and turn in something shitty


♡ 。゚・нappy вιrтнday!・゚。 ♡

i went totally overkill, but i really love @jessalynny ♥ your harumako fics were honestly the best thing about being in the free! fandom. you were easily my favorite free! fanfic author and i really wanted to draw you something nice for your birthday! ♥ ♥ ♥ (also makoto in a wedding dress ♡)

no but guys can we pls talk about how

after phil says “that’s beautiful, dan” and puts the drawing away, dan just sorta

looks as though he’s about to say “thank you“ but then stops himself and

gets the goofiest most smitten grin ever 

before eventually bursting into giggles with phil

because this has to be one the cutest moments that happened tonight

You’ve taken my heart and ran away with it. I’m not even exaggerating when I say you’re my everything. You’re my sunshine and my star. The Jay to my Tim. The Evan to my Vinnie. Hell, you’re the sun to my moon. God, that was really fucking cheesy, but it’s true.
—  @godly-sideburns, who never ceases to make my shitty days turn into something so much more. <333

something struggling perfectionist students should never forget: getting an F from a 50 is better than getting an F from a 0. Even if it embarrasses you, turning in shitty work you’re not proud of is still better than not turning in anything at all

anonymous asked:

You done fucking with Manfred now?

Y'all gone stay on that bs where when someone turns out to be into something shitty you act like everyone shoulda known from the jump? That’s gotta get old.

I never “fucked with” manfred anyway, we weren’t mutuals and I followed him for a bit up until abt a month ago because he had some funny posts. It’s really not that deep.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened to the beta kids if they’d returned to human society after the game? Because ive always thought of an ending where they all go back to the day john turned 13 and started reliving their lives from that moment.

Mainly I would think of 2 paths: 1) they keep contacting each other, move in together and live happily ever after, or 2) they all go insane because they’re traumatized for life and cant fit in anymore.

But then i thought about another ending, where they all resume their lives but kind of..drift apart.
I mean we all have friends that we used to know but stopped contacting as we grew up, so why not them too?
Sure right after the game they would chat to each other on pesterchum, talk about moving in after collage, etc. but then they grow up more, some start high school, and everyone starts becoming so busy that they naturally drift away from each other.

And then, maybe someday; persterchum would shut down.

Everyone would think ‘hey its no big deal, we’ll just use something else’ - and they do find a substitute for it - but something would feel off. Not right. Different.
They would try do go back to the old days, chat a lot, tell everyone about their ongoing lives - but it doesn’t work. The conversations would slowly dwindle down to once a day, once a few days, once a week, and then..almost never.

They might meet up once in a while after they grow up, but that’s about it. Everyone is living their own lives now and Sburb feels so surreal, something more like a bad childhood dream rather than reality. None of the kids try to bring the story up around each other because theyre not sure if it was even a real thing.

All they remember is that they met on the internet, and have known each other ever since.

I’m glad I look up to someone who apologizes even after someone says a lot of shitty stuff about her.
Turning the other cheek is something I have always had a problem with and I’m so glad Taylor can do that.

I hate this

I’m crying over a TV show and that makes me mad because those shitty writers don’t deserve the power to make me unhappy.

And I know I’ll move past this eventually, because I love this fandom, but right now I’m angry I ever watched, ever let myself get so invested in this story I wrote a novel-length fanfic about it. I just feel like a chump for giving this story and these characters the best of my heart and my time and my brain when the people who were paid actual cash money didn’t have the same respect for their creation.

I feel duped. I feel played. And I wish I could just make myself go watch something else or read something else or even just pay attention to the baseball game that’s on my TV screen because something that turned out this shitty shouldn’t have the power to make me cry.

I want the only reason for them to be dragging this Delphine thing out to be because they are stalling for when Evelyne has time to film. I can completely understand why they would do that if they intend to keep the character, but if they turn around and do something really shitty just when we think everything is okay, I am fully justified to flip Alison’s craft table over.

it’s nice though like zayn leaving on march 25th really fucking sucked and he knows that and he’s turning something shitty into something amazing. march 25th is a wonderful album release date i love that shit.