and u get a fantasy au

Okay, so, while i was vacuuming my entire house and cleaning, i started thinking about AUs, and started getting ideas about some good ol, classic, kinda european folklore-based fantasy AUs and oh no ive got too many ideas. Here’s some of them.

(i actually have, like, Way more ideas for Shou, touichirou, and everyone else basically, but here’s mob, ritsu, reigen, and teru for now.)

So, it starts with Mob. Instead of him being some almighty, powerful deity or Divine Being like i first thought, he’s the only human. Which still leads to the same sort of unrest within the forest he lives in, since the fae folk around him are most often terrified of humans or angry at them.

He was found as a baby, abandoned on the edge of town, and adopted into the forest by a family of centaurs (except half deer instead of half horse because why tf not)

Ritsu is a deer centaur, and Mob’s younger brother ofc. He’s kind of a jerk to the other centaurs, since they shit talk his human brother all the time. He also has a tendency to get lost in the forest and wander around a lot on his own. Plus there’s some asshole harpy thing in the trees that likes to throw pine cones at him.

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can you find me some new unrequited love fics? Thanks 💕💕

i’ll be reccing unrequited love kaisoo and where kai/soo get over one bc everyone deserves to be happy c:

i’ve made a similar post to this request before with older fics (still amazing though u can reread it twice), click here!

- Admin H

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So. Mod V. If the lords were maybe possible into roleplay what would they like mc to dress up as? Like the librarian fantasy, nurse outfit... give me a reason to kinkshame the lords pls

“give me a reason to kinkshame” i’M LAUGHAA;SFKDMAS;DF LMFAOOO

alright here’s the second half of lords–pictures included! the rest are under the cut ofc

consider this like. modern au or something. u know for maximum kinkshame capacity

  • Hideyoshi: Think sexy librarian or something. It’s all about the glasses and the pencil skirt–looking all professional and straight-laced, but then he gets to mess it all up. Disheveled shirt and misplaced glasses are choice and he’s a sucker for the black stockings to complete the look. 95% Kinkshame bc he probably actually would do it in a library.

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Skinny dipping?

  • Before The Sunset - continuation to Good Karma, bfs jongin and kyungsoo go on a spontaneous trip - and since they’re both nekkid in the water ya know what happens…:^)
  • Between Us - chaptered, they both go on a trip with jongin’s brother jongdae and his friends and they are hiding their relationship; they go out to spend some time together at midnight when everyone’s asleep and kyungsoo teaches jongin how to swim 
  • How To Catch An Angel - fantasy, they hide in a cave due to a big storm because jongin is injured and both are soaked and grimy they both take a bath in the cave’s pool and kyungsoo has to help jongin with washing his bod :))) henlo sexual tension :))
  • Summer Boys - trip au, they’re travelling with sebaek and skinny dip in waterfall and getting closer to each other with every day spent together; this gives me really nice summer feels ;u;
  • kaisoo smut on wattpad that Admin I found hehe ty ♥
  • Truly Madly Deeply - intergalactic au, aquatic creature kai is naked while ksoo is…half naked :3

 haha - Admin J

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dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 1- He probably has an embarassing tattoo and he doesnt wanna show anyone so hes embarrassed to be intimate with his S/O because of it

dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 2- Noctis wants to grow his hair long but every time he tries people nag him about it so he never gets the nerve to grow it. In an AU where hs lives, he definitely has a long beautiful dark mane and is very happy about it even though he keeps accidentally whipping people in the face with his hair

dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 3- Imagine if he came out of the crystal in nothing but a speedo

dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 4- when he survives and is king, he makes everyone wear the sexy ignis lingerie from before. thats the official guards uniform now. noctis best king. everyone rejoices

dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 5- noctis attends his own coronation in crocs

dom!prom comin at u with the noctis stuff! 6- whats noctis’ safeword? I’d guess vegetables


there’s a tattoo of a cactuar riding a chocobo over his heart, in bright-ass colors, he got it because he lost a bet to Prom back in high school. Ignis, Gladio, and Regis never found out about it.

literally we share a headcanon that Noct was trying to grow his hair out. I feel like throughout the game pre-10 yrs his hair was in that awkward stage where it’s simultaneously too long and too short to do anything with.

Noctis wakes up on Angelgard island. It’s colder than he remembers. He looks down. Speedo. There are no more clothes. Talcott is embarrassed when he picks him up. The bros are hysterical. 

