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One day at a time (chapter 1) Lin-Manuel x Reader

I had a 9 hour plane journey with nothing to do so I wrote a stupidly long fluffy fic as part of a new series.  

Summary: This is based on Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on tinder. Old Man Miranda explores Tinder while logged into his friend’s account and has an awkward conversation with Reader. Awkwardness and some fluff ensues. It’’s about time I wrote something that wasn’t totally angsty for a change.

Warnings: Nothing but fluff, but I definitely swear more than I think I do.

Word Count: 3,989

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Make Sure To Be Bored More Often ~ Harry Styles Smut

Warning Smut

This is my first smut so bare with me and REQUESTS ARE OPEN so go ahead and request anything you want.  Feedback is great so please do sent some either on this or over ask/message.  I hope you enjoy

You were bored.  Beyond bored you were so close to going out of your mind.  Harry had just come back from a meeting which he had been at all day while you lay there watching reruns of Once Upon a Time, which has been your addiction since Harry had come back from America and had introduced you to it.  The whole fact it was based off Disney characters and other fictional childhood favourites made your day.  But, again after watching 10 episodes none stop even this began to bore you.  So, an idea came to your mind.  Harry’s fans adored you considering you were the only girl out there that had not broken his heart or used him for fame like a lot of his past girlfriends.  Following this you had a few followers of your own which lead to you doing what you did next.

It was 9 in the afternoon and considering Harry was in the bath relaxing after the day he’s had you decided open yourself to have a live stream.  Thinking that the fans would be able to keep you company while your boyfriend was busy was probably the best idea you had, had.  So, tweeting out on your phone that you were going to have a livestream in 10 minutes you then made your way up to your bedroom to get your laptop and set it up on your counter in the kitchen. Loading up twitter your livestream began and quickly your views went into the thousands.  

“Hi everyone” you laughed as the views increased every second.  “Okay I am going to try my best to look at everything you are sending to me but this is going a lot faster than I thought it would so it may take me some time, and I am sorry if I do not read your question as there are a lot of you.”  You hated letting them down, knowing that you used to be exactly like them when their tweet may not get answered by their favourite.  “Ah okay I have a question here from Alexa.  Lovely name by the way!  How’s your day been?”  you read out what was tweeted to you seconds ago.  “I am doing very well thank you just waiting for Harry to finish up in the bathroom so we can watch a movie, tonight we have decided on Space Between Us, my friends will not shut up about it so I think it’s time for me to finally give in and watch it.  Of course, I am dragging Harry into watching with me!”  Your happiness grew by the second, and honestly you were so glad that you had decided to do this.

Around an hour had passed and you decided to end the stream and go and check where Harry was you were beginning to miss him. “Okay guys, I think this is going to be the end of the live stream.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I hope you have a lovely night and I will hopefully do another one of these again soon with Harry maybe next time.  Good Night guys.”  You smiled at the camera before ending the livestream all together and turning your laptop off.  Just as you were about to call Harry’s name he came down the stairs with a few blankets and the movie you brought earlier this week.  As soon as he saw you his face lit up like it always did when he looked at you.

“Loved the live stream babe” Harry said while coming over to you and giving you a peck on the lips.  

“You watched, you could have come down and joined in.  You should have seen how many people thought I was joking when I said I was living with you. Next well have people saying were broken up” I joked even though I know there will be at least one person who says that.

“Sure, they will baby girl.  Anyway, will join you next time I was just taking care of something that would not be very PG for the livestream” Harry winked at you while his hand was down his joggers indicating to you what he meant.  You almost chocked on your own spit when that came out of his mouth.  You were slightly annoyed though it had been weeks since you two had had sex considering how busy he has been with his album, then interviews and traveling around American for a brief time.  This then meaning by the time he got home he was too tiered or “we’ll have sex tomorrow I swear” which never came.  But, you just rolled your eyes.  You needed tonight to be the night that the dry spell ended finally.  But, he was not going to get it that easily, of course a little teasing had to be in play.  

So, you went and got everything organised for tonight you put the pillows where you live them and what would be best comfortable for you and Harry and then got the blankets.  You hated England weather ever since Harry had come back from LA and had told you how perfect it was there.  It had been so hot the past few days, you literally could not sleep without a fan, now I had to go out with a coat on because it was too cold out.  How that happened i will never know.

You then went and put in the movie, you were so excited about watching this movie.  You had seen the trailer and almost cried from just that now having the movie you made sure to stock up on tissues.  You made yourself comfortable and then Harry made his way into the living room with just his joggers on.  How is this boy walking round like that when its 6 degrees out I will never know, but you were not going to complain?  He made his way to you so you could snuggle into him when you watch the movie. This was the one thing you loved most about watching movies with Harry and that was just being able to have him there to hold and having him stroke your back was pure bliss.

