and unheathy

ok heres what i dont understand. why is pizza considered “unheathy”???? it’s literally just bread, tomatoes, and cheese. if u had that stuff as a non-pizza ppl would consider that a pretty healthy meal. why does it suddenly get a bad rep once it becomes pizza

And tonight I laughed so hard tears welled in my eyes and through the blurriness I saw happiness is possible without you in my life.
—  I’m going to be okay without you here holding me together.

Now, folks, I know we’re sad. I know we’re in mourning for Tasha and Alicia. But I’m here to help make some sense of that, of why these two characters had to bite the dust, and why Max had to go dark side.

Many people have already pointed out that this story is a giant parallel to early-season Sam and Dean, with Alicia representing Sam and Max representing Dean. When Alicia is killed with her knife (evocative of Sam’s season two death), Max, in his grief, makes a choice to create the Alicia doll, potentially selling his soul in the process. This is meant to remind us of Dean in season two.

Remember how, at the time, it seemed tragically beautiful? Selling your soul to save a loved one whom you can’t live without?

Dabb is reminding us that that’s actually terrible and unhealthy.

In this depiction of the Sam and Dean story, it’s very clear that bringing back the dead sibling by selling your soul is a horrible idea. The dark lighting, the creepy ring, the cutting out of the heart, the fact that Dean himself said that he should not take the deal? We are supposed to scream “NO!” at Max when he creates the doll. 

Just like we should have screamed at Dean not to sell his soul to bring back Sam.

Remember how Dabb wrote Red Meat last season? And the message was clearly that the boys have a codependent relationship? And that it was super unheathy for both of them? He’s hitting us with it again, but harder. More obviously. Sadly, In order for the parallel to work, obviously Alicia had to die and Max had to sell his soul (possibly–at least the thought is there) to bring her back. But it’s a sham. That rushed decision made in grief? It wasn’t worth it. 

So as sad and awful as it was to lose Alicia and to have Max make terrible decisions at the end of the episode–it had to be done to communicate this theme to us. Codependency is unhealthy as shit. And, using this episode as evidence, given what the boys said…I’d argue that Sam and Dean are actually learning that lesson.

We were never calm,” she spat through gritted teeth.
“We were chaos! You were tidal waves and I was a tornado. We did nothing but try to overpower each other, to force each other into submission for what we thought was for each others own good. We were a disaster, chaos, and a storm of mass proportions.” Her voice softened as her eyes brimmed with tears.
“And storms always come to an end.
—  7/1000
Why I don’t care who you ship

So before I start, I am going to state flat out that I know I am going to be largely addressing the ML fandom as that is pretty much what my followers are, but for this I will be referencing other fandoms because this definitely covers across the board and will make a better point if we keep it more generic.

just to warn you- this gets pretty long…

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So this is my interpretation of Bunny in the PPGems AU. As I’ve said in previous posts about her, Bunny is one of the fusion experiments that came from the Kindergarten & was found by the girls.

I figure the reason she looks more like a regular fusion (albeit a unheathy-relationship-looking one), is because she was in the soil for close to the appropriate amount of time it would take her to be created. Still an early ‘hatching’, but she’s more humanoid in appearance than a good amount of the other fusion experiments because of it. I would guess it’s because two of the gem shards are smaller than the main gem shard & it took less effort for Bunny to ‘fuse’.

Bunny is also still going to be referred to as ‘Bunny’, since I don’t think it’s really possible for the fusion experiments to be a gem of their own. They’re literally gems just mashed together & forced to cooperate in a way that ensures their survival as an entity of any kind. They can’t properly coordinate to make a whole new gem entirely.

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My gosh SasuSaku is so unheathy, the fact a woman trained all those years to get strong enough to punch a goddess and saved the world shows how really weak she is and the fact that a man who wouldn't come home to clear his name instead came back and burn a village to the ground to save his future wife makes him such a scumbag. And they have the nerve to bring a child into this world who more then likely be the best hokage after Naruto. My goodness what a disgusting pairing. How could we Maddy ?

Lol, tip of the iceberg Anon :)

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So I guess I should formally re-introduce myself. Hi. I'm Cat. I'm a trashy teenager who writes way to much fan fiction. I use They/Them pronouns but I'll also accept She/Her (but please use They/Them...) I spend way to much time on tumblr and it's almost unheathy but I'm in to deep and I refuse to turn back. I don't even remember why I started going by Corner Nonnie tbh... ~Cat/Corner Nonnie

I do!!!! You left an ask where you were crying in the corner!! And yes I love your name!

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I hate so much when people say that robin doesn't like starfire enough or that he just likes her for obligation, or that she never understand he, can you make a post to prove that robin likes starfire as much as she likes him?

I think I may have already done this at least once?

Buuuuuuut what the hey, the internet could always use more quality RobStar meta. :)

I’ve actually heard this argument before, that Robin was somehow bullied into reciprocating Starfire’s feelings because she’s just so forward about it.

This is of course ignoring the fact that if Robin weren’t sending out signals for Starfire to pick up on, she never would have made the assumption that she was special to him in a way the others weren’t and thus need clarification on their relationship when he tried to backpedal and deny his feelings.

Robin is an emotionally-awkward idiot.  The reason he tries to deny his feelings for Starfire and shut down the possibility of a relationship between them is because he literally does not know How To Do Girls and the best model he had for teaching him about such more than likely drilled it into him over and over NOT to get romantically involved with a teammate.  So here we have this poor confused boy who feels very strongly about this girl, he really likes her and he wants to be around her, but Batman has taught him to ignore emotional attachments in favor of the mission and so he has absolutely no clue what to do about his feelings.  So sometimes he will take on a Batman-like detachment and ignore her to focus on a pressing case, sometimes he’ll bumble all over himself like a flailing stammering dork, and then sometimes he’ll regress into a five-year-old responding to the, “You liiiiiike her.” tease with a vehement, “NO I DON’T, SHUT UP!”

