and turned on by dark stiles


Pairing: Stiles x Reader OR Isaac x Reader, that’s up to you!

Author: @stilinskiskitsune

Author’s Note:This is the first YOU CHOOSE one I’ve ever written. I hope you guys like this because I have doubts. Thanks to @supercarricat for telling me to write this - I hate you, I love you. You are the best! xoxo :)  IT’S NOT WORKING ON MOBILE, IDK WHY. PLEASE READ ON YOUR LAPTOP.

No idea who had this very funny idea to go in the corn maze and then turned out to be a totally stupid idea. It was already dark and you had lost your way. What a surprise. You never thought a corn maze could be so confusing. Stiles and Isaac argued all the time about where the right way was, but You kept yourself out of it.

“I had said we were wrong! (Y/N), please tell him that I am right.”, says Stiles and Isaac roll his eyes.
“We are not. Do you see this shrub? And this? And this?! WE ARE TRAPPED. I hate being trapped, that’s all your fault! You should have listened to me! Why did you ever have this glorious idea of leaving our mobile phones with Scott and the others?”


“I thought it would be more fun without help, okay?”


“Yeah, well done Stiles.”
“What is your problem? And anyway, it’s 30 degrees out here, what’s about this stupid scarf!”

“Guys!”, You yell at them. 

They both look at you confused, “Calm down, why are you screaming?”
You gave a loud sigh and crossed your arms. If You were not so in love with him, You’d be badly angry. But you could not, at least not for long, „If you do not stop arguing, I’ll go on alone.“

The two of them look at each other and nodded.
“Okay but I say we should go right.“, Isaac says.
“Oh, I see? I think rather we should go left.“, Stiles replies, curling his brow.

You just can’t believe this two.

“Well, maybe we should just split up. But I take (Y/N) with me.“ 
Stiles laughs briefly and shake his head, “Do you mean that seriously? (Y/N) comes with me.“

“Then we let (Y/N) decide, with whom you want to go with?“
You look at the two,

Heathens- [smutandahalf]

A Scruffy Hoes Production

Author: smutandahalf

Rating: NSFW 18+

Words: 3599

Warning: This is darker than what I usually write. It doesn’t have any triggers but I just wanted you guys to know it’s different from my usual stuff.

A/N: Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? That’s for you to decide..

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     There is something very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, something strange and dark. I glance over at him, sitting at his desk with his head pressed into his hands and his eyes clenched closed. I turn slightly looking around curious if anyone else has seemed to pick up on it. Something is wrong and not a single other person seems to notice, a cold trickle slides down my spine and I quirk my head at him curiously. How strange that he seems so invisible to them. Brushed to the side by his best friend who seems to jump in terror of his own shadow, invisible to the girl who has been clinging to his arms for weeks who has always seemed to be balancing precariously on the line between wild child and wild animal, and overlooked by his father who seems to be too focused on figuring out what is going on in this god forsaken town. Yes, something is very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, and yet no one seems to notice but me.

          The bell rings, and he’s out of his desk and through the door faster than I can blink. I shift my weight from one foot to the other as I gather my things, moving slowly as I deliberate on what I should do next. With a certain level of blind curiosity I decide that from this day on if no one else is going to notice him then I’ll be sure that I do. The unseen can always see the invisible.

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Chaotic Connections: A Void  Stiles Imagine

So this is a little thing I started writing with void Stiles, because who doesn’t want a void Stiles? I might write a part two, but I wanna see if you guys would want one before I post it, as I’m hoping you will. Anyway, enjoy x

“I’ve been waiting for you.“ 

His voice sent shivers down your spine. 

Don’t let him get to you. Confident remember? You’re not scared of him. You’re not scared of anything. 

"What do you want me to do? Thank you for getting me out of Eichen House?" 

You watched as his lips turned up at the corners, those dark eyes glinting with mischief. 

"How’d you know it was me?" 

"Well, who else kills about ten guards, innocent guards might I add, to let someone like me escape?" 

He took a step towards you. 

Do not step back. For the love of God, do not step back. 


You stood your ground, knowing he was waiting for you to slip up. Waiting for you to run. Waiting for you to crack. 

"Why? Why’d you do it?" 

He took another step forward. You felt your heart rate quicken, knowing he did too. You two had a connection, something you couldn’t quite explain. 

It was nothing to do with the host he had chosen. Stiles was just a boy. You’d seen him around Eichen House, sensed something in him, followed him to the basement, watched as he gave himself up for some girl. 

Ugh, love. A perfect waste of time. And just look where it had gotten Stiles. Possessed by him. You could hear him screaming to get out. And part of you enjoyed it. 

You shivered involuntarily as the nogitsune took hold of your wrist, tracing the unusual birthmark you had. The one that had alerted you to the presence of supernatural creatures in the first place. 

Self. That was what he’d told you it meant the day you’d first met. He’d laughed at the pure irony of it. Of course back then, there was a different host. You preferred the one he currently had. 

You weren’t going to lie. Stiles was an attractive teenage boy.

"I need your help." 

Your eyes locked with each other’s as he pulled you to him. 

"With what?" 

By now, your noses were brushing against each other, his lips hovering over yours.

"I need you to help me win." 

You felt yourself grin. 


He needed you

You decided to play with him. After all, he liked his games. He especially liked playing them with you. 

"Why? Are you actually losing for once?" 

