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I’m having a lot of Misha/Vicki feels tonight. I don’t even know, they just look SO HAPPY. But it’s not only that, they’re both awesome people, with such an unique personality and great ideals.. and should we talk about their relationship?! Because it’s pretty fucking perfect (not to mention the kind of relationship I’ve always wanted to have)! I can totally imagine them walking down the street and having fun and checking out all the boys and girls and try to guess which one would be in for a threesome or staying up all night to talk about their next crazy project and making jokes and pranks to each other ahsjfaghf okay i’m done just ignore me

One of Those Days

It was one of those days where you just felt down about yourself, comparing yourself to other people. Luckily, Guanlin’s able to cheer you up.

  • pre-established relationship
  • ft. blackpink cameos 
  • warning for body image-concerned reader

You giggled as you clapped your hands, enjoying the music that was playing for the assembly. From his position on stage, you could have sworn that you saw your boyfriend, Lai Guanlin, wink at you before the seven boys onstage started dancing to Heart Attack by AOA.

Every couple of months, your high school had a school-wide assembly, and each class had to prepare a performance or dance. Guanlin’s class, in good sport (and at the urging of Eunki) decided to do a cover of Heart Attack. Somehow, Guanlin, with his lanky arms and slightly out-of-touch dancing style, was roped into the whole thing, much to your amusement.

You couldn’t stop laughing as Takeda Kenta, a transfer student from Japan, started off the song, shaking his hips enthusiastically. In the back row, Guanlin followed suit, albeit a bit less vigorously.

The whole performance was funny, and you made sure to film it on your phone. Once it was over, the whole auditorium exploded in applause for the comedic performance.

The next group up was from another homeroom in your year. This time, it was all girls, all of whom you’d heard of.

“Wow, talk about visuals,” your friend who was sitting next to, Chungha, commented. You nodded, taking in their full appearance. Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo were all incredibly pretty, with perfect proportions and numerous talents. It was impossible to not compare yourself to them.

As they started their performance, a fairly sexy hip-hop dance that had everyone cheering, you felt your cheery mood from earlier. It was impossible to not compare yourself to them, and you found yourself thinking about all the ways that the girls onstage were prettier, sexier and more talented than you.

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This is it. This is the moment where he truly realises what’s happening to him, to his life. He’s preparing for it, for this, for a family. He’s starting a whole new chapter in his life, one that doesn’t just include him anymore. This is about them now. His family. Him, and his wife, and their unborn child. Their baby. Their world. They’re created a perfect creature, a unique and fragile human being, and he can’t wait to meet that life. So, staring at someone else’s new child, new life, that he’s just brought into the world, he finally begins to picture it. He can picture waking up at the break of dawn to change them, soothe them. He can picture comforting his wife after a long day, basking in her presence and that of their little one. He can imagine them growing old and their child growing up and learning, experiencing, loving, being loved. He can imagine this life. The one he chose for himself. The journey he began when he got married, when he planned out a future with the woman he loved more than anything. And he can do this, they can do this. Because this is theirs now; marriage and babies and Sundays at the waffle house. He can picture it. He realises what’s happening to him, to his life. And he can’t wait, can’t help but smile in awe at the feeling of seeing a baby. Seeing something so small and knowing that pretty soon, he’d have something so similar of his very own. That was half of him, and half of her. That was their perfection. He can’t wait to meet his child and start the next chapter, their next chapter. Him, and his wife, and their unborn child. His family.

When The Zeros Line Up- Part 7

genre: fluff/angst 

summary: dan is everything phil wishes he was; bright and bold, a figure of energy and intensity. he fascinates phil, and phil wants to know more about him, but doesn’t want to step into the spotlight. however, he doesn’t have a choice, as far as dan’s concerned.

word count (p7)- 2.2k

a/n: IM SO SORRY FOR THE MONTH HIATUS it was a mess honestly but now im writing again and everything is good!!!! (except this chapter im sorry good luck)

warnings- smoking, alcohol



A week later and Phil’s parents are talking about things he doesn’t want to listen to and Dan’s being getting drunk on a much more regular basis, and really, everything is going downhill. Yet Phil has never felt better, never felt as elated as the past few weeks when he’s living and breathing and feeling, feeling everything so much more. Dan’s finally opening up. He’s finally letting Phil in, finally breaking down his walls and acknowledging things and it makes Phil’s heart ache, it really does.

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