and ugh babies come back

Do you ever think about all the girl groups we’ve lost and just start tearing up a little over the memories because… 

Mommy's Home
  • Yeah, Yeah. I know Genos still hasn't made his appearance yet in the manga. But I won't let that stop my imagination from running wild. Xp
  • -Door Opens-
  • Genos: I'm sorry it took so long to return. The repairs and upgrades took much more time to configure for the Doctor...
  • -Mini Genos' crowd around him-
  • Mini Genos': Danna!/ Welcome Home!/Mommy!
  • Genos: It's good to see everyone. Has everything been well in my absence?
  • -nods-
  • Genos: Good, I'll expect a full report from everyone tomorrow then.
  • -pats a few on the head-
  • Saitama: Ah, welcome back. Hey you guys, get things set before dinner gets cold.
  • Mini Genos: Kaaaay~!
  • -They leave the two. Saitama wraps his arms around him before he can say another word-
  • Saitama: Geez, where the hell were you? You could have at least let me know you'd be coming back today. And surprising me with those little guys without telling me...
  • Genos: I'm sorry, Sensei. I'd been meaning to, but I just didn't get a chance during my recent maintenance check.
  • -He smiled as he gave him a gentle kiss-
  • Saitama: It's fine. At least your home...
  • -Feels numerous eyes on them and looks down-
  • Mini Genos': Sensei, can't we get some, too?/If it's not too much trouble.../We'd like one...
  • -Genos snickers as Saitama rolls his eyes-
  • Saitama: Alright, alright. Line up then...But we gotta be quick about it. Don't want to miss our dinner.
  • -Before he bends down to pick up the first one he leans back with a grin-
  • Saitama: [whispers] Though I'll probably give something a little 'extra special' for you later tonight.[to the Mini Genos Crew] No shoving, I'll get to each of you runts...
  • Genos: /////////////
  • Mini Genos Hachi: ...Danna? Why are you steaming like that? Do you require another maintenance check?