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See any good movies lately D?

Last night I saw that Mulan was on Hulu and so I watched it for the very first time. Yeah, that’s right, I have never seen it before. I thought I recognized Winnie The Pooh’s voice so I had to venture to the IMDB to be sure.

It was Winnie the Pooh!  Jim Cummings is awesome.  But because I am me I read all of the trivia. Did you know that Mulan was the first Disney film released on DVD? It’s also one of only two animated movies by Disney based upon a true story. The other being Pocahontas. 

I love movie trivia. 

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I assume you’re referring to this:

Sadly, no part 2. But there’s a very good chance I might animate some of Niffty dancing to Chuck Berry (rest his soul) XD

Alastor and Niffty are hands down the easiest characters for me to make poses for (probably cuz I’m hyperactive as f****) so if any two characters get animated by me it’s those two. …actually I think I’m working on a Vaggie gif thingy now.. but still those two both have a very good shot! XD

Anyway have a bonus comic cuz you’ve earned it! Probably! XD

Niffty, Alastor, and Charlie all belong to @vivziepop! And I freaking LOVE playing with her charcter’s poses! Seriously I just love how each of them move and carry themselves in their own unique way, it’s like my favorite part about drawing them! X3

I was tagged by @iridescentdesires and @coffeeandfitblr to do this! Thanks, friends!

One insecurity: people thinking I’m horrible

Two fears: flying animals of any kind (I don’t like not knowing where they will be the next second) and 

Three turn-ons: wit, creativity, nerdiness 

Four life goals: finish my PhD, be a professor, become a foster parent, hit my goal weight

Five things I like: brussels sprouts, science fiction, purple, taro smoothies, Netflix/Hulu marathons

Six weaknesses: any and all baked goods, some pretty girls make me lose my ability to speak properly and my friends find it hilarious, I will ALWAYS make sure to get my nails done, reading entire books in a single sitting, caffeine, binge-ing and subsequently getting very angry about political news

Seven things I love: traveling, my work, the husband, teaching, my tumblr family, hiking, mango & sticky rice dessert

Eight Blogs: @grandenoirceur, @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld, @killpop-jennafer, @jms-healthful-life, @julienelle, @hklovesloths, @books-sweat-and-a-sweettooth, @unrepentant-thinner

Feel free to ignore the tag! I just think you’re awesome! :-)

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Is anyone else having this issue in Trio? I want to get my furmiliar up to level 8 so he can herd all the animals from two large barns. The problem is he's been stuck at level 7 for almost a year and my one lone buffalo keeps getting left inside. Anyone know how to level up your pets so I don't have to buy another or have to keep shoving my buffalo in and out of the barn everyday?

To raise a pet’s skill level is as simple as having the pet do its job. Each day the pet does its work, it will naturally get better at it. Every pet will start at level 1 and increase up to level 10. The amount of job experience a pet needs to get from level 9 to level 10 is the same amount it takes to get from level 1 to 7, so don’t be alarmed if your pet is stuck at level 9 skill for a while.

Participating in the Pet Show is a good way to earn skill level experience, as is playing with the Dog Bone or Cat Bell, taking it for a walk, or going on a treasure hunt. You can also build the Cat King Farm Circle to raise skill level, which is highly recommended if you are trying to get a pet from skill level 9 to skill level 10.

Source: Fogu, “Pet Care” section

Hope this helps! Also is someone has a better advice just reply to the post or send a message!




so 5 minutes after uploading this animation I made today of a rainbow colored cuttlefish, YouTube restricted it……. cos we can’t have the kiddies seeing this RAUNCHY lil cephalopod

EDIT: if you’d like to see for yourself, scroll to the bottom of this page and turn restricted mode on:

as of right now (3/22) it’s still restricted just for having “gay” in the title; I updated with another screenshot of it in restricted mode -3-