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My favorite experience on the internet was the time I saw a lesbian on a doctor who forum make a thread about her desire to see “a lesbian dalek.” There was this one dude who got SO ANGRY about it that she and a bunch of other users pulled up a bunch of references proving that Daleks have a concept of gender and use gendered language to identify one another, and how some Daleks (like the Cult of Skaro) are designed to understand and weaponize human emotion, and made this really compelling argument that a lesbian Dalek could exist without violating any of the show’s canon

And the dude just got like really upset and was finally like “HOW WOULD SHE KNOW WHICH OTHER DALEKS ARE WOMEN, THEY ALL WEAR IDENTICAL CASINGS” and this one poster who hadn’t said anything up to this point just said “you know other species besides daleks have women too” and he literally just responded with “AAAAAAAAARGH”

The best part though was that this dude clearly read every single thread on the board (and corrected everyone who said anything about anything), so this lady would occasionally mention her “lesbian Dalek OC” in passing and within a few hours he’d show up with an all-caps, multi-paragraph, misspelled, profanity-laden rant about how there can’t be a lesbian Dalek and how she should stop punishing him for “being a heterosexual”

So I’ve got two D&D groups I’m running the same homebrewed Curse of Strahd game for. My bard character is thrown in the windmill, replacing a group of hags that are supposed to be there. She is a flavor of the week kind of villain, who bakes magical charm pies to lure people in, so she can ~keep them forever~. Gave me the opportunity to try out some mechanics, and also give the players a unique puzzle/mystery to solve.

Group one encountered her and befriended her, launching her to “center of the campaign” status. She’s currently queen of all of Barovia and they work for her, doing all her little requests, and operating under her protection.

Group two encountered her this session, and they also befriended her, and all of them are attempting to date her simultaneously.

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“I think Riggs is quite tortured, and I don’t think there’s anything on this planet that’s gonna ease that pain.” – Clayne Crawford, 24/07/2017

So I was fortunate enough to have my question answered during an interview last night, and it was great to learn what he thinks about Riggs and how he sees him in the future.

Unsurprisingly, his vision concides with mine:

My question: “Where do you see Riggs at the end of the series, in the very last scene of the very last episode, and how would you like it to end for him?”

Clayne: “ I would like him to find peace, and I only think that comes in death so ideally, I would like for Riggs to have the opportunity to go home, you know, to go be with Miranda and his unborn child. To me that kind of seems like a very fitting ending.”

There’s still a long way to go, and depending on how long the show will last they might not go there at all but it was revealing to hear that. He understands and loves his character enough to know there’s only one way to go.

Feel free to disagree and/or share your opinion.

@eyethefluff requested: “Can I have Peter being defended by dad!Tony when he heard that Peter got bullied?”

This got particularly long but sjdlfjsdlfjl good prompt

Also let me just say am I good at action scenes??? No. did i write one anyway??? Psh heck yeah

also also sorry this took so damn long!!! I got stuck on the last bit for a long time

Usually swinging from building to building and doing flips around the city as Spider-Man cheered Peter up instantly after a long day at school. Usually it was all he could do to wait until 2:45 when the bell rang and he could run out to get his patrol snack. But when the bell rang that day, after perhaps the trillionth time “Penis Parker” had been chanted or passed along in stupid notes as if they weren’t in high school now, Peter walked out of the school feeling dejected and tired.

He didn’t feel like losing his backpack on top of everything, so since he wasn’t in a rush for once, he went back home.

“You’re home early,” May commented when he walked in the door. He shrugged and she followed him down the hall from the kitchen. “Hey, what’s up? What’s wrong?”

“Just a bad day,” he explained. He didn’t want to talk to May, not right then at least. Maybe when he got home after blowing off some steam, he would be more willing to open up. “I’m gonna go out if that’s okay.”

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Hey I'm trying to write a scene where one character is fighting using hook swords while the other is simply using a mace. I want for the fight to end in the mace user winning, however I'm having issues figuring out some weaknesses to using hook swords online and I'd rather have them win the fight in a more creative way than just brute forcing it since even though physically the mace user is stronger, they're effectively on the same level as far as actual fighting goes. Any suggestions?

