and u get a fantasy au

anyway here are some yoongi fic recs 👌🏽❤️


None of this is excessively sexual (what i can remember anyway). These are mostly fics that i thought were really special, cute or well-written.
But, they do all have mature themes so please do look at the warnings (most of them have a lot of content that could be triggering). Some of the fics (like 2 or 3) aren’t finished yet but they do get regularly updated. Some are my faves so they got a “(fave)” at the end. Others i would literally die for and those got a “(FAVE)”. Anyway i spend way too much time making this so enjoy ❤️

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Okay, so, while i was vacuuming my entire house and cleaning, i started thinking about AUs, and started getting ideas about some good ol, classic, kinda european folklore-based fantasy AUs and oh no ive got too many ideas. Here’s some of them.

(i actually have, like, Way more ideas for Shou, touichirou, and everyone else basically, but here’s mob, ritsu, reigen, and teru for now.)

So, it starts with Mob. Instead of him being some almighty, powerful deity or Divine Being like i first thought, he’s the only human. Which still leads to the same sort of unrest within the forest he lives in, since the fae folk around him are most often terrified of humans or angry at them.

He was found as a baby, abandoned on the edge of town, and adopted into the forest by a family of centaurs (except half deer instead of half horse because why tf not)

Ritsu is a deer centaur, and Mob’s younger brother ofc. He’s kind of a jerk to the other centaurs, since they shit talk his human brother all the time. He also has a tendency to get lost in the forest and wander around a lot on his own. Plus there’s some asshole harpy thing in the trees that likes to throw pine cones at him.

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BTS reaction: Them being vampire hunter that have to kill you (pure blood).

A/N: I am working on all the requests you guys. Thank you for sending in all your great ideas and sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by:  Anonymous 

Request: “ I love ur blog soooooo much!! Especially when u do fantasy and au stuff. I get so excited when u do those things. I just FREAKIN love ur work!! 😍😍😍 So I was wondering, can u do a bts reaction to their gf back hugging them BECUZ they r vampire hunter, n the gf is a royal blood vampire. The BTS member was given a mission to kill their gf but instead they couldn’t do it n left their gf, but she ran n back hugged them n said u can kill me becuz going back empty handed will get u killed. Thx! 😘😘 


  He will try his best to make you change your mind and leave.Jin will explain how he will find another way and not get killed, even if his heart wishes to stay with you.He will lie and make you leave, in the end he will chose to die for you.In the future you might receive a letter he wrote before he got killed.

  “Y/N, I never wanted to lie to you, but this was the only way I could keep you safe.I want you to live, for both of us.I might not be there where you can touch me, but I will always be next to you and protect you.I love you more than I value my life.

Originally posted by snowyjin

Min Yoongi/Suga:

 Yoongi would never let you give your life for him nor take it himself.As you are back hugging him, he will close his eyes. “You know I love you very much and would do anything for you.” he will take a deep breath whispering “Sorry.” and with a trembling hand hit you as careful as he can.As you fall back unconscious, Yoongi will catch you and leave you somewhere safe, where he knows no one will find you.He will go back and gladly give his life for you. The only thing left will be a kiss on your forehead, still warm and filled with love. 

Originally posted by classysuga

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 Hobi loves you too much, his love is the most purest thing in this world.No matter what you say he would never even think of doing it.He would try and think of something to keep you as far away from the other hunters as possible.”Wait here, I have an idea.”he would tell you and walk off, leaving a trail of tears with a serious face.You will wait and wait, until you painfully realize what he had done ,as the smell of his blood dances around the forest.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Namjoon as a very knowledgeable hunter will use the vampire dust and lock you inside a barrier.As you hit the walls and try to reach out to him, he will place his forehead onto it. “I would never let you give your life for me princess.This barrier will disappear after 3 hours.It’s hidden so no other hunter will be able to find you.” he will step back slowly and walk away with a smile only for you.

