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could you have like links on your drabbles? i love your drabbles!

I tried, but since I used to not tag my drabbles based on what drabble game I was working on, it turned out to be too difficult to make a masterlist, so I am going to link the general tags for the drabble games based on categories!

drabble game: fml//in which embarrassing moments create the best stories 

drabble game: kiss edition//where every kiss has a meaning

drabble game: sentences//a sentence could be the start of something beautiful

drabble game: memory box//when you remember the times we used to have together

drabble game: our song//music could join two hearts together

drabble game: texts from last night//a moment that you don’t want to remember, but there is proof

drabble game: affection//hugs, kisses and whatever is in between

drabble game: lucky prompts//you don’t know what you’re getting, but it most likely will be good

drabble game: winter mementos//31 days or nights of winter

Whatever isn’t tagged in any specific drabble game category is from my earlier pieces of writing, so that’s that! Thank you so much for liking them, they are a lot of work but I surely enjoy doing them!

can we talk about how Katara willingly opened up to Zuko and no one else about the traumatic events of her mother’s murder

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It killed me when Adrien hugged his father like he looked like he was protected by the only family member he has left and that everything would be okay but little does he know...


Legit every time Gabriel was in the same room as Adrien I just wanted to go to him and



few things make me as mad as people pushing the old “vaccines cause autism” nonsense (bonus rage points if they call autism a “sickness”)

and not only because it’s factually inaccurate, which it is, but also because it implies that dying from polio or something is BETTER than being on the spectrum (which, wtf?), and because it means we have to spend time refuting this crap instead of focusing on helping kids with ASD, and because it discourages people from vaccinating and thereby protecting their kids against actual illnesses which can kill you.

anyway, in case you’re wondering: vaccines don’t cause autism.

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i like love langst so much but like when they write the characters soooooo ooc and mean to lance it can really bother me, ya feel? like a get like keith and allura and maybe shiro might do like possibly a quick snap under lots of pressure and stress (but like they usually make things better)but like whEN YOU MAKE MY SWEET BOY HUNK BE MEAN TO LANCE?like could you even imagine that?¿ also never had the team cut lance off the second he opens his mouth cause they're not in the mood for jokes like???

also anon from like just before about not liking ooc team being mean,,, i also love seeming him suffer from the pain from his teammates????? love seeing the langst™ but also want him to be happy and protected at all costs and i love him?¿?¿like i’m all over the place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, I really love Langst, but sometimes… I feel like (some of) the people who write it don’t actually realize:

A) The teammates care about him, they do not realize what they are doing. They genuinly like him, they really do. But they are in a freaking war zone they can not always take in another persons emotions into account. That being said, they need to at least treat everyone on the team with human decency you know??

B) I really feel like  a few of the stories I’ve read do a horrible job of portraying mental illness and its effects, and that really bothers me, you know? Also, villainizing someone because they had no clue about said mental illness doesn’t make since too me. Like, they had no clue that [Enter thing] was a trigger, you can make them the villain, but they would never do that again now that they knew and ugh. (At least its been my experience with certain fanfics where Lance has Anxiety and Depression.)

Thank you for putting this in words though. Sorry if my add on with the Mental illness was weird, juts been on my mind you know??

Heads Up!

I’ve got a packed week coming up! Y’all are getting quite a few new fics from me this week and it’s all one gorgeous man! Who might this man be you ask?

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  • Tonight we have Part 14 of Summer Fling! No Hints there ;)
  • Tomorrow night I’ve got a one shot coming out called Alone Together Summary: Sam just took off for Stanford and Dean, well Dean took off without another word. Little did he know, he was going to run into someone who would change the rest of his life. 
  • Tuesday: Preference: When They See You Without Makeup For the First Time
  • Wednesday: A Challenge Fic that is super fluffy!
  • Thursday: A Jensen x Reader one shot with a little bit of Rockstar!Jensen
  • Friday: Feedback depending, Part 15 of Summer Fling. 

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Lauren. Stop hurt us Lauren. Please Lauren.

Aw man, if only I had gotten this message before wrapping production on the season…I’ll do my best to keep it in mind for the next season.