He snarled, a sound that should have terrified you, knowing he could kill you in a instant. Instead, it sent shockwaves through your body, making him smile. 

"I just need a little bit more strife. A little more pain. A little more chaos. Something I know you are very good at." 

You raised an eyebrow at him. It was true, you specialised in those things. It was why they sent you to Eichen House in the first place. 

You still remembered everything you’d done. The heat of the flames. The blood coating your hands. The screams of the people you’d slaughtered. 

"What’s in it for me?" 

"It’s unwise to question me sweetheart. Sure you don’t want to end up dead?" 

"You won’t kill me. You need me." 

He chuckled. 

"You’re right. I do need you. You help me win, and I’ll make sure no-one looks for you when they realise you’re missing. And people are going to come looking. After all, you did murder a lot of people. Good job with that by the way." 

You smiled at him. You shouldn’t have felt a sense of pride, you shouldn’t have felt good about the fact that he appreciated you. But you did. And that couldn’t be helped. 


"So, do we have a deal?" 

You nodded slowly, watching as his eyes flickered to your lips. 


In one quick movement, his lips had captured yours, his hands sliding up your arms to your neck, squeezing slightly when he reached your throat. 

You gasped for breath, him taking the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, quickly taking dominance as he always did. Your hands moved under his, under Stiles’, t-shirt, feeling the ice-cold skin that you craved against yours. 


Damn, stupid fox-spirits. 

He removed his lips from yours, and latched his teeth onto your neck, the sensation enough  to send you into overdrive. 

And then he stopped. 

He grabbed you by your shoulders, looking straight into your eyes. 

"Y/N, go." 


"There are people coming. Go." 

"But I thought you needed me." 

He smirked, resurfacing unresolved feelings. 

"I do. But we’re going to keep you a secret for now." 

You understood. 

"Just another trick right?" 

"Exactly. Now go." 

You ran, hiding as you watched a man walk into the loft. 

The sheriff. 

The nogitsune smirked at you, before he faced the sheriff. He was the performer and you were his audience. 

You watched as he pretended to be Stiles, broke the handcuffs the sheriff used on him. 

You watched as he tackled a werewolf to the ground, slamming him against a wall. 

You watched as he stretched the brunette's taser, rendering it useless.


Stupid, idiotic do-gooders. They were all going to die. 

Then the other man there pointed a gun at his head. The sheriff yelling at Argent, the nogitsune tricking them all. 




You smiled at the thought of him winning. 

And then the Oni showed. 


Holy shit. 

But your worry didn’t last for long. Before you knew it, he had appeared beside you. 

"Good show?”

“They’re going to die." 

"Well, that is the plan. Tell me, do you approve?" 

You turned to face him, using your fingers to draw patterns on his chest. 

"Very much so." 

He began to walk away. 

"Are you coming with me or not?" 

"I guess so,” you began to follow him. 

“Good. We have business to discuss." 

You walked in silence, before you piped up. 

"Why are there handcuffs in your pocket?" 

"Well, the sheriff has loads. He won’t miss one pair." 

"So why do you have them?" 

You heard him chuckle. 


That damn chuckle. 

"Oh, I’m going to use them later." 

"On what?”

He faced you. 

“On you." 

He’s to dangerous

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Imagine: Stiles and reader like eachother but haven’t told the other one. Theo comes around and takes a liking on the reader as well and Stiles gets protectiv ~ requested by anon

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Words: 668


„Good morning“ you grinned while you got into the passenger seat of the jeep. Stiles turned towards you and smiled. For you he looked incredible hot today, not that he doesn’t look hot as always. His hair was styled and he wore an olive green sweater with simple dark jeans.

„Morning“ sounded a voice from the backseat. It was Scott.

„Oh, hey Scott. How was it yesterday?“
„It was great. Kira loved your idea“
„What can I say. I’m the best at planning romantic dates“ You laughed and patted yourself on your shoulder.

Later that day you stood at your locker and gathered your books together. You were so lost in your thoughts that you hadn’t realized that Lydia stood beside you. Just when she slammed your locker door shut you startled up and gave her a questioning look.

„Kira told me about her date with Scott. It was your idea, right?“ she smiled and crossed her arms. You nodded.

„You always organise dates for others Y/N. When will you do it for yourself and ask Stiles?“ Lydia sighed and walked towards your next class, you beside her. You groaned.

„You exactly know why I can't“

„Y/N, he l…“ she began but was interrupted by a guy standing in your way. He looked down at the two of you.

„Hey, can you tell me where room 124 is?“ he asked with a deep voice. You looked up and met his hazel eyes. He was damn fine you had to admit. Your cheeks reddened and quickly you looked away from him.

„Sure, you can follow us“ Lydia smiled.


Two weeks after you had met Theo you hung around the library, your favourite book in your hands.Theo sat opposite from you. He was working on his homework but sometimes you could feel his stares on you. Theo had taken a liking on you the first moment he had met you. He didn’t know how you, a shy human girl could have such a big effect on him. Sure he wanted to become an alpha but when he was around you all the things the dread doctors wanted him to do were like they got vanished. Stiles had observed the whole thing and Scott was the one that had to listen to Stiles vehemently complaining about Theo.

„Hey Stiles, what’s up?“ you heared Theo say and you looked up, instantly smiling when you met Stiles’ gaze. He rolled his eyes at Theo.
„Y/N can we talk please? Now?“

„Erm…yeah-yeah sure“
You snapped the book shut and got up and following Stiles out. Halfway you turned around again.

