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a happy lil sonny for @smoltinypumpkinchild

lil sonny loves summer because the lack of sleeves means its the perfect time for all the gun shows

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monsta x and sleeping


• just likes having u with him
• adores the feeling of ur skin against his and the weight of u being next to him or even on top of him
• even on hot summer nights he’ll drape an arm over u and kiss u on the forehead
• he’d tap his chest and u would know instantly to jump on him and cuddle it up
• hes like a human heater
• great for the winter, get one for $39.99
• “hyunwoo its hot get off”
• “but its gonna get cold later in the night”
• “im sweating hyunwoo”
• “so am i wow we’re such a good couple”
• he enjoys the peacefulness of the evening when its just u two and the moon
• if u fall asleep first, he’ll smile and stroke ur hair so gently bc he doesnt wanna wake u up
• if the blanket slips off he’ll always make sure to tuck u back in
• esp if he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the blanket astray
• if he falls asleep first well u might as well be sleeping next to a corpse
• a very
• cute
• corpse


• LOVES and i mean LOVES to wrap his arms around u
• will actually pout and whine if u push him off or finds u outside his grasp in the middle of the night
• if ur laying next to him he turns his head and kisses u anywhere on the face at the randomest times
• u jus burped? smooch on the temple
• telling him abt the man who flicked a booger off the bus? smooches the top of ur head and a look of disgust
• taps his fingers on ur waist
• likes to sleep with u facing him and he cups ur face and with ur cheeks in his hands he smiles and wholeheartedly tells u he loves u
always without fail says good night to u before he falls asleep regardless whether u hear him or not
• when u fall asleep first he stares at u lovingly w tht cute cat smile of his
• hes so infactuated
• “how did i get so lucky to be able to sleep next to this angel”
• brushes ur hair out of ur face when it falls over eyes
• probably takes pictures to treasure this time
• ur forever gonna be his homescreen
• he laughs to himself when u drool or let out a snore
• “cute”


• okay listen to me
• he wont leave u the fuck alone
• even if u want him to he just. wont
• will literally cling to u like wrap his arms and legs around u
• likes to nuzzle his head in the crook of ur neck
• indulges himself in little smirks when ur shirt collar slips a bit or ur shirt rides up exposing ur midriff
• also a fan of kissing ur face often just because
• likes to be big spoon bc he likes the thought of being the protector and guardian of ur sleeping frame
• will rant to u abt everything while laying in bed and he expects u to do the same bc he wants u and him to be as open as possible to each other
• “its jus so frustrating!!! why are there so many snubbulls in this neighborhood!!!”
• “so u wanna get anything off ur chest (y/n)?”
• a really good listener hes receptive and will always give u good advice
• not a light sleeper but if u leave the bed he’ll definitely wake up and wait til u come back
• talks a lot about the past while running his hands along ur arms and u can feel his breath tickle ur neck and eventually u both fall asleep


• he lays on his side, propping himself up on one arm and talks to u. about everything
• u two have a lot of fun bc the conversation diverges a lot and the night is filled with high pitched giggles and playful tickles
• really likes ur hands. is 100% for sleeping while holding hands
• blows into ur ear just to mess with u and make u flustered
• it works
• hes so fuckin amused by ur reactions
• u two sleep facing each other, with one of his hands holding urs and the other arm over ur torso, stroking ur back
• he watches u while u sleep
• okay that sounds creepy but he really does
• hes mesmerized by the rise and fall of ur chest and how soft ur breaths come out and how ur mouth is left slightly agape and how ur eyelashes contrast against ur skin
• he’s lulled to sleep, watching u relaxes him
• sings u to sleep regardless whether u ask him or not
• always takes requests tho
• “kihyun can u sing me smth?”
• “of course baby what would u like me to sing?”
• “darude sandstorm”
• “i fucking hate u”
• “please”
• kihyun: takes a deep breath “doodoodoodoo doo doodoo doo-”


• not super into skinship esp when sleeping
• but not against a little snuggling every now and then
• esp on cold nights he likes it when u cling to him like a koala
• but most nights he’s content with simply sleeping next to u but not connected to the hip u know
• endless giggling if u start sleeptalking
• he finds it hilarious and so incredibly endearing u dont even know
• sometimes gets so tired he doesnt even change out of the clothes he wore during the day
• u come home late and u see hyungwon curled up on the bed in a hoodie and jeans and ur like ???
• sleeps with socks on
• u think its weird but he gets cold easily so he’ll endure any teasing he gets from u
• his voice gets really deep and husky when hes half asleep
• and its cute when ur having late night talks and he’s just mumbling his responses and u run ur fingers through his hair and kiss his forehead
• “hey hyungwon”
• “mm?”
• “do u remember how we met?”
• “well it was sunny and mnndjsgkf….,.,,.,…i saw mmmnnjnc…,…and u were there,,..,,,,,,”
• go to sleep babe"


