and tumblr is stupid with them

Tumblr: All cis/straight people are the same stupid morons that do nothing but hate on the LGBT community! There’s no good ones, only bad ones. All they do is make characters that reflect their boring cishet-ness, and are literally cancer

Me, a cis heteromantic: *makes a huge diverse cast of characters with various genders and sexualities unlike my own and what’s common*

Tumblr: All cishets are the same boring ppl UwU 

Many striaght/cis people who make/work on your favorite games/movies/shows/ect: *creates diverse casts of characters with many different races, genders, and sexualities*

Tumblr: all cishets are stupid bigots and must be shown no respect tUwUt 

Straight transgenders and LGBA cis people: *exist*

Tumblr: all of them tUwUt

Is there a better way to view Tumblr DMs. I want an inbox full of them not having to click into them individually. That’s why I have almost 50 unanswered DMs (which I usually stay way more on top of), because they get buried under one another and this stupid interface makes you click into it again each time **unless there’s a more efficient way and I’m just missing it**

Scratch that– I just wanna be rid of DMs all together. We already have an inbox (which also sucks), but having 2x the places to receive messages is overwhelming 😪


and @anyoneelsewhohastaggedmeinstuff

Just wanna say that if you ever send me ask chains or tag me in a tag game, and I never DO/REPLY to said ask chain and or tag game.

It’s not because you annoyed me or anything, I swear. Or that I find it stupid or anything like that. I usually look at the post/ask, get super happy for being thought of, and then have to go back to what i was doing pre-going onto tumblr, which is usually homework and studying.

So, just to let you know, It’s not because you annoy me or anything or bothered me. Im just way too busy to do it at the moment and then forget about it later.

But please do keep tagging me and sending them to me because I love looking at your answers and such.

My favourite part of that Buzzfeed shit was about ‘nigga’. Like 'Ugh, other Black people are so stupid and horrible for wanting to use that word.’

Well, lemme tell yall, I’m a sociolinguist specialising in AAVE and writing my Master’s Thesis on why nigga happened and its social implication.

AAVE is known for semantic bleaching of obscene words so that they can be reappropriated for different purposes. This is why, for example, we add -ass to the end of things, including adjectives and gerunds, to make them more emphatic (e.g. Her long hair havin-ass took 20 minutes to get ready). This is also why we have certain social contexts where it’s okay to use 'bitch’ and 'ho’ and some where it isn’t (à la @katblaque, I thought about this from your video). This has its roots in West Africa, where obscenity is more context based and less lexically linked (a word isn’t always intrinsically a cuss word, but who, how and when someone says it may make it offensive).

It wasn’t until the post-Civil War era when assimilationist Black people decided that using words the white man found offensive was not going to help the cause. Sadly, this ideology persists today.

Nigga has also undergone semantic bleaching, but in a much different way. Black people calling each other nigga is not new, and in fact may even date to slavery. However, in the Africanist way, rarely have Black people as a group taken offence to intragroup usage of the word. There have been individuals who have (and sometimes, these individuals are the most outspoken), but generally it has had a very neutral tone in the AAVE and Black world. However, as recently as the late 80’s and early 90’s the usage of nigga has been politicised, especially through the use of early hip hop, where it was again given new meaning. While nigga had always had nuances of negative, neutral and positive lexical meanings, this was when it was explicity stated on a mainstream stage that Black people can say nigga, white people cannot, and it is because of the usurpation of power. Black power does not entail antiwhiteness, but it does include usurping power from the institution of whiteness. This happens at the linguistic level as much as anywhere else. And in the same way that the LGBTQIA community decided to reclaim 'Queer’, so did the Black community choose to reclaim 'nigga’. Neither. Of course, was a unanimous decision, but they were both generally accepted decisions. What’s more, Black people added an African twist to their reclamation: just as in Africa words are vulgarised by context, so was nigga. In this case, nigga is vulgarised when spoken by a non-Black person.

The social implication then is an anti-assimilationist and Africanist approach to intragroup semantics. It demonstrated unity, power and linguistic pride in the African American speech tradition.

So, @buzzfeed, if you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. Every Black person is allowed to be individual and have their own opinions. But I and many other Black linguists have been pro- (or at least neutral-)nigga for some time. Just wanted to clear it all up for yall.


IDENTIFIED ON: 0002_0͏̷̨̫̲̼̹̬̖͍̻́0̶̨̩̝͈̖̙͉̣͇̥̙̣̖͙͖͍̻͖́̀0̗̟̥̦̘̘̣͖͈̪͈̦̮̙͎̟̘̣́͞6̛҉̛͉͙̬͔̣̦̣̰̥̼̝̭̫́͢ͅ_̧̰̞̟͔̯͞2̸͚̳͉̹̣̗̘͉̘̳͕́͢͢͝0҉̷̨̥͍̭̺͖̗̠ͅ1̵͕͉͖̝̩̲͖̰̟͙̺̹͔͙̺̭̼́̕ͅ2͘̕͏͕̥͔͎̱̺̲͎́ͅ ̧̗̥̞͍̦̩͔̼̦̮͔͟ͅ ͏̵͈̠̩̞͎͔̹͚̼͜͢i̴̢͚̼̗̭͓̤̻̩̼̦̣̹̜̩̪̹̥͘͡ͅͅ'̴̡̜̠͕̱̱͓͉̦͜m̴̲̩̣͉͉̥̭͍͔̕͞ͅ ́͘͝͏͓̮͍̼͎͔̭̻̝͙̝̪ͅͅs̸͏̟̯̼̼̼͓̻̤̱̲̮͟ţ҉̸̵̭̟̙͔͎̦̙̟̩̠̦̟͍͈̯í̡̖̲̟̙̲͎͙̝̥͢͟͞l̷҉̺͕͕̜͔̯͇̜͕͉̺͍͍̘͍̻̠l̨̞̙͖̖͇̯̺̭͚̫̮͎͉͜ ̞̩̜̥̮̠̭̺̝̖̞̭͇̪̲͢͝͠a҉̨͚͉̗̝͈̠͎͖̲̝͖̘̺͓͎͖l͇͖̹̩͓̭̬̭̙͇̝̩̕͟͠͝͝i̸̟͍͕̭̰̬͕͓͕̘͉͓͍͕̻̖͕͡ͅv̫͓̙͙̺̙̠͍̱̘͓̞̲̭͢͡e̯̖̤̫̮̲̝͉̹͙̻͢͠͡

