore the him calling your name and start your car. 

without a second glance towards him you drive home 

———–3/ days later——————-

you’ve had a busy day on set of CK new collection…stopping by the grocery store to get the biggest Ben&Jerry carton possible as you pull up in your drive way his fisker karma was parked outside your garage.. you rolled your eyes and got out you walked past his car like it wasnt even parked there…

he got out and followed you up the steps 

“Y/N what is wrong ?!” you ignored him and opened the door and walked straight to the kitchen to put your ice cream in the freezer and grab something to eat.

“Stop Ignoring me !!” he yelled frustrated 

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N stop and talk to me right now” 

you stopped in your tracks and turned to look at him…

“You’ve been ignoring my calls my texts my dms My damn presents and don’t know why fucking talk to me Y/n…. i miss you” he sighs taking a step closer to you.

he tried to wrap his arms around but you stopped him 

“don’t touch me” you whispered 

“oh so now i can’t even touch you WHAT THE FUCK Y/N ?!” he yelled 

“Just STOP OKAY JUSTIN I’M ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR MYSELF!!” you yelled getting frustrated as well 


“NO LOVING IS IN MY BEST INTEREST BUT I CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT NOW I CAN I” as soon as the words left your mouth his eyes widened 

“y-you love me?” he said softly 

“yeah i fucking do so much tha-” before you could finish your sentence 

he smashed his lips onto yours… you felt nothing but joy at that moment.

he pulled away slowly “I love you too” 

“then why were you flirting with hailey ?? “ he said sternly 

“because hailey wanted to see if you would get jealous after you told her you didnt like me “ he smiled kissing my forehead 

now it all made sense…

“but now that i know… i would like to take you out on a date… as my girlfriend” 

you smirked “Well i’d love to go out with you…as your girlfriend” 

he chuckled and held your cheeks “I love you so damn much” he whispered against your lips

i hope  you liked it boo xx

Stuck V

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Soul’s sweating through his black shirt; it’s not exactly how he wants to swoop in to save Maka. He debated the headband, but he had to keep his hair out of his face somehow. He’s got the keys to the main gate he won off Blake the security chief in a bet, and several blankets. It would be weird to wheel around a topless girl in a fish costume at top speed, and it’s nowhere near enough to October to have Halloween as an excuse, so he has to improvise.

This might be the stupidest idea he’s ever come up with, other than that bet with Blake. There’s probably no way in hell the night guard would take his bribe, he would definitely be caught on one or thirty security cameras, and he’d probably end up shot in the face.

But Soul had to try.

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Out... A Diggy Simmons Imagine

“Babe, I’m out” Daniel called to me from the bottom of the stairs he’d already ran down. “What?” I shouted. I couldn’t hear a thing he said.. and I had no idea where he thought he was going. I heard him sigh before walking into the living room where I was sat with my phone in my hand. “I said I’m out.. I’m going studio with Spin” “It’s alright babe. You don’t have to tell me where you’re going. I trust you” I smiled and he beamed back at me. “Aite..” he came over and kissed my cheek. “I got hella things to work on.. so I’ll be back real late. You gon be here?” “Looking after lil Ava for you, yeah” I replied happily. “See you guys later” he said blowing kisses at us both and left.

I pressed the phone up to my ears. “Okay, where we off to tonight?” “Looking after lil Ava huh?” Alexis laughed down the phone at my lie. “She’ll be looked after, just not by me, I hate being at home!” I protested and glanced a smile at Ava who played with her toys. “I feel you.. who’s gon look after her?” she asked. “Hm… I got a friend who owes me a favour” I smirked and tapped my cheek. “Make sure that friend is here by 11. I’m picking you up and sneaking you out” Alexis instructed. “And you gotta look hot” she added. “Alright fine” I rolled my eyes with a smile and hung up. I looked up from my phone at Ava who gazed at me with a huge smile. “How does it sound if we got you a babysitter?” I asked gently and Ava nodded excitedly. I dialled a number and waited for it to answer as I sat her on my lap and played with her hair. “Hey Nala? Yeah hey, remember when you said you owe me one? Yeah, I need you right now..”