„Sorry Theo, we see us tomorrow?“
„Come on“ Stiles sighed and grabbed your hand in a tight grip. You winced. Theo nodded and watched Stiles’ hand closely.

„Ouch, let go Stiles. That hurts“ you complained when the both of you were out of the library.

„Sorry“ he instantly let go of your hand. He definitely was upset about something but you couldn’t say why.

„I-You……Theo is dangerous. Stop hanging out with him“
„What?“ you scoffed. You couldn’t believe what Stiles demanded you to do „Why should I? You’re not my father. Besides I like him“
Nervously Stiles looked around and ran his fingers through his hair.

„Please. Just-Just believe me. You’re not safe around him. I can’t risk you getting hurt“
„I can take care of myself, Stiles“
You turned to leave but Stiles grabbed your hand again, this time with a gentle grip. You sighed and turned back around.

„You don’t understand. If something happens to you……If-If you get hurt or worse I don’t know how I can live with that, how I can handle it that you aren’t by my side anymore“ With every word he got quieter until he whispered the last part. You smiled a little and squeezed his large hand.

„You’re not going to lose me. I promise“


on AO3

“Stiles, hey. Do you have a moment?”

Stiles turned around, surprised to see Danny standing there. “Erm, sure. How can I help you?”

Danny looked down for a moment, shifting his weight. He looked almost sheepish. “I wanted to apologize. For not taking your sexuality seriously. That, that was not okay. I just thought you were joking, I didn’t know that you and Hale-”

“Woah, slow down. Me and Hale?”, Stiles asked bewildered.

“Yeah. Tall, dark and handsome that has been picking you up from school? You light up like a Christmas tree whenever you see him.”

Stiles huffed. “I do not light up! I just like seeing him.”

Danny looked him up and down. “So you two aren’t dating?” Stiles shook his head. “What a shame. He likes you too, you know?”

“Wha-, what? No, he doesn’t. We are friends, but it’s not, he’s not-”, he sighed, “Look, I appreciate the effort, but Derek doesn’t see me like that. And that’s totally fine.”

He watched as Danny’s face gentled. “Stiles, he does. He looks, it’s hard to describe, but he looks softer when you are around. More open.”

“Just talk to him”, he advised as Stiles gaped at him. “You two could be good for each other.” And with that he left, leaving Stiles with hope growing in his chest.

He took out his mobile, pressing speed dial. He had Derek on the one and his dad on the two.

“Hey, I was just wondering if you’d be free for lunch? Like Italian maybe? Or steaks? Or Chinese? Whatever you want, really, I just want to see you.”

Derek was quiet for a moment. “Chinese sounds good”, he agreed. Then, after a pause he added. “I can’t wait to see you.”

Danny was right. Stiles would buy him some chocolate, he decided as Derek took his hand, squeezing his fingers as they walked home. Stiles had agreed to a second date just moments ago.

Sterek Christmas Countdown 2016

Imagine a road trip with Stiles

Originally posted by mtv

“I really can’t stay here anymore, Stiles,” you confess.

Stiles looks up in surprise, his facial features blurring in the darkness of night. “What’s wrong, Y/N?”

“I’ve just been so overwhelmed with everything lately,” you say. “I just need to get away for a while.”

Stiles considers this for a moment, turning away. “When are you leaving?” he asks finally, just when you’re getting a creeping sense that he’s angry with you.

“I want to leave tonight.”

"Well, then. We should get going,” Stiles replies as he stands up and brushes the dirt off the seat of his pants. He offers his hand to you and you take it, using it to pull yourself up.

“You’re coming too?” you ask, watching while he packs up his backpack and straightens.

“Not sick of me, are you?” Stiles teases. He’s close enough that you can slightly make out the smile on his face. You can’t help but grin with him.


The two of you head over to Stiles’ jeep, getting in quickly and turning on the heat. It get’s cozy fast and you start to get drowsy, but the sights you pass are too cool to pass up.

“I’ve never been anywhere other than Beacon Hills,” you admit to Stiles a little while later as you stare in wonder at the ragged edge of some cliffs melting in with the starry sky.

“Really?” Stiles sounds surprised. “I had no idea; I would’ve taken you on a road trip sooner.”

You turn away from the window and smile as you look out the front. As you’re scanning the road ahead, you glance upon the time and give a small gasp.

“Stiles it’s almost three in the morning,” you say, gesturing to the small, glowing, green numbers on his dashboard.

“So it is,” Stiles remarks. Suddenly, Stiles spots something just past the next curve in the road, and he looks at you in amusement. “How about breakfast?”

“What?” you question, but Stiles doesn’t answer, busy turning into a small, quaint diner on the side of the road. A blinking neon sign reads, ‘Davenport Diner, open 24 hours’.

As you enter the tiny building, a set of bells over the door chime. An older woman comes out from behind the counter, smiling widely.

“Table for two?” she questions, and Stiles nods, following her through the maze of tables to a booth next to a window that overlooks the rock formations outside.

“What would you like to eat?” she asks, and you snap out of your wonder spell.

“Chocolate chip waffles, please,” you say, and Stiles nods in agreement.

“I’ll take the same.”

“It’ll be right out for you,” the woman says, still smiling, before heading off to the kitchen.

