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Suga Daddy: Part 8

Suga Daddy: 8

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: angst, dirty talk, language 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi tells you about his past but is terrified of how you’ll take it.

This came a little early than expected. Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Everything felt like it was playing out and slow-motion and all you were doing was twirling the flowers in your hand. You were nauseated and your mind was racing with every possible scenario. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t have a squeaky clean record. Especially with his attitude and the way he talked to you sometimes. For some reason you still loved him, despite that.

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i-phichit-you-not  asked:

Senpai how does one know if a oc is too op? I kinda am trying to do a bnah oc because I love too much the manga but I don't know how to know if she isn't too op TT^TT

Oh! Good question! I’m not a professional at creating Oc but I believe I could give you some tips about that! 

If you don’t want your oc to be too powerful, you need to give them flaws or weaknesses! I’ll give you an example!

Look at Kaminari’s power! Electricity superpowers are usually really strong, but what makes him less op is the consequence of using it! If your character is too powerful, then it’s less interesting to learn about them, because they seem too perfect. It’s their unperfection that makes them interesting!

I hope it helps a bit! ♡

Little rant about wayhaught

So yall want f/f ships to be treated like every straight couple but the minute there’s angst yall act like its the devil, talk shit and stop watching ? What’s wrong with yall?
In every fanfic there’s angst but now that its on TV its not ok?
People cheat, that’s not really a thing reserved for f/f…. every couple has flaws, and for the text dont act like you never said hurtfull things to someone you love it happens, was not cool but it happens…but i do think they will work it out… giving up on a show like Wynonna Earp just because they gave us unperfect people (which is normal because hellooooo life isnt perfect) is such a mistake…
I personnaly liked last episode. After what happened with Lexa and The100 this is nothing i dont get why some people get so worked up over it. I mean you can dislike this storyline but not to the point of talking shit like this.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine modern revolutionaries Enjolras and Grantaire.

Don’t imagine them leaving a rally together and taking the subway home in the middle of the night.

Don’t imagine Grantaire falling asleep on Enjolras’s shoulder.

Don’t imagine Enjolras letting him stay that way.

Don’t imagine Enjolras watching Grantaire, and wondering how he had never noticed how beautiful he was before.

Don’t imagine Enjolras falling in love with his cynic.

Don’t imagine Enjolras thinking it isn’t requited and not telling Grantaire.

Don’t imagine the Les Amis going to a more violent rally that they don’t all come out of.

Don’t imagine Grantaire sacrificing himself for Enjolras.

Don’t imagine Enjolras crying.

Don’t imagine the funeral.

Don’t imagine Enjolras going back to Grantaire’s apartment.

Don’t imagine Enjolras finding hundreds of sketches deemed unperfect by Grantaire.

Don’t imagine them all being of Enjolras.

Don’t imagine them all being stunning, but Grantaire thinking that they are nothing compared to the actual man.

Don’t imagine Enjolras realizing that Grantaire loved him back.

Don’t imagine Enjolras throwing himself completely into the revolution in an attempt to forget about Grantaire.

Don’t imagine it not working.

Don’t imagine Enjolras waking up in the middle of the night because he had just seen Grantaire die, again.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine the tragedy of modern day Enjoltaire.

I love the hp movies but it is so painful because I want charlie weasley, I want peeves, I want a kinder, accurate ron and an unperfect, accurate hermione. I want all the little sassy, clever, lines left out in the movies and all the really important details that were left out.

A So Called Blind Date

Summary: After not wanting to celebrate his birthday, Steve and Tony convince Bucky to go to a “Blind Date”.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Warnings: angst at the end, mentioning of german food

A/N: yooo guess who’s back after her unplanned break of 141 days? I am so so sorry guys. You have no idea how many times I tried to write but just couldn’t. But for now, I’m back with the usual portion of fluff and angst <3 I hope you like it!

“You did what?” Steve asked, shoving his left hand through his hair before he let it fall to his side again. He looked at Tony, shook his head (twice) and then started scratching the back of his neck. He didn’t know what to say. Not after the thing Tony had just told him.

“The guy’s a hundred years old, Steve”, Tony defended himself. “He didn’t even want a birthday party. That’s the least we should do for him. When was the last time he was on a date? With a cute girl in a pretty dress? Huh? 1941?”

“That’s not…” Steve tried to say but Tony waved it off and Steve shrugged. Maybe Tony was right. Bucky didn’t want to talk to Steve about his birthday. Not to him, nor to Natasha or to Clint who he had kind of become good friends with in the past few months.

