and u will never see them again

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okay i finally got a chance to read forbidden 3, and tbh if I was in jimin's place I'd open the door like "okay bye- well fuck nope nope nope nope nope" close the door, take a U-turn, exit the house, exit the country, exit the planet- sit on mars just hoping I never run into them again bc dear lord wtf why did it have to be me that witnessed this taking place

Hahaha! You’ll see what Jimin will do :)

so i’ve decided im gonna start over with a whole new legacy bc i have lost my steam and need to start fresh

HOWEVER this does not mean u wont see peter + the gang again bc i will still visit their life bc she is my child and i love them A L L. i’ve just been avoiding playing lately bc of how stressed and depressed ive been with uni and my relationship w my boyf that i feel like i just need to start something new instead of trying to make myself play something ive lost slight interest in due to real life stuff.

but ya the lewis fam + co will still appear bc i will never be able to let go of them :^)

maybe… support mentally ill ppl even when u don’t like their symptoms??? support schizophrenics who frantically search every room they enter because they are scared of Something, support splitting borderlines, jealous narcissists, very sexual histrionics, schizoids who don’t fake empathy, systems with “mean” alters, irritated bipolar people, schizotypals who never “make sense”, paranoids who constantly constantly check on others to see if they’re causing them harm even though they don’t know them, antisocials who don’t try to be “nice”, avoidants who will avoid you for weeks and then message once and disappear again, dependents who can’t even dress without help deciding on what, ocpd people who need you to do things again and again and again until you do it Right, ocd people with “disgusting” intrusive thoughts and compulsions, psychotic people who yell “to themselves” and cope badly with their hallucinations, autistic people who don’t interact the way you want them to, adhd people who literally never sit still or listen to you, anxious people who always sweat, people w ptsd who refuse to let go off their trauma, people with addictions you consider to be “to blame” and with “ugly” withdrawal symptoms and everyone else. mental illness doesn’t just have symptoms you like and you have to accept that.

We didn’t kiss. Maybe it would all have been different if we had; if she’d planted her feet straight through the ground and stayed there long enough for me to taste the bubblegum on her mouth one last time. Maybe she would have remembered something important and stayed. Instead, she just smiled, her golden hair dry and shining while water soaked through my clothes and clung to my eyelashes. Her dress was clinging to her thighs, and I watched the yellow sunflowers mold themselves onto her legs.

“See you soon,” she said, looking at me one last time before turning on her heels. It was more of a goodbye than I’d ever gotten before, and I was struck still with it. I knew that, beyond anything, I would never see her again, that she had packed up the last of us in her boxes and moved on, but I wanted to believe that she meant it.

She slammed the van door shut behind her and they pulled away, the U-Haul rumbling behind them—a faithful dog full of memories. She didn’t look back until they got to the end of the street, where her entire body turned to look at me through the rain-streaked window of the trunk. She puffed out a breath, fogging up a small circle of the window, and pressed her mouth to it, then she was gone. A cloud of smoke trailed after her the way most things did, and then nothing but the wet sound of tires on the soaked street.

I wondered if she ever wished the rain could touch her. If the rain was ever sad that it couldn’t.

—  excerpt from “Halo”, a short story by Caitlyn Siehl
For those who had gifted me something but I didn’t respond...

Btw guys it has been a very tough couple of months (not to mention busy), so if you guys have tagged me or sent me things or made me things and I did not reply, I am SORRY, I am really bad at multitasking online.

Recently I have been focusing my time on heavy political work (still comics/art) supporting a governor candidate that I thought were more fair and just and progressive (while the other supports radical religious activities and racism against minorities) but we lost the election 3 days ago, so I have been reeling back from the pain really. But I gotta move on and work harder from the possible bullshit that will happen in the next presidential election (which is in 2019).

Coupled with the loss of few family members due to illness and old age, it’s been a year filled with overworking (with my original comic ongoing production) to prevent me from being too down XD;

I have seen some voicework happening on some of my gaster!sans comics with @nyublackneko, I think it was by @fuzzyredpants and @sugariris ?? thank you so much, I saw some of them on youtube and it was very interesting to see my comics animated and voiced… i think great job with the voiceworks! sorry if I never commented x_X 

Thanks everyone who cared and created artworks for me or my stories like @stone-faced-asshole even if he’s probably the least interesting gaster!sans out there :3 thanks for your support, it really helps in the time of when I was kind of not well. So thanks again for sticking around, I really appreciate it even if I don’t deserve it ;3;

