and unperfect

As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put besides his part,
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
Whose strength’s abundance weakens his own heart;
So I, for fear of trust, forget to say
The perfect ceremony of love’s rite,
And in mine own love’s strength seem to decay,
O’ercharged with burthen of mine own love’s might.
O, let my books be then the eloquence
And dumb presagers of my speaking breast;
Who plead for love, and look for recompense,
More than that tongue that more hath more express’d.
O, learn to read what silent love hath writ:
To hear with eyes belongs to love’s fine wit.
—  William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 23,” in honor of World Poetry Day
Picture Unperfect: Chapter nineteen

I feel weird about this chapter because looking back on it now it just seems kinda…I dunno, stupid and a little extreme, but tbh I don’t have the energy to change it so have some real talk between bros.

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Miroku watched Inuyasha pace back and forth across Sango’s bedroom carpet from his seat on the bed, remaining silent and more than a little concerned about his best friend’s behavior. He’d never seen him this worked up over a girl before, not even with Kikyou, and if that didn’t tell him something, nothing did.

Much to the violet eyed teen’s surprise (and relief) upon entering his crush’s bedroom, the half-demon hadn’t reduced him to smithereens like he had feared, and instead he’d launched into an explanation of what he had interrupted a few minutes prior and had actually thanked him for walking in when he did. Miroku had looked dumbfounded at that which in turn caused Inuyasha to tell his friend about his promise to give Kagome room to breathe instead of always being touchy-feely and after that he hadn’t been able to shut up, going on about the feelings he was quickly developing for the brown-eyed beauty, the struggle of keeping his hands to himself, the sudden possessive streak that viciously lashed out whenever another male was around his babydoll.  Miroku recognized that Inuyasha was calling their friend that nickname without even realizing it and deigned not to comment, wishing that he had the balls to call Sango cute little nicknames without the fear of his skull getting bashed in.  

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Y si no me quieres, te entiendo. A mi también me daría vergüenza estar con alguien como yo. Alguien a quien todos critican, alguien que no tiene nada bien, que no es linda, ni inteligente, que siempre estropea las cosas y que no tiene nada bueno para ofrecer…
—  Me mandaron a la friendzone.
Wie können wir Komplimente von Leuten annehmen die uns nicht kennen. Eigentlich wollen wir nur Komplimente von den Leuten hören, die uns am meisten bedeuten, doch selbst da können wir uns manchmal nicht sicher sein, ob sie es ernst meinen. Manchmal fühlt es sich auch an, als wären die Leute die einen früher am besten kannten, einem nun fremd, vollkommen fremd. Manchmal bedeuten Komplimente einfach nichts.

So, I’ve seen some people saying that they’re bored with the repetitive performances, and that they want to see Yuuri do a bunch of different programs.

Y’all need to look up what figure skating actually is. You don’t carry a bunch of routines under your belt. You get 2-3, and you perfect them. And then you stick with them as long as you can. Yes, you might add to or evolve the routine, especially to try and max it’s base score. Why would you try to juggle 7+ routines a season? Not only will you be more likely to accidently mix some of them up, but you’ll also end up with 7+ mediocre, unperfected routines instead of 2-3 really great ones!

Not to mention, Yuuri isn’t skating in front of the same audience and judges every time. If you had planned on going to one of the events after hearing how amazing and beautiful a certain routine was, how would you feel if that routine was replaced? You wouldn’t care that they had skated that routine at every previous event, you wouldn’t be focused on finally being able to see it yourself!

And we’ve seen already that Yuuri likes to evolve his routines, sometimes mid-performance! Turning that quad toe-loop into a quad flip literally less than 30 seconds before he was supposed to execute the jump? And it wasn’t even a jump he had really practiced all that much! (To be fair, we can assume that he landed the jump perfectly in episode one when he performed for Yuko, but that was 6+ months previous?)

With so much to see in this show, with the focus being on the development of relationships, as well as the bettering of oneself, the skating is basically filler, meant to be the vehicle that gives these characters, these wonderful people, goals and focus in the story, it adds drama and suspense and that’s really it. You could replace figure skating with basically any other competitive solo sport and it would be the same. Figure skating just happens to be absolutely gorgeous and fits best with the personalities of the characters.