“Look at the stars, Stiles,” you say once the woman’s gone, pointing out the window at the smattering of stars in the night sky. “Aren’t they pretty?”

Stiles looks outside, but then suddenly stands up. Taking your hand in his, he tugs you out of the diner and under the stars. He lays down on his back and you follow his lead, resting your head on the arm that he wraps around your shoulders.

“Stargazing,” he says simply, letting a comfortable silence fill in the gaps.

A while later when you’re just about to fall asleep from the serenity of it all, Stiles sits up. The two of you head into the diner where your plates are set at your table, still steaming. After enjoying an early breakfast with Stiles, you head back to his jeep.

“Aren’t you tired?” you ask as Stiles slides into the drivers seat. As if on cue, he yawns. He looks at you sheepishly. “Let’s cuddle.”

He agrees, turning off the car and climbing into the backseat with you. Cocooning yourselves in multiple blankets, you lay together in the backseat of Stiles car.

“I’m sorry you had to drop everything to come to my aid yet again,” you say out of the blue, disrupting the silence. Stiles tightens his grip around your waist as he snuggles his head into the crook of your shoulder.

“I’m always here for you, Y/N. You should know that.”

You close your eyes, savoring his words as his body heat seeps into your cold limbs.

“I love you, Stiles.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

requested by @squirels-angels-and-moose :)



Isaac finds you after terrorizing Beacon Hills during your first full moon.

“Are you kidding me?!” Stiles shouted to Liam who nodded in embarrassment while he whispered “Sorry.”

Scott rolled his eyes but Stiles continued. “You were suppose to have the first watch! This is her first full moon..”

Before anyone could say anything else they heard someone walking out from the forest, making them turn towards the sound and saw a tall silhouette beside the trees.

“Isaac?” Scott asked when he recognize his scent along with yours. When he stepped out from the dark they could clearly see how he was carrying you in his arms.

You were covered in mud, scratches and blood, totally knocked out as you nuzzled against Isaacs chest, letting out soft breaths and the boys of your pack couldn’t help but let out a relied sigh.

Isaac took a few steps towards them with a smug smirk on his face. “Is she yours?”

~ credit to the gif owners *3*
[So I CLEARLY stole borrowed the idea and gifs from this lovely post. I just had to involve my fav in this idea.]

Only Human - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Stiles Stilinski. Surrounded by a world of supernatural and strange, it’s hard to keep a hold of things, especially ones mind and with something new terrorizing the streets of Beacon Hills the unexpected happens, causing Stiles to react in the only way possible. He is only human after all.

Warnings: Language. Dark. Talk of death. Death of main characters. AU!Stiles

Word Count: 5,004

A/N: Okay, this is deep and dark. I needed a little break form the fluff and got inspired to write this. It’s a little different than what I am use to posting and I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcomed. 

Originally posted by trickthekick

They had made fun of him before. Knuckles turning white as he gripped the metal bat with such anger. How could Stiles carry around a bat as all his friends around him were filled with supernatural energy? What could a strong swing do compare to fangs and sharp nails of a werewolf, or the screeching scream of a banshee? Enough. It could do enough. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead, confused eyes were staring at him as if she didn’t know. “Stiles.” Her voice was breathless, shallow and he could hear the hope. Lydia Martin. The girl he had been so in love with since before the two understood what love was. He never thought he would be stalking towards her, only one idea in mind. He use to have happy thoughts, images on them kissing dancing in his head, ideas of holding her hand and telling her how much she really meant to him, how amazing she was and how she had such a beautiful mind even if she didn’t like to show it that often. But now, now he just wanted to see that beautiful mind painting one of the school walls. One by one, they were going to pay, and he was going to be okay with it.

“Scotty! Scott-o! Movie night, just us bros!” Stiles was excited. Although he enjoyed the idea of being needed around Beacon Hills, there hadn’t been any supernatural sightings for a while and he was liking the idea of having his normal life back. Him and Scott were spending a lot more time together like they did before, stuffing their faces with countless junk foods and lounging in their pajamas, just being comfortable with each other. However, when he looked at his best friend, his smile on his face immediately dropped. Scott was all uneven jaw and apologetic eyes, his lips pursed together. Stiles was starting to think he was gaining some weird wolf powers by association, like he could hear Scott’s heart beat through his chest. “Oh damn.” He sighed. “I’ll go put some real pants on.” Stiles hiked his way up his stairs so he could get ready for whatever was to come. He knew it was a little too good to be true. There was never a true break in this town. He was starting to wonder why he wasn’t being paid for this yet. Grabbing the keys to Roscoe before heading out, Scott patted him on the back as they exited the house and made their way to the clinic.

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secrets held in our hearts

prompt: The way you said “I love you.” 

29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey.

for @stiles-saved-me I hope you enjoy this established!stydia drabble :) sorry it took a bit !

Lydia pulls into his driveway and sees that his bedroom window is open, and the lights are off. But if she cranes her neck, she can see his laptop open, the light from the screen obnoxiously bright in the darkness.

She sits in her car, arguing with herself for several minutes, until she finally turns off the ignition and gets out of the car.

Lydia glances back at her phone as she approaches the Stilinski house, digging with her other hand in her purse for the spare key. She’d sent him a text not ten minutes ago: You awake?

Mere seconds later, she’d gotten her boyfriend’s response; the laughing with tears emoji.

She took that to mean she could come over.