I hope u have a good day ! 

here are some chibi/gnome stone (and other creatures) doodles i did in my spare time recently.

xmen headcanon

an alternative ending for xma where 

  • instead of going away again, erik stays after saying “you can convince me to do anything” and charles answers him “what if i can do that without my powers? stay for a week or so and in the end of that you decide whether to go or not”
  • erik is all like “oh u little shit u think you have this much influence over me you’ll see i’ll stay here and yet i’ll leave” 
  • spoiler: charles has this much influence over erik. yes, even without his powers
  • on the first day they just talk a lot and charles leaves the training and administrating to hank and raven all day long, focusing on making erik feels welcome and comfortable in the mansion
  • they talk a lot about random things and things go out of track and the subject of the conversation changes and as expected, they fight, because erik thinks charles is uncapable of understanding him and everytime they fight erik starts thinking he’s not worthy or like he belongs in charles bubble of safety and happiness
  • raven “stop bitching around erik for fucks sake charles is just trying to help for once in your life let the man in (pun indeed) and open up to him (pun indeed /2)
  • erik stays 
  • on the second day erik wakes up really early and starts walking around the property of the mansion and runs into peter and even if peter is all awkward and blushing a little he manages to have a real conversation with his dad and when erik says “what would you do if you told someone horrible things that you didn’t mean but yet you feel you are kinda right?” and peter says “if this person really matters to you, i think you should put it all aside and apologise”
  • erik keeps walking alone after peter “i’m sorry i’m really sorry i want i really do to spend more time with you but my class will start maybe we could talk more later? you are an awesome person and i still don’t have many friends in here” maximoff is gone and after a few hours erik just starts running as fast as he can and asks every person in the mansion where charles is until he finds him giving classes and stops in the entrance of the room and goes “i’m sorry charles, i didn’t mean any of that” and charles has his chest warm for the rest of the day
  • erik just disappears after that but in the beginning of the night charles finds him and is all like “i know you didn’t, my friend” and their day two is just watching the trees and feeling the wind together remembering each other that they are still alive after all that insanity 
  • on day three erik wakes up around noon. this is the first night in a very long time he’s slept more than eight hours straight without a nightmare, and he is really grateful to charles for that, even if he didn’t use his powers to help erik. so the day starts really nice and he takes his time taking a long shower, relaxing his muscles and puting on his sweatpants and sweatshirt and goes running around the property while watching a few students playing different sports
  • erik being all like “you are not in the right position, kid. you have to put your feet like this and your torso like this so you have more support to throw the ball” and he goes like that for the rest of the day
  • charles watching and having an ideia
  • day four charles “hey erik i saw you helping the kids out there yesterday and i was wondering if you’d like to give some classes here in the instutute”
  • erik really freaked out 
  • “hey r u that kid with white hair from that day omg please help me charles wants me to give classes what should i do”
  • peter “you were supposed to give me advices and not the other way around” maximoff keeps quiet and just says “you go man!!!!”
  • at first charles only introduces erik to the kids and says “he’s gonna be your physical education teacher, i hope you all be nice to him” and all the kids are like “omg erik is gonna stay here????” and after some awkward moments erik says “well maybe i stick around for a while but only if you can throw a ball right” and everybdy feels challanged and too anxious for erik’s class
  • the class is a success and everybody wants erik to stay 
  • erik and charles laughing together at the dinner table and staying wake until late in the night
  • during day five erik wakes up early again, but not so early, and runs into peter again. this time, though, erik talks excitedly about how good he felt by teaching those kids and that he could do that everyday of his life. it was just nice and fun and made him feel good about himself
  • peter still feels a little awkward, but listens with lots of attention and is basically shining of happiness because “omg dad is talking to me help”. he decides to watch the older kids training when peter again has to go with a lot of apologies and erik goes like “u know what? i think i’m gonna see this famous training of yours”
  • charles is secretly watching from far with a bright smile on his face and his day has never been better than after watching erik giving tips and advice to the young mutants in training
  • after a long day of teaching for both of them have a lovely dinner night in private, after everybody is asleep and just the two of them are in the kitchen and the lights are out and the only thing illuminating the place is the light of some candles 
  • “how it feels like to be teaching the new generation?” “quite tiring, charles”
  • day six they all take a day off and charles takes erik to his favorite part of the mansion: the library. he just knows the kids would be out there with their parents or friends so they’d be alone in that place of the mansion. charles told erik that he loved that place because it was always so quiet and clean and when people weren’t around he could relax his shields and just think
  • and charles babbles for several minutes and all erik can think is how cute charles is and for a moment he forgets charles can read minds so when he blushed erik didn’t understand why so charles projected in his mind “i think you are cute too” and then erik smiles and holds charles hand and suddenly they were back in time when they were all young and innocent because charles countinued to be that dreamy little puppy he’s always been ever since they’d met
  • and that night charles asks erik to sleep in the room with him because “i feel like i can finally relax when you are around”
  • but day seven goes to shit because while erik is on his way to the fields to wait for the kids, he can’t see peter anywhere around so he uses the time he has left to go after the kid and when he finally finds him he sees him in charles office and he has a sad look in his face. at first erik thinks about going in but he sees charles with that serious but gentle look on his eyes and then he says “i know it hurts to watch him be gentle and nice and fun with the other children, but he’s not a psychic, peter. he can’t guess he’s your father”
  • erik storms out so furiously that he doesn’t even risk be near anyone, he just isolates himself and when hank goes look for him, he asks him to tell charles that he’s “leaving right after de sunset” and when hank delivers the message charles doesn’t get what happened until he understands that the enraged thought waves he listened were erik’s and fuck now he could be angry at peter too and dear god now erik is gonna leave and it’s all my fault for not convincing peter to tell him the truth”
  • charles goes after erik and finds him under a tree watching the kids from far and for the look on his face, decides to leave him alone, knowing he lost the bet right in day seven, when he was so so close of getting erik home finally after so many years
  • and the rest of the day is just really gray and peter comes after him again asking what happened and why erik was so weird and when charles tells him peter is fucking pissed like he’s seeing red and he asks professor to take a day off and charles is so sad and not caring at all he agrees and lets peter do whatever he wants
  • so peter passes the day walking around the mansion and calming himself down and suddenly it’s after the sunset and he knows erik’s leaving and he speeds up to stop erik from doing the wrong thing again “i can’t believe you are leaving because of that, you are such a baby”
  • “how could you tell him and not me? and how could he keep that secret from me?”
  • and peter is so fucking done with erik because he’s helped saving the guy two fucking times already and the fucker is still bitching out and “i know i shouldn’t have kept this secret from you and i am sorry but you can’t just be extra and run away you should be thankful because you still have family”
  • erik then goes “come with me”
  • “i can’t leave with you because they need me, and they need you; and more than that, professor needs you because he fucking loves you can’t you fucking see it? you two have been making me sick all week”
  • and then realisation hits him and he puts his baggage down and starts running and only stops to hug peter and “i’m sorry. we’ll talk about it later”  
  • erik runs straight ahead charles’ office and pulls him closer and then he kneels and looking into charles’ eyes “i’m sorry for everything i souldn’t have done that, will you forgive me?” and charles can’t say a word he just starts crying and he hugs erik and “i’m not done yet; i think we should compensate the lost time, right?” and charles’ is still crying and laughing and he just kisses erik and everything ends fine
  • next fathers’ day both charles and erik gets best dads cards 