• will snuggle u to death
• u could be layin on the bed chilling and he would walk into the room, give u that beautiful dimply smile, and jump on u
• he hugs u so tightly bc he just loves holding u
• its comforting to him
• after a rough day he just wants to curl up in bed and hold u in his arms
• like minhyuk u guys talk about ur day and ur problems a lot late at night
• “ive been composing all day and scrapped so many beats and in the end i dont even like the the beats i kept”
• “its okay honey ur such a talented person u’ll create something ur satisfied with i’ll listen to it if u want opinions!!”
• “thanks baby ur the best”
• alternates between big spoon and little spoon
• secretly likes being little spoon more bc he can hold ur hands as they wrap around his waist and he likes the feeling of ur head against his body
• likes kissing u on the cheek and u kiss him back right on his dimple
• will quietly sing u to sleep if u ask
• keeps his hand on ur butt bc he just feels like its a nice place to settle
• gives u a little squeeze once in a while to mess with u or wake u up if ur falling asleep
• he thinks its the cutest thing when u babble in ur sleep and records u to watch another day


• likes to sleep facing u
• strokes ur hair and kisses the top of ur head
• if u have any moles on ur face he will definitely kiss each and every one of them
• tries to do asmr for u
• really just whispering “noot noot” in ur ear
• gives a lot of little chuckles bc he’s so enamored with u
• ur just this beautiful bundle of joy in his arms and ur all his he loves that
• u guys talk about the future, all ur fears and excitement and hopes
• whenever u talk he looks into ur eyes and nods intently, taking in every single breath u take and word u speak
• he’ll probably gently bite u in the neck for fun when its quiet
• “changkyun pls”
• “its not my fault ur tasty”
• “good night changkyun
• if u fall asleep first he’ll use it as an opportunity to gaze upon u and memorize ur facial features
• as if u were going to go missing in the morning, he stores the image of ur face in his memory
• he sighs, giving ur hair a light stroke
• touching noses and sharing smiles
• and slowly he falls asleep

dating dallas - hcs

requested by 3 anons!

  • ok well he isn’t the most outwardly affectionate guy
    • and i mean affectionate in the lovey-dovey, what-a-cute-couple sorta way
  • it’s really difficult for him to express his love for you in a way that’s clearly understood
    • but that ring of his that he’s constantly twisting around and  tapping on shit with?? yeah, it’s yours now and it’s on a chain he gave you 
    • but he’s 9/10 times looking out for you
  • of course that’s when he’s not stickin his hand up your skirt/dress, or sliding a hand into your back pocket or pinching ur ass
  • w him it’s almost always ‘baby’ or ‘babe’
  • in all honesty if y'all disagree on something, the likelihood that there’ll b a petty argument or constant butting heads on it is pretty up there
  • dates are actually v spontaneous/casual and not always thought through 
  • he has this thing that if ur leaving to go somewhere and he doesn’t want u to leave yet
    • he’ll rarely grab u by the arm if ur wearing jeans bc he most often just gently tugs u back by one of the belt loops on ur jeans
  • he just loveS?? holding onto ur hips?? 
    • he’s also the jackass who’ll stick his hands up ur shirt when his hands are cold bc apparently “ur chest is so warm”
  • if he knows you’re easily annoyed, he’s def the type to bother u!!!
    • but the thing is that sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop
    • like even when you’ve had enough, there deadass has to be an argument about him stopping smh
  • a lot of repetitive and empty one-sided conversations about how dal needs to start acting a certain way
    • him “yes”-ing you away and then continuing to do the opposite
  • him being an actual fuckn dick when he’s hungover
  • ur one of the only ppl that he’ll have a full-blown argument with and still chill w afterwards
    • and one of the only ppl who can full out yell at dal without getting their lights punched out
  • amazing (rough) sex???
    • it doesnt even have to b makeup sex or angry sex to b great, in all honesty
    • but if he knows u like it gentle, it might take him some learning to be gentle, but it’s passionate af nevertheless
  • wow jail visits!!!!!!!
    • being the person who helps scrape up the money to post his bail
    • bc darry got tired of that shit over time
  • once, when he got arrested - since many officers just know him by name- they just asked him if he wanted to make any stop and he told them ur address
    • he was at ur door and he used the tip of his foot to kick the door to knock
    • u opened the door to see him and then immediately closed it when u saw the officers
    • the next time he knocked, ur literally just shouting through the door lmao
    • “NO”
    • “SO DONT”
    • *opens door to hurl the leather jacket at him*
    • he aint got no hands cause he’s handcuffed so it just lands over him covering his face and shit lmaoo
  • he has a secret stash of cigs in the case he ever runs out??
    • it’s located in an old sock in his sock drawer
    • it’s probably not even his sock it’s probably darry’s or buck’s
  • after every time y'all get into an argument about whether dally’s goin to a rumble
    • dally always goes to fight in the rumble
    • “you’re going to the rumble? yeah well i hope u get punched in the eye bitch”
  • really nOT a fan of you being passive aggressive to him
    • but when he gets all riled up and can’t fuck someone up
    • he becomes THe mOST passive aggressive person evER
    • but passive aggression is most often how he holds a grudge w u
  • literally always askin the gangs (yup the shepard gang and curtis + randle, mathews, cade gang) to look out for u while he’s stuck in jail for however long
    • so if dal can’t b there to make sure ur safe, almost everyone else is tbh

beansquishy  asked:

Please get a redbubble so I can get this stuff on a shirt or something PLEASE I WOULD GLADLY THROW MY MONEY AT YOU

i don’t think we should do that because it seems kinda bad to make merch of mcelroy content when the money wouldn’t go to them - but if you wanna like, print one of the edits onto a shirt for yourself, then go for it!

also if you didn’t know, there’s official merch for mcelroy content on maxfun which you can buy here!

what if hanzo nip pierce