“It’s good to have a date every once in a while Steve. Even when he’s not ‘looking for something’”, Tony made some quotation marks in the air and rolled his eyes. The last time Tony had suggested Bucky go on a date, this had been the exact answer he had been given. 

That Bucky was too old. That he was carrying too many problems. That he was not looking for something. That he was just trying to be normal again if that was even possible for someone with a past like his.

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Picture Unperfect: Chapter twenty-seven

Happy Halloween, everyone!! I figured what better way to celebrate National Spooky Day than with a pissed off Demon Inuyasha? XD


@kuddle-cakes @dreaming-of-the-midnight-sun @shardetector @ryupioupiou@magnolia-chico @yashagirl89 @wenchster @inuyashaeienni 

Warning: There is attempted rape at the beginning of this chapter. It’s not very detailed, and it’s just the first paragraph, but I figured I should warn you all the same. 

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French Verb Tenses

 Here is a quick, basic guide to the most commonly used tenses in French !

We can separate tenses into past, present, and future and then from there we may need to distinguish between perfected, and unperfected verbs (i.e. whether the action is completed or not by the given time).

**Note this timeline does not include the passé simple since it is mostly a literary tense and no longer found in every day French whether spoken or written.


The present in French represents a current action or general statement. Unlike in English, the present does not distinguish between the two.

ex. I eat, I am eating v. Je mange

In English these two phrases represent two different processes while in French the two ideas are expressed both by the present tense-the meaning relies on context.


Passé proche

The passé proche represents a perfected action that just happened. Like you literally just finished doing whatever you were doing a second ago. It is formed by conjugating venir in the present tense, then adding de + infinitif

ex. Je viens de finir mes devoirs : I just finished my homework

Passe composé

The passé composé represents a perfected action that did not necessarily just happen. Like the passé proche it must have been perfected before the present. Le passé composé is formed by conjugating the auxiliary verb avoir or être in the present tense then adding the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Il est allé au ciné hier : He went to the movies yesterday


The imparfait is an unperfected action and can be used in a few different situations. It can represent a repeated action in the past given that the number of times the action occurred is uncertain. It can also represent an action that began in the past and continues on to the present. Finally, it can be used to describe conditions in the past such as weather, emotions etc. Check out my post for the imparfait acronym that got me through high school French! To form the imparfait take the present conjugated verb in the first person plural (nous) and add the following endings. 

Je -ais
Tu -ais
Il/Elle -ait
Nous -ions
Vous -iez
Ils/elles -aient

**Note this is for regular verbs

ex. Repeated action : Quand j’étais petite, j’allais toujours à la plage : When I was little I always went to the beach

ex. Unperfected action : Il pensait à aller au resto mais il n’a pas encore décidé : He was thinking about going to a restaurant but he hasn’t decided yet

ex. Conditions : Il pleuvait quand la reine est arrivée : It was raining when the queen arrived.


The plus-que-parfait represents an action perfected before the passé composé. It is commonly accompanied by the word déjà : already. The plus-que-parfait must have some other more recent past action to compare it to. It is formed by conjugating avoir or être in the imparfait and then adding the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Nous étions déjà rentrés quand l’orage a commencé : We had already arrived home when the storm started.


Futur proche

The future proche is an action that is going to happen in the future. It implies intention. It is formed by conjugating the verb aller  in the present then adding the infinitive form of the principle verb.

ex. Je vais au supermarché cet après-midi : I’m going to the grocery store this afternoon


The futur is also an intended action in the future. What distinguishes it from the futur proche is when it occurs. Though it’s not necessary that the action will take place a long time from now, the use of the futur instead of the futur proche implies that some amount of time will pass before the action takes place. Again, you can use them mostly interchangeably however if you want to imply either sooner action or more intention, you would use the futur proche rather than the futur. To form the futur, take the infinitive form of the verb and add the following endings (**Note there are certain irregular verbs where you will not use the infinitive to create the tense).

Je -ai
Il/elle -a
Nous -ons
Vous -ez
Ils/elles -ont

ex. Tu feras le ménage demain : You will do the housework tomorrow

Futur antérieur

The futur antérieur represents an action in the future that happened before another action in the future. It would sound something like will already have in English. To form the futur antérieur, you take avoir or être conjugated in the future and then add the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Par le temps que tu arriveras, je serai déjà rentrée : By the time you will arrive, I will already have gone home.

