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It always rains in Gilneas.

In Gilneas, it always rained.

It rained for birthdays.

It rained for for weddings.

And it rained for funerals.

In Gilneas, it always rained.

As he walked through the heart of a particularly relentless storm Lord Harland Smythe was thankful for his homeland’s perpetual blanket of rain. It masked the tears that poured freely from his eyes, and when it was all said and done it would help him fabricate the lie he told himself.

He wasn’t crying. It was just the rain.

Clad in his finest of formal wear, the elder Gilnean overlooked not even the most minute detail in preparation for his visit to the burial site of his lost friend. From the polish of the shoes he wore all the way to the placement of the top hat atop his head, not a detail was left unperfected. Even if the torrential downpour and ruthless winds would render the outfit a tattered mess the moment he stepped outside, Harland would honor Scassira with the best funeral he could give her - even if she had already been put to rest.

It didn’t take him long to arrive at her place of rest. It was exactly as described. A small cut out of the cliffside, a rock etched with the woman’s likeness and a rune of some sort at the crest of the stone. The sight of it made all the blood in his veins boil, and murderous haze descended upon his thoughts. The face of one man in particular occurred several times over. Aethel, the one that had conducted this burial.

Aethel, the one Scassira had foolishly sacrificed herself for.

“You stupid girl.” He said through grit teeth as he approached the shoddy monument and stood over the freshly packed earth that protected what was left of Scassira from the elements above.“How could you have done this to yourself? After all you endured you met your death saving the life of some ungrateful whoreson and his new wretch of a lover.” His words were harsh and perhaps he didn’t mean all of them, but nevertheless he knelt before the monument and dug into a pocket of his waistcoat to retrieve the gift he had intended to give Scassira upon their eventual reunion. A box, and within the box, a ring. The band was of pure gold and the centerpiece, a gaudy display of jewelcraft, a hefty chocolate diamond cut into the traditional shape of a signet ring. The centermost diamond wa flanked with several more smaller, though equally impressive, diamonds of the same chocolate hue.

The sight of the ring replaced the rage and spite with tears and sorrow. The ring was his twin sister’s, and his twin sister had looked and behaved so much like Scassira - they both even shared an affinity for these chocolate diamonds. And now? Now they shared another tragic similarity, both of them had been ripped from this world far too early. Both of them for reasons unwarranted. Both of them he had failed to protect.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. If I had been there…” The very same words he said when he last visited his sister’s grave. Losing Scassira was like losing Haven all over again. Placing the box just below the rock so the wind couldn’t take his offering, Harland rose once again - the pain in his chest akin to a hot iron being rammed through it. “Goodbye, Scassira.” Turning away from the grave he set out into the storm once more, thankful again of his homeland’s perpetual blanket of rain.

He wasn’t crying. It was just the rain.

In Gilneas, it always rained.

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Suga Daddy: Part 8

Suga Daddy: 8

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: angst, dirty talk, language 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi tells you about his past but is terrified of how you’ll take it.

This came a little early than expected. Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Everything felt like it was playing out and slow-motion and all you were doing was twirling the flowers in your hand. You were nauseated and your mind was racing with every possible scenario. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t have a squeaky clean record. Especially with his attitude and the way he talked to you sometimes. For some reason you still loved him, despite that.

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A So Called Blind Date

Summary: After not wanting to celebrate his birthday, Steve and Tony convince Bucky to go to a “Blind Date”.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Warnings: angst at the end, mentioning of german food

A/N: yooo guess who’s back after her unplanned break of 141 days? I am so so sorry guys. You have no idea how many times I tried to write but just couldn’t. But for now, I’m back with the usual portion of fluff and angst <3 I hope you like it!

“You did what?” Steve asked, shoving his left hand through his hair before he let it fall to his side again. He looked at Tony, shook his head (twice) and then started scratching the back of his neck. He didn’t know what to say. Not after the thing Tony had just told him.

“The guy’s a hundred years old, Steve”, Tony defended himself. “He didn’t even want a birthday party. That’s the least we should do for him. When was the last time he was on a date? With a cute girl in a pretty dress? Huh? 1941?”

“That’s not…” Steve tried to say but Tony waved it off and Steve shrugged. Maybe Tony was right. Bucky didn’t want to talk to Steve about his birthday. Not to him, nor to Natasha or to Clint who he had kind of become good friends with in the past few months.

“It’s good to have a date every once in a while Steve. Even when he’s not ‘looking for something’”, Tony made some quotation marks in the air and rolled his eyes. The last time Tony had suggested Bucky go on a date, this had been the exact answer he had been given. 

That Bucky was too old. That he was carrying too many problems. That he was not looking for something. That he was just trying to be normal again if that was even possible for someone with a past like his.

