and up to the head

fwiw the next chapter of Save A Horse, Ride A Dragon is written, I just have to edit it and draw the illustrations and I don’t think I’ll have time today because I’m working tonight.

But it’s coming.  It’s coming.

“Do your duty,” says Lord Vanquisher, and the order shivers through Mike, settles on him with the cold weight of an iron collar.  “Defend my kingdom.”

It’s 3 am in the mornin’…
No it ain’t it’s just the song lol
O k a y so
I rediscovered this song (after like a year where has it been all this time-) and it made me think of these two so ofc I had to do smthn with them
Click the link at your own risk since the song is preeeeetty disturbing
Rurik by @angexci
Swapfell Goth by @kazuki-draws-near


Look at this tiny weird ass insect that looks like it’s got a lizard for a head.

I literally typed in “insect with lizard head” and found it. Lol. It’s called a Glassy Winged Sharpshooter (this one isn’t adult b/c it doesn’t have wings yet).

Something about releasing the liquid in their bodies in a sharp stream manner is how they got their name.

They feed off plants with their needle-like mouths and can jump great distances. They look funny b/c they shuffle side to side and do “push ups” before jumping.

This one had moved to a leaf and I tried to pluck the leaf to bring it closer but…I accidentally flicked it off. Good I guess b/c they are actually known to spread plant diseases D:

It’s funny how they avoid predators, by playing merry go round. So when I tried to look at it from one side it would scurry to the other side out of view and the same if i follow it to the other side.

so I actually wrote real fluff for once, and it’s throwing me off big time. you know what that means:

just put ‘em through hell, right?

or rather, come back. I’ve talked a lot about Robbie transitioning back into the normal dimension, mentally, but as we were shown in 4x07 (“Deals With Our Devils”), it’s not exactly an easy physical change. and especially not for Robbie and the Ghost Rider.

what we know is that Hell is dark. and cold. it actually reminds me a lot of Maveth, but that’s a story for another day. sound travels differently there. everything is a bit… muted. sensory input is probably completely different - so much more force is needed for the same result. imagine if Robbie is in there for 6 months? a year? how would that affect his eyesight, hearing, even sense of touch?

it makes me wonder about so many things. the dulled senses in Hell work in the opposite way, so Robbie’s become sharper the longer he stays. he’s kept awake at night on base by things no one else can hear, issues they have no way to resolve. the quarantine lights - because SHIELD has to put him in quarantine while he recovers, it’s protocol - burn his eyes, as bright and blinding as if he were looking directly into the sun. worse still is his intense response to touch, where anything more forceful than a light touch causes unbearable amounts of pain. it’s so severe that there are days when Robbie can’t eat, and the prick of an IV is like a bullet wound. his body has been working overtime to reproduce the effects of earth in Hell, but that physical shift in response to environmental stimuli doesn’t just go away. it can’t. it needs time.

after two weeks, Jemma is out of protocols. she has to write new ones for every discovery, file them all away in a folder marked 'Hell.’ Fitz finds her sobbing in her room, imagining what would happen if she couldn’t save him. all of Robbie’s sacrifices for them, to bring the Darkhold somewhere safe once and for all, and maybe she couldn’t even save him.

when Daisy drags Robbie over the threshold and into their world once again, the first thing she notices is the temperature difference. he’d felt a little warm in the other dimension, but Daisy had assumed it was the body heat created between him and the Rider - besides, the place was so cold any sign of life felt like a personal space heater. but on the other side she soon discovers that he is hot to the touch, feverish and clammy, mumbling unintelligibly about the indomitable heat.

Jemma, voice hushed, tells Daisy his internal temperature is pushing 50 degrees. Robbie shouldn’t be alive.

it takes three days for his fever to break. Robbie sleeps for twenty six hours afterward.

Hell’s last side effect makes itself known after the others have worn off, when he’s back in the field. Robbie goes down to medical because of lingering pain in his hands and shins, while the rest of his injuries have been healed by the Rider.

what Jemma finds is about the reverse of happens when astronauts go to space - instead of a decrease in bone density, there is a sudden increase. she can only imagine what it looked like months ago, before the Rider began repairing Robbie’s cells one at a time, but this is bad. it reminds Jemma of Daisy, after her transformation; Robbie’s fingers and legs are splintered with tiny stress fractures where the bones have not yet returned to their usual state.

Robbie doesn’t even ask for treatment, just accepts the verdict and walks out to wait for the demon that shares his skin to stitch him up once again. Jemma wants to ask how he can stand that much pain, but she doesn’t. she filled out Robbie’s medical reports; she treated him in quarantine; she, more than anyone except perhaps Daisy, knows the nearly nonexistent limit to Robbie’s pain tolerance.

she wrote the protocols, after all.

I don’t even really like Wish!Hook but I get weirdly protective when I see posts about how people are unhappy he had a child with another woman???

Haaaaaaave you met Emma? You know, Emma Swan? Introduced to us a whole season before Hook? Who came to Storybrooke? For her child? Her child she did not have with Hook?

Or hey! How about his previous love? Milah! Whom he spent CENTURIES AVENGING AND DEFINITELY SLEPT WITH? Is that an issue? Or is it just the child thing? Because she had a chid, who wasn’t his, and he still loved the fuck out of her.

Like… why are we equating having kids with being in love? They don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-hook in this case).

And Emma not being in love with the father of her child didn’t stop Henry from being her True Love. And Milah hating the father of her child didn’t stop her love and guilt for him from being her unfinished business.


And a Love Actually type scene after they’ve been reunited where he’s dropping his daughter off at school, and is introduced to the single parent of another student, and OH HEY IT’S ANOTHER EMMA SWAN