Particulars about the French future tense. You may have noticed the translation to that final example sounded odd, in English we would normally leave out the will knowing that the future is implied. A more natural translation could be by the time you arrive I will already be home which has the verbs conjugated in the present despite there being two different future tenses implied. In French it is preferred to use a future tense for both verbs in the sentence. Here is another example: 

Quand tu arriveras, tu me téléphoneras 

In English we would say : Call me when you get there, both verbs in the present because we are talking about the present at a future time (trippy). 

2x19 aka "Magnus Big Jerk Bane"



Don’t get me wrong. I love Magnus, I adore him, he’s my precious bean, but how he acted with Alec in this episode was just…well, mean.

Alec made mistakes.

They both know that and Alec is trying to do the right thing. He apologised and tried to make peace with the Seelie Queen.

He knows that he fucked up, but he wants to do better and to gain back Magnus’ trust. He also wants to help the Downworld, he is acting like the true Head of the NY Institute.

And what is Magnus doing?

He’s being petty.

Now, I know he has been hurt and no one should see his pain as not valid. He suffered through centuries of heartbreak and Alec broke his trust when he was certain he never would.

But all of this is so new to Alec! And that doesn’t forgive everything but it’s normal for a 20 years old-ish man who just got into his first relationship and first real job (with power and responsabilities) to mess up sometimes.

What is not normal is for a 400 years old warlock, who is the HIGH WARLOCK of motherfucking BROOKLYN to ignore Alec who is, I’ll say it again, THE HEAD OF THE NY INSTITUTE at a Downworld meeting.

And to look PISSED when Alec tries to talk to him, like wtf?

No, we know that the queen is just a filthy traitor and that all of this is going to back fire for Magnus and the warlocks. And I am sorry for them, I really am.

But I feel like Magnus totally let his feelings cloud his actions. He took a decision because he felt like Alec betrayed him. He decided to fight along the Seelies who he knows almost nothing about because Alec didn’t tell him about the Soul Sword.

And I know, I know, he is suffering and hurting and I understand.

But Alec is too.

This was his first relationship and in the matter of minutes he got his heart broken and he was left alone to deal with an upcoming war after his little brother just escaped death.

Talk about suffering.

But Alec was ready to work with the Seelies and the entire Downworld to protect them because he is acting like a Leader. Not like a bitter ex boyfriend.

I am honestly so mad at Magnus. And I almost hope that they don’t get back together in 2x20 because he should also apologise for his actions.

I don’t want them to go back together after Alec apologise again and Magnus is just like “You’re forgiven.”


I want Alec to apologise, yes, but I also want Alec to tell Magnus that he also broke his trust and made him feel like shit because he choose to trust the Seelie Queen and not him. You know Alec would have accepted Magnus choosing his people over him (even if he probably wouldn’t do the same) but having to come to face with the fact that Magnus is working with the Seelie Queen AGAINST the Shadowhunters, that must be a low blow.

Alec deserves apologies as well.

They are both unperfect and they make mistakes but right now the only one who is trying to fix them is Alec and it fucking kills me.

But…Malec forever. I love them and I want them back together, just… let Magnus know he fucked up too.



Remus Lupin x plus size reader headcanons

I just decided to write these cause I’m a slut for Remus Lupin🤷‍♀️😂

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

•you and the guys probably met and became friends in first year

•the five of you hit it off extremely well, but even at a guy age you and Remus had something special

•you guys would always study in the library together

•you’d stay up all hours of the night talking

•the other marauders lowkey knew you two were in love, so they made plans to get you guys to confess your feelings

•james and sirius would always flirt with you, trying to get remus jealous and confess

•it did work somewhat, cause remus would get jealous

•but he never confessed

•basically by fifth year you guys act like a couple, except for like the hand holding and kissing, but you guys say your ‘just friends’

•whenever you walk up to the guys at breakfast or leave them to go into your next class or whatever he’ll stare at you with puppy dog eyes that are filled with so much love

•the truth is that Remus is basically in love with you and is afraid that you don’t want to date him cause of his furry little problem

•and you really like Remus but you’re afraid he doesn’t like you like that

•but once after he came from a really bad full moon, you both confess your feelings which leads to a lot of crying, kissing and hugging.

