and ur perfect hair

APH France more like actual living perfection.))

bc my spotify is full of weirdly specific playlists and i’m always a slut for a bandwagon:

you live in a one room apartment in a really old building and you think u might have a crush on the ghost that haunts the tiny kitchen space and leaves notes with ur refrigerator magnets and makes sure you never burn ur food

youre a 1930′s woman who found out ur husband had an affair with a beautiful younger woman and it broke ur heart but then u fell in love w his mistress & ran away w her and now u live in a house filled w sunshine and ur days together are slow and easy and sometimes ur husband sends a letter begging you to take him back and you and ur lover read it together and laugh

diana walking through no mans land in Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins

all the indie songs i hear and think “that’s gay” go on this playlist

youre a notorious badass living a life of crime and also ur really hot and have perfect hair and wear lots of leather

these songs are for the witches that wouldn’t burn

you and ur sig. other have packed everything you can’t live w/o into the back of ur old car. ur driving west and youre a little scared and a little in love and a little uncertain of what the future holds but theres been a weight on your shoulders for a long time now and finally you can feel it lifting

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do you have any pictures of emre can with his hair unstyled

ok first off this is an unholy question cus mr perfect??? with his hair anything but perfect??? and correctly styled??? and not falling all over the place?? impossible 

but actually possible heres what i found, there isnt alot which tells u something doesnt it 

anyway wet emre can, with no gel, u are welcome, lets totally focus on the wet part hehe 

sweaty can celebrating like he saved the universe,

those two tufts of hair out of place, is this even emre???, 

EMRE CANS PRODUCT WASNT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HIS HAIR IN PLACE, what is this indecency, i bet u he threw that pot of gel away cus it wasnt good enough for his luscious looks 

this has nothing to do w unstyled hair but i love how he does this hand thru his hair thing, like we get it, ur hair is perfect, ur the poster boy for shampoo ads leave us be emre , i just like it ok

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get u a man who looks good while his hair is wild and floppy 

Emre Can can even beat the mancs with his hair ungelled and messy and sweaty, dont let anyone tell u he aint the greatest player in the world ok, 90 million who 

his hair is a mess, he is half contorted, but he somehow still looks good, 

this is styled but still ungelled, and its the softest ive ever seen his hair look kinda ungelled, it looks v v soft ok so im taking it as ungelled

emres ungelled messy hair > man utd 

wonder goals, wonder hair, he can do it all

edit thanks to my savior ruby, lo and behold the greatest pic ever 

mr perfect is always perfect but when he sweaty and messy and wet??, hes still perfect but his locks are something to behold, truth be told he always looks like hes modelling, 

emre can is an art form, u heard it hear first, 

hope u enjoyed this experience, feel free to add more 

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How to draw Chuuya's hair perfectly? Did u sell ur soul to the Devil? Or u just sacrified friends? HOW TO DRAW CHUUYA'S HAIR SENPAI?? Thank you very much, heaven bless u.

I do sacrifice 30 Dazais everyday but aside from that I also spent 123627362 hours staring at this ref sheet 

Open When you want to know how f***ing cute you are


okay okay so i think imma start witthhhhhhh(drum roll)

your armpit hair is kinda cute
and your eyes are fucking gorgeous.
your nose is cute and idk but your nose is just really adorable sorry
your hair is always amazing(i really like the haircut(post-her-messing-it-up)
your smile honestly gives me butterflies
you’ve got soft ears and i like them but that kinda sounded creepy when i reread what i typed
your stinky breath is still cute
you’ve got the perfect body
i like ur leg hairs

okay also you are cute because
you kiss me with morning breath
you don’t mind my bedhead
you kiss my forehead and cheek
you make cute faces
you cuddle the shit out of me all the time
you don’t care that i whine a lot and kinda need a lot of attention but can also be mean
you make a really cute face when u have successfully ordered our taco bell after a trip to progressive
you call me freckles
you squeeze me tight when you hug me
you lowkey fan girl over walking dead
you’re a huge huge huge nerd but i love it