“Okay, let’s go and actually have some fun..” Alexis dragged me in the club. I was wearing my bodycon lime green dress and white heels and she kept it simple in a similar pink dress. She got us bottle service and told me ‘This was what we deserved for not being out in so long’. We drank the champagne at our table before hitting the floor with the glasses in our hands and dancing.. a couple guys swiftly approaching us to dance.

“You want a different drink?” I asked Alexis when we’d been here a couple hours. She agreed and came to the bar with me. I was about to call over the bartender when I looked across the far end of the bar and saw Spin.. and Diggy came up next to him. I had to duck away so quickly and Alexis looked at me like I was crazy. “Y/N, what are you doing?” “Diggy’s over there!” I said to her. She looked over and saw him. “So?” “So, he can’t see me! He thinks I’m babysitting his niece!” I scrunched my face at her. “Oh yeah..” she realised. Go back to the table and I’ll get the drinks" she reassured me and I quickly dashed back to our table and poured the last of the champagne and drank it fast.

“You can’t stay here all night” Alexis sighed with annoyance as the music played loudly, drowning out my ears. She put down her vodka cranberry as she watched me searching for where Diggy and Spin were in the club. I noticed them. They were laughing and all around them were women feeling them up and flirting. I was a lil jealous, but at least he hadn’t noticed me yet. “I can’t let him see me” I said to Alexis. “And we’ve been here two hours and all you’ve done is hide. Come on Y/N, let’s go and dance. Don’t worry. He’s not focused on you” she told me as I looked at her crazy. As we got up, I was more than sure Spin looked over at us, but I’m sure I was just crazy. I looked at him and he was laughing at another girl’s sentence. He didn’t even notice me.

I danced with Alexis, drink in one hand and purse in the other. A few guys danced around us and we danced with them closely. They were hot, I tell you that. They moved around the club and I danced with another guy.. and damn he could move. He held my body just right while I held my drink and swayed my hips in tune with his body. He kissed on my neck and the kisses.. they seemed familiar and felt so good, but I pulled my head away. I was taken already. When the DJ faded the song into the next one, I turned around to the guy… and oh my God, it was Diggy.

“You thought I wouldn’t notice you here?” he asked with a smile. “Oh my God” I covered my mouth and face and laughed, embarrassed and shocked it was him of all the guys in this club. I dragged him to the table we had because I couldn’t hear him if he even tried to talk. “What are you doing here?” I asked him. “What are you doing here?” he asked, raising his eyebrow and his hand holding mine affectionately. “You were meant to be at the studio..” “We finished earlier than we thought… You were meant to be looking after Ava!” “Don’t worry, she’s in safe hands. I just needed a night away and Alexis snuck me out” I told him. “How did you even..?” “Spin saw you” he smirked. “Dammit!” I looked away and sucked my teeth. Diggy just laughed and pulled me in for a kiss, he was so passionate and turned on by my evening attire.. I could tell. “Let’s get outta here” he whispered and took me by the hand and led me out the club.

We couldn’t keep out hands off each other on the way home.. hell we were kissing way before the door opened. We kissed all the way into the hallway, I was urging him to take his blazer off and he was playing with the straps on my dress, prying them to release from my skin. As he kissed me up the stairs, we heard a throat clearing at the bottom of the staircase… “And where have y'all been?” Nala asked and we laughed bashfully at her as she held a tired Ava in her arms protectively. I walked up to them both and kissed Ava as she dozed off and took her from Nala. “Thank you…” I cooed to Nala who rolled her eyes jokingly. “I was babysitting while you guys went out for the night? Next time, Vanessa will hear of this” she joked. “You better not!” Diggy protested with her and hugged her for a 'thank you’. I said goodbye to Nala and Diggy saw her out while I took Ava up to bed.

After tucking Ava in the guest room, I walked out and Diggy swept me off my feet. “Oh my God! Dig!” I squealed and he carried me off laid me down on the bed in our bedroom. “Shut up” he smirked and I pulled him in for a kiss. “But Ava.. she’ll hear..” I said between Diggy’s passionate kisses. “She won’t.. not if you’re quiet for me” he had that lustful look in his eyes as he held my hands above my head so I couldn’t touch him while he kissed me. Such a tease. “Besides.. it’s what you get for sneaking out. I'ma try and make you scream..” he whispered and nibbled on my neck while I tried to refrain from moaning at the touch of his lips as he sucked on my skin. Fine, Simmons. Game on.