•lowkey thinks you give the best hugs (cause you actually do)

•honestly the only thing that gets him through the full moon is knowing after it he’ll come back to you in his dorm

•you kiss his scars and he kisses your stretch marks

•you hate the school uniform, but Remus fucking loves you in it

•also you know what effect your uniform has on him so if you want to tease him you’ll either pull your skirt up even more and/or put on your stockings

•remus sleeps better when you’re holding him, so your basically never sleeping in your own dorm


•he loves you guys are facing each other and your holding him and he buries his face into your neck and you kiss the top of his head. God he just loves it

•remus tries to convince you he’s a monster but you’re not buying that shit

•remus gets so fucking jealous

•he doesn’t like to see you give any other boy attention cause he thinks you’ll realize that you could be with a normal boy not a monster like him

•he’ll kill (not literally) anyone that talks shit about you

•once he saw you punch a slytherin boy in the face cause he called remus a nerd and he couldn’t be prouder

•there have been many nights that ended with lots crying

•once he saw you taking to some boy and it had him start thinking more about himself and how ‘unperfect’ he was

•remus then tries to convince you to break up with him saying how he’ll never be able to give you want and he’s not good enough but Remus is so perfect for you

•there was a lot of screaming that night

•"God y/n don’t you understand I’m a monster I could never give you what you need!“

•"You’re all I’ve ever wanted Remus! You’re all I never needed! Can’t you bloody understand! I don’t want another boy! I don’t want to be with someone else I want to be with you.”

•after you scream that he pushes you into the wall and starts aggressively kissing you like he needs it to survive

•that’s the first time you guys do it and it’s absolutely perfect

Bts reaction {Wanting to break up because of his insecurities} Part 2/2 Maknae Line.

Part one HERE.

(Currently taking requests)

Request:  Helloooo! I’m a bit overexcited but I’d love to read a reaction in which the members doubt themselves (about looks or characteristics or smth) and want to break up with their s/o because they feel like they aren’t enough (heavy angst oh boy) but with a happy ending in which their s/o reassures them and they kiss, hug etc… just fluff :) Not sure if you write angst but yeah that’d be great <3

Mini scenarios (not even that mini, I’m sorry I have a problem) with each member. If you like it, please check the masterlist for more

Warnings: Heavy angst.

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True Colors

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: smut + sporatic fluff
word count: 2,085

A night for being completely honest.. what you wanted was a bigger relationship, but for that to happen, you had to tell him what you wanted.

“Tell me the truth.” 

You stared at him, unable to utter a word. 

He stared back at you, with loving eyes. 

The truth. 

“I just want to know your past. All the dirty secrets, all the affairs, the issues,..” He said as he pulled you into his lap, brushing his lips on your collarbone. 

“Jimin..” You breathed out. His touch was always so much to you, too much. Jimin was possibly the most perfect man you’d ever met- perfectly unperfect. He had as many dirty secrets as you, but he still portrayed a beautiful, untainted painting. 

“Babygirl..” He mutters while pulling you even closer. “I know we all have a past, but I just want to know if I can trust you. I don’t want either of us to get hurt.” 

He was right. For both of you to have a relationship more than just fucking, you had to be honest. 

You look up at him. 

“There may have been more than a few men at a time at a point in my life,” you admitted, “but there’s no one else now. Only you. Forever, only you.” You whispered, caressing his cheek. 

“Can I trust you?” 

“Baby, of course you can. Always and forever.” 

“Prove it to me.” 

Your eyes fluttered open, looking up at him. His deep eyes stared back into yours, a sympathetic look, but still dark and sexy as ever.

“What do you want me to do?” You asked quietly. 

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Y si no me quieres, te entiendo. A mi también me daría vergüenza estar con alguien como yo. Alguien a quien todos critican, alguien que no tiene nada bien, que no es linda, ni inteligente, que siempre estropea las cosas y que no tiene nada bueno para ofrecer…
—  Me mandaron a la friendzone.
Picture Unperfect: Chapter twenty-three

Oh? What’s this? Another update and so soon after the last one? You guys are so spoiled.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July, lovelies!

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Kagome sat on her bed with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them, her chin resting in the little V shaped space her knees created. On the desk her cell phone continually beeped and vibrated as a mixture of calls and texts were delivered. It was obvious just who they were from but Kagome ignored them, staring straight ahead and just lost in her own thoughts. It was impossible to focus on just one, her mind a jumble of thoughts, emotions, and questions that she feared she would never get the answers to.  And that damned image of Inuyasha and that girl kept sneaking past her defenses and flashing before her mind’s eye and that just brought on a whole new onslaught of feelings and thoughts that she’d rather not dwell on.

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