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Park Jimin:

 Jimin will be the sweet heart that will pull you into his embrace and kiss you, knowing that it would be the last time.You won’t know that he laced a certain drug that makes vampires fall asleep onto his lips. Everything will become blurry and the last thing you see will be a sad smile. “I won’t be able to kiss you again angel.

Originally posted by junqkookied

Kim Taehyung/V:

  Your powers protect you from any sudden harm, knowing that he will smile and push you off the cliff that was behind him.From the shock your powers will warp you in energy and gently place you down unconscious and peaceful. He will make sure you are ok and create a barrier to hide you from other hunters, as he makes his way towards the end. “At least I was able to protect you.

Originally posted by bangtanbighit


  He knew that the other hunters will know that someone has died the moment his blade touches blood.When you close your eyes ready to be stabbed you will hear his voice for the last time. “I hope you know that I love you Y/N.” the sound of motion and a falling body will make you open your eyes and find the truth. “I would never think of…harming…you….

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anonymous asked:

can you find me some new unrequited love fics? Thanks 💕💕

i’ll be reccing unrequited love kaisoo and where kai/soo get over one bc everyone deserves to be happy c:

i’ve made a similar post to this request before with older fics (still amazing though u can reread it twice), click here!

- Admin H

isafranpulido  asked:

Lqbsoqhsiw OMG Victor's Fantasy with Yuuri, oh god, he imagine themselves like a newly couple 😂😂 and they're like in that phase when they have sex for breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Yuuri in that apron 👌👌 he looks so cute but then it's all like: "do u wanna have me for dinner? 😏😏" I just can't get enough of your Au!! Perfect like always I'm looking forward the rest 💕✌

Like, just, ultimate honeymoon period X3
And Victor is correct in assuming that Yuri has both a sexy and cute side to him X3
I’m so happy that you are enjoying the AU ;A;

AU Fic Rec, Part 3

Historical Setting

:D I’m a wee bit drunk so. Bare with me. Bear with me? Which is it, we just don’t know.

Taking place at any time prior to the last couple of years! It’s fun. We got regency, we got 20th century, we got uhhhhhhhh other stuff. Twist And Shout will not be on this list because FUCK MCD.

These are in No Particular Order.

Part One - BDSM

Part Two - Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1.  Not Quite Paradise - u guys. Beat Poet Cas, Mechanic Dean, get washed up on an island and together…. They make the island Gay™. It’s class suff: Wealthy vs. Working class, I forget the word for it. There’s survival stuff. There’s period typical Gay Panic from our main man Dean. This is set in 1957.

2. Rentboy - >:( This fic makes me feel ??? even though I enjoyed it.. But it has happy ending and also it fits the category and I’m sure you will like it too. Dean is a rentboy in the 1980s. We don’t get to see any actual prostitution iirc, but u know. It  involves AIDs but no one we care about dies from AIDs. Also Dean, to me, seems a bit OOC but honestly, I think it’s just because I’m a bitch, so. Probably it’s fine.

3. An Assembly Such As This - REGENCY AU. Dean goes to a sexy masquerade to touch men bc it is a sin or illegal or smthn. He meets Cas. He has a marriage of convinience to Charlie, and they beard for each other. I won’t like I don’t remember the end of this, but I remember the beginning, and I liked that, so it’s probably good.

4. The Ghosts of Blackthorn Hall - The tags are confusing me, is it Gothic, is it Victorian? Idk, I failed history in my senior year of HS so you tell me. This one is based in history at some point. It’s a Jane Eyre Fusion so you know it’s gonna be fuckin lit and also probably ghosts. I don’t want to give anything away. It’s a fun, creepy, good time. They describe stuff so good in this I feel like I was there but also thank god I wasn’t, you know?

5. The Last Moonlight Serenade - Okay. I think I read this one. If I did it was ages ago. No, I did! I remember, I loved it and was full of emotions about it.   It’s NYE 1944 and Dean is in Honolulu and Cas is there also and it’s War and Army but also Gay and Sad and You know the drill. Also the art is beautiful. Oil painting beautiful.