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MCU challenge | [1/3] relationships
↳ “When we fought each other in the past, I did so with the glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me and I will kill you.”

Translation of Ishida Sui’s Tumblr post - 16 Nov 2015

From here. BGM here.

“The Sky Falls”

I had a dream where the sky fell down.

The bloodstains won’t come out, no matter how many times I pour warm water on them, they won’t come out.

Only words begin to dissolve everything, and get stuck in the drain.

And you become unable to forgive yourself, unforgiving.

I had a dream.

A failure of a God

She laughed and squeezed my throat.

It’s always like this.

Only people dull to pain hurt me.

She truly loved me,

Only she didn’t know how to love.

What a stupid God.

My nerves grow strangely and pierce through my skin.

All at once they sing out.

Far away, someone laughs. Soon, it’s not even my voice any more.

My brain becomes transparent, and there’s nothing I can’t see.

On knowing the things you didn’t know, you die.

I had a dream where the sky fell.

A checkerboard sky.

Squashed by it, I died.

Yes, I wished for that.


oh I know that I love you even though, you’ll get me killed one day

lucas & maya - hypnotised by @reashellove22

4chan Raid PSA Part 2

So, this one’s not quite as important because what they’re trying to do is just kind of dumb. Right now they’ve got the idea in their heads that they want to try to turn tumblr against reddit somehow by claiming they’re from reddit like they’re some kind of Batman villain or something.

Unfortunately for them, they’re idiots from 4chan and 8chan, and they still haven’t learned, despite numerous times being exposed, that plotting secret stuff in a public IRC channel is pretty darn stupid.

They’re even planning to raid reddit in order to try to blame it on tumblr.

So if you see any one of these guys raiding for 4chan’s birthday claiming they’re from reddit, please don’t worry about it. Again, best operating procedure is to report, block, and go on enjoying your day.

I don’t chase people anymore,” she said, turning up the collar of her jacket against the freezing cold, “either they want to stay or they don’t.” He handed her a cup of coffee, gently brushing her fingers, so lightly it might as well have been an accident.
“Sometimes you have to chase people for a while, just to make sure they know how you feel about them,” he replied. She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of hot coffee and burning her tongue. “That’s just stupid.”
A knowing smile formed on his lips as he watched her. “See, there are a lot of people like you,” his smile widened while her face transformed into a scowl, “people who are always on the run and unaware of what others might feel for them. Unaware that they make someone else’s heart race, that they make their days brighter and their worries seem pointless. It’s people like you that I need to chase because you’re always too far gone before I can hold on to you, and quite frankly, I’m tired of chasing, too.
—  “So do you want to stay?”

I usually stay away from tumblr fandom dramas because they are stupid and not worth anyone’s time, but what I’ve heard and saw lately in the SU fandom? It’s sick and it has to stop. I had hopes for this fandom but seems that it’s hopeless to believe in such thing. Now this is becoming another loathed fandom like MLP and many others.

Bullying artists and sending them death threats for showing their depiction on characters when they didn’t meant any harm with it? Just because it has a pairing you don’t like? Just because you don’t like their style or anything they draw in particular? And coming to a point where the crewniverse has to become involved and even so they are flamed for telling “let people draw what they want” as long as it’s nothing offensive and disgusting? Should I go on?

As an artist who’s been struggling with depression for quite some time I draw what makes me happy and brings me joy, most artists do, and we want to share what makes us happy with others. We have our own views on characters and relationships, and believe me when I say that most of us don’t intend to enforce our ideas on anyone, nor to shame or bring down anyone for their own. Sometimes we make mistakes without any harmful intentions, but hey that’s what makes us human. Still, that’s no excuse for anyone to bully and threat an artist for their work. That won’t make you a better person, on the contrary. If there’s something wrong in general with the art please be polite and explain calmly instead of being a douche, isn’t that what Steven Universe is all about? Understanding and overcoming issues without fights? Seems to me that you’ve misinterpreted the show if you don’t get that. And if the art simply doesn’t meet your standards then the answer is simple. Make your own. We are not machines, we are people too and we have feelings too in case you don’t know.

Anyways, I think this is enough rambling. Please don’t remove this caption and I hope my words aren’t misinterpreted, and if someone tries to twist my own words then you’re no better than a piece of garbage.

Good day and stay safe everyone!

psa: just because you can’t afford merch doesn’t mean you aren’t a “good” or “real” fan