– thank you to the anon who requested this imagine!! I really liked doing this idea! –

Omaha pregnancy series part 19         ~`. The baby shower .`~

Sammy :  

Theme : Spa day , (Only females )

“girls this is seriously amazing I really appreciate it but you didn’t have to go all out “ i chuckled “Y/N yes we did you are amazing and don’t get enough credit for putting up with Sammy’s ass and you don’t go to the spa as often as you need to “ Emily said taking a seat in her spa chair . “what color are you going to get?” Y/f/n asked  “pink for her ‘ i said rubbing my belly and sinking my swollen feet in the warm spa water . after we got our mani and pedis “it’s gift time ! “ Annie came to me grabbing my arm and guiding me to my “queen chair “ . “this one’s from me “ Annie pulled out her gift that was wrapped in pink polka dot . I unwrapped the gift to see baby size converse in pink and black and white I screeched  at how cute they were ‘oh my gosh these are literally the cutest things in the entire world thank you “ I went to hug her .

Favorite gift :

Food decorations :

Cake : 

Invitations : 

Table decorations : 

Nate : 

Theme : Elephant , (Female only ) 

“Guys This is so amazing how you decorated I love it ! “ i cover my mouth in awe they decorated it so beautifully “what food did you get ?” i asked because food was the only thing on my mind “we asked Nate and he told us you have been craving fast food so we got a bunch of fast food but we also did get the proper Baby shower food “ Madison said “oh now I’m really excited thanks again you guys I love you “ i gave all the girls hugs and kisses “ how did you do all this ?” I asked looking around at the decorations “we had help from the guys “ Stass said . 

Invitation :

Food decorations : 

Cake : 

table decorations : 

Favorite gift :

Jack J : 

Theme : woodland, (Male and female )

Because you were having a boy and a girl you thought that it would be better for Jack to be there , “how are you feeling baby ?” Jack asked sitting next to me “I am doing great just tired’ I yawned a little “okay well we will be heading home soon alright , oh and do you need anything ? “ jack asked “yes can I have one of those caramel apples I’ve been dying for one ! “ “of course “ Jack gave me a kiss before he left to get my apple . 

table decorations : 

food decorations : 

cake : 

Invitations : 

Favorite gift : 

Jack G : 

theme : Mustache , (Female only ) 

“thank you I really needed to get out , I was literally in the house all last week and now this week but i haven’t had the urge to do something you know ?’ I said to Y/F/N “you are very welcome , and no problem it’s needed to get out of the house “ she replied “where are we going any way ?” “we are here “ she parked the car at a local cafe . I got out of the car “hold on let me open the door pregnant women “ she ran to the entrance door to open it for me “thank you ! “ I walked in “Surprise “ A bunch of my friends shouted “oh my gosh “ I covered my mouth in all “hi “ I said to all of them thank you “ I gave Y/F/N a hug . 

Cake :

food decorations : 

Table decorations : 

Invitations : 

favorite gift : 


was this not the cutest thing ever ??!!

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I want to do the prompt thing but also want to thank you for all of your amazing fics that you have sharred with all of us! Setting: AU-Celebrity Troupe: Accidental Marriage Pairing: CS

Title: The Premiere
Word count: ~2000
A/N: Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoy my writing :D And I hope you like this!

Emma knew she’d have to see him at the movie premiere, which is why she  drank as much she possibly could without making an idiot of herself at the red carpet. It’s not that she didn’t like Killian Jones, hell, before filming that scene they’d actually gotten along really well. 

Emma had thrown herself at him, crashing into him and knocking both of them onto the bed. She shifted, spreading her legs to straddle his waist as she kissed him with everything she had. His tongue plunged into her mouth and she met it with her own. She moaned, rocking her hips down into his. Emma sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, biting down when he thrust up beneath her unexpectedly. Her hands had pinned his to the bed above his head and she released them, choosing to run her fingers through his hair instead, wanting desperately for him to touch her. 