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Picture Unperfect: Chapter twenty-three

Oh? What’s this? Another update and so soon after the last one? You guys are so spoiled.

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July, lovelies!

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Kagome sat on her bed with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them, her chin resting in the little V shaped space her knees created. On the desk her cell phone continually beeped and vibrated as a mixture of calls and texts were delivered. It was obvious just who they were from but Kagome ignored them, staring straight ahead and just lost in her own thoughts. It was impossible to focus on just one, her mind a jumble of thoughts, emotions, and questions that she feared she would never get the answers to.  And that damned image of Inuyasha and that girl kept sneaking past her defenses and flashing before her mind’s eye and that just brought on a whole new onslaught of feelings and thoughts that she’d rather not dwell on.

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As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put besides his part,
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,
Whose strength’s abundance weakens his own heart;
So I, for fear of trust, forget to say
The perfect ceremony of love’s rite,
And in mine own love’s strength seem to decay,
O’ercharged with burthen of mine own love’s might.
O, let my books be then the eloquence
And dumb presagers of my speaking breast;
Who plead for love, and look for recompense,
More than that tongue that more hath more express’d.
O, learn to read what silent love hath writ:
To hear with eyes belongs to love’s fine wit.
—  William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 23,” in honor of World Poetry Day
Picture Unperfect: Chapter twenty-two

 Sorry this took so long to get out. 

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Still feeling sort of dirty and wanting to go home and shower to get the stench of horny wolf off of him, Inuyasha hauled himself up to his feet and checked his phone again; he frowned. Kagome still hadn’t messaged him back yet, which really wasn’t all that strange, he kept telling himself. She might not have heard her phone, had it on silent or it could have even died on her. Or something.  Whatever, he wasn’t all that worried and he’d be seeing her in a few minutes away so it didn’t matter.

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True Colors

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: smut + sporatic fluff
word count: 2,085

A night for being completely honest.. what you wanted was a bigger relationship, but for that to happen, you had to tell him what you wanted.

“Tell me the truth.” 

You stared at him, unable to utter a word. 

He stared back at you, with loving eyes. 

The truth. 

“I just want to know your past. All the dirty secrets, all the affairs, the issues,..” He said as he pulled you into his lap, brushing his lips on your collarbone. 

“Jimin..” You breathed out. His touch was always so much to you, too much. Jimin was possibly the most perfect man you’d ever met- perfectly unperfect. He had as many dirty secrets as you, but he still portrayed a beautiful, untainted painting. 

“Babygirl..” He mutters while pulling you even closer. “I know we all have a past, but I just want to know if I can trust you. I don’t want either of us to get hurt.” 

He was right. For both of you to have a relationship more than just fucking, you had to be honest. 

You look up at him. 

“There may have been more than a few men at a time at a point in my life,” you admitted, “but there’s no one else now. Only you. Forever, only you.” You whispered, caressing his cheek. 

“Can I trust you?” 

“Baby, of course you can. Always and forever.” 

“Prove it to me.” 

Your eyes fluttered open, looking up at him. His deep eyes stared back into yours, a sympathetic look, but still dark and sexy as ever.

“What do you want me to do?” You asked quietly. 

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Y si no me quieres, te entiendo. A mi también me daría vergüenza estar con alguien como yo. Alguien a quien todos critican, alguien que no tiene nada bien, que no es linda, ni inteligente, que siempre estropea las cosas y que no tiene nada bueno para ofrecer…
—  Me mandaron a la friendzone.
Yoongi: Operose

Genre: Fluff, happy birthday Yoongi~

Word Count: 700

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Operose (adjective)- involving or displaying much industry or effort

Yoongi stares at the computer screen, eyebrows knitting in concentration. Something is wrong. The notes just aren’t meshing and he’s been staring at them for a half an hour.

The same five notes.

He would change one, listen, and be okay with it… until he listened again for good measure.

It is SO frustrating. What a great way to spend the rest of his birthday, stuck in the studio alone with music that just doesn’t want to cooperate. Yoongi sighs. No, he’s being melodramatic. Really, there’s no place he’d rather be.

After filming the Bangtan Bomb earlier- well, all of the chaos had exhausted him. He loved his friends, but sometimes their energy could be a bit much. Especially when all Yoongi wanted to do was sleep.

He chuckles to himself.

Sleep. Yet here he is in the studio, logging in his fifth hour without food or a bathroom break. The things music did to his body were just incredible. He could forget the world for a minute, forget the irrationality, the ridiculousness, the exhaustion… the loneliness.

He listens to the five notes again.

Now the third one is causing problems, but it’s close. It’s SO close to how he wants it. Maybe he should change the rhythm of the synths. But then he’d have to go through the whole damn thing and-

A knock on the door summons his attention, breaking Yoongi’s gaze on the troublesome section of the song.

