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The signs as a disappointed fandom:
  • Apathetic as fuck; slowly but surely weaning themselves off the show due to the fuckery season after season: aries, taurus, gemini
  • The squad that fuck shit up on social media, wondering what the fuck is going on and borderline about to quit the show: cancer, leo, virgo
  • Legit glutton for punishment, for whatever reason is still holding onto hope that the show is gonna get better despite the fact that TPTB have let them down time and time again: libra, scorpio, sagittarius
  • The 'fuck this I'm out' squad, ain't loyal to shit but they the real winners cuz they sleeping easy at night after dropping the show: capricorn, aquarius, pisces

“Say her damn name!" 

"You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me?”

“She gets hurt, she dies, if she catches a fever, if she gets taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning, anything, if anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.”

“Why’d you go?”

“Are we gonna eat? Do I have to be a King or something to get food around here?”

“Ezekiel, is he OK?”

Concerned, protective, loving, vulnerable, jealous Daryl. None of this shit is ambiguous, my friends. He is in love with her. 

Safe - Negan x Reader - Part 2

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A/N: thank you for all the love on the first chapter! it honestly means a shit ton to me. ppl liking my writing??? what a concept. anyway.. enjoy! as always, let me know what you think !! xx

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics (Alpha!Negan x Omega!female reader), lots of swearing, threatening/assault-like themes (idk what to fuckin call that), and my shitty writing

You awoke to a feeling of suffocation. For a brief moment, you worried that Negan had decided that he had gotten in over his head, but once you woke up fully you realized that it was only an overpowering scent. It was musky and strong, smelling of burnt coffee and shot gun shells and some candle you used to burn before the world went to hell; it was pleasant, something you’d like to burrow into and bask in for days. Right now, though, it was so overpowering you felt as if you were choking. You gasped, sitting upright. Negan was sat on the edge of the bed, smile on his face as he watched you gasp for air. You didn’t know what was worse, the fact that Negan had been watching you sleep, or that the smell was him. And you liked it.

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Negan attempting to write a Valentine's poem for Rick...
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>*Writing*:</b> Roses are red,<p/><b></b> Your eyes are blue,<p/><b></b> Be my new bat?<p/><b></b> Because I wanna go swinging with you-<p/><b>Negan:</b> - Wait, I don't wanna share him!<p/><b>*Scribbles, writes*:</b> I wanna go fourth base with you-<p/><b>Negan:</b> - What am I, fuckin' 12?!<p/><b>* Scribbles, writes*:</b> I wanna hit you like a home ru-<p/><b>Negan:</b> - I can't do this rhyming shit! RICK?! JUST COME HERE AND GET ON THE FUCKIN' BED!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French.
—  Negan (and I when shit doesn’t go our way.)

Here’s a lil wip of a new drawing I’m working on rn. I’m using @edenmo122’s amazing edit as a lil reference.

Well, I had to take this picture with my phone bc unfortunately my internet just died yesterday. Isn’t that great? Well, the only thing I can do now is wait. I’ve to work on a school project, but I rlly need internet for that. I hate my life rn. Anyway, enjoy my lil desus wip! ❤

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These spoilers have killed me dead. The ONLY thing that's making me just a tad nervous is the whole "Ezekiel, is he good?". Yes it will be good to see him jealous but that line worries me a little in the sense that he seems like he's asking if there's a thing already. I know I need context, and it's most likely the abc/carzekiel shippers getting to me, but I just don't trust these writers! Help me! I need to get all the way back into Caryl land! I know Daryl loves her regardless. As does she

Oh no, I wouldn’t worry about that. I know that people in the forum are trying to say that this is Daryl “giving c*rzekiel his blessing” or some shit like that, but really, a lot of those people who are grasping at straws and trying to convince themselves that the spoilers aren’t true - they are scared. This episode terrifies them. So I wouldn’t pay any mind to what they’re saying. At all. :) 

To me, this episode makes it crystal clear that Carol doesn’t want Ezekiel visiting her. Just look at the stark contrast: she tells Ezekiel to go, says she doesn’t want anymore visits, and doesn’t let him into her house - barely lets him stay on the property for five minutes. 

But with Daryl, Carol embraces him. Lets him into her house. Says she couldn’t lose him. Is reluctant to let him leave.

And this tells me that Carol most definitely doesn’t feel that way about Ezekiel - but she does feel that way about Daryl.

So I think that when Daryl is expressing some jealousy (which is 100% a great, unambiguous thing), Carol will most likely shut it down in some way. Show that she doesn’t think of Ezekiel that way. 