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Multi-Tasking (Based on Season 3 **New** promo)

<After that promo? Yeah I think I kind of had to write this… matter how much gov work is sitting unfinished! some Team Arrow feels thrown in there because I need to know that Diggle and Roy were listening to this Olicity goodness E N J O Y> 
Pairing: Olicity
Rating: G


“Maybe Italian? Do you think she likes Italian? Everyone loves Italian, you can’t go wrong with Italian" 

He paused, an eyebrow lifting in consideration as he swerved his bike through traffic 

"Right? Diggle? do you think Felicity would like Italian?" 

A grunt 

"I mean I know she loves that Thai place down the street from where she works but the venue is a little shady and it’s just not where I imagined our first date would be, you know?” he fought the urge to scratch his head in utter cluelessness  

A crash 

“and I know she likes Mexican but there is an obvious issue there with-" 

"Oliver!” Roy interjected through the coms, grunting as he kicked his way trough a group of guards, rolling his eyes under his own leather hood as he listened to his boss flounder over where to take their IT sidekick out on a date

“Don’t you think this little dance you’ve been doing for months is torture enough? Now you’re deciding to have your own little self-help ‘how to wine and dine a woman’ with Diggle? Diggle of all people? look at yourself, man, If this isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is” he told them, his movement not distorting his comment enough for Diggle to miss the jab 

“Hey! what are you trying to say with that?” Diggle said, mildly offended “I’ll have you know that I went on plenty of dates in my time, If there’s anyone with advice, its me”

Roy scoffed

but Oliver was not one to get derailed, at least not when it came to Felicity

“Is sushi too much? I’m not quite fond of those tuna ball things but If you think she’ll like sushi I can-" 

Oliver, get yourself together! this is Felicity you’re talking about. Just take her somewhere, anywhere, eat food, have a conversation that happens to not be about criminals or your company, tell her how you feel and lighten the hell up“ Roy said, emphasizing the part about lightening the hell up for obvious reasons  

There was silence through the coms and Roy almost sighed in relief.

"I hate it when he’s right” Diggle muttered only a moment before the IT expert in question signed onto the coms.

“Hey guys hows the mission going?” she didn’t wait for an answer before feeding Oliver the directions from her screen, keeping a watchful eye on the blinking red dot that indicated Oliver’s location

“Ok, you’re almost there, Oliver,  you’re going to make a right turn at-”

“Do you like Italian?”



“Italian. You like Italian, right? everyone likes Italian”

Felicity paused confused, eyes darting around the semi-crowded tech shop for any eavesdroppers

“Oliver, You’re in the middle of a high speed chase” she reminded him in a hushed voice

For the love of god!” Roy groaned

Diggle snickered

“I’m multi-tasking” Oliver shrugged from the seat of his bike, smirking under the confines of his helmet

“Will you just tell the man your food preferences so I can beat these people up in peace, Please?” Roy asked, lifting up his bow to shoot down a goon from high above a roof

“Italian” Felicity considered, a lazy smile spreading over her lips as she traced the moving dot with gentle eyes

“I think I like it just fine” she told him, letting something a little flirty color her voice, not minding Roy’s groans or Diggle’s chuckles, but imagining instead the smile that might have graced Oliver’s lips.

“good” he said, his voice betraying the goofy upturn of his lips

“good” she echoed, thinking she liked Italian very much, thinking she’d like anything just as much, as long as she was with him.  

“I can’t believe it,” Korra breathed, her muscles screaming in protest as she adjusted the intensity of the flame in her hand. She’d spent a year, wandering, searching, and tracking at Katara’s urging.

She’ll be of great help to you,” She had said. “Toph always had a way of getting Avatars steady on their feet again.

Korra hadn’t known what to do back then, but she knew she couldn’t stay put. Kuvira was gathering an army and she needed to be steady. She needed to be strong. So, she left with a vague inkling of where she was headed and a small trail to follow. It had been a long year, too long, but she’d finally, finally reached the end. Unfortunately-


-All she had found was a skeleton, sitting up against a cave wall.

