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Aaah, sorry for being late! 
Also, happy birthday for that one Anon! ♡

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25:8 hi guys, just home from a long day at work, august is shaping up to be an eventful(not always good)month so sorry about the lack of posts. thankfully i’ll be done working full time on friday, straight onto a hectic bank holiday weekend followed by a few holidayzzzzz💃🏾  also shoutout to @aboysmessyblog for sending me the cutest, BEST message ever….thank you sugar💛

side note, keep an eye out on your inbox as i’ve sent a message to the winner of my lil giveaway. if i’ve not heard anything back by end of tonight, i’ll have to pick another person👍🏾 now to shower, sweaty from this unexpected🌞london is experiencing!!!


“It’s raining,” Effie announced as if it hadn’t also rained before lunch and earlier in the morning and all of the damn last week. Sully turned back to stare at her. “If by some miracle you don’t get me killed, I’ll end up doing the job myself. The clue is in the name, Evelyn. Rainforest. Our default state of existence this week has just been varying degrees of dampness.”

“The forest is so lovely in the rain,” she continued cheerfully, as if she hadn’t heard him. She was about to remark on the pleasing plink plonk the raindrops made as they hit the broad leafed palms when Sully slammed her back against a tree, his hand clamped hard over her mouth and pressing her body flat with his.

Effie squeaked beneath his hand, panicking. He’d abandoned his flirting and suggestive advances since the day he’d learned of her rather virtuous state, so this took her somewhat by surprise. She cursed not listening to her father when he’d suggested taking a rape whistle - “there could be all sorts loitering in those shadowy library corners, Effie.”

But Sully’s eyes were moving quickly over the trees around them, and his hand relaxed over her mouth when he knew she was going to stay quiet. “I heard something,” he whispered, and Effie strained her ears trying to hear what he heard.

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AU Meme: Dating Derek Luh

That’s right. I’m back. I got your cute messages and I feel bad for not updating in so long. But I’m gonna be honest, I had to concentrate on myself and a lot of stuff going on in my life so this pause was necessary. The sad thing is I don’t think I’ll be able to be as active as I used to with everything going on right now. But the good thing is I’m still there. And I’ll keep on updating every time I have the time and the mood, and hopefully most of you guys are ok with that. I am also going to close the requests and stop making promises because I don’t know how much I will be able to make and how long it will take me. 

For now, I made a Derek Luh AU because I was in the mood for it. Hope you guys enjoy :) <3

Gotta say a big thank you though, to those of you who kept checking my page for updates, messaging me, and not giving up on me. Your support still means a lot to me <3 :))


Commissions are now open!

(click on each picture for a clearer view)

Commissions page has been updated! Contact me at my email if you would like a commission!

  • Prices are all listed in USD
  • will draw: OCs, any fandoms, any ships, softcore NSFW or gore
  • won’t draw: underage ships, anthros, heavy NSFW
  • Prices can be negotiable, for example if what you’re asking is easy to draw then I may lower the price
  • Prices will also vary if there are backgrounds involved
  • Payment is via paypal only.
  • A link to the payment via paypal will be sent to you by e-mail once the sketch is approved
  • Drawings can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to complete, depending on the commission. If a deadline must be met, please let me know beforehand!
  • I’m open for any follow up questions! So drop me a message or e-mail me :D

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, full colour, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Deadline (if there is one)

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