The movie was around half way through when you started your master plan, you were loving this movie so far but having Harry next to you shirtless was enough to drive any girl insane.  “Babe I am just going to go and get changed I am a little too warm in my jumper” you said innocently messing with your jumper sleeves trying to act as though you were too warm.  

“Do you want me to pause it?”  Harry asked as you made your way out of the room and towards your shared bedroom.  

“No, its fine ill only be a second” you admitted while rushing off to get changed into something you knew would fluster Harry just the slightest.  You did not want this to make him want to rip your clothes off but you also did not want him not to be a little flustered.  You changed your jumper for a tank top and made sure to take your bra off so your boobs were fully ready to be exposed and correct by Harry’s tender touch. You then put on some female boxer briefs so they were a little shorter than your PJ shorts and they made your bum look incredible.  You made your way back into the living room making sure to bend over just before you sat down to pick your phone up off the table, this receiving a sigh from behind you.  

You then straddled over Harry to get over your side of the sofa. “What are you doing Y/N, how can it take you this long to get back next to me” Harry began to stretch out as soon as you lay down again making sure to have your boobs level with his face.  

“I was just getting something sorry for taking so long” you rolled your eyes at this knowing full well Harry hated when you did not take him seriously sometimes.  His eyes looked you up and down before coughing and looking back at the movie.  You knew you were affecting him slightly and this made you so happy.  You subconsciously started to stroke up and down Harry’s chest while watching the movie, you knew he liked you doing this and you also knew it gave you a chance to accidently knock your hand over the waist band of his sweats and ‘accidently’ knock his dick.

Harry then turned around and snuggled into your neck, you checked the time to see that it was already 11 at night.  Knowing Harry was likely to be becoming sleepy you pushed his head up to meet your face.  “Y/N can we watch this movie tomorrow I want to sleep” Harry sighed.  Before he had chance to open his eyes you quickly planted your lips onto him feeling him groan underneath you.  The kiss turned heated a lot quicker than you expected and you pushed him sideward to that you could straddle him.  His eyes lighting up at the sight of you.  “Well it seems like I am no longer as tiered as I thought I was” you laughed at his comment become going down to kiss along his jaw while also grinding on him.  All you heard were curse words coming from Harry’s mouth which made you even more wet than you already were.

Harry’s hands began roaming your body and he began to pull off your boxer shorts.  This made you stop what you were doing to stop him.  “No Harry, you made me wait weeks for this so that means you will be waiting a little longer to see what I have.” You smirked loving being in control for once.  All he could do in return was groan as he was in pure bliss knowing that after so long this was finally going to happen.  You kissed your way down his chest slowly down to his ever-growing erection.  You slowly pushed down his sweats and began licking up his shaft.  You then began to push him into your mouth as much as you could, making sure to use your hand on what you could not fit in your mouth.

“Fuck Y/N this feels so good I have missed your mouth so much baby girl” he said while you bobbed your head quickly up and down his shaft.  You loved pleasing him but once he came in your mouth and he came down from his high, you decided to let him take control.  You enjoyed it when he did all the effort just to make you feel good and he hated to admit it but he loved being dominant and having you be a whimpering mess underneath him.  He quickly flipped you onto your back and pumped himself a few times to make himself hard again, “Y/N I fucking love you” he said with a groan as he made his way into you with a groan.  He began slow, making sure you felt every part of him, then he did what you loved most. He quickened the pace and began slamming into you.  

All that was heard throughout the room was moaning and slapping of skin to skin as he pounded into you with all his might.  “Ah fuck Harry that feels so good” you shouted as he pulled your legs up to his shoulders knowing you were both close.  He began to do a figure of eight in your clit so that you would follow him in your climax.  

“I am close too baby” Harry whimpered as he pounded into you the last few times you both got overcome with ecstasy.  Harry pulled out of you as you adjusted with the feeling of not having him inside of you, and you both came down from your highs.  “That was fucking amazing” Harry sighed as you looked over to him with a smile.

“Tell me about it”

“Make sure to be bored more often” Harry laughed as you lay down to watch the final scenes of the movie.

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Request: NOW I NEED MORE!!!! sooo good, can’t wait for another part? part one is here || part three is here

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Warnings: Mild angst

Word count: 2,234

A/N: Y/T/N = Your Twitter Name; this skips around in time a little but it shouldn’t be too confusing. If you want to be tagged for the final part, just send me an ask. @fragmentofmymind here you go… part two.

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You returned to consciousness as if through seaweed-clustered waters. Each step was slow and laborious and threatened to make you fall back into sleep. When you did open your eyes, it was to find yourself cradled in a warm embrace and definitely not lying in your bed.

Lin, you realised and, careful not to wake him, turned your head to look at him. You must have fallen asleep watching the West Wing the night before and, somehow, got tangled up while you slept. Lin was asleep with his mouth open a little and his arms around you. He looked a little less troubled in sleep.