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Special Friends: Chapter 23

Submitted by: Panicattackkisses

Description:  When Stiles’ phone buzzed and lit up with the image of Lydia with two chopsticks in her mouth, he answered immediately.
“I thought I told you you can’t keep calling me up for meaningless, mind blowing sex, Lydia”.

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Angst, Action

All Chapters

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Being in a really sappy relationship with Stiles.

“I love youuu!” Stiles whined, wrapping his arm around your waist when you threatened to get up from the couch.

“Let me go, Stiles!” You laughed as he pulled you back against him. Stiles didn’t listen and instead buried his face in your hair and tightened his grip on you.

“No. You’re too cute.”

“I’m not cute.” You argue. “I am evil and mysterious. I am the dark lord supreme!”

Stiles rolled his eyes and turned you over so he was laying on top of you. “Well, this lord supreme needs to lighten up.”

Your eyes widened when you realized what he was about to do. Struggling against him, you let out a playful scream before his hands came to your sides and began tickling you.

“No! Stiles, stop!”

Laughing, Stiles leaned down and captured your lips with his own.

Dark Things (Stiles/Jackson)

fandom-madnessess said:Can you do #56: poetry reading for Stackson? ♥ Hope you enjoy this, bb! It’s sappy Stackson!  

Dark Things. Stiles/Jackson. Teen. Jackson takes Stiles out for a date night surprise.

“If you had me dress up just to have another paintball rematch, you’re going to be sleeping in the wet spot for the next month.” Stiles turns his head and gives Jackson his most serious ‘I mean business’ look.

Jackson is totally unaffected, of course, and merely rolls his eyes as he smoothly changes lanes despite having so little room that Stiles isn’t sure whether to be envious or pissed off at the risk taking. “You and I both know that I’d beat your ass in a fair game.”

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Flesh. {Part 3}

Void!Stiles x Female Reader

Requested by Anon: Stiles is rescued from the nogitsune and he remembers parts of his time having sex with the reader. A little smutty, but mainly fluff.

A/N: I know this is long over due but this is the third and final part to the ‘Flesh’ series, I hope you enjoy it. (Part One) (Part Two)

Warning: This has a tiny amount of smut in it but it’s mainly just action and fluff.

You’d never seen the McCall house filled with so many supernatural creatures, the nogitsune sat on the sofa in the living-room with a black strip of duct tape over his mouth to keep him quiet and his armed tied behind his back but you could see the smirking expression in his dark, bloodshot eyes that made everyone feel uneasy. The nogitsune and the oni attacked us at the vets but thankfully Deaton had managed to poison the fox inhabiting the body of Stiles whilst he attempted to harvest the pain from Scott.

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I Care *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x OC

Word count: 1,666 (i’m dead serious and I don’t wanna talk about it lol)

Warnings: smut, sex

A/N just an idea i’ve been wanting to mess with, I hope ya’ll like it! Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er


Originally posted by teendeucalion

“So am I going to see you later?”

“Hmm, we’ll see,” I wink, pushing Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome away from leaning against my body against my locker.

Once he walked away, I turn around and begin spinning the lock and swinging the door open.

“Really? That guy?” Stiles asks, popping up to my left, his face all contorted.

“What? Tanner’s sweet,” I smile, flipping through folders and binders stacked neatly on the narrow shelf.

Tanner is an idiot. He asked Coach this morning what economics was…in economics class!” he exclaims, arms flailing in every direction, “He’s not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, G, just some dumb jock.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not seeing him for his brains then,” I smirk as I shut the locker door.

“Can you at least just pick one? Instead of stringing a whole slue of guys along,” he asks, throwing his arms up in defeat, sounding slightly annoyed.

“Oh my god, dad, calm down,” I snap, walking past him.

“I’m not being a dad, Griffen, I’m just-” he begins.

“You’re just what? Worried about me?” I cut him off. I knew very well what he was going to say, he’s said it enough times before.

Stiles opened his mouth to say something, but stopped and looked to the ground, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he sighed, looking up to meet my gaze.

“It’s not a big deal, Stiles, I’m just having fun,” I insisted, patting him on the shoulder before walking away down the hallway.

Sure, I’ve been around the blocks a few times. I’ll see a guy for a week or so in a completely platonic we only want sex kind of way and then we both move on. My friends have never judged me for it. To be honest, they don’t really care enough to have an opinion. Nothing I’m doing is hurting me, so it’s not a problem. Stiles, however, has always seemed to find something wrong with the guy. Connor was too short for me, Ethan talked about himself too much, Tanner’s too dumb. The list goes on. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stiles had a crush on me, but I apparently don’t know any better because Stiles Stilinski does not have feelings for me.

Later that night, I sat in the bleachers with Lydia, watching the last few minutes of the lacrosse game. I told Tanner I would come see him play, but I was really only there for what we were going to do after. The final buzzer sounded, leaving the score 5-2 Beacon Hills. The players started slowly making their way off the field, grabbing their gym bags from the bench. Tanner walked over just as Lydia and I made it off the stands. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, placing a chaste kiss to my lips. I started to say something when he pulled away, but Stiles interjected.

“Griffen, I need to talk to you,” he spoke so quickly, his words seemed to all blend together.

“Can it wait?” I asked in an annoyed tone, looking back up at Tanner.

“I need to talk to you, like now,” he pressed.