6.  Down By The Water - SPN Meets Oregon Trail you guys, what’s not to love. 1853, Cas loses everything in a Cattle Crossing (Should have waited boo, or paid to get the ferry), and then Dean is there to fix things and make his life full of light and love again. Slow build. There’s homophobia bc it’s the 1800s. Etc etc. I don’t think anyone gets dysentery.

7. For Love, For Glory - INDIANA JONES AU!!!! Fam. WWII, Nazis get punched, there is lots of plot going on, it’s only rated Mature which is a :( from me but you can’t have everything. I’ve never seen Indiana Jones so idk if it’s a fusion or an original plot but. Does it matter? No. Go, consume, be merry.

8. Ninety One Whiskey - This fic long as fuuuuuuuck. Every single thing I’ve ever heard about it has been exceptional and wonderful. I’ve never read it because my body isn’t ready for WWII slowburn Destiel. Like I can’t. I don’t want to put myself in that position because I know I will never be the same. Don’t @ me.

9. Words Can Wait - THIS IS MY FAV ON THIS LIST OK. Cas is english and lives in the country side on a farm during WWII. Then the American soldiers arrive and it’s as delightfully gay as you would expect. There’s love, there’s angst, there’s tender feelings. I love this fic with all my heart and it aaaaaches.

10. Take You To The Country - This one is short and sweet. 1950s, anonymous marriage proposal in the news paper. Anonymous bc it gay.

11. Plain And Tall - I’m so sorry? This is another I’ve been meaning to read and putting it off bc my heart isn’t ready. It’s on here with 91W bc I know it will earn it’s place. Awk if it doesn’t. I’ll keep you posted. This is Post-cival war, Dean has a baby, lives on a Farm, Cas is there, and it has the tag: Little House On The Prairie - Freeform. 

12. The Cost Of Falling - Slow burn 1950s circus AU. Cas comes into town (errr the circus) and shakes things up. Please I beg you, this is so sweet and there is sex and also Cas is Russian and I can’t. 

13. The Time Of My Life - Femslash Dirty Dancing, you say? I just. This fic is everything I need in life. Imagine the two scenes (the one all in white and the one at night with the leg lifting) but instead it’s Destiel and also it’s gay girls. Pls. Words Can Wait is still my fav but this……… Hoo boy. Shh h just trust me.

Also 13 is an unlucky number so

14. Twist and Shout - Major Character Death, I’m not linking it bc this is a T&S free zone.


Part Four - Modern

Top 8 Personal Favs

anonymous asked:

So. Mod V. If the lords were maybe possible into roleplay what would they like mc to dress up as? Like the librarian fantasy, nurse outfit... give me a reason to kinkshame the lords pls

“give me a reason to kinkshame” i’M LAUGHAA;SFKDMAS;DF LMFAOOO

alright here’s the second half of lords–pictures included! the rest are under the cut ofc

consider this like. modern au or something. u know for maximum kinkshame capacity

  • Hideyoshi: Think sexy librarian or something. It’s all about the glasses and the pencil skirt–looking all professional and straight-laced, but then he gets to mess it all up. Disheveled shirt and misplaced glasses are choice and he’s a sucker for the black stockings to complete the look. 95% Kinkshame bc he probably actually would do it in a library.

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fuckface-org  asked:

Skinny dipping?