As gently as you could, you slipped out of his arms and got up off the couch. You figured running for it would make the next few days of rehearsal awkward, so you headed into the kitchen and started to make some coffee. You concentrated on finding mugs and figuring out how to work the machine- anything but how much you had liked waking up in Lin’s arms.

“Y/N?” Lin’s voice, still groggy with sleep, interrupted the whir of the machine. You poked your head through the doorway and smiled at him. He was still on the couch, hair ruffled and jumper rucked up a little.

“I’m here,” you said, “and I made coffee.”

He grinned. “You’re the best.”

“I know.” You passed him his coffee, watching him cradle it and sway a little. “We should go soon- it’s nearly eight.”

Lin gave you a plaintive look. “I want to sleep,” he complained, and you laughed.

“You can sleep on me during the lunch break,” you promised, and he got up.

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•he’s studying to be a teacher!
•wants to teach kindergarten or second grade
•you can find him with his friends or at his part time job in a flower shop
•he likes being able to say that he works in a nursery, no matter what job he’s at
•since he’s job will literally be taking care of twenty kids for a few hours, you’d think he could handle teens
•he gets really shy, his face could rival a fire truck

•so they would get pretty strange tests in this semester
•like who could change a diaper the fastest, who can clean up toys quicker, or who could deal with kids questions the best
•and seokmin isn’t one to brag but he’s very proud that he won two out of the three
diaper changing is not his forte
•but the semester isn’t over yet
•for the final test this semester, they’ll be put in a classroom with five kids
•for an hour, they’ll be held accountable for these children
•seokmin is terrified but he keeps reminding himself that it’s just like babysitting
•so on the day of his test, he went into where it was being held
•so in the gym he goes, and he sees three little girls and two boys
•and everything was going great!
•seokmin had managed to get the kids to do a craft
•until one of the girls started bleeding
•and it got everywhere
•so on the rainbow that the boy was drawing is covered in blood droplets now
•and there’s tears and blood everywhere in a matter of seconds
•so taking a deep breath, before he starts to clean up the mess
•he gave her a wad of tissues to hold to her nose
•and lined the kids up, and started to pretend that they were train while taking her to the nurse
•when he opened the door, he sees you
•and he’s breath taken, time stops while your eyes are locked on each other’s
•before you noticed the bloody nose
•"jimin! Again? Come here.“
•and the little girl waddled over to you, with blood on her hands and clothes
•smiling at seokmin before clogging her nose up
•Asking him to go into the closet to get extra clothes for jimin
•when she was done bleeding, you had her change and sent them on their way

•it had been a few weeks since the black haired boy had seen you
•school was out and there were no excuses to see you
•and he was sad
•you had managed to make the sunshine sad
•or so he thought
•while he was sad, he still helped out
•so soonyoung needed help and so did Jihoon
•so he was there!
•and so were you?¿?
•when he saw you, he looked at the blonde boy and gestured at you
•"oh y/n! Their great, they came to help out!”
•and the birds are out, the sun is shining again
•"hi my name is seokmin! I met you when jimin was bleeding!“
•and you smiled at him and honestly he’s questioning his identity now
•how could he be the sunshine when someone else’s smile was brighter?
•now he didn’t know this, but he was squealing aloud
•"my goodness you’re so cute!”
•and soonyoung had an evil plan, and it involved a closet and some tape

•after helping soonyoung and Jihoon, they decided to throw a party
•which was amazing! They had invited a bunch of people from classes so the party was quite diverse
•after they had seen seokmin looking at you and blushing, they knew they had to do something
•so it’s a party, there’s alcohol involved
•but not a lot, only a little
•they tricked him into the closet, while they just shoved you in there
•they you both are, in the dark closet •and your lips are on his, and the flowers at blooming, birds are tweeting
•as you take your lips off of his, you whisper to him
•"I’m not calling you Mr., But you can call me doctor"
•and he squeaked
•"you’re adorable.“

•power couple
•a teacher and a doctor, a clichè?
•but a really cute clichè

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dude came back on Twitter after like AN HOUR to reply to a question and his response was literally "omg we laughed so hard while filming that it took us like 10 tries" like buddy, do you really need to specify that phil helped you film? lmao.

holy fucking shit. i’m baffled. like this is getting out of hand? he came back to answer it for no reason. that’s one thing. he used the casual “we.” he told a fucking adorable domestic story. not just that phil is so involved in the production of dinof videos but that they have so much fun together while they make things. literally????????????? what the hell?? ???