and many many many more reasons but it’s 1 am and I love you to pieces


ok but wolfstar youtube au
• sirius black - beauty guru + fashionista
• he talks tips of how to find the perfect shade of lipstick for ur skin tone
• hair tips ofc; styles for when ur in a rush, how to keep ur hair shiny + tangle free
• cool + groovy vlogs of him spending time w/ his gang of cool + groovy friends
• clothes hauls!!! honestly this boy
• he talks abt working at lush (i’m not letting that one go) + ofc spends time promoting his fave products
• he probs also talks abt serious things like gender + sexuality, what it’s like to be queer, coming out to ur friends + family etc etc like sirius can 100% be political + he’s not afraid to talk abt what he thinks is right
• usually he films them w/ his boyf or one of his other queer friends bc lbr all of his friends are at least a lil gay!!!
• enter remus lupin, sirius’ boyf who has his own channel abt sexual health, identity, LGBT+ issues etc etc
• he’s trans + HIV positive
• ok he’s like the go to guy if there’s something ur worried abt + don’t have anyone to talk to abt it, like there’s an incredibly high chance that he’s made a video abt it
• he talks abt his own experiences w/ his gender, + abt how he’s lucky bc he’s always known + he had a good support network
• but still stresses it’s ok not to know!! it’s ok for things to change!! but it’s not ok for ppl to invalidate how u feel by saying things could just be a phase
• honestly my child
• he probs spends free time making really bad remakes of classic films starring his + sirius’ friends, like honestly i’m here for this concept what a nerd


OK IM VERY SORRY FOR THE LATE HUSBAND!JEONGHAN like im just gonna leave this here, and if i ever said the scenario will be up tomorrow that means 3000000 years later ok love u im rly sorry:

  • waking up next to an angel every morning
  • isnt that the best thing ever ;;;
  • if he woke up first he’s going to make breakfast and its gonna taste like its from heaven and also he is from the heaven too so that kinda makes sense
  • “here comes the airplane aaaaaa”
  • “but ur my baby :(”
  • ok yoon jeonghan stop it right there
  • ok lets be honest he’s gonna be the one cooking in the house no doubt
  • him doing many aegyo just for u
  • those lazy mornings where he doesnt have any schedule
  • “um… ..jagi… …what are u doing with my shampoo”
  • he bought this big teddy bear for u and name it jeonghan so when u miss him u can just hug the bear cliche af but u love it dont deny it
  • you taking sneaky photo of him when he’s not looking for ur lockscreen
  • u getting mad bc he’s so beautiful
  • he’s gonna be so happy when u tell him youre pregnant with his child!!!! like!!! no!!! way!!! im!! gonna!!! be!! a!!! dad!!!! tHAT SUPER COOL AND YOURE THE MOTHER WHTADH
  • and he’s super excited like youve never seen him this excited he’s so hyper
  • “OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH” thats probably what ur gonna hear for the rest of the day
  • idk how many kids he wants tho???/ maybe 2 or 3
  • but he’s gonna be a very supportive dad seriously
  • and he’s those dad that his kid’s friends kept talking about
  • sure sometimes theyd mistaken him as a woman but trust me he’s so manly like have u seen him im crying
  • he’d gave one of his kids piggy back rides and the other would be jelly so he’d have to do the same with them
  • theyre gonna be watching something when youre not home and when youre home theyre sound asleep with the tv on and popcorn scattered around
  • playing soccer or backetball is like a routine ok
  • and his hair when he’s playing is like so beautiful have u seen that one clip from mansae where his hair is just like WHOOOSHSHSH
  • one time he slept with the kids and theyre hugging him everywhere one was hugging his hand and the other is his leg and one is laying on top of him AND ITS REALLY CUTE U JUST NEED TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THEM
  • many cute sellfies with him saved in his phone and he’d just smile like an idiot looking through them
  • he bites his lip a lot like
  • BITING HIS LIP THO HMHMHMHMHM I VOLUNTEER ok the i volunteer part was so old i apologize
  • making out with jeonghan tho gmmmhmhmhm ok why am i like this
  • but i can see one of ur kids walking in on u and him having a hot make out session IM LAUGHIGN
  • he’s probably gonna clear it up to them bc ur just too embarrassed to
  • he likes to randomly hold ur hand and kiss ur knuckles SO CUTE and youd blush and this boy will just flash u his angelic smile and get u dead
  • trying new recipes with him
  • “ok put 2 eggs”
  • “and also sugar”
  • the kids asking him to sing before they sleep bc he has a voice of an angel duh
  • and when theyre finally asleep he’s gonna sneak out the room carefully and went to u guys room and saw u already asleep
  • he’d smile and lay down next to u and wrap his arms around u and u stir
  • “jeonghan??????????”
  • “sssssh its me now go back to sleep”
  • “are the kids asleep”
  • “yep”
  • and so youd just sleep like that ur ear pressed against his chest and u can hear the faint sound of his heart beats that calms u down as he stroke ur hair AND ITS JUST SO PERFECT WHYWWHWYWH
  • and just in case u happened to marry this angel u need to be prepared since one of the things above might happen to u right you never know

OK LMAO SO LATE click here for more husband!au :~)

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Whats your favourite picture of Brendon?

well damn, that’s a hard question.. i answered this here before (there are some other pics there) but as i always say, it does change a lot… right now i’ve been really enjoying this one:

like, woah… how is ur hair so perfect.. and wavy.. and stuff, how is ur smile so beautiful?? how are ur eyes so,,