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Soulmate Au where you absolutely must laugh at ur sm sense of humour? Also please: Dayum Will u got it hard with all of Hannibal's cannibal puns. >w<

It starts off when Will finds himself laughing uncontrollably on a normal Friday evening. His dogs stare at him, heads cocked in curiosity.

It happens again the following Saturday. Jack mentions the next time he sees Will that Hannibal hosted a wonderful dinner party, such a gracious host, Will should join them time.

That’s when he starts to wonder. Hannibal never struck him as someone particularly funny but - well? Maybe?

Hannibal invites him over but Will can’t quite bring himself to stay. He deposits a nice bottle of wine along with his apologies, but he lingers, just long enough to watch Hannibal work a little with those rolled up sleeves and muscled forearms.

They are rather distracting.

And then the topic of Hannibal’s change in profession comes about and when Hannibal says “I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts”, Will has no idea why he’s suddenly laughing hysterically.

It’s worded a little too baroquely, sure, but it’s not funny. Hannibal just stares at him, his mouth ticking up at the corner.

Will lets the laughter run out, his head between his knees, taking as many deep breaths as he can. Then he starts to do the math and his blood runs cold. He straightens up so fast he goes a little light-headed.

“Holy shit,” Will says, “you’re the Chesapeake Ripper.”

Hannibal doesn’t really react to this, just politely sets down his knife and raises his eyebrows.

“Which would mean that you’re my soulmate.”