(referring to this tweet)

fluffy KuroKen hc for @shions-heart (they got a little long for tweets)

  • Kuro brushing Kenma’s hair out and messing with it. Looking up hairstyle videos online so he can do them on Kenma and absent-mindedly styling Kenma’s hair while Kenma plays games and let’s Kuro do what he does, even if he complains (without heat) about it later.
  • Kuro playing with Kenma and losing and getting upset as he keeps losing so he starts glaring at the screen and pouts. Kenma finding it absolutely adorable so he starts peppering small kisses along Kuro’s jaw. Kuro doesn’t mind playing with Kenma so much when this happens (he still hates the fact that he sucks though)
  • Kenma getting nightmares and going over to Kuro’s house and getting his attention by throwing rocks at his window. Kuro letting Kenma in and both of them snuggling in Kuro’s bed. Kuro reading Kenma a book and Kenma slowly drifting off to sleep. Kuro brushing Kenma’s hair out of the way and kissing him on the temple as he closes the book and puts it on his nightstand.
  • Kuro randomly licking a stripe up Kenma’s neck and Kenma slapping his neck while giving Kuro a freaked-out expression. Kuro cackling at getting a reaction out of Kenma and changing his expression. Kuro leaning in to place a kiss on Kenma’s lips as a silent apology and quickly pulling away to continue whatever he was doing. Kenma muttering under his breath.
  • Kenma working extra hard during practice and giving it more energy than he usually does. The second and third year teammates asking Kenma if he’s feeling alright and Kenma nodding that he is. Kenma too tired to walk home. Kuro forcing Kenma to get on his back and giving Kenma a piggyback ride home. Kenma accidently falling asleep on the trip. Kuro silently praising him for working so hard.
  • Kuro giving Kenma eskimo kisses. Kenma turning bright red. Kuro blushing from Kenma’s reaction.

Very recently I was blessed with the most amazing and incredible experience of my life and I thought it was time that I shared it with you all! I actually wrote down a lot of what I wanted to say on the plane ride home, but haven’t really been able to coherently gather my thoughts until now. Just over a week ago, I got to not only meet…but really hang out with Shelley Hennig…so read on if you’d like to hear all about it and get some details on what went down! (Warning….this will be long)

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Thursday, October 27th, 2016

It’s a weird time to be doing what I’m doing. It’s a weird time to be huddled in a dark room beside a sleeping baby sighing in her crib, to be formulating my first real sentences in eight weeks in the short window before she will rouse, and smile, and coo, and eat. Sometimes I fear that as an adult she’ll come across a record of the year in which she was born and say, You thought it was a good idea to bring me into this? How can I ever explain myself? The hospital gave us a newspaper from the day she was born with a Trump headline, does it even matter at this point which, and I had the fleeting, solemn thought, We have to burn this before she sees. I’ve done nearly nothing but tend to my newborn daughter for almost two months, and so dispatches from the outside world come to me in tweets that I scroll through hazily while nursing, and they seem like bad jokes or very short pieces of very bleak dystopian fiction. Meanwhile my world is cozy and strange and small: blankets and milk, repeated performances of “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?,” and staring into my child’s bright, adorable eyes.

We lost our first baby and spent the next fifteen months completely terrified. Before we tried for another we had to make sure that neither of us carried the mutated gene that damaged Hawk’s heart. If one of us had it any baby we conceived would have a fifty-percent chance of having it; if one of us had it our own life expectancy would lower by a lot. We went to India not knowing. We waited two months after that. Hawk died in May, and it wasn’t until around 6 p.m. on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving that a geneticist called me and told me that neither of us were carriers. The mutation was random bad luck. After that a fog lifted for about as long as it took for me to find out I was pregnant, and then there was every ultrasound to fret over, every hour in which I didn’t feel her kick. I didn’t tell a lot of people I was pregnant because everyone naturally wants to believe that every pregnancy ends the way it’s supposed to, and I needed to remember that it wasn’t true. I have a baby now—a sweet, hungry, beautiful bean—but since I don’t carry that mutated gene I understand that the difference between her being here and her being somewhere else is only a bit of muscle in the heart that hardened the way it was supposed to. That’s all. The understanding makes life feel eternally precarious, but that’s okay, because it is. 

You thought it was a good idea to bring me into this? I did. I don’t think you can go through what we did and go on to try again unless you really, really believe that the world is a place worth living in. It has racists and war and demagogues, but it also has dogs and autumn afternoons and Mad Men, and dancing to music from Fiddler on the Roof at your brother’s wedding, and eating dumplings with your best friend on a rainy day. It has the tiniest socks you’ve ever seen. It has the capacity for extraordinary good luck, wherein you meet a man and watch That Thing You Do! with him, marry him, have a baby, and watch the man hold the baby, and watch the baby smile at the man. The world has baseball and Hamilton and Barack Obama and Christmas. 