Hoseok’s distinct voice floats through the barrier in the form of a playful whine, “Hyung, you’ve been in there for so long. Did you die?”

“Not yet,” Yoongi groans, somewhat amused, though now that his focus has been completely drawn away from the computer, he can feel the achy rumbling in his stomach.

“Can I open the door? Or are you…occupied?” Hoseok’s second question is accompanied by a small, suggestive giggle.

Yoongi can’t help but laugh, “My dick is in my pants, if that’s what you’re asking.”

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French Verb Tenses

 Here is a quick, basic guide to the most commonly used tenses in French !

We can separate tenses into past, present, and future and then from there we may need to distinguish between perfected, and unperfected verbs (i.e. whether the action is completed or not by the given time).

**Note this timeline does not include the passé simple since it is mostly a literary tense and no longer found in every day French whether spoken or written.


The present in French represents a current action or general statement. Unlike in English, the present does not distinguish between the two.

ex. I eat, I am eating v. Je mange

In English these two phrases represent two different processes while in French the two ideas are expressed both by the present tense-the meaning relies on context.


Passé proche

The passé proche represents a perfected action that just happened. Like you literally just finished doing whatever you were doing a second ago. It is formed by conjugating venir in the present tense, then adding de + infinitif

ex. Je viens de finir mes devoirs : I just finished my homework

Passe composé

The passé composé represents a perfected action that did not necessarily just happen. Like the passé proche it must have been perfected before the present. Le passé composé is formed by conjugating the auxiliary verb avoir or être in the present tense then adding the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Il est allé au ciné hier : He went to the movies yesterday


The imparfait is an unperfected action and can be used in a few different situations. It can represent a repeated action in the past given that the number of times the action occurred is uncertain. It can also represent an action that began in the past and continues on to the present. Finally, it can be used to describe conditions in the past such as weather, emotions etc. Check out my post for the imparfait acronym that got me through high school French! To form the imparfait take the present conjugated verb in the first person plural (nous) and add the following endings. 

Je -ais
Tu -ais
Il/Elle -ait
Nous -ions
Vous -iez
Ils/elles -aient

**Note this is for regular verbs

ex. Repeated action : Quand j’étais petite, j’allais toujours à la plage : When I was little I always went to the beach

ex. Unperfected action : Il pensait à aller au resto mais il n’a pas encore décidé : He was thinking about going to a restaurant but he hasn’t decided yet

ex. Conditions : Il pleuvait quand la reine est arrivée : It was raining when the queen arrived.


The plus-que-parfait represents an action perfected before the passé composé. It is commonly accompanied by the word déjà : already. The plus-que-parfait must have some other more recent past action to compare it to. It is formed by conjugating avoir or être in the imparfait and then adding the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Nous étions déjà rentrés quand l’orage a commencé : We had already arrived home when the storm started.


Futur proche

The future proche is an action that is going to happen in the future. It implies intention. It is formed by conjugating the verb aller  in the present then adding the infinitive form of the principle verb.

ex. Je vais au supermarché cet après-midi : I’m going to the grocery store this afternoon


The futur is also an intended action in the future. What distinguishes it from the futur proche is when it occurs. Though it’s not necessary that the action will take place a long time from now, the use of the futur instead of the futur proche implies that some amount of time will pass before the action takes place. Again, you can use them mostly interchangeably however if you want to imply either sooner action or more intention, you would use the futur proche rather than the futur. To form the futur, take the infinitive form of the verb and add the following endings (**Note there are certain irregular verbs where you will not use the infinitive to create the tense).

Je -ai
Il/elle -a
Nous -ons
Vous -ez
Ils/elles -ont

ex. Tu feras le ménage demain : You will do the housework tomorrow

Futur antérieur

The futur antérieur represents an action in the future that happened before another action in the future. It would sound something like will already have in English. To form the futur antérieur, you take avoir or être conjugated in the future and then add the past participle of the principle verb.

ex. Par le temps que tu arriveras, je serai déjà rentrée : By the time you will arrive, I will already have gone home.

Particulars about the French future tense. You may have noticed the translation to that final example sounded odd, in English we would normally leave out the will knowing that the future is implied. A more natural translation could be by the time you arrive I will already be home which has the verbs conjugated in the present despite there being two different future tenses implied. In French it is preferred to use a future tense for both verbs in the sentence. Here is another example: 

Quand tu arriveras, tu me téléphoneras 

In English we would say : Call me when you get there, both verbs in the present because we are talking about the present at a future time (trippy). 


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“GABE!” You shrieked as you walked out of the bathroom, quickly grabbing your towel to cover yourself. “Seriously!?”