Will swallows hard. “Oh, shit.”

He runs out into the night and doesn’t look back.


Five years later

Hannibal serves the meat to their guests, meticulously arranged on blood-red plates with white lettuce, stewed cranberries and nettle sauce.

“Ooh,” coos a woman to Will’s right, “what is this.”

“Turkey,” Hannibal replies. “Though this particular bird was in quite a foul mood.”

Will bursts out laughing, so hard and loud that he almost falls off his chair. The rest of the room falls awkwardly silent.

“Please don’t mind my husband,” Hannibal says with a smile. “He has a dreadful sense of humour.”

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What happens when you leave the house for a few hours?? What is it like when you come back? :0

Jin: Remind me to never leave them alone for more than an hour or two..

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ok so speaking of god like male sims do u rec any maxis match simblrs with rlly good male sims???

I got u! 

these are just my top 3 4, because, these are the first people to come to my mind when I think mm simblrs w/ attractive males sooooo! 

Also, sorry I used some of u guys photos, I feel bad because I didn’t really ask ^^’. I’ll ask next time, I’m really sorry omg! 

@pyxiidis – they makes amazing sims?? The best part about their sims are the creativity and diversity, and their male sims are amazing and super attractive so, obviously I had to add them to the list! 

@citrontart – her sims are super attractive in general, she always on my list for  super attractive simmies. I mean, she made Dina, wowza! And I never liked Dina in ts2 or ts4. 

@glitchysims because um, have u seen Sammy??? I would love to have him & me by a chocolate fountain and strawberries. Let’s just say you’ll never see me leaving. 

& @gohliath needs to be on this list because they make such amazing male sims. I have no idea what I did without them on my dash. They made male sims in style again. Just wow – they’re cute and hot and diverse. Just wow. I had to edit them into this list last minute so I apologize xD!

 Honorable Mentions: @ceiuu, @sunnyfriendell, & @boocreek make more adorable male sims but they’re still amazing and I like them <3

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I have a clear image in my head of Andrew and Neil kissing or doing stUff in the main room while everyone is out and Nicky just going in like "KEVIN I" seeing them and shrieking "KEVOUT"

oh my g od can u imagine poor nicky he’d never be able to look at his cousin or neil again not when they were positioned like That, when neil was full-body flushed like That, when andrew had his eyes shut tight like That uhh

even worse, kevin has bat hearing and comes along to see what all the commotion is about and honestly he considers kicking them off the team just so he never has to look them in the eye again

Heart-Shaped Sucker


Words:  6758 (holy crap)

Excerpt:  He pulls the stick out from between his teeth, and Phil then realizes that he had been sucking on a lollipop, red and heart-shaped. Dan’s mouth moves as he speaks, his lips wet and shiny with the effects of the sucker he’d slid against them temptingly, and when he places it back in his mouth so slowly, Phil’s stomach feels like it’s in knots.

Warnings: smut!!!! (blowjobs, pillow grinding), food mentions, swearing, nothing too bad just know there’s a lot of sexual themes

SEQUEL: Part Two

Part Three

Check out the gr8 art for this story!!: here

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a few things

since people are talking about umary’s fan art i thought why not talk about it too

so basically there are things going around like “umary’s being forced to draw the art” and stuff. i don’t really know who and all are forcing her but if that’s the case then yes i think it’s really rude. however, i don’t think umary would draw anything she doesn’t want to.

i actually asked her (and no i didn’t come at her like BITCH DRAW THIS) if she would draw jian yi in his situation rn. (the tied up thing yes oops) i never imagined she would actually do it and i’m??? really??? grateful??? i’d been following her for months and was so shook by the beauty of her art so i never expected her to draw something i requested her to do. it was her first and last request and i really appreciate it…

but then i received some screenshots.. people thought umary was being forced to draw it. i understood their interpretation; i mean, it kinda looked that way. i felt so bad about it like god did i make her feel obligated to do it, did i force her, did she not want to…

i messaged her if she felt forced/obligated and she responded that she really wanted to draw it and that she didn’t feel obligated. i guess she wasn’t annoyed by me which i’m really happy about. i hope she never feels forced to draw or do anything. (i could post sc’s but idk if umary would like that, ask them privately if u wanna see) i do know that some people have been telling her to draw it in a rude way and i don’t think that’s how it should work. i hope umary doesn’t feel forced or pressured either so umary: keep doing what you do!! i’m really happy u drew the art so again thank you for that.