I took a deep breath and rid my face of my annoyance, switching to a smile for Tanner.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” I smiled, patting him on the chest.

He mumbled an ‘okay’ as Stiles grabbed my arm and practically dragged me towards the parking lot.

“Stiles, will you tell me what you’re doing?” I exclaimed as we came to a halt next to his beat up jeep.

Instead of answering me, he lightly pressed his body against mine, leaning me against the jeep as he rested his lips on mine, exhaling deeply. It took me a moment to realize what was happening. I was so mesmerized by the way his lips were moving so in sync with mine, pulling back didn’t even cross my mind.

“Stiles, what the hell,” I mumbled against his lips as I took his lower lip in between my teeth.

Stiles pulled his head away just enough to look me in the eyes and he took a deep breath.

“Do you know how fucking insane I go every time I see you with some new guy?” He asked in a raspy voice, sounding slightly angry.

“What?” was all I could muster after Stiles literally just took my breath away.

“Every fucking time you tell me about your new boy toy of the week, every fucking time I see his body pressed against yours like mine is right now, I go out of my mind, G,” he says, his voice a bit more calm.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I whispered.

“Why didn’t I tell you?” He laughed as he completely broke all contact between us.

“I didn’t tell you because you were happy, G. You seemed so goddamn happy hooking up with those guys because that’s all you wanted,” he sighed, “All you wanted was sex and that’s not all I wanted with you.”

“That’s not all I want…” My voice in a hushed tone once again, my bottom quivering slightly. “That’s all they wanted.”

“What’re you talking about?” He sighed, walking closer to me once again.

“They’re the ones who only wanted sex, Stiles, they didn’t want to actually be with me,” I exclaimed, becoming frustrated.

“Then why do give it to them?” concern filling his voice.

“Because no one wanted me!” I shouted a little too loud and looked around to see if anyone was standing by. “It’s a win win if you think about it,” I laugh.

I carried on when Stiles didn’t answer.

“They win because they get laid and I win because for a little bit I actually feel like I’m with someone, like they care about me more than to just sleep with me.”

I was past feeling upset now. I’m frustrated, and annoyed and a little pissed off at Stiles for making me admit all of this.

“I care,” Stiles said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.

“About what?” I snapped.

“You! I care about you, you big idiot!”

“Shut up, Stiles,” I brushed him off as I went to walk back towards the field.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Stiles exclaimed, pinning me against the car with his hands on either side next to my head.

“How the hell can you stand here and tell me that I don’t care about you, huh?” he said, his face inches from mine. “Why the hell would I be standing here, Griffen? If I didn’t care, you’d be over there with the guy who’s dumber than the his goddamn lacrosse stick.”

“His name is Tanner,” I giggled.

“I don’t care what his name is, I only care about you right now and the fact that I’m trying to profess my goddamn love for you and you’re going on about yourself, do you know how selfish you are?” he joked, a smirk creeping across his face.

I craned my neck forward and pressed my lips to his roughly. His hands moved from the car to my face to cup my cheeks. My hands found the hem of his jersey and I slowly slid my hands up, moving over every one of his toned muscles. I felt him tense under my touch and his hands flew to my hips, pulling me flush against him, revealing the growing bulge in his lacrosse shorts. I dragged my hands down, stopping at the elastic band of his shorts and pulled slightly at the front of them.

“If you keep doing that, I’m throwing you in the car right now,” he mumbled as his breath hitched in this throat.

I’m pretty sure he only meant to think it in his head instead of saying it out loud because his lips froze and his eyes were open wide.

“How about I save you trouble and get in myself,” I whisper huskily, reaching for the handle of the back door.

We climbed inside and before I knew it, hands were grazing all over bodies and clothes were flying off. I straddled Stiles after I assisted him in removing his boxer briefs and me my panties. He stroked himself a few times before lining himself up with my entrance.

“I love you too,” I exhaled against his lips.

Stiles stopped his movements and pulled away to look at me.

“Don’t say that just so this will happen and because I said it,” he gestured towards our current position.”

“I’m not,” I smiled shyly, “I do love you, you big idiot.”

Kissing again, we smiled against each other’s lips. I slowly lowered my body onto his, letting him fill me completely. We both wait a second for me to adjust to him before we both started slowly thrusting our hips up and down. His lips left mine and found my neck, licking small strips before placing a kiss over top. His breath was hot against skin, sending an electric feeling throughout my body.

“Oh my god,” Stiles mumbled, his breathing getting shallow.

I moaned his name as his thrusts became harder and faster while profanities fell from his lips.

“Griffen,” he moaned.

His breathing became calmer and deeper and his movements became sloppy. His cock twitched inside of me, followed by liquids filling me completely. He offered a few more thrusts for me to ride out my high, which sent me over the edge and I came around him. We sat in the same position as we tried to calm our breathing, our foreheads resting against each other’s. I raised my body up, pulling him out of me and plopped on to the seat next to him. He leaned over and placed his hand just below my ear, pressing his lips hard to mine.

“I’m the only one you do this with now, got it?” He smiled, nudging my nose with his.

“Got it.”

In Your Head (Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek)

spectrumcrovn said: Holy grail, I am the worst. If you’re still doing teeny fics then I’ve got one for you. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek (or Nogitsune!Stiles/Derek). Craving some dark stuff… it’s been a while and this literally just popped into my mind a few minutes ago.

