and tweeting adorably while doing so

fluffy KuroKen hc for @shions-heart (they got a little long for tweets)

  • Kuro brushing Kenma’s hair out and messing with it. Looking up hairstyle videos online so he can do them on Kenma and absent-mindedly styling Kenma’s hair while Kenma plays games and let’s Kuro do what he does, even if he complains (without heat) about it later.
  • Kuro playing with Kenma and losing and getting upset as he keeps losing so he starts glaring at the screen and pouts. Kenma finding it absolutely adorable so he starts peppering small kisses along Kuro’s jaw. Kuro doesn’t mind playing with Kenma so much when this happens (he still hates the fact that he sucks though)
  • Kenma getting nightmares and going over to Kuro’s house and getting his attention by throwing rocks at his window. Kuro letting Kenma in and both of them snuggling in Kuro’s bed. Kuro reading Kenma a book and Kenma slowly drifting off to sleep. Kuro brushing Kenma’s hair out of the way and kissing him on the temple as he closes the book and puts it on his nightstand.
  • Kuro randomly licking a stripe up Kenma’s neck and Kenma slapping his neck while giving Kuro a freaked-out expression. Kuro cackling at getting a reaction out of Kenma and changing his expression. Kuro leaning in to place a kiss on Kenma’s lips as a silent apology and quickly pulling away to continue whatever he was doing. Kenma muttering under his breath.
  • Kenma working extra hard during practice and giving it more energy than he usually does. The second and third year teammates asking Kenma if he’s feeling alright and Kenma nodding that he is. Kenma too tired to walk home. Kuro forcing Kenma to get on his back and giving Kenma a piggyback ride home. Kenma accidently falling asleep on the trip. Kuro silently praising him for working so hard.
  • Kuro giving Kenma eskimo kisses. Kenma turning bright red. Kuro blushing from Kenma’s reaction.

You know what really pissed me off.

I’m scrolling through Twitter reading all these beautiful messages about the impact Chyna had on people and then I see a Tweet from Stephanie McMahon.

I genuinely adore Steph but no, you don’t get to act like her death hurts you.

You did nothing but make her life hell the moment you started dating Paul. So don’t be fake.

While I do hope they acknowledge her death, I best not see or hear about Triple H, Steph, Vince, or any of them pretending they have two fucks about Joanie Laurer.