  • Before The Sunset - continuation to Good Karma, bfs jongin and kyungsoo go on a spontaneous trip - and since they’re both nekkid in the water ya know what happens…:^)
  • Between Us - chaptered, they both go on a trip with jongin’s brother jongdae and his friends and they are hiding their relationship; they go out to spend some time together at midnight when everyone’s asleep and kyungsoo teaches jongin how to swim 
  • How To Catch An Angel - fantasy, they hide in a cave due to a big storm because jongin is injured and both are soaked and grimy they both take a bath in the cave’s pool and kyungsoo has to help jongin with washing his bod :))) henlo sexual tension :))
  • Summer Boys - trip au, they’re travelling with sebaek and skinny dip in waterfall and getting closer to each other with every day spent together; this gives me really nice summer feels ;u;
  • kaisoo smut on wattpad that Admin I found hehe ty ♥
  • Truly Madly Deeply - intergalactic au, aquatic creature kai is naked while ksoo is…half naked :3
  • Starry Eyes & Bad Decisions - adventurous a bit, jongin is an astronomer who meets kyungsoo at a local diner they spent time tgt etc. (they go skinny dipping and have sx in the water

 haha - Admin J

anonymous asked:

I present a few possibilities: possibility A) it's in his and Neil's tent, hidden in or under his sleeping bag, at first no one notices but as he adds more and more to the Hoard there are obvious lumps and Neil and David get curious (what is this/ are you hiding smacks/ etc) Max is super defensive and tries to hide it but it's kind of hard and he can't bring himself to get rid of anything. This is my main headcanon -Nest Anon

Possibility B: he has a small nest somewhere out in the woods. I’m kind of meh about this one, but it leads to two main possible scenarios. Possibility B1) someone from camp finds it, if it’s one of the campers they mess with it and Max screams then tries to act like he Doesn’t Care At All Haha but he’s dying inside. David finds it and almost Weeps From Joy Max Feels At Home Here. Max openly screams HE IS NOOOOT PB2) the nest gets damaged by nature and Max tries and fails at not crying

Possibility 3) Max keeps All of his hoard in his hoody. At first it’s just a few pebbles and a feather so it’s fine but as more things are added the hoodie starts bulging. Neil and Nikki are like “dude we know you’re keeping a hoard everyone knows please just chill you’re going to rip your hoody. Max aggressively denies everything always

ok im with u on him keeping his hoard in his sleeping bag and just stuffing more and more stuff in it till hes got no choice but to sleep on top of his sleeping bag and neil is like,, Fascinated by the behaviour but also p fuckin sick of max denying the existence of the hoard

but like,, i also wanna think abt the other campers getting suspicious that max has some death hideout with a stash of weapons but its really just his napping hoard with shiny rocks and fresh leaves and stuff

anonymous asked:

your fantasy au looks great though i don't quite get it yet. are nacht and leon in those drawings you posted? how do we join a side and what to do then?

okay so it’s me versus aimee basically just think of it good v bad (simplified version)

do u want to fashionably evil or angelically sweet

anonymous asked:

Every time I get a notif from your blog my first thought is always "did Jacki make any more of that fantasy au cause that shit is my jam!!!!!" and you drew more and I'm crying god bless you we don't deserve your goodness

awww.. shit man…. thank u.. i’m gonna keep goin till i cant go anymore! 

AU Fic Rec, Part 2

Sci Fi & Fantasy

So, This is a fun one! SF/F includes: Magic, Space, Future, Ye olden days, Fairy tales, supernaturally but still AU kind of stuff and uhhh anything else I want to put on this list. Yr welcome.

Part One - BDSM


1. Not Part Of The Plan - This is Scaramouche so you know it’s going to be fantastic. But it’s long as fuck. I have got lost halfway through before. There’s magic, arranged marriage, warring nations, coups, love, errr other stuff. It’s just a really good read.

2. All Things Shining - Okay. You guys. This was one of the first things I read in the SPN Fandoom. There’s original mythology and so many realistic and wonderful Original Characters. It’s just lovely. A story about love. It’s so, so well written.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with the Dead - this one is fun! Dean is a cop, and Cas is a ? Something. There is magic. There is a greater evil. There is sass. You will enjoy this one I promise u.


5. Clean Air - Oh, how did this get here? Syke, it wouldn’t be a SF/F fic rec list without the most bestest post apocalyptic murder mystery love story, would it? Again, this is one of my all time favourites, I will not hear a word against it, read it immediately. I stake my reputation on this fic. It’s so good.