Yeah you do, Robin.  Why u lyin’?

It’s absolutely undeniable to anyone with a working brain that Robin has a crush on Starfire.  She makes him blushy and nervous.  He stutters like a geek around her.  He looks at her with lovey-dovey eyes so full of admiration and adoration you can almost see the hearts in them.

But it runs deeper than that.  Robin feels just as strongly about Starfire as she does him.  Anyone who thinks it’s tilted to one side hasn’t realized that Robin just tends to express his feelings less openly with words and more with his actions.

So what do his actions towards Starfire say about his feelings for her?  Well, let’s take a look.

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hypocrisy at it's best.

It’s really amusing that Stelena fans only use arguments against Delena (even if they made this bullshit up and it’s not true) that you can totally use against Stelena as well.

They use the words “unhealthy” & “abusive” for Delena.

So let me ask..

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when Stefan almost drove Elena off the Wickery Bridge (the place where her parents died) because he wanted revenge?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when he forced his blood down Elena’s throat?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when Stefan yelled and blamed Elena for asking Damon for help?

Was it “healthy” and not “abusive” when he manipulated and emotional abused her?

OH WELL; LET’S IGNORE THAT!So why do you ship Stelena when they’re unheathy and abusive? I mean you can hate Delena all you want but you call DE unhealthy and abusive when you can say the same about your own ship (and almost every other ship on TV)

HOW CAN YOU????????????????

hypocrisy at it’s best.

Oh and another thing. They say that they support Elena (can you hear me laughing?). I think everyone knows already that they don’t give a damn about her. These are only Stefan stans and don’t want her to be with Damon.

They say that Delena’s relationship is one sided and that Elena gets nothing from it.

Did they forget that Elena had THE SUMMER OF HER LIFE with DAMON? That Damon makes her happy?
That she feels free when she is with Damon?

Okay, I can’t decide if they are blind, ignorant or if they just don’t want to know and see the truth.

I really can’t stand this bullshit and it drives me crazy. Now I feel a little bit better because I wrote it down but no one will read it anyway I guess. :P

Oh, and remember when they bashed Damon bc Elena had no free will because of the sire bond (even if it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t know it)?: Suddenly it’s okay for them that Katherine uses Elena’s body and Elena has absolutely no free will. And maybe they’ll kiss and who knows what else. HOW DO YOU CALL THAT?


Okay! So, I just saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And I have some feelings that I need to get out.

Not about Spider Man.

About Max Dillon.

There will be spoilers below the cut, so please don’t read if you haven’t seen it. Or if you hated his character. Or if you don’t want to listen to me connecting on a much deeper level than I expected to with a character in a movie adaptation of a comic book. In short, just don’t read this

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When Antis say that Ichihime is unhealthy and abusive

They’re drinking coffee (or tea) and eating bread..discussing life and personal matters..they’re eating fucking baked delights 

He even complements her. they do regular things together like borrows books and hang out together 

He’s concerned about her well being(such fucking adorable dorks, looks how pissed he gets when Uryuu’s dad interupts ) actually MORE than just concerned

Lets not forget he takes the fucking bullet for her *cries*

This is anything but unhealthy they STRENGTHEN EACHOTHER 

Well…I guess protecting the person you love and getting stronger for them is a fucking disease nowadays. 

Then they go and ship the god of unheathy and abusive ships 

Anti: “Hey guys remember that dick that dramatized her by literally destroying her hopes and dreams right in front of her?? Let’s ship her with him!”

im so tired of love thats based on dominance and submission, im tired of dealing with men who feel like they always have to dominate and process all control, im tired of love mixed with cruelty, im tired of having to stroke the male ego, im tired of coldness and emotional detachment

im tired of not receiving kindness from people who claim to love me, im tired of accepting that as normal. and im sick and fucking tired of sexualizing toxic, unheathy and aggressive dominance from men as if it doesnt burn me in the long run

I found some fatphobic comments in the SHYB inbox for the first time in a while today, immediately blocked because that kind of harassment is not tolerated. Man, are you STILL fighting the idea that fat/obese people deserve to love themselves and deserve decent human respect no matter your fatphobic belief system??

The messages I received today echoed one after the other about how 
“fat people are unheathy and need to slim down so they don’t die of a heart attack” so let me respond here:

  1. You cannot tell someone’s health by looking at them
  2. It is possible to be fat AND healthy.
  3. Health looks different on every body.
  4. Even IF someone is unhealthy and/or sick does not mean they do not deserve to feel beautiful or happy. Or are you implying that people with chronic and terminal illnesses should hate themselves and feel ugly til the end of their days? 
  5. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE to point at someone and yell “unhealthy” because of their size. Why does this even need to be repeated?
  6. With the logic that “all fat people are unhealthy and need to slim…” then you are asking for the extinction of fat people. Humans come in different shapes and sizes, not just one.
  7. Whenever you feel disgust over a group of people (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sizeism, etc.) it would do yourself some good to do some self reflection and analysis. Seriously, being so invested in blindly hating, criticizing, and judging a group of people is such a heavy waste of your time and generally unkind thing to do.

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At the pub Alice order Gilbert a pint of his favorite beer, she some chips with chilli cheese and just everything unheathy she could find. A soda was what she drank. "This place is lovely, rustic."

Gilbert was grinning from ear to ear, soaking in the music, the food, everything that made up home. “I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. I’m excited to discover you like it here.”