I definitely don’t think that Daryl will leave the house thinking, “she’s with Ezekiel now, I blew it”.

Quite the contrary. 

He will “hug the shit out of Carol”. And I think that he will leave the house being totally aware of his feelings, and of her feelings. No more ambiguity.

I believe that after 7x10, all Carol and Daryl will have to do is act on the feelings they already expressed. 

i have been unfaithful only because my laptop really aint shit but i’m confident enough to say there will no longer be long ass waits for new chapters

a one shot for not sending me threats and an update

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You have us a peek in your last head canons but I want, no need more. Rick and dirty talk head canon? And like what he would say and stuff

Of couuuuuurse ;)

  • It might not seem it, but Rick has a filthy mouth in the bedroom. 
  • So filthy in fact, he’s gotten you off without even touching you before. He’ll just sit in the corner and watch you pleasure yourself, the combination of your hands and his words getting you to the peak. 
  • Occasionally, he’ll come up to you in public and just whisper the filthiest thing in your ear before walking away and leaving you all riled up. 
  • “I can’t fucking wait to fill you later on.” or “You’re going to be such a pretty little picture tonight on your hands and knees for me.” 
  • When you’re actually in the midst of it, there’s no holding back. He LOVES talking dirty to you. 
  • Even when you’re having slow, loving sex he’ll throw some phrases in there. 
  • “You feel like heaven around me, sweetheart.” or “So pretty when you moan like that for me.” 
  • But when you’re going at it rough, it’s a whole new ballgame. The hottest shit you’ve ever heard. 
  • “Do you know who’s in charge tonight baby? Do you want me to fuck you like a little slut?” “You’re so needy, my pretty girl. Desperate for my cock.” “You like how my fingers feel in your little cunt? Want more? I know you do, baby.” “You’re my favorite fucking taste, sweetheart.” “Fucking take my cock, you’re doing so fucking good. So fucking hot.” 

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what is a big goal you are working towards?- graduating lmao… getting into OSU would be A1

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do you collect anything?-  bad memories does jewellery count? 

what is a topic you are always up to talk about?- TATIANA MASLANY, beth childs, daryl dixon. anything about ob or twd pretty much 

what is a pet peeve of yours?- the fact that after i import video frames to layers in ps, I HAVE TO RESTART THE WHOLE PROGRAM  the fetishization of wlw 

good advice to give?- focusing on self-love and care can be really really difficult and once you have it, you’re not guaranteed to stay focused on it BUT it’s a work in progress that will always be super worthwhile and i suggest that everyone at least tries 

recommend 3 songs- kiwi by harry styles (such sarah manning vibes), crying in the club by camilla cabello (it’s one of those songs i can’t/won’t stop listening to) and a little death by the neighbourhood (it’s super dark but the music video is rlly gay)

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Anna had moved into Olivia’s place ever since the others started pairing off, she didn’t mind though, it gave her a chance to practice with the guns and talk about something other than how fucked they were all the time, or even the bullshit idea that they could make this place something more than it was. Surviving the wall falling was lucky, but she didn’t expect much more of that luck coming their way. She spent about an hour each day trying to teach Olivia a little more about the guns, so she wouldn’t be completely helpless next time, even though she wasn’t so skilled herself. “I think that’s him,” Enid said as she appeared from the back door to the house, nodding towards the window that was to Anna’s back. She was out of her seat in a second and trying to see what was going on. 

“Negan?” she looked back to the girl, hearing the fear in her own voice that time. “Shit… Just stay out of their way,” Anna was one of the few who knew Enid had been leaving, it wasn’t as secret as the girl seemed to think it was, but she clearly knew how to survive so Anna didn’t make too big a deal about it, it might have even been better if she left this time. Enid went back out the door she had came in through and Anna started picking out ammo. “Just do as they say and you’ll be fine,” she took a pistol and stuck it in her belt, putting on the military issue jacket she rarely parted with and tried filling the pockets as best she could. “You’re not a threat to them, you’ll be fine,” she said like a promise, squeezing Olivia’s shoulder and taking a semi-automatic before going up to her room to hide what she had taken. 

Once in her room Anna put the rifle under her bed, and tried getting everything else hidden away. One of her windows faced the street, and she went to see if they were still there and what was going on. The new guys were spreading out, heading towards all the houses by the looks of it, living above the armoury didn’t feel so safe any more. 