and people, i get that you want to see your favs drawn but you shouldn’t be rude or forceful about it. (umary’s shut down requests now anyway but don’t do this to another artist either please) i think that everyone likes to see their ship drawn and they can ask for it! there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see ur ship. just do it in a respectful manner and make sure the artist is open for requests.

hopefully that cleared this mess up a little. again, you can like and love what you love – but don’t hate on somebody elses ship just cause it ain’t yours. lots of misunderstanding in this fandom which is sad but unavoidable. you’re allowed to love what you love! you can show how much you love them! but u don’t have to hate on another person’s ship because you don’t like that ship. you like tianshan, you’re awesome. you like zhanyi, you’re also awesome. you disrespect someone elses ship? not cool.


John's Cousin, Nate's Crush / part 1.

Can you write and Nate&y/n one where she is swazz cousin and she is staying bc she’s going to UCLA and swazz still thinks she’s a goodie goodie so he warns the guys to stay away from her but nate has a crush on her. She isn’t what swazz thinks, she’s a little bit of a party girl loves to get high and drink, she and Nate start to become fuck buddies they hide it from everyone and one day she’s with another guy from college and Nate gets super jealous and then swazz finally put da pieces together?

// I’m sorry but I’m gonna skip the UCLA part , hope u don’t mind x
Btw I’m gonna split this imagine up in several parts.

Swazz pov.*

“No flirting, no looking” I warn the guys for like the 10th time the last hour. Everyone starts to laugh again. “I swear this ain’t funny. I want her to feel comfortable. She’s an amazing student, never really went to any parties. I don’t want to see her change because she stays here. Okay?” I tell them one last time. Then the doorbell rings.

Y/N pov.
John opens the door and he pulls me into a tight hug as we get inside. We both smile at each other, he was always my favorite cousin growing up. “How have you been Y/N?!” He asks me. “Great! How about you?” I ask him, “good, good. Wait let me get your bags out of your car” he grabs my kies and walks outside. I look around and notice some dudes, I guess john’s friends in the couch playing video games. The smell of marijuana hit me like a train, but you don’t hear me complain.
John comes back, “guys come and help me!” He screams and they all get up unless the one with an messy man bun, some grey loose shorts and some random hoodie, finishing his blunt. He gave me a quick smirk and gets up. “Nate” he says, I smile “Y/N”

Later that evening//

John and I were cooking for his 2 friends that stayed. Me and him always cooked together back in Omaha. We had so much fun. “how’s my auntie doing?” He asks, I smile “she’s doing amazing” and John smiles along with me right now. “I need to visit her soon.” And I nod, “Yes you should!”
You know that feeling when someone is staring at you? I constantly had that feeling.
When I looked behind me I saw that dude named Nate looking at me. When he noticed I saw him he gave me that same smirk from later again. “Food’s ready!” John screams and everyone sits down and starts to eat.

“Where am I sleeping?” I ask John, “next to the bathroom.” I nod, “ayy next to my room” Nate says and John gives him a killing look, fr if looks could kill Nate was dead right now.
“I think I’m going to shower and sleep, thanks for everything John” I get up and put my plate away. “Goodnight” Nate mumbles under the conversation John and that other dude were having. I head upstairs and take a shower. I couldn’t stop thinking about Nate, weird right? I’ve only seen him today and now my head can’t stop thinking about him. I take my makeup off and head to my bedroom.

Next morning.

I woke up around 9 am. And when I went downstairs I saw all of john’s friends again. Nate wasn’t playing any video game this time. “Where’s John?” I ask, “he’s not gonna be here any time soon, he’s with his dad” a dude in black tells me. I nod my head, “do you smoke?” The same guy asks me. Everyone looks at me. Including Nate, I start to blush. “Sometimes..” They all started to laugh. “For real?” Nate asks and I nod. “Here” he hands me a joint with an lighter. For a moment i didn’t knew what to do. I take the blunt and places it between my lips. I inhale the smoke very deep and enjoy every feeling I’m getting. All the guys are left speachless. I laugh. “What are you all lookin at?” I ask them, Nate can’t get his eyes of me. And I’m getting that feeling as well.
After finishing my blunt I head to the kitchen and watches AHS on my laptop. All of a sudden I see Nate getting himself something from the frigde. I blush, he sees it and winks. “What are you watching?” He asks. “American horror story” I reply, “Ohh cool” He says, I still try to not look at him. He is so hot. “We could watch it together upstairs on big tv?” He asks me, “okay”

We go upstairs and Nate turns the tv on and closes the door. He sees my reaction. “Chill, I don’t bite” I laugh. Trying to not think about how hot he really was. He sits next to me picking an episode.
I couldn’t focus. It was impossible. Nate and i were sitting next to each other on the couch.
He moves his hand to my lap looking at me to make sure I wanted this. His touch made me feel some type of way. I don’t know if he could hear me think , but he moves his hand slightly. I look at him, and he looks at me. He stares at my lips, so do i at his. Nate comes closer.

