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4x08: Smash the Mirror
Are you alright? Of course, love, why? If you look at me any harder you’re going to drill a hole in my head.

100 times captain swan made me cry: #70

My dudes, instead of making s7 a reboot filled with characters no one will ever care about, make a two hour special: Happy Beginnings - After the Final Battle (or some other tacky name like it).

David arresting Leroy for leroy-ing, Snow teaching about birds, Regina opening an apple stand, Henry shopping for a new scarf, Killian Jones buying a boat and naming it Jolly Roger Junior, Emma Swan celebrating her birthday with her family for the first time… Make it a christmas special, I don’t care. Just give these characters time to enjoy themselves and BREATHE. The entire freaking fandom want to watch this sort of thing and yet, here we are…

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Hi! Please please continue the mutual pining canon divergence fic! Seriously, s3 angst and pining gives me life!! I'll promise to read all of your amazing ideas for this fic omg i can't wait!! It's sooooo amazing and I want more HAHAHAHAHA THE LONGING LOOKS, OMG THAT STUFF IS MY WEAKNESS I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!! (I'm secretly super thankful we want the same "tropes", now I get to read amazing fics from you) Stay inspired!!! Xx, diane

You have always been such a sweet and supportive reader! Thank you! As promised (though much delayed) here is a continuation! This is going on the archives soonish but to catch-up: Emma moved to NYC and Hook is ferrying Henry back and forth on weekends. Angst ensues. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3   Rated T | 1.2k 

Emma checked the old clock hanging above the desk and tapped her foot.

“You got somewhere to be, Emma?” Hank, the desk sergeant, asked as he looked up from the booking paperwork.  

“Just want to get home and out of this.” She gave him a half smile and gestured to her short red dress and matching heels. The outfit was good for capturing men’s attention long enough for her to slap a pair of cuffs on them but not the most comfortable when processing the skip. She didn’t add that Henry would be getting back from his trip to Storybrooke that evening and she wanted to be home when he arrived. She had missed her son this weekend and wanted some time with him before he rushed off to school Monday morning. There was, of course, the added complication of a certain devilishly handsome pirate who would be dropping him off but Emma was doing her best to ignore that particular detail.

“Well we are almost done,” Hank said.

Emma nodded knowing that was code for at least another twenty minutes. She pulled out her phone and texted Henry.

hung up at the station. be home in forty minutes if traffic is good. tell Hook thanks.

She paused wondering if she should have Hook watch him. But Henry would be fine on his own, there was no reason for Hook to stick around and Emma didn’t want it to seem like she was desperate to see him. Because she wasn’t. In fact, it would be better to avoid him and another encounter that made her ask questions that she shouldn’t. She hit send. The little dots appeared immediately

ok we just docked can I order pizza?

sure kid. and some cheesy bread while you’re at it.

He sent back a smiley and she put the phone away. As Hank continued to shuffle, stamp, and sign papers her mind turned to Hook and if she was being honest with herself she would have admitted that she was disappointed that she would miss him. Of course, Emma was rarely honest with herself.

In the end, it took twenty-five minutes before she left the station. All the way home she fought the flutter of hope that told her Hook would still be there, that he would have insisted on waiting. She wanted to be wrong and right at the same time and her stomach churned as a result. When she got to her door she paused and listened. She heard the faint sounds of the TV next door but nothing from her apartment. She pushed away her disappointment as she opened the door. Once inside she paused to slip out of her heels and pull off her jacket.

“Henry. I’m home.”  There was no reply. She frowned and went toward his room. “Henry?”

She reached his door just as Hook came out of it. They stopped just short of colliding and Emma caught her breath. A million emotions flooded through her but she settled on the one she was comfortable with–frustration.

“Hook? What the h–“

His finger pressed against her lips and she stopped.

“He’s asleep.” Hook whispered stirring the hair near her face with his hot breath. For a moment all Emma could think of was him tapping his lips in Neverland and the overwhelming urge she had to kiss him. She stepped back and his finger fell from her lips and shot behind his ear as he glanced down. He breathed in sharply and then his eyes were traveling back up her body as he took in her dress.

“Swan.” His voice was uneven. He glanced at her lips and she licked them involuntarily.

A loud knock came from the door. Emma jumped like a guilty teenager. She spun away and for a moment she forgot how to walk. Then she was moving and pulling it open to the grinning pizza delivery guy. She didn’t know if she wanted to punch him or thank him for stopping whatever had almost happened.

As they sorted out the payment the guy smiled at her his eyes taking the same path as Hook’s but leaving her feeling completely different. He was looking at her with admiration and a hunger that made her feel like less than a person. Hook had looked at her with a reverence and awe that had made her feel more like a princess. Maybe that’s why she had been five seconds from…whatever it was.

With pizza boxes in hand, Emma closed the door and took a few seconds to center herself before turning and facing Hook.

“Emma, I–“

“It wasn’t–“

They both started and then stopped. When she didn’t start again Hook did.

“I wanted to make sure the lad was safe. He fell asleep waiting for the pizza. I deposited him in his bed.” He gestured to the door.

She nodded. “Thanks.”

She heard the TV next door, the fridge humming, and the thrum of her own heart. She refused to meet his eyes but saw the clenching of his jaw. This was ridiculous they were both adults. They should just… But Emma didn’t know how to finish the sentence, didn’t know what they should or shouldn’t do.

Hook made a sound that might have been a cough or a huff. “I guess I will leave you to your dinner.” But he didn’t make a move to leave and she realized she was blocking his exit. That he didn’t trust himself to come that close to her again, she wasn’t sure she trusted herself either. All she had to do was step aside and let him leave and then she could be alone and could push the feelings he had let loose back into the box where they belonged.  She walked into the kitchen and placed the pizza on the counter. She heard his steps heading for the door.

“Well, there is plenty of food.” She found herself saying in a far too neutral voice given the way she felt. She turned to face him “If you are hungry.” She shrugged.

His eyes studied her with a lightning speed that took her breath away. And in the silence she suddenly knew that she wanted him to stay and the intensity of the feeling scared her. His shoulders drooped slightly.

“Thank you for the offer but I should be going.” His voice gave nothing away.

“Okay.” She turned hoping he hadn’t seen her disappointment.

After a pause, he spoke. “Goodnight, Swan.”

“Night.” She replied without turning, pretending to be searching for a plate. When the door clicked shut she closed her eyes, breathed deep, and reminded herself that this is what she had wanted when she moved to New York.

This is part of my “fanfic as timed writing exercise” prompts. And I have a lot asking for this to continue so expect more of various lengths (and quality). All of these will be tagged “mutual pining canon divergence”