Gladio wears it with pride and Ignis somehow still looks dapper as ever even though he’s half naked. Prompto hates the way the suspenders rub against his shoulders (sunburns!). He prefers the cock socks

Ignis looks on in extreme disappointment. Regis and Luna shake their heads in shame as they watch from above. Prompto arrives in matching crocs. This was planned.

Vegetables: instant turn off
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so here’s another of essa’s fic recs but this time, lemme rec u an author who i really love and admire and is honestly one of my favorites

Favorite Works:

Yuuri!!! On Floor

The gymnastics edition, in which Viktor is still a skater because he’s too pretty on ice and I couldn’t take it away from him. A story about how sometimes love comes slow and soft, and how hearts get bigger when they break.

a silver splendour, a flame

Fantasy AU. When a magic user’s craft fully matures it manifests in the form of a spirit guardian. Mages and elves bearing these familiars spend a year presenting them to each of the high courts throughout the year’s festivals. Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts – Viktor’s been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri’s been warned that everyone will want his; what will happen when Yuri comes of age, and in doing so, makes two very bright stars finally cross?


1) A++ characterization. Honestly so talented. Old comment I gave before: You have a way of making each character very real and I always feel very attached to every version of the characters in your stories

2) beautiful lines!!!! Quote from my previous comments on a silver splendour,: Nothing is out of place and it’s like everything in ur work has a purpose. I told u before that you have amazing one-liners, but well, the whole thing itself is amazing and I can’t choose a favorite line because everything is important and meaningful.

3) Themes. I honestly feel like I come out learning something new about myself or the world after her fics? With silver splendour, it was the themes about choice and forgiveness and rebirth that just really struck me and with YOF, it was a lot of how they deal with homophobia and criticism. I love mindless fluff as much as anyone, but there’s something about these stories that truly stayed with me long after I’ve read them.

Thank you <3 Please check out her works if you haven’t, they deserve some love.

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hey elementary reader here!! my fantasy nerd self cant resist but is there some type of magic power hierarchy in ur au? Like witches are super powerful but how about other magic users? I need all of the Magic knowledge/lore/etc also here's money i love u 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

tbh i know absolutely nothing about fantasy. i read harry potter back whenever it was still coming out annnnd that’s about it for me and fantasy? i mean, maybe one or two shows i might have started watching here or there, i can never get into the genre so writing this is out of my element omg

BUT HIERARCHY YEAH! slightly. a slight hierarchy

obviously witches are the most powerful, and even other magic users are fearful of witches. necromancers fall below witches, but, i mean, even witches cant bring people back from the dead, so necromancers are considered powerful enough.

then we have “physical” type of magic users, like Sanha, who is a shape-shifter. He’s not super high up in terms of power-house, but it’s way higher than dongmin, who’s probably closer to a healer, i guess?

idk if any of this makes any sense at all! i havent written most of it down, but it works out somewhat in my head, and i develop it all more as the story continues.

(if you have any advice or suggestions, PLEASE lay them on me, i’m so open to that, im always using suggestions in my stories lol)


Talking with @keybaes, I mentioned I liked the idea of a Dark Elf Riku, which sort of went into discussions of a fantasy AU where he’s a Drow and Lea is a Tiefling/Demon. 

These are somewhat rushed and in the end I don’t think they look much like themselves =u=¿ but it was fun to draw and explore AU possibilities for them ^^

also thank u for more lov for that fantasy pic/drabble that i collabbed with Kura on

Fantasy au is my next big ygo fanfiction project, along with Revival au - both of which havent really been talked abt on my blog but thats ok

but before I work on those I’m gonna wrap up some of my shorter fics first, and at least get to ch 10 on Catacombs before starting work on either of those.

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can u do a soulmate au with chan or wonwoo from seventeen please?

I chose Wonwoo, hope that’s okay :) thank you for your request! 

Secret Story
Soulmate AU (Drabble)

Pairing: Wonwoo (Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 499

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Safe to say, you and Wonwoo hadn’t met like the typical couple would. It wasn’t standing in line to get coffee, or in one of your classes, or even on the Internet. Nope. You had met when one day you woke up with his thoughts inside your head. 