“I’m home! Where’s Y/N?” We hear John say downstairs. We both sigh and get up.

As you all have heard recently, a Japanese animator had passed away from overwork.

Thought I should say something here since this is a fan-powered blog fueled by the creative artists in this fandom.

Not going to say a lot since this stuff has already been repeated countless times.

Overwork and hurting yourselves for your art is never a good thing. It should never be glorified nor broadcasted as some sort of triumph.

Please, if your body and/or mind is telling you something is wrong, LISTEN TO IT.

Put down whatever it is you are doing and take care of yourself. True you feel responsible to your viewers as if you owe them something but no good comes out of overwork. Just pain and future problems.

So again, please think of your health first.

And as always, stay creative but take care of yourselves too.

So I’m sure many of you saw this post (I did reblog it lol), and @xdianasaurx asked me to write a fic based on it so here we go!

Warning for homophobia

Send me a prompt if you want me to write you something! If you use a list, just specify old list or new list.

When Thomas Jefferson came home he was greeted by a fairly unpleasant sight: his roommate Alexander making out with whatever guy he was seeing that night on the couch.

Thomas felt his stomach churn. He tried to avoid looking at them as he slipped past into his room. He flopped down on his bed and texted his best friend, James Madison.

macaroniman: Alex is making out with a guy again.

jimmyjames: so?

macaroniman: I don’t like it. It weirds me out.

jimmyjames: ur sounding seriously homophobic rn

macaroniman: I’m not homophobic, I just don’t like it.

jimmyjames: …

jimmyjames: I’m too sick to deal w/ u rn.

Thomas sighed and tossed his phone to the side. He ran his hands through his hair. He couldn’t figure out why he hated seeing Alex with guys so much. He never had an issue when James was dating a guy, or when he hung out with Peggy and Maria.

He heard the front door to the apartment close, which he knew meant that it was safe to leave his room. He walked into the kitchen, past Alex, who was still sitting on the couch. He was panting and his hair was disheveled.

“That dude,” he said, “was a great kisser.”

Thomas looked out at him over the breakfast bar.

“Yeah, about that,” Thomas said. “Would you mind taking your boyfriends into your room instead of, you know, our couch?”

Alex turned to look at him accusingly. “You’ve never asked me to do that with any of my girlfriends.”

Thomas chose not to address Alex’s statement. “It’s just, you know, the living room is kind of a public space, I guess, and I would like to not be stuck in my room all night because you can’t move into your bedroom…”

“And seeing me with guys makes you uncomfortable,” Alex said.

“No…” Thomas looked down at the breakfast bar, examining the imperfections in the wood. “Well, I mean, yes, but that’s not how I’d describe it. I don’t really know how to describe it…”

“I get it,” Alex said angrily. “If you want a new roommate just say it. I’d rather not live with a homophobe anyways.”

“I’m not a…” Thomas looked up at Alex and his words died in his throat.

He didn’t know what brought on the revelation. Maybe it was the way the light was hitting Alexander. Maybe it was the fire in Alexander’s eyes. Maybe it was the disheveled hair. Or maybe it was just Alexander himself, his perfect self.

“Oh,” Thomas breathed.

“What?” Alex asked.

Thomas began to move towards Alex and Alex backed away nervously, unsure of what the larger man was about to do. Thomas reached Alex and smashed their lips together.

It wasn’t discomfort, it was jealousy.

Later that night, Thomas texted James again.

macaroniman: It turns out I don’t have any problem with Alex kissing guys if it’s me he’s kissing.

honestly RIP people who genuinely believe that gansey is overall a bad person. this is the same kid who worried himself sick over the possibility that he offended a random waitress he had never seen before and was unlikely to see again. this is the same kid who mourns over anyone being hurt or dying no matter how well he knows them or how bad a person they are. the same kid who (albeit often awkwardly and misguidedly) tries to take care of everyone and make sure people are always safe and happy. this boy would literally offer his life to make sure u didnt have 2 get ur feet wet getting off the bus in the rain