Finding What Was Lost {superiorxemnas088}

Alina walked through the streets, head turning constantly to look over the crowds. One of her contacts had given her a lead that Xemnas was last spotted in this bustling city, so she was on the hunt. How dare he disappear without telling her. How dare he make her worry. Oh, where the heck was he, anyway?

She rubbed her left temple, feeling a slight pain forming there from her agitation. Did she have to kill her contact for a false lead? She sighed heavily and slumped her shoulders, feeling defeated for not being able to spot him, which shouldn’t be that difficult in the first place, given his distinct characteristics. 

She was about to go ahead and call it quits, since she has been searching through this god forsaken city for hours now, when she finally spotted him. She squashed the urge to run to him and decided to just walk calmly to him. Best to keep up appearances in public, and not appear like a worry wart. When she caught up to him she tapped on his shoulder to get his attention.

“And where have you been all this time?” Wow, way to sound like a peeved mother, Alina.

Bellarke AU. Bellamy and Clarke just won back their home from the Grounders. Blah blah blah.



Did shadows know they were cast from brilliance? Bellamy couldn’t help but ponder the question as Clarke glided by, in the process of removing the thick battle armor from her arms. As she passed, he was just the dark outline of the mountain he had known himself to be: immense but nothing compared to solid stone rooted deep. He was nothing compared to the burning suns of her sweeping eyes as they barely regarded him.

Shaking his head, Bellamy brought a bloodstained arm across his brow in an attempt to keep the salt from his sweat-drenched hair from falling in his eyes. Today had been brutal, but despite the bone weary tiredness, victory surged through Bellamy’s veins at the memory of his enemies’s retreating form.

The Grounder force had been a plague upon his land, ripping it from his ancestors many moons ago, and today… today his body had fertilized the soil of his long-ago home with sprays of blood his sword had shed. The plants of harvest would sow red and he would devour the crimson hearts of the earth without waiver.

But for now, The Rebel King- as his people had proclaimed him- needed to rinse the day from the pores of his skin. Following the path Clarke, beloved princess who had the hearts of his people, had taken, Bellamy unclasped the thick paludamentum from around his shoulders and tossed it to the first soldier he saw.

Hand maidens had given word that the bathing quarters of the newly appropriated castle were functioning and were heated from the warmth of a deep, subterranean fire. Bellamy had no doubt that his princess intended to take advantage of such means to cleanliness. It had been a long, gruesome campaign from the towering peas of their exile, to the forest-dense lands they had claimed in battle only hours earlier.

Rounding a corner of a pathway that only the flicker of small flame illuminated, Bellamy listened for the faint sounds of running water as a guide. All he wanted to do was talk to her, and the foolish drive controlled his legs and kept his brain at bay. There would be no logic or rational thought- he had a country to run now- until he could tell her thank you.

After a few more turns, there she was. 

The chamber was large and dancing with orange glow, and a round pit in the middle that gave the constant sound of moving water from its depths. Standing in the center of the water, her golden brushing the lowest reaches of her back, was Clarke. She held the tattered remains of greaves in one hand, as if about to toss them to the bank of the pool. 

“You know,” she spoke over he shoulder, her voice warm and teasing, “it’s not polite to stare.”

Bowing his head- such modesty he suddenly felt- Bellamy took a step forward, a small laugh leaving him. “My apologies Princess.” he quipped. “But I’m not here to admire you, just rinse the day off.”

No different than any of the many occasions where Bellamy could have told her just how often he wound up admiring her, no matter his intentions, the boy made king walked to the edge of the pool and properly collapsed on his ass, not caring if his armor rusted from the water now lapping his shins.

Then Clarke turned, looking at him like she dared his eyes to dip below her face and take her in. Never one to disappoint, Bellamy’s breath caught at the sight of her chest, fully exposed to him. 

“What-” he cleared his throat, suddenly unable to speak, “What are you doing?”

Opting not to speak, Clarke waded over to him and held the hand he still had clenched around the broadsword. He had forgotten it was there, it had been there so long.