You’ve got a serious problem and that problem is mismatched weaponry.

A mace is twenty six inches long.

A hook sword is roughly thirty three and a quarter.

That’s an almost eight inch difference in length, and it’s only the first issue.

The hook swords are faster with a longer reach, lighter, and there’s two of them. The blades on the hilt and the pommel mean they can still be deadly in close range, even potentially switching into a reverse grip.

The second point is these weapons were considered difficult to master, and due to Chinese traditions with martial combat come with the experience of an entire martial art behind them. That’s one of the northern styles like Northern Shaolin. The one aspect to ground yourself with about Asian martial arts tradition is: the more advanced the weapon, the later it’s learned.

For the purposes of these traditions your basic weapons serve similarly to the basic hand to hand techniques learned when we begin training in any style, and these weapons form the foundational understanding of all weapon types. We cannot battle the sword if we do not understand it, we cannot battle the staff if it is unknown. The technique used when wielding a basic staff are the foundation for those utilized with the three-sectional and so on.

European training systems don’t really work this way and were far less formalized, though it’s much more difficult to know what their training looked like. Either way, the mace has a much lower entry level in terms of skill.

Add to that, dual wielding weapons is extremely difficult and the longer the weapon the more difficult it becomes. Your hands and arms need to be able to perform complex techniques simultaneously, together and separately, with a balanced body. Your mind must track both weapons, and utilize both tactically against your opponent or the one you’re not using becomes a liability. A well rounded dual wield system will utilize one weapon (or in this case both) as a means of defense, to block, deflect, or disarm incoming strikes while the other attacks. Or, they attack together. Two weapons can blitzkrieg on a multitude of angles, strike one after the other, left and right, high and low, forcibly keeping their opponent on the defensive.

It is a very aggressive form of combat and difficult to master. When it is, (with workable weaponry designed for dual wielding) you’ve got a very dangerous fighter.

So, we have a the wielder of a complicated, unusual, difficult weapon designed for speedy, unarmored civilian combat and from a system requiring significant time investment against a guy with a mace.

Unless the one with the mace has armor and a shield, the hook swords have the advantage. They are also designed to be used in unarmored combat, and function in that role far better than a mace. The mace is a specific weapon with a very limited battlefield role as it’s meant to use blunt force to crack open tin cans.

There’s the additional point that dual wielding effectively in battle also requires a fairly high level of training, as there’s much higher risk of the blades catching on each other. Also, given one weapon is European (assuming we’re discussing the European variants of the mace) and the other is Chinese (including the information that the hook sword was a fairly rare weapon to see in use) the idea that they’re on the same level so far as training is unlikely.

Two people from two different styles are unlikely to ever be “equally matched” due to stylistic differences and training approaches. This is part of why two different people trained in two different styles are so exciting when they’re fighting because “equally matched” is thrown out the window into the unknown. And anything so far as versus with these two is merely supposition anyway as the two cultures were at very different technological points when they encountered each other.

In fairness, the hook swords would be similarly mismatched against the rapier due to its length and might be cut to pieces about as quickly. What advantages the hook swords have versus, say, a spear, are out against longer bladed weapons.

Chinese weaponry like the hook swords tend to favor circular motion, the whole weapon is bladed, and falls towards cutting as opposed to striking with the tip. The dual hooks allows them to hook weapons for a disarm, or stop them midstrike. It can also hook arms, legs, or around the back of the neck, with blades on the pommel and handguard meant to keep it’s use in range transitions.

The mace is a weapon that also moves in circles because of how it gains force, the problem is it’s slower. The heavier head on the mace is means by which it generates force, creating greater momentum as it swings. It’s not a matter of strength, but physics and not entirely dissimilar in concept to a baseball bat. However, the heavy head means it will be slower compared to a light blade like a rapier or an epee which are closer in type to the jian and also designed around the idea of unarmored combat.

The one with the mace needs a shield. They needs some way to get close enough to their opponent to bring their weapon into play, otherwise they’re just sitting there with their thumb up their ass as they’re being carved to pieces.