Like literally. His voice had poured into your head. A smile comes over your face as you think about the first thought that his words wafted into your mind. He had been waking up too, and his alarm was blaring. In your head, you could hear him groan and then grumble something about needing to ‘shut the damn thing off’. 

Of course, at the time you hadn’t been smiling. You had been freaking the flip out over the fact that you were hearing a deep male voice inside of your own head. At first you thought maybe your dad was on the phone outside your room, but then when the husky voice dropped an f-bomb, you decided it was highly unlikely that it was your dad speaking.

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OK SO @canaryko was such a sweetheart for reblogging my derp wig progress pictures, so I figured I’d post some actual WIP’s of my cosplay of their Fantasy au Kageyama design! *u*

I’ve still got a lot of embellishment to go, but it’s getting there. I had so much fun with the feathers, tbh.
Planning to debut this at Anime Boston with @jean-bo-peep as my Hinata. 🐥

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Hey! Love your blog <33 do you have any fic reccomendations? I'm looking for Shatt, but Klance is great too :)

ahh thank you, this is so sweet :D

Also, I don’t read much fanfic just cause I’m super picky and I generally don’t do it often. Plus Shatt doesn’t have much well…shatt-centric fics it’s mostly klance with shatt on the side. So the only one I can really recommend for shatt is Animal Magnetism by Ikira. It’s a super cute fic, Matt takes a sick Rover to the vet, and the very handsome vet is Shiro. It’s rated teen, slight warning for a brief mention of an abusive relationship.

There’s a lot more klance fics that I can recommend bc there’s just….so much more content. But also none of these have any sex in them bc I don’t read stuff like that, sorry.

Call Me, Beep Me by safra: super super cute klance fic where Lance gets a fake number and texts Keith instead. So cute and wholesome. Rated G

What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me is angst, but also a nice exploration of Keith and Lance’s relationship as Lance is severely injured. Rated T, has a warning for violence.

thread our way through a string of stars by steelthighsvoideyes is a really touching one-shot, university AU were Lance is an astrophysicist, and Keith is looking for aliens. Lots of angst, really sweet. Rated T, and doesn’t have any warnings but there is some alcohol drinking if that’s not your cup of tea.

try if you can by aknightley is a uni AU with a pining Keith, because pining Keith is what I live for. Rated T, no warnings that I can think of.

chaser of fate by freshia is a klance reincarnation two-shot, set in university. I’m also a complete sucker for reincarnation stuff and this one is pretty sweet. Rated teen, warnings for drinking and someone being drunk.

Love in the Time of Knights by aQuinton is a medieval fic, with shallura as well, Lance is a knight, and trying to find Keith. I’m also a sucker for medieval fantasies so heh I loved it. Not rated, but there is violence, but nothing too graphic, and swearing.

tropic drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love by jojotxt. Keith gets a summer job, the whole gang is there, and Lance is a surfer. Also pining Keith (I live for this). Rated Teen, there is drinking involved.

Straight Into Your Arms by morvish. Very cute 5 + 1 about Lance and Keith hugging ;u;. Rated teen, some violence.

For Gold or Money by arkadianmouse. Did I ever mention I’m weak for fairytale AUs? Welp, here’s one of them, with a galra Keith, based on East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Rated teen, some violence.

On Think Ice by Minadora. Figure skating AU! Keith plays hockey and Shiro signs him up for figure skating lessons to improve his footwork. It’s well-written, and almost makes me want to learn to skate (and I call myself a Canadian). Rated M, but there’s nothing too bad so far, other than swearing, some mature themes, and mentions of an abusive relationship. It has five chapters so far but still good.

I hope you enjoy reading!

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Hi i love your blog! It's my go to place for a BTS fix so thankyou so much! I know it must be hard to keep up with the demand. I was wondering if there was any good new jikook? I've read all the tag :)

i got u <3
- stop playing “hard” to get by kimtaefuck; soulmate au
won’t let you sink by jikookie; pwp
- who let his boyfriend be so fucking hot? by halottie; pwp
- this time by spankjimin; breakup makeup au
- registered alpha by little_dimples; abo au
- don’t think, don’t speak, just smile for me by ragi; idol x fan au
- hey, baby, i’ve got my ion you by jeonify
- ambrosia by novilunar; dark fantasy au
when the day met the night by graesun; soulmate au
- you’re my achilles heel by aroo; pwp

- admin nissi