Flitting from their touching hands, the curve of her breasts- he lingered there- and the intensity in her eyes, Bellamy let her removed the weapon from his fingers.

Leaning closer, pressing her body between his legs- my god was this really happening-  Clarke’s warmth bled through the cold armor he still wore. “Sheath your sword, Bellamy Blake,” she urged, letting the blade fall to the floor. Her hands on his thighs made him think not of his sword, but of how naked she was and how unfair it was that he wasn’t.

“Anything for you, Princess,” he breathed. In a practiced move, Bellamy ripped off the armor on his upper body. Pausing only to slide completely in the water- and their bodies touched in ways they never had before- he pulled the disgusting tunic over his head while she worked to remove the braccae and balteus from his lower half.

They froze, suddenly aware that this was happening and there was no threat of injury or death to interrupt them. No, this was everything they had been through in the past years coming to a head. No more trying to fit everything that they felt into rushed urgings- “I need you.” “Brave, princess.”- because Clarke was in his arms and that was all he needed. 

Somehow they could never get to the point where their bodies could pass to each other the burning they felt. Now though, there was seclusion and there was time.

Wasting no more of it, Bellamy pulled her into him, not bothering with words anymore. Her lips were salty, and he kissed her harder, trying to rid the taste of battle from her mouth, leaving her with only him.

In the back of his mind, Bellamy processed the concept of taking it slow, but fuck that. This was the realization of countless dreams and he was shaking with the notion that he was about to be inside of her.

Grunting with the effort his worn muscles felt to reverse their positions, Bellamy sat Clarke on the edge of the pool and spread her legs as wide as they would go. 

“I need you, Clarke,” he panted, burying his head in he curtain of hair at the hollow of her throat. This was Clarke, so he did not care that he sounded on the verge of tears: she was it for him.

“I know.” Her lips pressed the words into his cheeks, the emotion she said them with was felt in the way her fingers clung to his biceps, urging him to kiss her again.

So he did. Wrapping a hand around her outer thigh, while simultaneously gripping her cheek- because he could not bear it if she pulled away- Bellamy bit her lower lip lightly, reveling in the moan she responded with.

He wanted more of that noise. Moving his hand across the top of her leg, Bellamy let his fingers fall to where he wanted to be, and he ran his fingers through her velvet heat, feeling just how ready she was for him.

“Now,” she begged, grabbing his cock and guiding him towards her entrance. 

Still kissing her, Bellamy removed her hand and held on tightly to it as he pushed forward without any thought to buildup.

Warmth enveloped him, tugging his nerve endings to the surface of his length, where they mingled with hers, pulling a sigh that only pure bliss could utter from her mouth.

The hand he had on her cheek flew behind her neck, keeping her lips on his as he fucked the longest years of his life away. But Bellamy knew that she was able to feel their entwined hands and have no doubts that this was more than the need to feel a body. As he thrust into her, Clarke would tighten the fingers she had buried in his hair at some point, and held him together.

Bellamy didn’t want to fall apart, but he could feel his body shaking as his release loomed near. All he wanted was to fall into Clarke and stop telling her he needed her. It was a coward’s promise.

Yes, he needed her- more than anything- but he needed water and food as well. This feeling, it went deeper than need, and even being so far inside her that he couldn’t see straight wasn’t enough to find a word that fit better than the one one the tip of his tongue.

Clarke was close, but he was closer. “Clarke.” His voice was ragged, desperate. Calmness seized his body, and their eyes locked. 

It was right there. All he had to do was say it.

“Bellamy,” she gasped as her body tightened in his arms. 

Together, they felt euphoria explode over every inch of their bodies, and words that scared Bellamy to death had no meaning there. Nothing had meaning as he floated through wave after wave of pure pleasure, alongside his princess. 

“Wow,” she breathed with a tired laugh. 

“Yeah,” Bellamy chuckled, “Wow." 

Minutes passed before Bellamy could find it in him to pull away from her. When he did, he refused to let go of her hand. For now, he still needed her. Maybe one day he could tell her, and not rely on their bodies to get his point across. 

A wicked smile on her face distracted him from trying to tell her how much he loved her, and Bellamy was suddenly to busy starting round two to care.