He gave you a playful smirk, “What?”

You just huffed and walked over to your dresser, pulling out some clothes. “Freaking angels,” you muttered.

Gabriel chuckled, “Hurry and get dressed sweet cheeks! This guardian angel has a surprise for you.”

You shook your head, closing the bathroom door, you got changed. “Really Gabe, you should start giving me a bit of a heads up more often.”

“Now what fun would that be?” He looked at a couple of books on your night stand, “So,” he said clapping his hands together, “Ready?”

You walked out, putting your hair up in a bun, “Yeah, sure I guess.”

You walked over to him and crossed your arms, “Where are we going anyway?” 

“Well, how bout a little place called, Disneyland?”

You couldn’t help but snicker, “Huh, you’re serious? Disneyland? Never pegged you for that kinda of fan.”

“Oh Hells Yeah! Let’s go meet some mice and ride a couple of rollercoasters. I know you’ve always wanted to go and now you have some actual free time, so come on,” he grabbed your shoulder and you were immediately transported.

Laughter and screaming filled your ears while the smell of fried, bake, and every manner of food filled your nostrils.

A wide smile spread out on your face as you looked around at all the fun chaos going on. “Haha, Gabe this is so awesome.”

He smiled at your joyfulness, “Yeah. Come on,” the archangel took hold of your hand and lead you to a ride.

“Rollercoasters first I’m guessing?”

“Let’s go!” The both of you hopped on  and you couldn’t stop smiling as it made it’s way to the top of the tracks.

You sucked in a breath when the ride got to the top.

The angel reached for your hand, which you didn’t mind taking. You loved rollercoasters, but your nerves were always bad for the first few seconds.

Before you knew it, the cart was racing quickly down the tracks, making you let out a fun-filled scream. “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Gabe raised your intertwined hands in the air and you rose the other, “Woo hoo!” you both yelled as you looped in a circle.

You were laughing the whole time and as the ride came to a stop, you kept slightly chuckling to yourself.

You and your guardian angel ran around all over the park, eating different foods and riding silly rides. You even went into the funhouse, were Gabriel decided to scare you, in The Hall Of Mirrors, by disappearing in one and grabbing you when you passed another.

Finally, it was late enough that the park was slowly shutting down, “Thanks Gabe, this was really fun. You were right, I needed a break.”

It was kinda chilly out so you hugged the stuffed dinosaur, you won, tighter to your chest. “We should probably head back. I forgot to tell the guys were I was going.”

“Okay,” the angel touched your shoulder and took you back to your room.

You forgot that you left your radio on. John Legend’s song “All of Me” was playing.

“Again, thank you Gabe, I love that. It was so fun.”

“Yeah! I had fun with you today, Y/N. I’m glad you liked it.”

What would I do without your smart mouth?

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out.

You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down..

Gabriel looked at the radio funny and you looked confused at him, wondering what was going on in his head, but decided to not ask. “I should probably go to sleep. They’ll hound me with questions tomorrow.”

He turned his attention back to you, “Yeah, You do that. I’ve got a few things to take care of anyway.”

The angel was sure acting strange, was it the song? You listened closer to it;

What’s going on in that beautiful mind?

I’m on your magical mystery ride,

And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, But I’ll be alright..

You always liked the song. You found it interesting how Gabriel always popped into your head when it came on. You wouldn’t quite admit it to yourself, but feelings had started to develop for your angel.

Gabe looked at you with a slight, kind of hopeful, smirk on his face.

Dammit Gabriel, stop listening to me think!

He laughed out, “But your thoughts are so loud, Y/N. They’re distracting sometimes too.”

Your cheeks flushed red, “Gaaaabe,” you whined pouting at him, “Stop teasing me.”

“I could, but I like it when your blushing sweet cheeks.”

He stepped closer to you, hesitant at first, but when he saw you weren’t going to move, he closed the gap between you two.

He was a couple of inches higher than you and he always found that to boost his ego to poke fun at you.

The two of you just stood there staring at each other until you gave him a smart remark, “You gonna kiss me or flutter away feathers?”

His smile returned as he leaned in and pressed his soft angel lips to yours. You felt fireworks go off in your stomach. You felt like you were floating and you almost let out a disappointed huff when you had to pull away.

“I’ve been waiting for forever to do that,” Gab said with a content smile on his face.

“Well it took you damn long enough!” He chuckled as you sat down on your bed. He joined you, you put your head on his shoulder, “I love you Gabriel.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

You smiled as you slowly drifted to sleep..

Well that was how it took me. I know this wasn’t what you quite wanted but I was just taken that way. I hope you all enjoyed it! I love you lovelies! Mwah! Thank you!

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