The big issue with weapons is if the other guy can hit you before you can hit him then you’re in serious trouble. I’d worry less about brute force. If you want the wielder with the mace to win, they need a way to get close enough to hit before any other consideration comes up. Then there’s the hook swords’ and their ability to create an escrima stick like defense with blades. Blades whose design intent is to be wielded together.

There’s nothing equal about it, the character with the mace is at a serious disadvantage. One which will get him killed in a straight fight.This isn’t the kind of disadvantage which can be brute forced through, your hero is going to need to be clever. That cleverness begins with utilizing his environment in order to limit the hook swords utility and ability to move.

The answer to dealing with the katana in a modern environment is a tight hallway, preferentially with furniture. Best case, they unsheath it and it ends up in a wall. Worst case, they’re stuck with thrusts. The katana doesn’t thrust that well compared to other swords.

Figuring out potential ways to defeat a weapon in combat begins with understanding how the weapon moves and what you plan to bring against it. It’s not statistics. It’s not physical strength. It’s not equal levels of training. Or anything outside what’s happening in the moment. You have the person and you have the weapon, and it starts by figuring out how both work together (and separately).

Any “here are two cultures who never encountered each other, who had better weapons?” question invites fanboy infighting that usually benefits no one. Besides that, while there’s more available information on Eastern martial cultures than there used to be, the Chinese martial traditions are still insular. To really understand the weapon you’d need to have a conversation with those who practice with them, preferable the masters. Cross-referencing history for when the hook swords were in use and what kind of combat they saw would also be helpful. Fortunately, Chinese cinema and Hong Kong action films will provide you with lots of choreography to chew through.

The Chinese did have a mace variant called the Chuí, which eventually lost it’s head and moved on to beating people with two metal shafts.

I have no idea if any of this helps, but hopefully it gives you some grounding to work from.


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I’m imagining what Dylan would ask Tex if she ever got to meet her and I just realized that Tex would probably be so baffled by Dylan

like, she’d poke her and be like “what is this. what do you mean you’re a civilian. what’s a civilian” 

Dylan: Agent Texas what are your thoughts on AI rights–

Tex: why don’t you have a gun, you’re not a medic

I’ve seen a handful of fanfictions where Keith has to wear a dress for convoluted mission reasons but I can never really get behind them bc the only plot I can accept for that scenario is: Keith is upset bc where will he hide his knives while wearing a dress, Allura shows him that he can actually hide more knives on his person now, Keith is thrilled & bursts into the control room yelling “Guess how many weapons I’m carrying!?”, Shiro becomes concerned when Keith reverently utters the phrase “I’m gonna stab so many people” and decides to have Lance go in his place, Lance is chill with it, No one has the heart to take Keith’s dress away and he wears it forever, The End.

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Is it stereotypical to have a scene in which a black character and her mother go and get their hair done? It's something that they always do together and the hairstyle they have (crochet braids) does play an important role later in the story (symbol of royalty and she has to go into hiding). The character has already been established as black; I just wanted to use this scene to both show some of her interactions with her mom and establish why cutting out the braids later will be significant.

Tradition and Culture vs. Stereotype

This is adorable. They’ve created a tradition and i’m sure it’s something other Black families do, whether it be father and son and/or mothers and daughters getting their hair done together. 

Personally, I grew up for many years getting my hair done with my sisters, my mom waiting in the salon, bringing us fast food and nearby gas station eats to snack on while they tugged and twisted away at our hair. So that became an unintentional tradition of sorts. 

People with little care or understanding can easily weaponize a piece of Black culture into a flat stereotype. Consider, for example, watermelon. It was a fruit Black Americans could make a living off of, a symbol of freedom. Whites used that against us, instead turning this symbol of freedom into a mockery with dehumanizing “art” depictions and jokes and now no one wants to be associated with it.