This ended up being longer than I meant it to be. It boils down to: stop focusing on such a small part of the show, stop nitpicking tiny shit, and appreciate the plethora of amazing things this show has to offer. Ty~

Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.
—  Mila Kunis
Monster High - Reboot 2016

It was Christmas 2015 when I got to know about Monster High’s upcoming reboot. Honestly, it was a terrible shock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mattel was officially changing Monster High, just because some people have said the dolls (2010-2015) looked too scary…

In my opinion Monster High dolls have never looked scary. In 2010-2015 they were perfectly unperfect - creepy cute and unique with their freaky flaws and all. 💖

Actually Monster High has helped me to be myself. In comprehensive school being myself wasn’t the easiest way but I chose it, because Monster High told me that I should be proud just the way I am. Other students discriminated me but I fought back with Monster High’s precept in my heart. 💖

But now, suddenly, Monster High has
-removed some characters
-changed character’s faces
-changed character’s personalities and abilities
-rebooted the whole storyline (erasing the 2010-2015 storyline)
-said that the rebooted MH will be friendlier and less scary, when in the new movie (Welcome to Monster High) the atmosphere is actually much scarier and darker than in the older movies (2010-2015)

After all those changes, they are still saying: “Feeling so amazing just the way I am” (-Feeling So Amazing, 2016). Well… That must mean that you should change yourself to feel good about yourself. That is completely against the precepts of Monster High.

I do not want to lose Monster High. But in the other hand, I do not want to be a fan of a brand that is based on lies. So I don’t know what should I do with Monster High.

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Just read Chapter 19 of Perfect Unperfect and my soul is in utter turmoil and I so very badly want to bash Miroku's skull in for the suggestion. InuYasha don't cheat on Kagome, you stupidhead!!!!!!!! I want to cry; I'm so upset. :( Keiz, this is what you do to me!!!

Ah! BUT. They aren’t together yet, so it CAN’T be cheating. xD 

…Man you people are going to KILL me when you read the next chapter… *runs away* 

LadyNoir Headcanon

I’ve seen a lot of great ML fics about how are they going to find out each others’ identities and I can’t help but make this headcanon from gathering all the amazing fanfics materials.


So, how about an headcanon where Nino already knew Marinette is Ladybug and Alya knew Adrien is Chat Noir but they did not tell each other and everyone about it (with Nino secretly laughing whenever he heard Adrien talking about how he admired Ladybug and Alya holding her laugh if Marinette complained about how unperfect Chat Noir is).

One night, Ladybug told Chat she loves a boy named Adrien Agreste but quickly went home because she was running out of time and completely shocking the hell outta Chat. A day later, Chat encouraged her to ask Adrien out with a promise he won’t do anything about it.

The next day in school, Adrien was super excited on who is the real Ladybug (and the fact the LADYBUG loved him back). Soon after, he was surprised when Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the clumsy and shy classmate of him, literally asking him out on a date PLUS NINO, ALYA, CHLOÉ AND SABRINA SHOCKED WHILE WATCHING THEM. And Adrien needed some seconds to realize Marinette is indeed the Ladybug.


Before Marinette could even scream in happiness, Adrien took her hand then kissed it lightly while saying,

“Anything for you, My Lady.” with a grin and blushes all over his face.

THAT was when Marinette completely shocked about who Adrien is all these time. This is unavoidable, of course.

Plus, the seconds Adrien smiled and nodded to Marinette, from afar both Alya and Nino said these in the exact same time :

“Pfft, that Mari, finally together with the Chat Noir she considers unperfect.”

“Dude, you finally together with Ladybug you’ve always dreamed on, eh?”

AND that was when Alya and Nino turned to face each other and going like,



Okay I know my grammar is terrible but I can’t help it! Thanks so much for the amazing ML fandom writers who give me this ultimate headcanon.

One more, I demand it to be canon.

I fell for you because you opened to me. You let me in. You were as broken as me. You let me see what i like and what i want. In a person, in life, in love. You showed me a new world, one i want to live in. You opened my eyes. You opened my soul. You’ve awaken something in me, something different and new.

You are PERFECT. You may have done unperfect things and you may like unperfect things but who the flying fuck cares? Not me. Your mistakes are what make YOU. We all make mistakes differently and that is what makes us unique.

The best things in life, the best people in life, are the ones that seem impossible but somehow are. The ones we always wanted. The ones we never knew we needed.

Don’t try to tell me you aren’t that person.

Because to me, you are.