And now it has Tessa, too.

soon to be daddy!calum would include:

-waiting for you outside your bathroom door cautiously knocking and thumping his head to the door every now and then asking “you okay there baby? do you want some help with the tests?”
-stumbling over you when u unexpectedly open the door and smiling nervously at him when u show him the tests
-almost fainting when he saw the positive signs and he’s heart popped out of his chest
- “i’m going to be a father?”
- “oh my fUCK i am gOing to be a FUCKING FATHER”
- looking at u with all adoring eyes and wrapping his arms around your waist and picking you up
-kissing you first saying how much he loves you into your mouth and stopping at eye level with your tummy
-rubbing your tummy and “hey there little bean, i’m your fucking fATHER”
- “calum stop swearing in front of our child!”
- “do not listen to your mother you can say anything u want, bug”
- smacking the back of his head
- him reading about all the pregnancy article on the Internet
- after a minute he’s on twitter spreading to the whOLe world that he’s goING to have a little family and everyone congratulating him
- going to the mall to buy baby things even you’re still 10 weeks preggy
- “i can feel that we’re going have a little man baby. i can feel it”
- waking him up at 2 am with weird cravings and him running to the store
- “i can’t believe i just let u eat 3 canned sardines”
- “it’s for your sON calum do not blame me”
- getting horny most of the time when ur making out
- “stop touching my boOBS CAL”
- “but baby they increased the size just let me”
- naming your child carl thomas hood
- “we can’t name our child CARLUM”
- the boys always patting his back and calling him “hey sugar daddy”
- always kissing your bump and telling little carl stories about your love story and about his day bc all he could think about is his son and his mom
- calling your baby “little carl”
- finding u at the kitchen in the middle of the night wiTH WATER DRIPPING ALONG YOUR LEGS
- “nO your child is ready TO COME OUT OF MY STOMACH”
- he’s never been so awake all his life
- him grasping your hand while you’re giving birth to little carl
- “good girl good girl” “(y/n) i can see his head just push it you can do it baby. i love you”
-holding his son to his chest afraid to drop him bc he’s an angel and he’s so fragile
- “we made an adorable baby”
- kissing you hard on the lips “I’m so proud of you baby girl I love you I love you”
- tweeting about he’s son with the caption “little Carl, my son, my boy, my angel, my pride and joy”
- basically a family with calum would be great because he would love his family with all of his heart and how little carl is the best thing that ever happened to the two of you

My version of what might have happened on Sunday Night [AO3]

The day and weekend finally ended. Misha curled up in the blankets of the hotel, missing the feeling of his own blankets at home. He groaned as he stretched out his back, sensing some of the knots in his back dissolve. Chicago had been a blast this year, just like last few years. His eyes were closed when he heard the door beep and open.

“Jensen?” Misha questioned while peeking over the comforter.

“Yeah.” Jensen confirmed and sheds his leather jacket off. “Just dropped Jared off at the airport. He’s got a scene to shoot early tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” Misha sighed, moving over to give Jensen some room on the bed.

“Tired?” Jensen asked after shimming out of his jeans and climbs in next to Misha.

Misha just sighed and moved toward the warmth of the body next to him. Smiling to himself, he thanked the universe for giving him someone who was really warm.

Jensen smiled into Misha’s hair. “Yeah…Me too.” He placed a chaste kiss on the top of Misha’s head. “The con was really fun this year. I can’t wait for next year.”

“You should thank the fans on twitter.” Misha mumbled into Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen reached to grab his phone out of his pocket in his jeans when he realized that he left his jeans on the ground. Sighing, he grabbed Misha’s phone from the bedside table.

“Mish. What’s your passcode?” Jensen nudged him with his elbow.

“Why?” Misha whined and nuzzled his nose on Jensen’s bicep.

“Just tell me.” Jensen rolled his eyes at the cat-like movement.

“6-2-4-7-6-6” Misha quickly said.

“Mish. Can you go slower?”

“Just spell out Maison.”

Jensen smiled at Misha’s choice of password. He misses Maison, West, and JJ. He misses the way Maison and West used him as a jungle gym while JJ rolled her eyes at them and made sequined art with Misha.

“Damn, I miss them.” Jensen sighed as he opened up Misha’s twitter.

“Yeah, I talked to Vicki an hour ago.” Misha said with adoration. “West decided to add chocolate to his mac and cheese.”

“That’s gross.” Jensen wrinkled his nose at West’s adventures with food. “Also, don’t you follow people?”

“What are you even doing on my twitter?” Misha asked sleepily.

“Nothing.” Jensen said while typing out his tweet. Hey, @JensenAckles is too tired and lazy to say thank u to Chicago, so I’m doing it so he can just retweet without thinking.

Jensen smiled at his tweet and clicked send. He looked over Misha’s feed and rolled his eyes at the recent seflie he posted. Of course he would fall for a guy who is completely a nerd. Not that he didn’t know that before, those sweaters Misha has are atrocious.

Thinking of an idea, he got up and grabs his phone from his jeans, ignoring Misha’s complains.

“I was just grabbing my phone, Mish.” He scoffed. “You’re clingy when you’re sleepy.”

“You already know that.” Misha muttered. “You’re warm.”

He smiled down at the dark ruffled hair that found a home between his arm and chest. He could never understand how he got so lucky to find two people who love him so much. Danneel and Misha both love him and he loves them both. And they definitely love each other in a different way.