The stereotype that African Americans are excessively fond of watermelon emerged for a specific historical reason and served a specific political purpose. The trope came into full force when slaves won their emancipation during the Civil War. Free black people grew, ate, and sold watermelons, and in doing so made the fruit a symbol of their freedom. Southern whites, threatened by blacks’ newfound freedom, responded by making the fruit a symbol of black people’s perceived uncleanliness, laziness, childishness, and unwanted public presence. This racist trope then exploded in American popular culture, becoming so pervasive that its historical origin became obscure. Few Americans in 1900 would’ve guessed the stereotype was less than half a century old.“

Source: How Watermelons Became a Racist Trope

I see the same thing happen with other pieces of Black culture. Braids and Afro hairstyles, southern food, and music like rap and r&b as some examples. Whatever it may be, Black traditions (on Black bodies) can hold a heavy stigma, often relegated to "ghetto” and “stereotypical.”

Really, it’s just more racism, society’s smear campaign against anything Black. So don’t let that stop you from having Black characters engage in their culture!

Now, recognize these things can still be used as stereotypes, especially if you group all Black people as liking and doing the same things. No, not all Black people like rap or automatically should you assume they do because Black. And if they do, that doesn’t mean they don’t wind down to classical music in the evenings! Don’t compose characters based on only what you assume you “know” about Black people. That’s when you’ll get a flat stereotypical character who lacks depth. People are dynamic, and many many things.

In summary: Adding Black cultural aspects does not a stereotype make!

For more on this, please read the response here of a question we received on Black weddings, where my (and the other Black mods’) blackness was questioned for giving a portrayal of Black weddings that was too “Stereotypical” when it was literally us describing Black weddings we’ve attended.

~Mod Colette

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Y’know I’ve often wondered if quintessence really is the problem and the thing our tyrannical zombies are obsessed with. Like yeah, they gather it but only to “refine it” into a purple looking thing similar to the one that possessed them --which btw there is no way wouldn’t have long term effects in their subjects. Meanwhile quintessence is hinted to be part of anything living, from Voltron and his paladins to the flowers in that now dead planet attacked by the Komar

See my thing with quintessence is–even if it’s not the refined kind, we still know that overexposure to it will drain your life-force and affect your mind. Honerva’s hair turns white, her eyes turn gold, her markings change, and she becomes noticeably haggard and weak. Not to mention the whole being obsessed with obtaining more quintessence thing:

And as for longterm affects on the other galra, I’m pretty sure that was a thing. I mean, we’re talking about a civilization with all this technology that runs on quintessence and they’re a species with prolonged exposure to it for over 10,000 years. From an evolution standpoint, that’s going to take its toll. Which is why I think a lot of galra back then had eyes with irises like this:

but now they’re all that empty glowing gold like zombie Haggar’s:

And yeah, it does seem that quintessence is the foundation for all living things. But it’s implied that this isn’t the kind of power you would harness and try to control or weaponize. My understanding was that it wasn’t until they found this source of pure quintessence in the rift that they really began experimenting with it. Alfor is impressed by how their one test can run “for a full year on one drop of quintessence with no decline in revolutions per dobosh.” He goes on to say that “No other energy source like this exists.” This leads to things like “endlessly powerful ships for the galra empire,” and “an endless source of clean energy for the entire system.” 

That tells me that, until now, quintessence was never actually used as a power source. They’re entering an entirely new era here, and quintessence is this untapped, seemingly all powerful energy source. So, that being said, I also don’t think anyone really realized what sort of awful side effects prolonged exposure could cause until this point. Before, what was really holding them back was an inability to access so much raw quintessence–I mean, most Alteans aren’t just going to drain it out of aliens or planets–as well as moral concerns when it comes to respect for life (unnaturally prolonging life, playing god, messing with the “natural order,” ect). But having access to the fissure solves the first problem, and Honerva’s willingness to push the boundaries of morality in favor of her studies takes care of the latter. What they got was pretty much a perfect storm for a quintessence based civilization and also a complete disaster. 

So is quintessence life? According to Honerva, yeah. And it seems to be the foundation for all life forms across every universe. That being said, it’s also inherently dangerous. You’re literally messing with someone’s life-force. And I’m guessing the reason why it can both sustain and decay is because that exchange goes both ways. If you’re continually exposed to quintessence with no sort of barrier or countermeasures, it will inevitably drain your own life-force away–provided that quintessence is drawn back to the largest source like some sort of magnetic pull. On the other hand, if you have no quintessence left to give–if you’re dead, like Honerva or her cat–then it can’t drain you, right? So, there’s only one way for that quintessence to flow. Back to you. And maybe it’s similar if you’re injured, and it’s in quintessence’s nature to heal rather than eat away when the subject is already in poor health. 