When this song came up on shuffle, I figured it was fate. This is not my usual style for this fandom, so I hope it turned out alright & that you enjoy it! Teeny Fic #35

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight
Enter Sandman by Metallica

In Your Head. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

After everything is over, Stiles is afraid to fall asleep.

The days are blurring together. Not missing moments like before; no risk of possession now, or so Deaton assures them, but just hours blending into each other until Stiles isn’t sure how long it’s been since Allison’s funeral, since Ethan left town, since he slept more than a handful of minutes at a time. No one seems to realize, caught up in their grief and avoiding him while trying to pretend that they don’t blame him for what’s happened.

Stiles doesn’t need their blame; he’s got enough of his own to go around.

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It's because of you that i now constantly haunt the Peter/stiles(/chris) tags on ao3, never satisfied, always looking for something new. You have so much to answer for (Also the newest little alpha mate story was hilarious and perfect and not nearly enough -_-)

Lol! You’re welcome, anon! I’m glad I could bring you over to the dark side! 

When I started writing fanfic, I was totally a Sterek shipper. And then Steter happened. And it turns out that sometimes Peter likes to share, so then Stetopher happened. 

Basically it turns out I’ll ship most things, as long as Stiles is involved! 

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Fear: Pack Imagine (Liam Dunbar)

All done anon! Hope this is what you wanted!

“God help me.” Stiles says, as he stares out of the loft door, water literally bucketing down from the sky, which was a dark thunderous black.

“My hair’s gonna get wet!” Lydia whines. I laugh, “Wow, Lydia your priorities are on point.”

She smirks, before pulling up her hood. “Wish us luck!” Scott calls as the three of them leave, making a dash for it.

“Oh it’s cold!” I hear Lydia shout, just as I slam the door shut. I giggle, turning round to Derek who was cleaning away all the rubbish they left behind.

“Where did everyone go?” Liam suddenly said as he descended from the top of the stairs.

“Oh they all went home.” I said. “Oh right, I’ll go too, don’t want to annoy you anymore.” Liam laughed, grabbing his jacket.

“Oh shut it.” I smile before stopping. “Wait, how are you getting home?”

“Oh I guess I’ll just walk.” I stop him just as he reaches the door.

“Like hell you will. Not in this weather, you can sleep on the couch.” I instruct him.

“He can?” Derek calls from the kitchen. Suddenly a flash of lightning strikes, illuminating us from the ginormous window.

“Kid can stay.” Derek yells again and I grin. “Come on, I’ll set up your bed.”

Once I was sure that he had enough pillows and blankets, (which was so many that they didn’t all fit on the couch) I hug him good night. “Night sweetie.” I call as me and Derek trek upstairs.

I elbowed Derek slightly and even in the darkness I could see him roll his eyes.

“Night kid.” He said reluctantly and I smile triumphantly.

The wind was beginning to scream from outside, rain hammering down against the windows.

Derek, being the heavy sleeper that he was, was asleep in a seconds, barely even stirring when the tree branches started rattling off the window.

“Stupid weather, keeping me up.” I grumbled, as I turned over for the umpteenth time.

Suddenly the wind started screeching, the rain battering like bullets. Panic and fear rushed through me but it wasn’t mine. And it definitely wasn’t Derek’s.

I got out of bed, standing at the top of the stairs. More wind, followed by claps of thunder.

I could only just see Liam in the light, but I could hear his whimpering and feel more waves of his fear run through me.

A flash of lightning lit up the room and I watched Liam’s head dive back under his blanket.

“Liam.” I called, quite gently as the beta already seemed petrified. His head shot up and I saw him blink away his yellow eyes. Oh this was bad. He was completely terrified.

“Come up here with me!” I said and he didn’t have to be told twice as he jumped off the couch.

I met him back at the bed, roughly pushing Derek over to make room for him. He mumbled something before going back to sleep.

I shift over when I feel the bed dip under his weight, and immediately cover him with the thick duvet.

The tree smacked off the window again and Liam’s whole body shook in fear.

“Come here.” I hush, pulling him into my arm. More howling and Liam snuggles his face into the nook of my neck.

“Shhh, it’s just the wind. It’s okay.” I soothe, holding him close. The rain lashes down and Liam shakes in my arms.

“I’ve got you. You’re okay. I won’t let anything hurt you.” I tell him over and over, rubbing his back and feeling him nuzzle closer, sighing contently.

Until the tree branch hits so hard off the window it cracks. Liam shouts in fright and even Derek wakes up, sitting up in shock.

“Go back to sleep, it’s just the tree.” I assure and Derek mutters something again before dropping back off.

Liam on the other hand is a wreck. I feel hot tears on my neck and I’m so worried about Liam’s fear levels I think he might have a panic attack.

I thought back to something Derek taught me. I lace my fingers with Liam’s and just like Scott takes people’s pain I slowly feel Liam’s fear trickle away.

He relaxes against me and I whisper, “See, nothing going to happen to my baby.”

He smiles, quite happy nestled in with me as he begins to nod off. I kiss his forehead for one last flash of comfort and murmur, “Night sweetie.”

“Nightmares” (part 2) - (Stiles Stilinski)

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(not my gif)

(PART 1)

When (Y/N) woke up, it was dark. Too dark to be the morning. Stiles was not in her room anymore. She got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She didn’t bother turning the lights on, the moon brightened the room enough to see what was around.