Snapping out of his head, he looked back at his phone and opened up his own twitter while balancing Misha’s phone on his chest. He typed out his own tweet, laughing at his own prank. #ChiCon2015 U have been there from the beginning & just simply keep getting better. Thank U..And @mishacollins maybe u should follow people.

Placing his phone down, he started to follow a few people on Misha’s twitter. After following 6 people, he looked down at Misha and saw he was looking at him with a quizzical look.

“What are you doing?” Misha asked gruffly.

“Just…stuff…” Jensen shrugged, placing both phones on the bedside table. “Let’s sleep.”

“No…” Misha got up and snatched his phone from the table. “What is this?”

“Nothing, babe.” Jensen sniggered. “Nothing.”

“You’re not allowed my phone anymore.” Misha said while unfollowing all the people Jensen thought he would follow.

“You’re just weird.” Jensen wrapped his arm around Misha’s waist. “Who doesn’t follow people on social media?”

“Me.” Misha clipped and unfollows all the people Jensen followed for him. He felt Jensen’s hands wander under his shirt and his lips found a place on his neck. “Jen…”

“Yeah?” Jensen muttered against the crook of his neck.

“Nothing.” Misha smiled and wrote a short tweet as he basked underneath the feeling of Jensen’s hands and lips.

Hey @JensenAckles, following is for followers.

5SOS Imagine: Cheater?


“Hold on! I’m watching something,” Luke grumbles from the couch.


Remi wanted to pick up her daughter, so she didn’t walk without Luke watching, but she was too transfixed by their adorable daughter’s smile as she tried her hardest to stand up. Luke was usually extra attentive when it came to their daughter- he even brags to everyone that he was the first one to hold her in the delivery room. However, lately he has been wrapped up with last minute tour preparations. The late night studio sessions and promotional events pull him away from their nightly dinners, and Remi resents the time he spends away from the stress of raising a child. 

“Cam’s actually walking!” Luke says as leans into the door frame.

“Yeah! She’s been walking for the past 10 minutes, you almost missed it Luke,” Remi frowns at Luke.

“Remi, relax. I didn’t miss anything. Besides I had to watch the last minute of the game, I had a bet on it.” 

Luke’s comment nearly sets Remi into a fit. She does not approve of the gambling habits that Michael has influenced upon Luke. Or the fact that Luke wouldn’t pause a game to watch his only daughter’s first steps. She decides not to pick a fight in front of their daughter.

“Are you hungry? I have a spaghetti casserole in the oven and it’s probably almost ready.”

“I ate burritos in the studio with the boys earlier, and I’m still pretty full. I need to leave soon anyways. I’m leaving for tour in 2 days and I still haven’t bought any tour clothes.”

The mention of the upcoming tour filled Remi with jealousy, it’s as if Luke was cheating on her with a tour. He spends all of his time touring or preparing for a tour- so much time that they haven’t actually gotten married yet. Luke had proposed to Remi last summer during their last stop on tour in New Zealand. 

“Fine. I’ll leave the kitchen light on for when you get back. Please don’t be loud when you come back. Cam will be asleep!”

“I promise I’ll bring you back some ice cream, since I can’t stay for dinner. I love you babe,” Luke bends down to kiss Cam and winks at you before leaving you alone for the night.

(2:30 A.M.)


Remi can hear Luke outside their door before she can even see him, she can tell he’s had more than a few of their favorite hard ciders. She watches him struggle to fit the key in the lock, so she decides to open the door for him.

“REM! I LOVE YOU TOO! REM YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE TONIGHT! CALUM HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND!” Luke starts shouting gibberish into Remi’s ear as he wraps both his arms awkwardly around her waist.

“Luke, honey..I love you too. Please stop shouting, you’ll wake Cam and she won’t be happy. Let’s get you to bed.”

Remi grabs one of Luke’s lanky arms and drapes it around her shoulders as she helps him take his shoes off. She leads him towards their bedroom, but has to stop every few seconds to remind him to be quiet. As they reach the doorway to their room Luke accidentally bumps his toe against the door jamb.


“LUKE, SHUT UP!” Remi whispers.

Before she can help Luke into bed, Cam starts crying and wailing into the baby monitor. Luke starts to get up, but Remi shoves him back down.

“Stay here, Luke. I knew you would wake her up. I’m going to take care of her and then I’ll be back. We need to talk, so you better not fall asleep.”

Remi’s serious tone doesn’t register to Luke in his current elated state, but he sits up on the bed anyways. As she heads down the hallway to soothe Cam, Remi decides that she’s going to bring up all the things bothering her before Luke leaves the next night for tour. 

“Alright, I know you’re still a little drunk right now, but you need to listen to me. You’re setting a terrible example for our daughter, Luke. Gambling? Drinking every night? Spending more time in bars than in your daughter’s nursery? Where the hell is my ice cream? I just don’t understand why you continue to lie to Cam and I. If you don’t want to spend time with us, then that’s your decision. You’re not going to continue stumbling into our house at 3 A.M., while our daughter is in the house.”