I’m thinking purple quintessence is something refined by the druids because it allows for people without druid abilities to control it, but both gold and purple are inherently dangerous in large quantities. Of course, this is all just a guess. 

Remember when McCoy tried to flirt with Carol Marcus and failed miserably, followed by them nearly getting blown up? I think about this a lot. Bones pls.

I am sorry I have had a lot of coffee today

McCoy: You know, when I dreamt about being stuck on a deserted planet with a gorgeous woman, there was no torpedo!
Translation: Dammit Jim this isn’t romantic. You are an awful wingman.

Kirk: Dr. McCoy, may I remind you, you are not there to flirt.
Translation: FFS Bones. This is not the time.

McCoy: So how can these legendary hands help you, Dr. Marcus?
Translation: This is exactly the time. She asked for my hands, Jim. She asked for MY hands.

Kirk: Bones…  
Translation: What—what did I just say?

Carol: To understand how powerful these weapons are, we need to open the warhead. To do that, we need to access the fuel compartment. Unfortunately for us, the warheads on these weapons are live.
Translation: [Is a professional and doesn’t even acknowledge/notice these attempts because there is a photon torpedo.]

McCoy: Sweetheart, I once performed an emergency C-section on a pregnant Gorn. Octuplets. And let me tell you, those little bastards bite. I think I can work some magic on your missile.
Translation: Big reptile alien. Photon torpedo. Eh, basically the same thing. So, where were we? Right, me being Doctor Smooth.

Kirk and Sulu: [Look at each other while Kirk just shakes his head]
Translation: McCoy this is why you are single.

Small Things pt.3

YOOOOO it’s the last part (probably) 

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part 1 here / ao3

part 2 here / ao3

read Small Things pt.3 below or on ao3

Life flows at a pleasant pace in Dubrovnik, in the red-roofed house nestled high up in the hills. The sweeping vista of the rocky bay is one of Hannibal’s favourite things to photograph; Will receives several pictures of it every week.

It takes Will longer than he would like to reciprocate. His small and precious things always seemed to be taken from him, to Italy, to prison, to the churning sea, and he fears it.

He starts very delicately, unwilling to offer up his tender heart on a platter so quickly. He sends Hannibal photos of what he’s having for dinner. It’s not grand, or impressive, but Hannibal cradles it dearly. There’s evidence of rudimentary thought about presentation. Cutlery lined up neatly. Will even adds captions, sometimes.

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Tony/Bucky Siberia: imagine abo verse where Tony was/is pregnant when the WS attacks in Germany. getting thrown across the room like that. ~Siberia~

This is so delightfully angsty but I’m gonna ruin that because we’re not gonna make it to Siberia:

It was Bucky that got Tony pregnant but it’s the Winter Soldier who realizes it. And the Winter Soldier is a weapon but even a weapon can understand that a child with his serum and Tony’s brains will be a fearsome opponent one day–but only if it lives to see that day. The Winter Soldier can train that child–wants to train that child, his child.

So the Winter Soldier doesn’t attack Tony. But he does attack everyone else and then kidnap Tony to keep his future child safe. And Tony fights back, of course he does, he needs to protect his unborn child, but the Winter Soldier isn’t having any of it; he scruffs the omega and when that doesn’t calm him down he pins him to a wall and holds him there until Tony wears himself out struggling and all he can do is make tiny, angry noises as he’s carried to a safe house that even Hydra doesn’t know about.

And Tony is good at escaping, okay, but he’s never had to escape the psychopath father of his child before, and every time he thinks he finally makes it, the Winter Soldier is there to drag him back. One time he even gets as far as the street but somehow the Winter Soldier has found a slum where it’s not uncommon for couples to fight and alphas to drag their screaming, angry omegas back into their homes, especially if the omega is pregnant. All that Tony can hope for now is that Natasha and/or Steve find them or hell, even T’Challa looking for revenge still, because at least then Bucky would be distracted enough that Tony could make a run for it.