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🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊 🎊

For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog

@shotouteye - Andy you know I will always promo you on all of your blogs but since this is a brand new one I went with Carl, which really makes me wanna write as one of twd characters but I’ve had years to figure who and I just don’t know yet?? Okay anyways I know you haven’t written Carl long but I already love him and no I am not biased because I adore you to pieces, my friend. The thread we have with angsty Carl trying to decide whether or not he trusts Sookie is just great and really plays to his character so well done. If anyone is looking to take a chance on a new Carl blog, good shit right here, okay? Andy is a WONDERFUL writer and quickly became a best friend of mine. We clicked together right off the bat and that makes me super happy. She puts so much thought behind the characters that she writes, and spams with with ideas which I’m always crying over because I love them so much. So follow follow follow!

@lordtaketh - The first time I came across your blog I was squealing from the ic posts alone - like the way you portray Negan and the things that were coming out of his mouth, oh my God it had me squealing and laughing nervously but in a good way! Seriously! So I was super happy when you weren’t a mutuals only blog so that meant I could see if we hit it off through a meme or something, but I ended up caving and going right for the follow and haven’t regretted it since. I even follow you on two other of my blogs (jundlcndwastes & wclkabout) since I have verses there and feel like they could work better than a faerie/true blood blog bah ha. Even though I am highly enjoying our thread right now! It’s one of the ones I look forward to if I’m being honest. I hope we have more interactions in the future, whether it be on this blog and/or my others because I am just sitting here admiring everything you do!

@killedpeople - Hi there! So I know that we haven’t had much interaction between our characters and actually I follow you on two other blogs as well since I have twd verses there and really want to get into the fandom more. I just felt like they would work better in the fandom than say a faerie lol. No, but I’m super happy that you followed me back here (omg I was the one that followed you first, right? I think so XD) as well as on my other blogs (jundlcndwastes & wclkabout). I really hope we can write more together in the future because you are just fantastic. I know through your ooc posts you’ve had some struggles in the fandom and I absolutely hate it for you. I hate that people have judged you, or, you know, whatever the problems you had were I don’t 100% know, you didn’t deserve it one bit. You are such an amazing Rick and it shows in your writing. Your graphics are absolutely beautiful and I am jealous of the skills you got going on. I love the Rick VS. Negan promo you did for your blogs (I think I follow your Negan over on Locke and maybe Anna, too, I can’t remember right now). It was so cool! Wow this post is really gushing about you but you know what you deserve it. You’re awesome, and never let anyone bring you down, friend!

@bonesofmetal - *hugs you tight* Okay you probably know how much I adore you as it is considering we used to write way back when on your Barry blog. I was super sad at the time to see you were leaving tumblr as a writing platform, because you’re such a great writer, so when you popped back up I was super super excited to see you made a return and oh my God you returned with such an amazing oc. I honestly can say one of the best out there. There’s nothing half assed about him, and nothing that says you’re just trying to make it work out here in the spn fandom. Like baby you got it down and I love it. I’m also shipping Sawyer and Piper pretty hard, so there’s that? Yup you guys got a fan over here. Anyways, seriously, you are a terrific writer and it shows how much you love Sawyer and how much thought you put into him throughout his writing and bio. So I hope you get all the love you deserve on his blog!

@grincarved - Okay so hello new friend! I know we have had very little interaction together and by that I mean you replied to my starter, but I’m really hoping that in the future there’s a possibility of us writing together some more! I have admired you for so freaking long but was always nervous about making the first step in interacting with you. I actually followed you for a while on my Violet Harmon blog, but she’s an angsty teenage ghost and I was like, well how can she interact with the Joker? Is he magically gonna make his way to Cali and find the Murder House? I mean, anything is possible but still, my anxious thoughts lol. Anyways, soon after you followed me here and I gasped and squealed and followed you back immediately. I think there’s potential with Sookie cause she’s a mind reader and you know that could interest him or he’d wanna use her or whatever you think could happen plot wise, I’m all here for! Anyways, wishing this was a long story short, I LOVE your writing. I have admired it for so long, and it shows just how much thought and effort has been put into your blog and the character you write. Just the mannerisms and behavior and dialogue - it’s like I’m watching The Dark Knight all over again. I also noticed you reblogging graphics you made on your personal Joker fan blog and I have been following you there for like almost a year now I think so that was a cool surprise XD

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14 and 22 😎

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

Hmmmm. Well in the circles where I run it’s not exactly unpopular, but this fandom worships its white boys in a way that makes me want to bash my head into a wall. They are literally forgiven for any and all sins while my fave is endlessly dragged through the mud for well idk, breathing or being the world’s best human being or some shit. *sighs and huffs* And then as if we don’t have enough boring white boys, THEY ADD MORE BORING WHITE BOYS. I just. Why?

22. Popular character you hate?

R!ck Gr!mes, you giant dork. AS IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW:-P