She grabbed a glass but immediately dropped it on the floor when she felt two hands grabbing her shoulders violently. She gasped and turned around. Someone was standing in front of her, but what scared (Y/N) the most is that the shape of this “person” didn’t look human. (Y/N) grabbed a kitchen knife behind her and held it towards the creature. She closed her eyes for a second but when she opened then again, she was back in her room.

“(Y/N)! What are you doing?” Stiles said, he sounded panicked.
When (Y/N) looked down, she realised that she was holding a knife abover her brother’s head, ready to stab him. Her eyes widened and she dropped the knife on the floor. Stiles sat up on the bed and turned the lights on.
“I’m…Oh my God…I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing. I…I’m sorry.” (Y/N) said confused and terrified. It was another nightmare.

Stiles looked at his little sister with a concerned look.
“(Y/N), what’s going on? Are you okay?” Stiles asked gently.
“Yeah…I just…I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened, I don’t…” (Y/N)’s eyes filled with tears but she didn’t let them roll down her rosy cheeks. She just left the room and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. She would always do that when she felt panicky or just to clear up her head.

When she got out of the bathroom, she heard her dad talking to Stiles downstairs. She was about to join them in the kitchen when she heard that they were talking about her. She sat down on the steps and hide from them so she could spy on their conversation.
“Dad, you can’t do this to her!” Stiles sounded angry.
“I don’t know Stiles, she was holding a knife above your head!” The sheriff said, he sounded more worried than angry.
“She was sleepwalking!” Stiles almost yelled at his father.
“Was she?” The sheriff whispered, but he said it loud enough for (Y/N) to hear.
“Dad, please! You can’t send (Y/N) to Eichen House.” 
(Y/N)’s eyes widened when she heard her brother mentioned Eichen House.
“You don’t know what this place is like, I do and trust me, you don’t want to send her there. She needs us, Dad!” His voice was shaking a little.
“What she needs is medical treatment and professional help.”

(Y/N) couldn’t believe it. Her own father wanted to send her to an asylum. He thought she was crazy. She knew exactly what was Eichen House and what kind of people were locked up in there, and she couldn’t imagine herself among those people.
“Dad, if you send (Y/N) to Eichen, she may never come back. This place will drive her crazy.”
“I think she already is.” The sheriff murmured, ashamed of what he had just said. But (Y/N) heard it and it brought tears to her eyes. How could he say that?
“Dad, what the hell?” Stiles sounded as shocked as (Y/N) was.
“I don’t know, Stiles! I don’t know chat to think or what to do! What if she hurts you next time? What if she hurts herself?” The sheriff said.
“Eichen House isn’t an option, Dad. Let me help her, let me figure out what’s really going on, then we’ll see what to do, okay?”
“Okay, you take care of your sister.”
Stiles nodded, relieved.

(Y/N) wasn’t feeling too well. Her father was convinced she was crazy and she started to think that he may be right. She couldn’t even make the difference between dreams and reality anymore. 
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear footsteps coming closer. She looked up and saw Stiles standing in front of her. He sat down next to (Y/N).
“You heard everything, didn’t you?” He sighed. (Y/N) nodded.
“Don’t worry (Y/N), I won’t let anyone take you to Eichen House. I promise.” He said, pulling her in a soft embrace. (Y/N) closed her eyes and a few tears rolled down her face.
“I’m scared, Stiles.”
“Don’t be, I’m right here with you, you’re okay.” Stiles said stroking her hair. (Y/N) pulled back from the hug and stood up, angry.
“Okay? You thing I’m okay? I almost stabbed you right in the eye last night, how could you think this is okay? I’m going out of my mind!” She yelled.
“No, you’re not! You were sleepwalking, it happens!” Stiles stood up too.
“No, no..It’s the darkness, it has me.” She whispered. “It has me and it’s going to kill me.”
“Don’t say stupid thing like that. We’ll figure something out which doesn’t involve you going to Eichen House for the rest of your life.”
“Then we’ll better figure it out quickly because I’m scared I’ll actually hurt you next time, like very badly.” (Y/N) went back to her room.

She spent the rest of the day at school and nothing wrong happened. She was feeling pretty anxious but other than that, she actually had a good day. the pack wasn’t aware of what happened last night, but (Y/N) suspected Scott to know because he kept looking at her every five minutes to check on her.
Then she went home and stayed in her room ever since. Her dad wasn’t home tonight and (Y/N) was glad because she couldn’t be around him right now, not after what he said to Stiles this morning. 
Before going to bed, Stiles knocked on her door. Her part of her told her not to open it, to stay away from everyone for a while. But the other part of her reminded her that Stiles was her older brother and that she couldn’t avoid him for long, because she needed him, especially right now.

“Are you going to be okay tonight by yourself?” Stiles asked, worried.
“Yeah, don’t worry. Plus, I don’t want you near me when I sleep anyway, I could hurt you.” (Y/N) said feeling guilty about last night.
“(Y/N) stop saying that, you’re not going to hurt anyone, okay?” 
“Okay.” (Y/N) hugged him and closed the door, locking it, to make sure she don’t go anywhere during her sleep this time.
She lied down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. she was exhausted but she wanted to stay awake for as long as possible. She was terrified to fall asleep, knowing that she was vulnerable when she sleeps. But after a few hours, she gave up and closed her eyes, letting her demons take control of her weaken body.