(On the fence about the conditioning beginning to fade the more Bucky dotes on his baby-mama or if the Winter Soldier stays a separate entity that falls in love with Tony as much as he is able and also decides that Tony is probably the most suitable mate he will ever meet, and he’s going to need a gaggle of pups from this smart, feisty omega.)

Heart Seal Headcanons-Nohr

Headcanons for why each character has the class that they do for their heart seal class. Beware spoilers for this two year old game. Enjoy.

Xander (Wyvern Rider)- It’s customary for royalty in Nohr to learn to ride wyvern, hence why every member of the royal family (except Leo) has access to the class set. He has a personal wyvern that lives in Windmire, but he prefers ground combat, as he feels it keeps him from becoming too distant from the troops he commands.

Camilla (Dark Mage)- She inherited the class set from her mother, Iago’s predecessor as Garon’s court sorceress. Her mother trained her personally as a mage, one of the few times she paid her daughter any positive attention, but it was never Camilla’s best skill, something that still bothers her. Additionally, Iago was apprenticed to her mother at the time and far outdid her in that department, fostering her resentment for him. 

Leo (Troubadour)- He inherited the class set from his mother, a strategist who advised Garon in the early years of his kingship. She’s also believed to be the source of his intelligence and his cold demeanor. He has few and poor memories of her, and he isn’t terribly thrilled when his son takes up the class.

Elise (Wyvern Rider)- See Xander’s entry. Elise actually loves her wyvern and babies it relentlessly, but wyvern riders aren’t trained as healers, so a lot of her training would go to waste if she chose to class change.

Laslow (Ninja)- A class he inherited from Olivia. Not the ninja class, per say, but the assassin class from Awakening is something of a counterpart. He won’t intentionally take up the class, but if Xander decides that he needs a stealth operative, it’s definitely not going to be Peri.

Peri (Dark Mage)- She learned magic in order to start fires during a time when she’d developed a fascination with the idea of burning people to death. Luckily for all, she never got to be all that great at it. 

Selena (Sky Knight)- A class she inherited from Cordelia. While she never deliberately chooses to become a sky knight, she accepts a captured pegasus from Camilla if need be, as wyverns are in limited supply and it affords her much greater mobility.

Beruka (Fighter)- Beruka was a competitor in an underground fighting ring, made up primarily of children abducted from the streets. It’s where her mentor found her. She still favors an axe, and her wyvern was a gift from Camilla. 

Odin (Samurai)- His original class from Awakening. He tries to hide his prowess with a sword to avoid having to answer awkward questions from Leo, but his sub-par magical ability betrays his lack of experience, and Leo frequently badgers him to take up the more familiar sword as his weapon of choice.

Niles (Dark Mage)- It’s not uncommon in Windmire for street children to be paid to take part in magical experiments. While it’s ill-advised, as they are frequently used as vessels for counter-curses or penalties that result from the darker arcane arts, Niles was desperate enough to fall back on it now and then in his later childhood/early teens. He still bears the burns. (Edit: less angsty alternative, he saw the skimpy dark mage uniform and demanded one. “Niles, you’ve never used a tome in your life.” “With all due respect, milord, shut up.”)

Arthur (Cavalier)- When Elise first selected him as her retainer, he was asked to participate in a semester at a formal military academy. Cavalier is the most commonly taught class at most Nohrian military institutions. A word of advice: do not put this man on a horse. There is a reason he decided to stick to being a fighter, and it’s that one can only be trampled so many times.

Effie (Troubadour)- Effie accompanied Elise during her early education as a bodyguard, and studied healing alongside her. She never got to be very good at it, but there’s little she won’t do to humor her princess.

Nyx (Outlaw)- Due to her notoriety in the early years after her curse took effect and her unwillingness to use her magic during that time, Nyx was forced to steal to survive. It was some time ago, she doesn’t remember it well, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Charlotte (Troubadour)- When Charlotte joined the Nohrian army, she listed her class preference as troubadour, as it suited the persona she’d created the best. Unfortunately, negligible healing ability meant that she was of little use to the border guard in the class line, and she was assigned to the class that was needed most at the time, fighter. While this was the exact opposite of what she’d intended, it was an excuse to wear almost no clothes, so she let it slide.

