and unheathy

And tonight I laughed so hard tears welled in my eyes and through the blurriness I saw happiness is possible without you in my life.
—  I’m going to be okay without you here holding me together.

So this is my interpretation of Bunny in the PPGems AU. As I’ve said in previous posts about her, Bunny is one of the fusion experiments that came from the Kindergarten & was found by the girls.

I figure the reason she looks more like a regular fusion (albeit a unheathy-relationship-looking one), is because she was in the soil for close to the appropriate amount of time it would take her to be created. Still an early ‘hatching’, but she’s more humanoid in appearance than a good amount of the other fusion experiments because of it. I would guess it’s because two of the gem shards are smaller than the main gem shard & it took less effort for Bunny to ‘fuse’.

Bunny is also still going to be referred to as ‘Bunny’, since I don’t think it’s really possible for the fusion experiments to be a gem of their own. They’re literally gems just mashed together & forced to cooperate in a way that ensures their survival as an entity of any kind. They can’t properly coordinate to make a whole new gem entirely.

Beth Greene is Dead and That's Final: Your spoons meant nothing

Im getting so sick and tired of seeing these fan posts pop up about how Beth Greene is alive. You guys, she’s dead.
I know it was a shocking scene and all but this level of denial is a little unheathy. I would hate to see how you handle death in the real world if a fictional character’s death is too much for you. To get this off of my mind and hopefully put this topic to rest Im going to just lay it out there.

1. To start, Beth was shot POINT BLANK. The bullet entered under her jowels and left and exit would in the back of her head. *even though we see a bullet hole on her forehead which makes no sense based on the angle. Unless she’s Paul Kern or some other person in history who miraculously survived a shot to the head, she was a goner when that gun went off.

2. She appears with other deceased characters in the same scene. If beth wasn’t dead then why would she be in a hallucination telling another character not to be afraid. Wouldn’t this entail that she was dead?

3. It’s been confirmed multiple times that she’s dead and not coming back. Whatever was posted on whatever website is not from a credible source and was probably put there to troll the fans.

4. There is no conspiracy theory. The Walking Dead has a few plot holes that people are stringing together as some form of evidence that Beth isn’t dead. Thats not proof, its grasping for staws in the plot holes.

5. If the writers of the walking dead did bring Emily back to the show it would have to be as a zombie or she would be “done-up” to look like someone else. Bringing Beth Greene back from the dead like she was never shot would either have to be written as an alternate storyline or it would kill the show completely. There is nothing in the show that suggests that zombies are something supernatural. Therefore you couldn’t justify Bet’s resurrection. The writer’s have to adhere to the rules of that world. If beth had been shot in the chest or the gut then it would have been possible for the medical staff to tend to her and possibly save her. If not she could have turned into a zombie. Neither of these things happened. She was shot in the head. Darell carried her lifelss body out and she appeared to Tyrese as a hallucination with other dead characters.

She’s dead. Can we all finally agree that she’s dead so you can stop littering Tumblr with your theories? Please?

We were never calm,” she spat through gritted teeth.
“We were chaos! You were tidal waves and I was a tornado. We did nothing but try to overpower each other, to force each other into submission for what we thought was for each others own good. We were a disaster, chaos, and a storm of mass proportions.” Her voice softened as her eyes brimmed with tears.
“And storms always come to an end.
—  7/1000

I found some fatphobic comments in the SHYB inbox for the first time in a while today, immediately blocked because that kind of harassment is not tolerated. Man, are you STILL fighting the idea that fat/obese people deserve to love themselves and deserve decent human respect no matter your fatphobic belief system??

The messages I received today echoed one after the other about how 
“fat people are unheathy and need to slim down so they don’t die of a heart attack” so let me respond here:

  1. You cannot tell someone’s health by looking at them
  2. It is possible to be fat AND healthy.
  3. Health looks different on every body.
  4. Even IF someone is unhealthy and/or sick does not mean they do not deserve to feel beautiful or happy. Or are you implying that people with chronic and terminal illnesses should hate themselves and feel ugly til the end of their days? 
  5. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE to point at someone and yell “unhealthy” because of their size. Why does this even need to be repeated?
  6. With the logic that “all fat people are unhealthy and need to slim…” then you are asking for the extinction of fat people. Humans come in different shapes and sizes, not just one.
  7. Whenever you feel disgust over a group of people (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sizeism, etc.) it would do yourself some good to do some self reflection and analysis. Seriously, being so invested in blindly hating, criticizing, and judging a group of people is such a heavy waste of your time and generally unkind thing to do.