“Remi, it’s not my fault! I have to do stuff with the band.I can’t just let them down before this tour.”

“No, Luke. It’s not the band, I’ve talked to Ashton and he spends plenty of time with his wife, while keeping his commitments with the band. He even said that he’s asked you to spend more time with your family.”

“Ash is such a liar. Who do you believe him or me? We have a kid together, Remi. Christ!”

“That’s just it, Luke. We have a kid together and you don’t care enough to spend time with her. ”

Remi begins to cry as she reaches over to turn off the lamp, signaling that she is done talking about Luke’s problems. She hopes that Luke will flip his light on and convince her to not go to sleep mad, but this is not a tweet about perfect couples and Luke is already half asleep in his drunken state.

In the morning Remi wakes up next to an empty spot and she can hear the shower running. Luke must have gotten up early, because half of his side of the closet is missing. She fixes Luke a quick bagel for the road, and wakes up Cam so that they can both say goodbye. 

“Look..Remi, I don’t remember everything about last night. I know you’re angry with me and we’ve been fighting a lot, but I have to go on tour today. Can we just pause our fights, until I get back? Like how Marshall and Lily did on “How I Met Your Mother?”

“I guess. I’m not happy Luke, I just miss you being around and being here for our daughter. The tour is only for 3 months, so we can figure out things when you get back.”

Luke bends down to grab Cam and spins her around before kissing both of her pink cheeks.

“I’ll miss you Cammy Cam! Watch over your mommy for me?” Luke kisses the tip of her nose before handing her back to Remi.

“Send me pictures of her while I’m gone, please?” Luke shouts from the travel van as it backs out of the driveway.

Remi sent Luke pictures of her and Cam doing whatever they were doing throughout the tour- from Cam’s first swim to her first mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, Luke was delighted to get every update. He even tweeted some of the pictures so all the fans could see how adorable his daughter looked wearing a 5sos beanie. Coincidentally, Luke began talking to Remi more through Skype and text messages than he did before the tour. They never brought up their fights, but they were beginning to talk to each other like they did before Cam was born. It was as if their separation had made Luke aware of just how much he was missing out on. When Luke returned back from the tour, they decided to put their fights behind them so long as Luke promised to spend more time with their daughter. They even began planning their wedding again.

“Luke, does your whole band really need to be here for the food tasting?”

“We’ve had food from countries all around the world-”

Calum butts in before Luke can finish, “Yeah we’re food experts.”

“I just wanted a free lunch,” Michael confesses.

“My wife didn’t feel like cooking today, so I’m bringing her leftovers.” Ashton shrugs.

The head chef of the catering company brings out every course imaginable and everyone agrees that instead of serving food, they should just offer a buffet at the wedding. The boys were especially excited about the prospect of unlimited bar and food options. The chef brings out the last dessert sampling along with a few different kinds of coffee varieties.

“This éclair is soooo good, almost as good as that other Claire,” Michael shoves his elbow into Luke’s side and grins. 

Luke starts to grin, but once he realized what Michael said he nearly spits our his coffee.

“What Claire? Michael?”

“Remi, relax! It was a one night thing. Besides Luke’s a nerd he probably didn’t do anything with her. She was just one of those groupie chicks who found our hotel.”

Luke glares at Michael and gets up from the table. He grabs your coat and the car keys before storming off towards the parking garage. Remi rolls her eyes at Michael’s smirk and heads off to stop Luke.

“Luke, what the hell? Did anything actually happen? Why are you acting so weird?”

“I’m not going to lie to you. I had a girl in my hotel room and we had sex. It meant nothing, we were drunk and as soon as I woke up I called her a cab and never talked to her again. I didn’t want to tell you while I was on tour, because you would think that I would do it again. And I won’t ever do it again. I hate myself for it, and I hate that I didn’t tell you. I was planning on telling you when we discussed our issues, but we decided to move on. I didn’t want to add anything else to the fires we already burned. This was before I came back, and the way I see it is that we have started again now. I’m so sorry Remi, and I understand this is the worst possible thing a man can do. Please don’t let something in the past ruin our future. After all you had a boyfriend, when we had our first kiss.”

Luke’s tears had started to stain his light blue shirt, but Remi was too confused to do anything about it. She felt so conflicted, on one hand she wanted to move on with Luke too, but it hurt that he had acted completely normal during the tour after he had supposedly cheated on her. She felt that she was almost betraying herself, because she hadn’t noticed anything different about Luke’s behavior.

“Leave Chris out of this! I don’t have a child with him. I’m not going to say I understand because I would never cheat on you, but then again I’ve never been put into a situation where I’m pressured to cheat on you. I’m very upset that you cheated on me, because you didn’t just cheat on cheated on our family and that’s not okay.”