Benny (Fighter)- Before he had any formal military training, Benny would occasionally be called to take up his wood-cutting axe in defense of his village. He didn’t pick up a lance until he was conscripted.

Keaton (Fighter)- Keaton doesn’t understand human weapons very well. Why don’t they just use their claws? That said, axes are hardly the dark arts, and he has little trouble figuring out the science of blunt force trauma. Even as a fighter, he’s still liable to drop his axe and wolf up, though. 

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What are the 104th's best traits according to the o t h e r cadets? Like Eren thinks Mikasa's best trait is that she's string willed or somethin like that??

Please, please, please forgive me for taking ages to answer this! Until now, this has been the oldest request in the inbox. I really wanted to make this one good, and it’s taken me a few months to give it the proper attention it deserves. I do apologize for the length, but this is what it is. I’ll be adding a “Keep Reading” after Eren, so I apologize if it doesn’t all show up on mobile; I’m still working on testing new links. Without further ado, I sincerely hope that it’s been worth the wait!


Mikasa: His passion and his loyalty to his friends/loved ones. Especially to her and Armin. He never gives up on them, or anything for that matter.
Reiner: His devotion and dedication to his passions. Eren’s unending desire to take back his hometown and to see the ocean, and his persistence in achieving that, are inspiring to Reiner.
Bertholdt: His confidence and his ability to smile even after experiencing tragedy. Eren’s been through a lot, and the fact that he’s still going without stopping is really, really inspiring to Bert.
Annie: His undying spirit and passion to always improve. He never gives up, and she loves that about him.
Jean: His neverending stamina and passion. While he finds it irritating sometimes, Jean actually is really inspired by Eren’s constant willingness to try and get better and never give up. He wishes his convictions were that strong.
Marco: His passion and dedication to being the very best he can in all that he does, even when it takes a lot of work. Marco really admires hard work, and Eren’s a textbook example of working hard to achieve your dreams.
Connie: His persistence and perseverance, and his work ethic. Connie really admires Eren’s penchant for never giving up, never giving in, no matter how hard it gets. He often found Eren’s energy infectious during training, pushing on during hard exercises because his friend refused to give up.
Sasha: His charismatic spirit. Eren’s always ready to go, ready to fight, ready to lift someone up when they need an extra push. And Sasha really commends him for that.
Historia: His persistence to go after the things he wants in life. Eren’s not afraid to fight, and knows exactly who he is through it all, never wavering in his convictions. Historia envies that a bit.
Ymir: His persistence in achieving his goals, even when they seem like fools’ dreams, and his devotion to those he cares about. Eren’s willing to fight no matter the circumstances. Ymir often feels the same, but really admires how Eren has no desire to be sneaky about his goals. He just goes for it.
Armin: His willingness to stand up for what he believes in. Armin’s never forgotten how Eren stood up for him, and admires how he always stands up for the weak and for justice in general. There’s a reason he’s proud to call him his best friend.

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raerraws  asked:

If the turts had babies with their S/O's! How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline?

I’m really working on these asks, I’m not used to them so its the first time with me working on them. I hope you still like it!!! Also I’ve made the ages different for each turtle !! hope this was okay  !!!

Age: 12

“How did you even get hold of these?!” 

“You left them on the table” they sobbed, winching at the pain as they shamefully looked down as Donnie was stitching up the small but deep wound on their hand. I don’t think Leo would be able to give punishment, he’d be kicking himself too much. He’d take it out on himself, beating himself up both emotionally and physically going extra hard in the dojo as the mama was sorting things out. The ma is going to make them do every chore imaginable, just to make them understand that those weapons are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like such. Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. Because damn their hand really freaking hurt and they’re gonna regret ever touching them.

Leo is going to need a talking too though, I Honestly believe he’ll beat himself up for it for a while. Maybe up until the wound has completely healed, so they’ll have to smack him around the face a little and tell him these things happen, and assure him it’ll never happen again. 