6. Paper Planes - Kind of like Interstellar except it was written two years before Interstellar came out. Dean gets to live in space with all the resources. His BFF Cas is stuck on the dying planet. I read it years ago when it came out during the 2014 DCBB so I don’t remember it clearly, but I know it’s good. I know it in my heart.

7. Dark Side of the Moon - ASTRONAUTS. Dean is on the moon. He is stranded there. They have to rescue him. It’s intense, honest to god. I don’t know what else to say without spoiling this other than that the plot is intense and the emotions are intense and it’s really good. Seven thumbs up from me.

8. A Place Where Nothing Moves - Ooooh, Something freaky goin on! This is another Original mythology and it’s so creepy and well written. I really enjoyed it. Enemies to lovers!

9. Stories from the In Between - Fairies! Witches! Magic! This is fun, and very sweet. Dean gets himself an imaginary friend. :)

10. White Albatross - Magical realism! This fic is so lovely and well written. Angst but a happy ending, imo. Please read it. Dean and Cas have been in love, and now things are stale. Dean doesn’t know what to do. THe heart ache u guys, honestly.

11. Off The Record - Cas moves to a new town and joins the local paper! He meets Dean! Something weird and awful is happening to him! This fic is amazing, and I loved it and highly recommend. It’s a good time.

12. A Melting Spell - this is some high fantasy shit. The world building is so well done and the different parts of their journey are so great to read. Dean sets off to rescue Lisa Braedon. Things don’t go as planned!!!!!!!

13. Do You Want to Play With Magic? - !!!! Witch Dean, Familiar Cas, Charlie is there, stuff happens, things occur, !!! Okay so Dean is a P.I. who has a complicated relationship with his magic. Enter Cas. Also Charlie in this fic is wonderful. If you like magic, hit this one up.

14. What Once Was Sacred - Cas is a sexy musical incubus, Dean is a retired hunter who is now a cop. Sam works in a weird club. I read this a while ago, and if you’re into incubus stuff, then this fic is a must(ard).

15. Once Upon a Hazy Memory - Royal Fantasy! OK u guys so Cas is a prince set up for an arranged marriage - but he runs away bc he loves Dean so much and wants them to be together. I loved the world building in this, the different kingdoms n shit. Super believable. Also the biggest case of “Wait let me explain” ever.

That’s all I got for u atm. Probably this will edited at a later date lmao.


Part Three - Historical Setting

Part Four - Modern

Top 8 Personal Favs


Talking with @keybaes, I mentioned I liked the idea of a Dark Elf Riku, which sort of went into discussions of a fantasy AU where he’s a Drow and Lea is a Tiefling/Demon. 

These are somewhat rushed and in the end I don’t think they look much like themselves =u=¿ but it was fun to draw and explore AU possibilities for them ^^

anonymous asked:

can u do a soulmate au with chan or wonwoo from seventeen please?

I chose Wonwoo, hope that’s okay :) thank you for your request! 

Secret Story
Soulmate AU (Drabble)

Pairing: Wonwoo (Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 499

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Safe to say, you and Wonwoo hadn’t met like the typical couple would. It wasn’t standing in line to get coffee, or in one of your classes, or even on the Internet. Nope. You had met when one day you woke up with his thoughts inside your head. 

Like literally. His voice had poured into your head. A smile comes over your face as you think about the first thought that his words wafted into your mind. He had been waking up too, and his alarm was blaring. In your head, you could hear him groan and then grumble something about needing to ‘shut the damn thing off’. 

Of course, at the time you hadn’t been smiling. You had been freaking the flip out over the fact that you were hearing a deep male voice inside of your own head. At first you thought maybe your dad was on the phone outside your room, but then when the husky voice dropped an f-bomb, you decided it was highly unlikely that it was your dad speaking.

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