Contrary to her words, Remi dug around her purse to find Luke a kleenex. She pushed his hand away, and wiped away his tears.

“We did decide to put everything behind us when you came back from tour. I think we should do the same with this. If it really didn’t mean anything, you can spend the same amount of time you spent on tour, making it up to me.”

Luke’s arms twisted around Remi once he realized that he still had a future with her. They both began to cry and for a moment they just stood in the middle of the parking garage holding each other. Luke and Remi both agreed that Luke would never go on tour without taking his family with him again.They headed back to the cater’s dining room and picked the mini macaroons over the chocolate eclairs. 

Deleted Scenes - Lost Story

Something’s been troubling me since yesterday, my Outlander friends, so I’m just going to throw it out here to see if you all can help me out!  At the risk of sounding like a whining, complaining OL the Series fan (which I often am), it has to do with the deleted scenes we were given yesterday and this morning, you know the ones from the forthcoming DVD Blue-Ray?

So while I should be worrying about world peace, my finances, the fact that my washing machine seems to be on its last leg…I’m fretting about what we’ve seen in these clips.  Can you guys help me out?  sherrigamblin, iridescentstone, tara-58, two-hundredyears, gotham-ruaidh, anyone else? I’m not sure if I’m looking for someone to commiserate with me (I read your tumblr blogs, know many of you feel the same) or slap me and tell me I’m crazy! I’ll warn you, I’m wound up like a ten-day clock so this is a long-winded rambling post and if no one wants to wade in, that’s fine.  I guess I mostly just need to get it out of my head…

Looking at these clips, of course my first reaction is to the sheer beauty and talent of Sam and Caitriona my very next thought is “what the h*ll?!?”  More character destruction?  Claire calling Jamie Fraser “just a stable boy”, him whining about how Colum treated them in the hall, Claire pouting in both instances.  I’m reminded once again of the tremendous loss of the story, the sad waste of time when we’re blessed enough to have Jamie and Claire brought to life for us on screen by two amazing actors. That this same company that is brilliant enough to find Jamie and Claire (Sam and Cait) for us and create this television story - why?  Why, why, why?  Rather than bringing us brave, confident, self-assured and most of all in love with (or at least respectful and enamored with at this point) each other Jamie and Claire we get the petulant, pouty, insecure, inept Frasers, compliments of some misguided “vision” for the “adaptation to screen”.

Darn it, I’m frustrated and more than sad.  I almost didn’t buy this second disc because I don’t watch half of the slow derailment that was the second half of the season except The Reckoning (I love that darn episode, most like book Jamie of all of them)  I’m not stupid, I know there are differences and some of them have to be for screen adaptation.  Some of the series is better in parts than the books! But some are just a destructive waste of time, IMHO.  A lot of them are.  Guys, we’re losing Jamie Fraser more and more.  Deleted scenes?  I’d say deleted character.  We continue to watch all of the larger than life characteristics of Jamie given to other parts…Jenny, Colum, Dougal, Murtagh and even (gag) Frank.  The strongest trait we see in series  Jamie is his lust for Claire and his bumbling attempts at being responsible (while endearing, not the man of the story). Thank God for Sam (and Caitriona’s) acting abilities to give us glimpses of Jamie and Claire in their eyes and facial expressions.  Maybe its why I adore watching Sam and Cait interact in real life, because their antics/affections often seem to mimic the book Jamie and Claire we’re missing.  Am I foolish?  Pathetic? Do I just need to shut up and bask in the glory of whisky drinking Sam this weekend, charming the wits out of everyone he meets, tweets from Cait and DG to him?

Okay, ridiculous rant over, sorry for being so grumpy (it truly isn’t like me)…I better go and make lunch for my own book Jamie Fraser (my husband) before he starts sulking like series Jamie Fraser.  Again, endearing but totally out of character ;)

Got this submitted for those who want to read. It's a rant.

(Hi! I’m sorry that this is kinda long. I had to go back and re-write this a few times so I could get this outta my head and for it to sound right/make sense and I hope that you and your followers agree with me, or at least see where I’m coming from. You are more than welcome to publish this on your blog, seeing as I have too much to say and word limit is a bitch.)

(I would like to submit this anonymously. I have angry Zerrie shippers lurking on my blog and they’ve told me numeruous times that they see me on other non shipper blogs talking about Zerrie with my “lack of evidence”, whatever. Finally got them to leave me alone, and if they see this they’ll come crawling back.)

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anonymous asked:

What did Phil do?

He tried to kill us that’s what he did.

(He tweeted that photo of Dan falling asleep while editing and it was adorable and domestic and reminded me immediately of 2009 because of that time Phil took another adorable photo of Dan sleeping. And he’s being so teasing and adorable and he always takes the cutest photos of Dan when Dan’s not aware of it and I’m just very emotional right now and that is what Phil did)