“But please, be careful where you put them in the future?” He’d kiss her after saying that, like sealing the deal type of thing. 

Age: 10


“I’m sorry!” They were wincing, tears in their eyes as the already felt the bruise forming on their head. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion. Mikey would be the soft one out of the two of them, so mama bear would be the one to give the punishment. It would be her taking away their kids video games and comic books,and i assure you, that would bring the biggest temper tantrum in the world. But even Mikey would back her up on this one, they weren’t a toy! After this he would keep them on him at all times, and even ask donnie if he had a safe he could use for them on a night. I also bet everything he would be so smothering afterwards, even with protests from their kid. 

Age: 13

“This is why I said no to playing with these”

“I know..” I feel like Raph’s kid would cut his face? Maybe they raised their hand too high and just grazed their cheek? nothing too harmful, not enough to leave stitches. But there would definitely be a lot of blood.

Out of all the kids, I feel like Raphs would be the one to actually go out of their way to get the weapons. mama bear isn’t going to go near this punishment - she’s gonna leave it all to Raph and not get involved. He’d ban anything fun for a very, very long time. Not letting them near a tv or internet, not letting ‘em hang out with any friends either. He’s gonna be so let down with them, all he asks of his child is to respect him and their mother. He doesn’t think that’s asking for much. The kids going to ignore them both for a while, but soon enough their heads going to be hung low and they’re going to apologize profoundly. 

“You did great baby” they’re s/o would smile, kissing his cheeks as they watched their kid run to their phone after about a month of not having it. 

Age: 11

“I thought I told you not to touch this, do you even understand how dangerous this is, i can’t believe–” 

“…..” I truly believe Donnie would talk the hell out of them, I don’t think he’d really punish them like the other turtles. Just lecture them. A lot. Literally to the point where they actually are sorry and wont want to go near the thing again. Of cause, the mama bear wouldn’t want to do anything either, knowing his lectures would be enough. However something has to be done for them to really understand what they did was wrong, so mama would personally take away any gadgets that they had. Between them not having their stuff and their dad nagging in their ear constantly, they’d get the message and apologize for what they did. 

Alright, some of ya’ll don’t understand Symmetra’s primary weapon and maybe you’re underestimating how deadly she is, so let me lay it down for you:

Symmetra’s Primary Fire starts at a low-low 3DPR (damage per round) the moment it latches onto you, and since she does 8RPS (rounds per second), that means she’s doing 24 damage per second, and that seems disgustingly low, doesn’t it? Like, wow, look at this hoity-toity fly you’re about to swat.

But wait a second, that damage increases over time. It’s actually not 24 damage per second. The longer Symmetra’s gun is “latched” onto somebody, the more it “charges”– at half charge, it’s already jumped up to 7DPR, which means she’s pumping out 56DPS. Still not super impressive, but she’s starting to feel threatening, isn’t she? Like hey, that actually stings.

Well, at full charge, Symmetra’s beam does 15DPR, which means she’s doing a whopping 120DPS. Let me clarify for you, that’s exactly the same DPS Pharah puts out. Except Symmetra is latched onto you, and she’s not missing. She’s doing the damage of an Offense Hero, but she can focus entirely on dancing around you without aiming.

But you want to know the kicker? That charge-up doesn’t reset between targets. It has a decay, but if Symmetra has literally just killed somebody on your team and she latches onto you, she is already at max charge. She is eating your health, she’s jumping around in your blindspot, and you’re like “OH NO, I’M DYING, I’M PANICKING, I CAN’T SHOOT HER, SHE’S SO NIMBLE AND DOING AN ASSURED 120 DAMAGE TO ME PER SECOND WITHOUT CHARGE-UP.”

And that’s why a Symmetra that sneaks up behind you and kills your Mercy or Zenyatta or whatever is a threat. That’s why she sometimes chain-kills entire groups out of nowhere.

The moral of the story here is do not underestimate Symmetra or her primary weapon. If you see Symmetra just killed one of your teammates in the killfeed, give her a wide-ass berth because she is at max charge and will devour you.